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more than friends

Chapter Eleven

By Cruz April 12 2005

Tanner and I waited for our food to be brought to us. I had decided on the Spaghetti Warehouse; a laid back place. We were talking about Colorado, Tanner's home state. He was from Denver.

"So when do you think you'll go back to visit?" I asked.

"Why would I do a thing like that? I came to Dallas for a reason." He said.

I laughed and shook my head. Tanner didn't really like his moms' current husband, or his mom. He said she was the kind of woman that married and divorced for money. She told him she wanted to give him a good life, but ended up ignoring him in her pursuit of rich men. Over Tanner's twenty years of living, she had acquired more than $25,000,000 from divorces.

"You and me should go though," he said looking down at his glass of water. I looked at him. "…a cabin in the woods, we could go skiing, or just sit by the fireplace. You know just you and me." He said.

"Really?" I asked with a smile.

"Yeah, I think it would be fun. You and I've never had that kinda time together. We can have sex when and where we like." He added. It sounded good to me. Then I thought about it.

"We, kinda already do that." I said to him.

"Yeah we do." he grinned. The waiter brought our food finally. We ate quietly, enjoying the Italian cuisine.

I was about finished with my plate when I saw Samantha Winters; the girl that Aubrey said had an interest in me, heading towards our table smiling. "Oh shit." I mumbled. Before Tanner could ask, Samantha was standing at our table.

"Hi Collin." She said in an almost too cheerful voice.

"Hi Samantha." I mumbled back.

"This is soo funny; I was just talking about you to a friend of mine. Did Aubrey ever give you my number? I wanted to give it to you the night of your party, but I couldn't find you. So I gave it to Aubrey and told her to give it to you so that we could hang out some time, and you never did call so I was just wondering." She said without taking a breath.

"Uh, no…uh, Aubrey never gave it to me. You know how she is." I lied. I looked at Tanner who had a big smile on his face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, so rude of me, Tanner right? I've seen you around campus. I think I had Humanities with you last year. I remember seeing you at Collin's party. You looked mad that night." She said turning to Tanner.

"Yeah." Tanner said to her, then looked at me.

"So how's Tommy?" she asked.

"Tommy, he's good. He's at home I guess." I said.

"Well let me give you my number now that I have you here in front of me and Aubrey can't lose it." She said as she pulled a fuzzy pink pen and pink notepad out of her oversized purse. She scribbled down her number and folded the paper, then handed it to me.

"Call me." She said as she leaned down, shoving her cleavage in my face before hugging me. "Bye" she said to Tanner as she bounced off. Tanner looked at her walk away, then turned to me with a smirk on his face.

"Nice." He chuckled.

"Yeah, if you like dingy, blonde sorority girls." I said shaking my head.

"Or girls for that matter." Tanner threw in. We laughed. He picked up the folded paper beside my napkin.

"Aw, she put a smiley face next to her name." Tanner said sarcastically. I took a drink of my tea.

"Where's the waiter?" I asked.

"It's scented too." He said, smelling the paper.

"I need more sauce." I said.

"Smells good."

After fighting over who was going to pay for dinner, which I won, threatening Tanner that he wasn't going to get laid if he paid, we headed back down the street. "So you wanna go back to my place now?" he asked.

"What are we gonna do back at your place?" I asked teasingly. Tanner handed the valet the ticket then turned to me. While the dude went to get the car, Tanner pushed me into a dark spot behind a bush. He grabbed my crotch and kissed me while my cock grew in his hand. He slid one hand up my shirt. As he started to move his other hand inside my pants, my cell phone rang.

"Don't answer that." He said kissing down my neck. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and flipped it open.

"It's Tommy." I told Tanner.

He grabbed the phone and closed it, then he put it in his back pocket.

I heard the valet pull up in Tanner's Cherokee. I pushed him away and took my phone out of his pocket while he walked towards the car. The valet gave me a strange look. It probably looked like I grabbed Tanner's ass. I dismissed the short-shit and dialed Tommy's number.
"Hey." I said when he answered the phone.

"What're you doin?" Tommy asked.

