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Antonio Sabato Jr

What he does:


Why we like him:

Italian born Antonio grew up in the United States where he became an internationally recognised male model first coming to the worlds attention on the cover of Playgirl magazine in 1993. He had appeared in an Italian miniseries in the late nineteen eighties as well.

Although he is more famous for being a male model and a Calvin Klein model at that, he was first and foremost an actor appearing in numerous mainstream and one off television shows and movies. Antonio has been a busy boy over the last three years appearing in no less than four movies and at least 6 different television shows including Alley McBeal and Charmed.

His international fame was crowned in 1996 when he was photographed by Herb Ritts for Calvin Klein where he became an absolute superstar with the looks and body to match. At just over 6 foot 2 with a build that is nigh on perfect, Antonio has a deep dark smoldering look that at once says come hither and flashes danger as well!

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