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The Carlson Twins

What they do:

Male Models - Abercrommbie and Fitch

Why we like Them:

Because they are gorgeous and twins to boot! No seriously these two guys have really made international hearts a flutter after they appeared as the A&F poster boys for 2001. As soon as these two boys with their bared chests and tightly toned bodies graced the cover of the the in store magazine they became overnight pop icons.

Both boys are typical American Jocks and just happened to be blessed with looks that make boys and girls go weak at the knees. Kyle and Lane Carlson are 22 years old and are both 6ft 2 tall. An unusual fact about these two boys is that they co own a construction company, thinking ahead to their futures if they don't continue to rack up the modeling awards.

The A and F quarterly issue they appeared in contained the most nudity of any A and F publication ever, and their popularity spawned not only international success for them, but also a bumper year for A and F sales. If you want to see more of these very cute guys you can visit their official website at:

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