"Drivin', I was getting a bite. What's up?" I said.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over here first, then we could go back to your place." He said.

"Okay." I told him.

"You can check out the new system or something." He said.

"Or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure we can find something." He told me.

"I have to be in at the clinic tomorrow, so I'll be after six." I said.

"Okay. Call me." We said goodbye and hung up.

"Liar." Tanner said.

"Hey, I'm doin it all for you." I told him. Tanner smiled at me.

"I know, and I love you for it." He put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek before he walked around to the driver side. I heard the valet mutter something. I looked over at him; he quickly looked away with a scowl on his face.

"You got somethin to say?" I walked up to him. Tanner turned and looked at me.

"Did you hear me say something?" the valet replied sarcastically.

"Come on Collin, lets go." Tanner said to me.

"As a matter of fact, yeah, I did. But you didn't have the balls to say it loud enough for me to hear."

"Don't worry about my balls, faggot." He said.

"Hey man, what the fuck's your problem?" Tanner said to him.

"I don't have a problem, except for you two fags." He said.

Tanner and I looked at each other. "I've got your fag right here." I said.

I pushed him into the dark spot behind the bushes. I heard Tanner come up behind me as I grabbed him by the collar and slammed him into the wall. I lifted my fist which soon connected with his nose. I looked down at him.

"Let me tell you somethin…" I growled, "This fag can kick your ass. I will break every fuckin bone in your body. And believe me, I have no problem leaving you here for someone else to find. So help me God…" I pulled him forward and slammed him back into the wall. His head hitting the brick made a popping sound that almost made me cringe. "…you'll wish I would have killed you. Do you wanna call me a fag again?" I asked. His eyes were watery, probably because of the pain in his skull.

"N-No." he mumbled.

"I didn't hear you?" I put my hand around his throat and squeezed.

"NO!" he squealed.

"Alright Collin, lets go." Tanner put his hand on my shoulder.

I gripped the valet's collar and threw him to the ground. I started to follow Tanner, but as the valet tried to get up, I kicked him in the stomach. He fell back on the ground with a gasp and curled up, holding his stomach. Tanner grabbed my arm and led me to the Jeep.

"You okay?" he asked me on the road back to his place.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize, Collin."

The popping sound was still echoing in my head. I calmed down a little. Tanner had never seen me mad, not like that, no one had. I was always the calm and collected one. I didn't lose my temper often, but when I did, it was bad. I became physically violent; one doctor called it "rage". I took some pills for it when I was younger, but I became withdrawn and isolated, so I stopped.

We got back to Tanners' apartment. "I'm gonna take a piss." I said to him. I walked down the hall into Tanner's room and went into his bathroom. I took a piss, washed my hands and walked out into Tanner's room. Tanner was changing. I stopped by the door of his closet so I could watch him.

"Aren't you gonna get comfortable?" he asked me. He had slid on some shorts and was standing shirtless. I pulled off my shirt and undershirt. The cool breeze from the vents of the AC hit my skin. Tanner stood watching me. I undid my belt and pants as I pulled my feet out of my shoes. Tanner walked over from his bed and stopped close to me. He grabbed my right hand and looked at my red knuckles.

"Does it hurt?" he asked. He ran his fingers over my hand.

"No. I didn't hit him that hard." I said.

"I've never seen you so angry before, I've never seen you mad."

I looked down and shook my head.

"I have to admit, it was hot; your aggressiveness, your strength. The muscles in your arms bulged when you held him against the wall and your veins showed, the one in your neck did to. It was all so… intense."

"Now you know how I feel with you." I smiled at him.

He smiled back, then looked straight into my eyes and pushed my pants down and then put his arms around my waist.

"How long has it been since I've had you in my room like this?" he said.

"A long time." I replied. I slid my arms around him as well, then put my forehead against his chest. I ran my hands across the small of his back.

"I want you Collin." He whispered, titillatingly close to my ear so that it sent chills down my back and made me shudder.

"Do you?" I said. Tanner let out a deep breath and started kissing my neck softly. I could feel his mouth parting with every kiss. I soon felt his tongue grazing along my skin. I closed my eyes and did exactly what he wanted; let him have me.

