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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Wrong Combo

Last night I ended up throwing and up and having diarrhea all at the same time.

It was pure hell for several hours.

It wasn't a bug, it wasn't food poisoning, (and thanks Dangermouse) it wasn't me trying to be thing.

No it was the combination of:

4000 mg of Vitamin C
A Berocca
Two Ibuprofen with Codeine
1 Long lasting Sudafed and

It sounded like a good idea at the time I swear!

Oh and I had eaten a huge bag of nuts when I know nuts give me stomach cramps!

I have had some sinus congestion for a week and a half, and was using one of those nasal sprays for more than a week and I decided I needed to stop before I became addicted to them again.

So in the space of about 30 minutes I had all of that.

Bad move!

Apparently too much Vitamin C will give you the runs and well the rest just exacerbated my already upset stomach.

Touch Wood I feel much better today, although I am exhausted from a restless night of almost sleep.

I also think the week's stressful events at work made my body say enough is enough and I do keep my stress in two places, my neck and my stomach.

Anyway I am taking it relatively easy today and only doing some small bits and pieces and them heading to friends for dinner.

Let's keep my pinkies crossed that my stomach behaves!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Having a day working from home

Just like the title reads I am working from home today, this does not mean that I will be moping around at home watching movies, no siree

Instead it just means that instead of working from the office I spend the day working from home. I have already managed to spend about 3 hours talking to clients on the phone thus far and I am feeling hoarse!

The throat is no longer sore, it's now just the sinuses that are are inflamed and so I am squirting saline solution up my nose to irrigate anything that might be lurking up there.

Of course I would love to use one of those nasal decongestant sprays and make my head feel all better, but I have a history with those.

About seven years ago I became addicted to nasal sprays to the point I was using them every three - four hours and would even wake up in the night use it and go straight back to sleep.

I did try looking up the official medical name given to nasal spray addiction but I got side tracked and ended up looking at articles on Nasal Spray addiction like this one in the New York Times.

In the end with my addiction I realised there was a real problem when at three o'clock one morning (years ago) I made the boy drive me to an all night Pharmacy to get a new bottle. Well I actually bought about four just to be certain!

So these days I will not use them, and since I hate the decongestant over the counter tablets make me feel shaky (I don't one comment from friends who know me and know how ridiculous this seems that I will not take them!), I just have to wait for the sinuses to stop being inflamed and just put up with it.

At least though I am getting through work today (although slightly slower than normal).

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another weekend another party

It would seem that almost every weekend we seem to end up partying in one way or another. Having had a huge weekend last weekend and a pretty full on week too catching up with our mate in town from LA.

This weekend was supposed to be a lot quieter and slower, even though we were throwing a party in honour of our mate from LA!

As it was I was feeling particuarly chuffed yesterday after inviting Nick to the party last night from Californication, he told me he had just posted a blog entry about meeting me. To say I was chffed would be a total understatement the post is so sweet :)

It's always a bit scary throwing a party especially as we have such an ecclectic group of friends that woudl not generally meet apart from doing something like this.

You never know just who will turn, when they will and how everyone will or won't get along.

The start time for the party was eight, and by eight thirty we still olny had one freiend there, but like all parties by midnight the place was heaving with people!

Since I am really on my diet to lose the rest of the spare tire round my waist and get back my abs, I have almost stopped drinking wine entirely, and have switched to vodka:

1 Galss of Vodka Soda and squeeze of lime -> 60 odd calories


1 Glass of White Wine -> 120 - 130 Calories.

So all in all a significant different, not to mention that you drink more soda than wine which makes it even better!

By about Midnight though, the mixing of the drinks from a nip of vodka in each glass became half vodka and half soda water. I didn't feel especially drunk last night although I had also not eaten from about lunch time as we had a large special lunch for my mother's Birthday.

There was a little bit of drama last night as well with two friends having a huge blue over some things that have been going on, and another friend's acquaintance being a total mess due to his friend dying the night before from a GBH overdose.

