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Travis Fimmel

Name: Travis Fimmel
Occupation: Model / Actor
Height: 6ft
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Why we like him:

What isn't there to like about this Australian farmboy who has taken the world by storm as the new face and body of Calvin Klein underwear? Travis was plucked from total obscurity in 2001 to be the new face on the Calvin Klein billboards and he has certainly come along way since then!

He says that he doesn't work out at the gym, spending as much of his free time riding waves along the many beaches near his new home on the American coast.

Travis has also appeared in music videos with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson, expanding across the entire male modeling world.

Travis himself finds it hilarious that he is now one of the most sought after men in the world and initially had to be convinced to even try out for the CK role. Straight women want to be with him and want their boyfriends to look like him, gay men want to be him and get him, and well the rest they just stare and go all red!

His typical Australian blonde hair and blue eyed image is sure to be seen more and more in the coming months and years!

And of course the question on everyone's lips is what he is packing real? Well have a look at the images and make your own mind up!

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