His head moved over to my throat, then up to my mouth where he teased me with his lips. Gently touching mine with his, he would withdraw when my mouth parted. He moved his left hand up to my face and placed it along my jaw. His thumb moved along my lips. Tanner then began moving his hand down from my face. He kissed me passionately as his hand ran down my neck, then along my collar bone to my chest, down my abs and bellybutton, to the waist of my black boxer-briefs.

He pulled me to him so that our bare stomachs and chests were against each other. His hand moved around to my back and he placed his fingertips inside the band of my underwear. His tongue roamed the inside of my mouth and wrestled with mine. I felt my dick start to grow as his hardening member pushed against me. Tanner turned me around, so that my back was against him. I looked up and saw our reflections in the mirror that was mounted on his closet door. He put his hands on my shoulders and ran his fingertips down to my hands as he tended to my neck and shoulders with his mouth. His hands then moved over to my thighs; his hands roughly making their way up to my crotch.

   I watched Tanner through the mirror as he reached under my balls and cupped my package in his left hand. His right arm was wrapped around my stomach. I felt him grind his hard cock against me. I moaned loudly as he reached his hand inside my underwear and grabbed my stiff rod. I moved my gaze up and found him staring at me. We looked into each others eyes. I felt him pull my boxer briefs down a bit. He brought his hand up and licked it, then placed it back around my dick. He began stroking the entire length of it. By now I was as hard as I was going to get. I reached my right hand behind me and slid it into Tanner's shorts, grabbing his cock. He moved his other hand down, gripping the base of my dick. "Aah, Tanner…uh." I groaned. I looked back down and saw the way his hand was gliding smoothly over my cock; from the hilt to the tip of the head. I felt like I could cum at any moment. I squeezed Tanner's manhood in my hand, then started playing with his balls. I leaned my head back to kiss Tanner; our lips pulled at each other and our tongues grazed occasionally. I turned around without taking my mouth away from his.

I then pulled away and grabbed hold of his shorts. I sunk down on my knees and brought his shorts with me. I took his cock in my mouth as soon as it slid out. "Uuh." Tanner moaned. He pushed his hips forward and grabbed the back of my head.

"Oh yeah, suck my cock." He grunted. His dick went down my throat; it came back out very wet and shiny. I put my hands on his hips and helped pull him to me. He moaned louder as I swallowed his rod until my chin touched his balls. I moved my head in a circular motion and moaned onto him.

"Aah, that feels so fuckin good." He whispered. I pulled off and licked up and down the sides of his cock, then sucked on his head. I began to lightly tickle his balls with the tip of my tongue. I stroked his dick at the same time.

Tanner stepped away from me and I told him to get on the bed. I stood behind him.

"Lay on your stomach." I whispered in his ear. He crawled on the bed and lied on his belly, resting on his elbows. The bed shifted with my weight as I got on. I put my mouth on his calf and kissed up his leg. I slowly moved up and grazed the bend of his knee with my tongue, then kissed up his thigh. He breathed heavy when I arrived at his inner thigh. I pushed his legs apart a bit further and alternated sides. Sucking at his left thigh and biting his right. My hard dick was pulsing in between the bed and my leg. I ran my tongue up his balls as my hand parted his cheeks. He moaned when my tongue circled around the rim of his hole. I could hear his breathing, his soft grunts as my hands roamed up and down his legs. He was enraptured and moaning uncontrollably.

My mouth made its way up the cleft of his ass. He shivered when my tongue crossed the small of his back. My chest and stomach slid over his ass as I moved up his back. He leaned his head down as I sucked on the back of his neck. I leaned on my right elbow and ran my left hand down his back. I rubbed the head of my cock along his ass. I slightly let it enter his hole as it passed. He moaned.

"You like that?" I whispered in his ear.

"Mm Hmm." He breathed heavy. I sucked on Tanner's ear lobe and continued to run my cock along his ass.

"You want me to fuck you?" I said; my breath hitting his ear.

"Mm Hmm." He moaned again.

