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the kiss

Chapter Two

1 December 2006

Josh was concerned that his friend was upset but thought nothing of his nudity. Josh was used to being nude in the shower with his teammates. Brent however was well aware that Josh was still nude. Josh, trying to lessen the tension, challenged Brent, “Hey Bent I’ll race you back home.” Brent had never won any physical challenge against the more athletic Josh. But, he gladly accepted the challenge just to relive the tension.

Brent allowed himself one quick glance at Josh’s cock before turning away as Josh got dressed. Josh mounted his bike and challenged Brent, “The loser buys the cokes,” knowing full well that Brent rarely drank carbonated drinks.

“Deal,” agreed Brent as he knowingly accepted the fact that he would lose.

The race began as most others, with Josh several feet ahead of Brent. However, this race was different. The gap between them was closing. Josh suddenly noticed that Brent was even with him. As Josh increased his speed Brent matched. The competitiveness in Josh came out, and even his best friend wasn’t going to beat him. As they approached the first hill Josh knew that he would have the advantage since he was bigger and stronger than Brent. To his surprise Brent went ahead and Josh gave it his all, but couldn’t gain on Brent.

Brent was at his driveway before he realized that Josh was a considerable distance behind him. He could never remember beating Josh at any athletic contest. Oh there were those occasional ones that Josh allowed him to win just to keep him in the contest.

“Fuck Brent,” the winded Josh said, “You’re getting stronger.” “You beat my sorry ass,” he continued. “With your leg strength you should consider going out for track this fall.”

“Brent?” “He called me Brent,” Brent realized. It had been Bent so long that he wasn’t sure that Josh even knew his real name. Was this a new respect or what? His euphoric high came down a bit when he heard, “Well Bent, I’ll see you later.”

After putting his bike way Brent headed for the shower when his mother announced, “Lunch is almost ready.”

“Okay Mom, I’m going to take a quick shower first,” he replied. As Brent felt the warm water of the shower relax him, he began to think about what had just occurred. He had actually won an athletic competition against Josh. Brent closed his eyes and let the warm water relax him more. Suddenly Josh was in the shower with him. His hand reached for Josh’s cock and pulled him toward himself. Josh kissed him, but this time with passion.

Josh took Brent’s cock in his hand and began to stroke it while maintaining the passionate kiss. Brent shot an enormous load of cum as he heard a banging on the bathroom door. “Hey your mother has lunch ready,” his dad called. “Besides you’ll use up all the hot water.”

Brent became aware of his surroundings and answered back, “I’ll be right there, Dad.” Brent flushed his cum down the drain and quickly dried himself. Food wasn’t on his mind but, he joined his parents for a lunch of homemade soup and a sandwich.

In spite of not being hungry, Brent consumed the entire bowl of soup and the sandwich. The entire time he was thinking about Josh. “Brent, did you hear your mother?” He heard his dad ask. “Oh, sorry Dad, I was thinking about something,” he apologized.

“You’ve really gotten into this cycling,” his mother said with a smile. She was gad to see that he had found something that he enjoyed. “Any way,” she continued, “Troy and Sarah will be here this afternoon.” Troy was his married brother who was seven years older than he. Brent knew that there had been a sister in between the two of them. She had been born premature and had mutable health problems. She only lived a year, and Brent was born a year after her death.

Troy and Sarah had only recently gotten married and lived in Dallas. Brent hadn’t seen big brother in several months since he was on a trip to Disney World with Josh and his parents when Troy last visited. Needless to say, he was happy to see his brother.

“Hey squirt,” Troy greeted little brother, “what’s happening?”

“Aw Troy you know nothing ever happens around here.”

“Wow you’ve changed and becoming all grownup,” Troy said with pride.

Brent caught Troy up with all the events with school and the neighborhood. Sarah then interrupted the conversation with, “Boys, I hate to breakup this gossip but I need Troy to help me unload the car.” Brent offered to help, but Troy assured him that it was just a couple of bags and some small items. He and Sarah could get them.

While Troy and Sarah unloaded the car Brent’s mind went back to the events of the morning with Josh. He still wondered why Josh had kissed him. He could still see Josh’s nude body and couldn’t help but wonder what his cock looked like hard. His daydreaming was ended by the phone ringing and Troy saying, “No this isn’t Brent. This is Troy.” “Well hey there Josh.” “Yeah, he’s here”. “Do you want to talk to him?” “Okay I’ll tell him.” “Oh, he did what, no shit?” “Yeah, come on over.”

Troy entered the den with a huge grin. “Now aren’t you just becoming a jock?” “Josh told me that you beat him in a bike race today, and that he was on the way over to pay off his bet.” “Brent, I’m proud of you,” beamed Troy.

“Brent?” Again he was surprised that his two favorite guys both dropped their nickname for him. What a day this had been. “Josh probably just let me win, Troy.” “You know I’m not athletic,” apologized Brent.

“Come on Brent, you and I both know how competitive Josh is.” “He’s not going just let you win,” insisted Troy. “Dude I can’t get over how grownup you’ve become.” “Now tell me, have you been kissed?” Troy teased.

Brent immediately became red with embarrassment. “Oh, so you have,” Troy continued teasing. Brent was glad that Troy didn’t add, “By a girl” to that question.

Josh arrived to pay his debt as promised. However, the payment was a sports drink rather than a coke. “He does know me,” Brent though. Of course Troy wanted to know all about the race. Both boys took turns telling about swimming and how cold it was. They told about the race back home leaving out the details about skinny dipping and the kiss.

Josh seemed just as proud of Brent as was Troy. “I told Bent, I mean Brent that he should go out for track this fall” “The dude has some major calf muscles going on.” “Show Troy your leg muscles,” Josh insisted.

Brent reluctantly and with embarrassment showed Troy the new development of his calf muscles. “You’re right Josh, he should try track.” “I’ll talk to Coach Parker about it,” Troy offered.

“This summer is going to be something else,” Brent thought. This summer was going to be something, but nothing like Brent expected. No longer being “Squirt” or “Bent” were just a small portion of what was about to occur this summer.

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