The long and the short of it meant that today I have been feeling just plain hideous! We were on our way with a whole group of people driving up to the Hunter Valley to go taste wine and have fun, but within twenty minutes of the drive I started to get shaky, nauseous and felt just grim. So the poor boy turned the car around dropping me off home and then catching up with the rest of them.

I have spent half the day sleeping and the other half feeling quite grim. It's only now at about 6pm at night which I am feeling better (not fully better but almost better).

I am pretty sure that I most likely ended up drinking well over a bottle of vodka last night all t0 myself.

I will not be doing that again for a while!

I have a pretty busy week this week, a couple of large client deliverable and trying to get everything wrapped up so I can essentially take next week off while the APEC thing is on in Sydney.

We received work last last week that yes as expected my office will now be in the high security area and unless I want to submit to extensive checking I will not be allowed in. Mind you we are in the Gold Coast Monday - Wednesday for a work thing which only leaves Thursday of which I will simply work from home!

Noted too...

I noticed that you can now upload video directly to your blog so I have given it a go!


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Friday, August 03, 2007

Day Three of my evil Captors Plan

Day Three of my Evil Captors Plan to keep me under control by streptococcus. I am feeling a lot better than I was on the first day but I am still bloody annoyed by having this!

The tonsils themselves had all that white muck over them yesterday but that has started to go away and they are reducing in size too!

So from what I have been reading this means my body is fighting off the infection in the normal manner and to the normal time frame.

We have been invited to a new friend's Birthday drinks on Saturday night, but unless my tonsils are still 'infected' and not just a bit sore I will not go.

I had agreed that I would not work in the office this week to my DR (he knows me LOL) even though I have been working pretty hard from home, but it's different I swear!

An on again off again annoying company that sometimes gets us to do small projects and gets us to quote on all these larger projects which we never seem to win. I get the feeling that they always go for the lowest bid and then they moan and moan when the project totally fails!

So far I think our company has billed them about $3,000, but we have bid on projects worth around $60,000, it is just such a waste of time to do any form of proposal for them.

It's one of those stupid little two women marketing companies that seem to bumble from client to client and the majority of their clients end up angry with them, not pay their bills or some other catastrophe occurs.

Warning signs for any sub contractor!

In fact one of the proposals we did which took a good half a day of our time to map out the client's requirements, the client was actually being sued by the marketing company for non payment of bills worth twenty thousand dollars! Naturally enough we never got the work and the client won damages from the marketing company.

Anyway the Principal of the business rang me yesterday and asked me in for a meeting for a project which she guarantees is ours, yeah sure!

I tried to explain that I am ill and don't want to go in and ask can we do it by phone (read this as stop wasting my time), but it doesn't fly.

So even though I am ill and I don't want to I will hop a taxi the ten minutes and sit their meeting their client and see if a) they have budget, b) they are interested in us, c) understand why we are more expensive that a lot of other small companies that do similar.

I reckon looking at what they need and what has been said about being guaranteed, we have a 50 / 50 chance of winning this.

So pain killers and maybe an Ativan to test it's usefulness and I will keep you all posted.
Oh and I needed some hot eye candy for the day so I have chosen Thomas from Big Brother 07. Does anyone have more pictures of him? I want to put up a gallery of them on the site. Send them to me at drew at

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Second day of being sick

The rest of yesterday was nasty, mainly because I went from hot to cold, sweating to sweating and my entire body hurt. I've noticed that if I get really sick I tend to tenses my lower back and legs for some reason and subsequently get massive muscle pain.

Apart from pain killers (I only really have paracetamol and ibuprofen) which work for a while and then wear off, steaming hot showers seem to work the best. So in between trying to stretch y back and legs out showers, shaking and generally being in pain I feel like a total wuss.

I hate being ill, it just interrupts everything, no gym, limited work, no yoga and just an overall deadening of the senses, and I like have my senses all fine tuned.