"How bad?" I asked. I let the tip of my dick go in him and then slide out.

"Uuh…bad." He groaned.

"I want you to say it. I want you to beg me to fuck you." I said to him. I teased his hole with the tip of my rod again. I was so hot, so fucking horny. I could feel the precum oozing from my dick.

"Fuck me Collin. Please…I want you inside me." He said, his teeth clenched. "I want to feel that big cock of yours pulling in and out of me." He groaned.

"Mmm, good boy." I whispered. With that, my dick slid into him. We moaned simultaneously, like we had both been yearning for that intense moment.

I held myself up on my hands and thrust in and out of him. Our moaning echoed in the room. I pounded his ass in a hard, fast pace. I gripped the comforter of Tanners' bed as Tanner moaned my name. I kissed his right shoulder as he reached his arm back and ran his hand through my hair. I moved my arms underneath his and used my grip on his shoulders to push deeper into him. The bed began to thud against the wall. My thrusts became slower and harder. I could feel his sweaty back underneath my body. I squeezed my arms around him and in one swift move, rolled us over; I was now on my back and he was sitting on me, facing away.

The sudden movement didn't throw our rhythm off. He grinded down on my dick as I grabbed his waist and rocked him back and forth.

"Oh fuck." He said. I could feel my cock rubbing along his insides. He reached in between my legs and grabbed my balls. He gently pulled on them when I thrust upward. This made me moan louder. 

"Oh yeah, keep doin that baby." I said. He put his feet on the bed and lifted his ass, then slammed it back down on my pelvis. He continued to do this, I enjoyed the feel of his hole sliding all the way up and down my pole.

He pulled off and turned around to face me. He leaned in and kissed me as he aimed my cock at his ass and slid back down on it. He put his hands on my chest and used it for leverage to push himself up. I grabbed his hips and held on to him so that I could set him on a pace I liked. After that I took his semi hard dick in my hand and stroked him back to fullness. He bucked his hips back and forth, grinding hard on me. I could feel my orgasm start to rise from the center of my body and spread through my arms and legs. My cock got that sudden rush of blood that made me go rock hard. I tightened my grip on Tanners' dick and continued to jack him.

"Aah, fuck! I'm gonna cum." He grunted. I sat up and held him with my right arm as my left pumped until hot cum began to spew out of his cock, hitting my chest and stomach. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned back.

"Oh God." I moaned as I thrusted. I felt my cum shoot into him and coat his insides. The warmth made my cock pulsate; draining every drop of jizz I had in me. With my final thrusts, I emptied my load.

"Oh man." he said, laying down on me.

"Mmm, this just gets better and better." I said. I grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. He rolled off of me and lay on the bed. He ran his fingers through the cum on my chest.

He smiled at me. I tried to resist wanting to get up and take a shower. I wanted to lay there and stare at Tanner, sulk in the afterglow of sex. To enjoy the exhilaration with him, but I have a compulsive tendency to take showers, especially after sex. I sat up and kissed him running my hand over him. I couldn't take it.

"I'm gonna take a shower." I told him as I got off the bed.

"Right now?" he said. I smiled at him and entered the bathroom. "Hurry up!" I heard him yell to me.

I stood under the steamy water, thinking about this entire situation. I didn't know what it was this time, I didn't feel bad, I actually felt relieved. It was strange, compared to the first time I cheated on Tommy; no shadowy regret, no overwhelming feelings of guilt. Maybe it was the fact that Tanner was serious, that he had made sense and convinced me that there could really be something between us. Maybe I finally felt what I had been subconsciously repressing all this time: I liked Tanner. I only hoped that he was right about this. I hoped I would realize who I really wanted to be with. But how could I choose between Tanner and Tommy? Here was Tanner, the laidback, spontaneous, but slightly arrogant medical student who made me glad to be who I am. Then there was Tommy, the serious, controlled, but sometimes insecure business major, who made me want to be a better person.

