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Lukas Ridgestone

What he does:

Porn Star

Why we like him:

Lukas is the very first international gay superstar porn star. He burst onto the scene (or should I say spurted) through the lense of George Duroy in his Bel Ami video Lukas's Story. Lukas quickly became an international star and instantly recognised by the gay community.

Coming from Eastern Europe where all the men seem to be buff, blue eyed and uncut, he has the smoldering good looks of the boy next door coupled with the sexual energy of ten men. His outstanding good looks and his endowment of well over 8 uncut inches!

His videos have stopped over the past couple of years while he completes his military service but they still continue to sell throughout the world. These days Bel Ami has just launched the realistic Lukas Dildo with a moveable foreskin which is an absolute laugh.

Including him in the list of the ten most beautiful men in the world is an easy task, even if his claim to fame is porn.

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