My DR is a funny middle aged Indian man who I have been seeing for about five years, without fail though every time I see him he always asks whether I have seen him before. Ok I don't go all that often but maybe 7 - 8 times in five years for sleeping tablets and the occasional antibiotic when I have been a big wuss and was worried about getting the flu.

The whole thought of me coming down with the FLU is enough to make me want to start popping any anti-anxiety medicine I could get my little mittens on! I have only had the real FLU once in my life, about ten years ago I was bedridden fro two weeks and it took me up to 6 weeks to fully recover.

It was horrible and I never want to go through that again.

Although I am doing pretty well with my panic / anxiety disorder these days, especially since finding a new book written by a former sufferer of panic attacks, I still wanted to get something like xanax etc to help me through some really stressful times.

He is a funny DR, he will prescribe any antibiotic, sleeping tablets or offer medical certificates for stuff, but he will not prescribe me xanax. My fixation on Xanax is I know it works for me when I go into major anxiety mode. Apparently though there has been a huge crackdown on Doctors prescribing XANAX especially around these parts where it is wildly over prescribed to help the clubbing set come down after a long weekend.

I am generally only a Valium liker when I have a really bad back or neck strain as it's the only think that can relax the muscles and help me get some pain relief. But in general I don't like it although I was given some before for a bad panic attack and all it did was knock me out not what I actually wanted.

Instead he has given me something called Ativan which is a benzodiazepine which has been around since the 70's"

Most benzodiazepines are administered orally; however, administration can also
occur intravenously, intramuscularly, or as a suppository. When used as a recreational drug, pills are occasionally crushed and snorted. Well-known benzodiazepines and their primary trade names include alprazolam (Xanax), bromazepam (Lexomil), diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), clonazepam (Klonopin), temazepam (Restoril), oxazepam (Serax), flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), riazolam (Halcion), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), flurazepam (Dalmane), estazolam
(ProSom), and nitrazepam (Mogadon).

Source Wikipedia & Wikipedia

I must say it's in some great company! Mogodon, Rohypnol etc.

I took one last night to see what the reaction would be and I have to say it certainly had a nice effect calming me and my muscles down and even with the extremely painful throat I had what I consider a good sleep!

Having an addictive personality and having had some really bad reactions to things like this in the past I am pretty careful about reading the contradictions. The main thing I have been repeated is no alcohol with Ativan is it causes dis inhibition and amnesia lol, personally that sounds like fun.

Like all of these it can be addictive if you use it daily for more than three months every day.

But I really only want to carry some for those times when I can't just stop the anxiety attack from hitting

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Working from home

I am working from home today which whilst it may sound like fun, for me it's not really my ideal way to work.
I had a particularly bad night with my sore throat turning into a tonsil the size of a small golf ball on the right side of my neck and I feel vile, but not flu vile (touch wood). As I really do not want the flu or have the time to devote to being ill and not being able to concentrate on working.
I can tell I am running what feels like a very low level fever but I am not going from hot to cold so all in all it could be worse.
Being the total hypochondriac I am though, I will go to the Doctor and get something for it. Mainly because about about 15 years ago I ended up in hospital for almost two weeks with Tonsillitis which turned to Quincy and almost killed me by blocking off my air way.
When I first started working for myself almost size years ago I worked from home for about three years and it sent me bonkers having no one around for most of the day. So when we got the first round of funding for the business the first thing we did was find formal office premises.

Now three and a half years on and into our second premises I much prefer to work from the office. I tend to get more done, I eat less and I can interact with people and overall just feel better about things.
Not withstanding the whole 'elephant in the room' unpleasantness right now in the office which I am pretty confidant will sort itself out, I would much rather be there than here!
Apart from a planned trip to the Doctor I intend to sit at the table and working my way through my day's to do list as well as I can, drink lots of water and make sure I stay warm.
The worst part is that today is Yoga day and I will miss out this week. I might go on Saturday morning instead!

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