I got out of the shower and dried off. I walked back into Tanner's room; he wasn't there. I put on some shorts and went out into the living room, but he wasn't there either. I walked back down the hall towards Richmond's room. As I passed Tanner's bedroom, I heard a cough come from his balcony door; I walked up to it. I opened the door and stepped outside. Tanner was sitting in his boxers; he looked up at me from his chair.

"Enjoy your shower?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said. I noticed the cigarette in his fingers. "I thought you quit?" I said to him.

He looked at it, then at me.

"I did," he said, "but I kinda got back in the habit after the whole Phillip thing."

"Oh." I said. I walked over and sat down next to him.

"Sorry." He said.

"For what?" I asked.

"I know you don't like me smoking."

I looked at him. "I didn't want you to stop because I don't like it, I wanted you to stop for you." I told him.

"I want to stop, I do. It's one of those wrong things that feels so good, you know?" he asked.

"Yeah, I do." I said. He was one of those things, used to be one of those things. "Addictive…" I mumbled.

"What'd you say?" he asked.

"It's addictive," I said louder. "…like you." Tanner gave me a funny look and smiled.

I watched him suck on the cigarette and pull it away from his mouth; a puff of smoke rolled in the air and Tanner sucked it in. He offered the cigarette to me with a raised eyebrow. I took it and held the butt to my lips. I felt the bitter taste of the tobacco on my tongue as I inhaled and took the smoke into my lungs. I looked at the cigarette; it was a Marlboro Light.

"At least you're not smoking Reds anymore, fuckin cowboy killers." I said. Tanner laughed.

"Yeah, Reds were a little too strong after I started back up and I tried the Ultra Lights but they were too mild." He sat quiet for a minute and then stood up.

"I'm gonna get in the shower." He said and kissed me. A few minutes later, I finished the cigarette and went back inside.

I heard Tanner humming in the shower; something he normally did. I went to the living room. I sat down and turned on the TV. Nothing good was showing on the movie channels and I don't like primetime television, so I turned off the TV. I heard the door unlocking from the outside. I waited for Richmond to walk in, but when he pushed, the door didn't open; Tanner had locked the padlock. Richmond knocked on the door as I got up to unlock it. He was leaning on the door frame when I opened the door; like he was holding himself up. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hey…I shoulda figured you were here. He only forgets that I'm gone when ya are." He said. I smiled back and held out my hand. We always did this kinda handshake thing. He walked in, made his way to the couch, and sat down. He seemed a little tipsy, not surprisingly.

Richmond was a prep, like Tanner and I. Unlike us, he was close with his parents, a mommas-boy, and daddy's little slugger, the youngest of four. Like me, he didn't work, he didn't have to. He liked to go out, party, and drink. In a way, you could call him an alcoholic. But he didn't drink all day, everyday; it was more like, nightly, everyday.

Richmond's actual name was Richard Morrow; he was from Richmond, Virginia and moved to Texas for school. It was because of his habit of always introducing himself as: "Richard Morrow from Richmond, Virginia." like it was a title, that everyone started calling him Richmond. He was about six foot, light brown hair, and dark blue eyes. He had a tanned, athletic build, like a tennis player. He always seemed to have a five o'clock shadow, even when he had shaved the same morning. It looked good though, it gave him a rugged, handsome appearance, and the southern accent pulled it all together. Plainly, Richmond was hot.

   I resumed my place at the other end of the sectional. Richmond untied his Docs and pulled them off.

"Oh man, you two missed out...Trees was having a twofer for anyone that got there before 10." He said as he unbuckled his belt and sat back.

"What time did you get there?" I asked watching him.

"Eight o'clock maybe. Before that I was at some house over in the Park Place area with Garry Scheltig." He told me.

"I know Garry; I went to one of his parties when he lived in the Hillcrest area." I said. I had also let his brother, Joshua,  blow me when he was drunk one night, but Richmond didn't need to hear that.

"He's pretty cool, we had a few beers there, then headed over to Trees." He said.

"You and Cyndi?" I asked. Cyndi was his girlfriend.

"Yeah." He said with a tone of boredom.

"What's up with that?" I asked.

"She's startin' to get to me. I like her and all, but I don't know if I like her enough to wait." He said.

"For sex?" I asked. 

