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Adam Rickett


What he does:

Actor / Singer (a bad one at that)

Why we like him:

Let's face it, we like Adam because he is blonde with a tight toned body and a six pack to die for! He is a hopeless singer and an even worse actor, but every time we see his picture we drool all over the carpet.

Adam made a name for him as Nick in Coronation Street where he continually took his shirt off and showed the world his fabulous body! He then spread his wings and tried to launch a career as a pop singer. Although his first single did hit the top ten in the UK, he has since returned to acting.

He does however still sing and has been performing in the hit show Rent on London's West End. In between his stage commitments, Adam has been filming some new TV shows and a few small films.

All I can say is that we hope to see more of his body in the future!

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