"Yeah. I don't wanna seem like an asshole, but I'd be doin' both of us a favor if I broke it off. She's lookin' for somethin' serious…"

"And you're looking for sex." I said.

He looked at me and frowned, "Pretty much."

"Then break it off, no point in putting in to somethin' that's not putting out." I told him. We both laughed. He then got up and went into the kitchen, and came back with two beers.

"So what did you and Tanner do today?" he asked as he handed me a beer. I told him about our evening. I didn't have to spare the details of sex and such with him. I didn't know if Tanner shared intimate details about us with him, but with me, Richmond didn't seem to mind.

"I knew you two were doin' somethin'. That's why you're only wearin' a pair of shorts, and why it took you so long to answer the door." He said with a smirk.

"It didn't even take me 10 seconds to open the door! And if we were doing somethin, I'd be in there doin it with him instead of out here talking to you." I replied. He looked at the ground.

"You should be in there doin' it then, 'cause it's a bitch when you ain't doin It." he said bitterly.

"How long has it been since you had sex?" I asked. He got a pensive look in his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but Tanner interrupted.

"Hey…" Tanner said from the hallway, "you're here early."

Richmond looked over and smiled, "Missed you too."

It actually was a little early for Richmond to be home. It was around midnight, and he usually came stumbling through the door around 3 or 4 in the AM. Tanner walked in and sat down next to me. He also was only wearing a pair of shorts.

"What'd you get into tonight?" Tanner asked. Richmond repeated his night to Tanner.

Tanner had been to one of Garry Scheltig's parties with me, but he had gotten too drunk to remember who Garry was. That was the same night that I let Joshua Scheltig blow me. I was trying to find Tanner so that we could leave. I was upstairs looking in each of the rooms when I found Joshua in his room. I apologized for intruding, and he said it was okay. He just needed to, "…get away from the crowd."

He asked me if I was okay, I explained that I was looking for Tanner. I asked him the same question. Somehow I had gotten to sitting next to him on his bed. We chatted for an indeterminable amount of time, and the effects of alcohol took its toll on us. The feeling of being alone with and so close to someone while intoxicated charged us both. Soon we were kissing and rubbing each other, he pushed me back on the bed and unzipped my pants. He sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. He crawled back up and kissed me with some of my cum still there. I found Tanner after that and took him back to my place.

Sitting there bored, we decided to watch a movie. None of us wanted to get up and pick one, but finally I decided that getting up and watching what I wanted was better then watching what someone else wanted. I chose Orange County, which neither Tanner nor Richmond seemed to mind. While the movie was loading I went and grabbed a few beers for us. I returned and sat down next to Tanner; he positioned himself to where he was leaning on my left side and my left arm was around his chest. He leaned his head on me. Richmond turned out the lights and sat down. We watched the movie; commenting on the funny parts, laughing at the hilarious parts. I ran my hands through Tanner's hair and grazed my fingers over his back, neck, chest, and arms. I wasn't doing it inappropriately, but I could tell Tanner was getting a little, "motivated".
He moved his right leg so that his knee was pointing up; I guess to hide his somewhat hard prick. I saw this and began purposely touching him in discrete ways; giving him chills and making him shiver. After a while he got used to it and started drifting off to sleep. I looked over at Richmond who was looking a bit sleepy himself. He didn't seem to notice me looking at him.

When the movie finished about thirty minutes later, they had both fallen asleep. I quietly woke Tanner up and told him to get to bed. I ejected the movie, turned off the DVD player and TV, and picked up the empty beer bottles. After I disposed of them, I shook Richmond to tell him to get to bed as well; he didn't wake. All he did was slouch down a little more and groan.

"Richmond," I said as I leaned in front of him and shook him again, this time a little harder. I got the same response. I tapped him on the thigh and said his name again, finally he stirred.

"Come on man, go to bed." I told him. He slowly got up, cursing and muttering under his breath. When he was standing up straight, I noticed a nice sized bulge in his jeans. He stretched, reaching up with his arms, arching his back, and I watched the bulge grow. At first it was only a round lump, but then in became a solid hard on. I guess Richmond was too lethargic to notice his erection, or me staring at it because he muttered good night and moseyed off to his room. I turned out the lights and checked the door before heading to Tanner's room.

Tanner was coming out of the bathroom as I entered, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and undid the sheets. Tanner killed the lights.
  We were lying in the bed; I was on my back, my right hand under my head. Tanner was lying on his stomach with his arms under the pillow. I was staring at the ceiling, thinking about nothing really. Just letting my mind wander, I know Tommy came across my thoughts. I just pictured his face; his green eyes, smooth lips, gorgeous smile.
Then for some reason, I thought about the other night, when Tommy tasted Tanner in my mouth. I chuckled.

"What you laughing about?" Tanner asked.

I shook my head and chuckled again, "It's bad."

"Bad how?" he asked.

I told him about what had happened. I looked over at him a few seconds later. The room was dark, some light coming in through the window from street lamps, but I could tell his face was blank.

"Told you it was bad." I said.

"Wow, that's kinda…"

"Kinda what?" I asked.

"Hot." he said.

I laughed. I wasn't really surprised.

"It's kinda like he got sloppy seconds, my scraps." He said.

"Sloppy? Scraps?" I questioned.

"You know what I mean." He told me.

He moved over to me, putting his head on my chest and his right arm around my stomach. I started playing with his hair; twirling it and twisting it in my fingers.

"Collin," he said softly. His deep voice was filled with a sexy tone, the kind you would imagine on one of those hotlines.

"Yeah?"  There was a silent moment.

"I love you." he told me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but Tanner spoke before I got it out, "It's okay, you don't have to say anything."

I smiled. Mostly because I didn't even know what I was going to say, but also because I was glad he wasn't pressuring me. I kissed his head and squeezed my arms around him. He fell asleep there in my arms a few minutes later.

I however, wasn't able to keep my eyes closed. I wasn't tired to begin with. Thoughts were running through my head: thoughts of Tommy, Tanner, and surprisingly,
Richmond. Well really, it was more like Richmond's sleepy hard on. "Bad Collin, bad!" I thought to myself. But I couldn't I help it if a hard dick caught my attention every now and then. It's why I'm gay.

After what I suppose was fifteen, maybe twenty minutes later, I felt thirsty. I eased myself away from Tanner, trying not to bother him. As soon as I was off the bed, Tanner lifted his head up and groggily asked me where I was going.

"To get something to drink." I told him. He lay his head back down as he mumbled something.

I walked through the dark hall, noticing the soft light in the living room as I entered the kitchen. I grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and took a few drinks. I stood looking over the counter into the living room. Light from outside was coming in and I could here the sound of passing cars on the street. I took another drink of water and leaned on the counter, holding myself up on my hands, putting my weight on one leg. I smiled to myself, thinking about all that had happened today.

"I never expected this to happen." I thought. "Tanner…wow. There's more to him than I thought possible." I found myself more attracted to him, more drawn. Strangely though, what I felt for Tanner was completely different from what I felt for Tommy; different but equal.

"What if I'm not able to pick from the two of them? Can you fall in love with two people?" I asked myself. It perplexed me. Then again, I didn't wan to pick. I didn't want to realize who I wanted to be with more.

I was still in the darkness, looking into the living room when I felt two hands slide across my shoulders. I jumped, "Shit!" I said. The two hands grabbed me and held me.

"Shh." He said.

"Damn't, Tanner!" I thought in my head.

I was going to say that, but his hands moved to my torso and began rubbing softly. I forgot I had been scared shitless. I let him move his left hand over my shorts and grab my flaccid dick, as his right hand grabbed my chin.
He turned my head to the right and I felt his lips come to mine, His kiss was soft. I closed my eyes and fell back into his body; he was warm and soft. He moved his arms around me and took me into him, his muscles tightening. I put his hands back on my body, wanting him to touch me. Our mouths parted. He kissed my neck and shoulders, rubbed his hands on my body; squeezing and grabbing all the right parts.

"Mmm, Tanner." I moaned.

"Shh, you'll wake him up." Richmond said.