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the kiss

Chapter One

December 1 2006

Fifteen year old Brent knew something was different Try as he may; he just couldn’t seem to understand what was going on. Lately he had been spending most of his spare time riding his bicycle, almost to a passion. Normally he would have been spending his time with his best friend, Josh. In spite of being a skinny nerdy looking kid, he did have friends. Perhaps, he had friends because he had a good sense of humor and could take a joke as well as dish it out.

Josh was an almost complete opposite of Brent. He was a football jock, and one of the few freshmen that got significant playing time on the varsity football team. Brent knew that his friendship with Josh also helped him in being accepted by the other kids.

Brent and Josh had been best friends since first grade. They were nearly as opposite as was night and day. Josh was the athletic one who participated and excelled every sport available. It wasn’t that Brent didn’t try, he and Josh were on the same little league baseball team. The coaches only played Brent because they had to. However, Josh was the star. He felt sorry for Brent when he came up to bat. Brent rarely hit the ball and when he did it was usually a popup or didn’t reach the outfield. Their friendship was a synergistic one in that they were opposites, but the friendship worked.

Josh was a few months older than Brent, and would be getting his drivers license in a couple of weeks. Brent wouldn’t be old enough for his license until after school started back in the fall. Josh eagerly looked forward to getting his drivers license. Brent, on the other hand, really didn’t care. He had is bicycle and loved the power he felt conquering the many hills of northeastern Oklahoma.

Even at fourteen Josh had several girls who pursued him with zeal. Now that he was almost sixteen and even more handsome he always seemed to always be busy with one of them. Maybe this was the reason Brent seemed distant as summer vacation approached. It wasn’t that he was jealous that Josh had all these female admirers, but that he and his best friend seemed to be drifting apart.

This was a very difficult and confusing time for Brent. He knew something was different, but what was it? His friends were talked about wanting to fuck certain girls. He, on the other hand, had absolutely no interest. Was he gay, he questioned himself? No, he decided, while not quiet sure what being gay meant.

It was a Saturday in early May and summer vacation was just a few days away. Brent woke up early and had a quick breakfast of pop tarts and milk. He wanted to get on his bicycle and avoid Josh. He and Josh hadn’t argued, but he just didn’t care to hear Josh talk about how he wanted to fuck Rachel Miller.

Following his pop tarts and milk breakfast, Brent put on his bicycle shorts and helmet. He noticed how much larger and muscular his legs were getting. He wondered why he hadn’t noticed that before. It must have been all his riding. Well, enough of admiring his own legs, he thought. He hurriedly took his bike from the garage hoping to avoid Josh.

Since it was early May and the mornings were still cool, Brent started slow to warm up before he pushed himself with a faster ride over the hills. Brent was pleased that he had gotten away without running into Josh. Just as he was about ready to tackle Roland Hill, he heard. “Wait up Bent.” Shit, it was Josh. Bent was the name that Josh had called him since fourth grade. Neither of them could remember how it even started.

“Why didn’t you stop by and get me before you headed out,” questioned Josh.

“I didn’t think you’d be awake this early,” offered Brent. He wasn’t sure that Josh would buy that but was pleased when Josh nodded that he understood.

“Hell you know what day this is don’t you?” “Don’t tell me you forgot you turd,” Josh joked with is mischievous smile. Suddenly Josh realized that Brent had forgotten. “I can’t believe that you forgot that this is the first week in May.” “You know what that means?”

Brent not sure what Josh was getting at replied, “That it’s no longer April.”

“Well shit, Bent, I can’t believe that you forgot that we always go swimming in Spring Creek.” “It’s tradition. We’ve done this since fifth grade.” Josh reminded. “What in the hell is wrong with you lately, not getting off?”

“Josh, that’s what we did when we were kids.” Don’t you think we’re getting a little old for that kid stuff,” Brent said trying to avoid the getting off part. “Besides it’s still cold, and you know that Spring Creek is cold even in the summer.” “Spring Creek is spring fed, that’s why it’s called Spring Creek.”

“Hey dude you’re not getting off that easily.” “You’re going swimming, like it or not,” insisted Josh. “You’re going in if I have to throw your skinny ass in.”

Brent knew that Josh could throw his skinny ass in the creek if he wanted. However, he was in no mood to deal with Josh. Thinking of a reason not to go swimming, he offered, “I didn’t bring swimming trunks.”

“So?” Josh seemed to not be giving an inch. “You’re going and that’s it.”

Brent suddenly realized that they were already at Spring Creek and was resolved to the fact that he’d have to swim with Josh. He offered one last excuse; “Like I said I don’t have swimming trunks and if I swim in my bike shorts I’ll have to ride home with them wet” “It’s too damn cold for that.”

“Then you’re going to be skinny dipping, bud.” Josh insisted. “If it will make you feel better I’ll not wear any trunks.” With that he started stripping. “Get naked, dude.”

Brent didn’t know why he dreaded this so much, but this was the strangeness in him. He slowly began to undress. For some reason this was almost as bad as if he were undressing in front of his mother. By the time he was pulling down his bike shorts he saw that Josh was already nude. He couldn’t help but notice that his friend was a boy with a man’s body. A man’s body complete with a man’s manhood. It was then that he realized that he was turned on by seeing his best friend nude. He was beginning to feel his cock start to rise. “Shit, am I gay,” he thought. Hopeful that Josh didn’t notice his emerging hard-on, he jumped into the creek without thinking about how cold it was.

“Shit, that’s cold,” he yelled at Josh. “Now get your ass in here.”

“Geronimo, “yelled Josh as he splashed in next to Brent. “Shit, you’re right Bent.” I don’t ever remember it being this cold.”

Brent smiled, thinking that at least the cold water had gotten rid of his hard-on.

Josh crawled out of the water first and then had a puzzled looked on his face. “Fuck, I didn’t bring a towel, and I’m not putting my shorts back on while I’m still wet.” With that he plopped himself in the grass waiting to let the sun dry him off.

Brent joined his friend again hoping that he didn’t get hard. He then placed his shorts next to him in case he had to quickly put them on to cover his cock.

He didn’t dare look at his handsome friend. But, he felt awkward being nude next to him. Just to start a conversation he asked, “Josh have you ever kissed a girl?”

“Yeah, I’ve kissed Rachel,” Josh bragged. “I even got my hand down in her panties until she pushed me away.” “I almost had a finger in her pussy.”

How disgusting, Brent thought. But he managed to reply, “You horn dog.”

Josh, beaming with pride, said, “But, I didn’t get to fuck her.” That’s my goal before the summer is over.”

“Well,” Brent questioned? “What was it like?” “Was it good?” All the time he was wondering what it would be like to have Josh kiss him.

“Bent, it was just a kiss.” “You know a kiss.”

“No Josh, I don’t know.” “I’ve never been kissed by anyone,” confessed Brent with a sad voice. He then hoped that Josh didn’t catch the “anyone” instead of “a girl”

“Stop the whining,” Josh said and then he leaned over and kissed Brent right on the lips. “Now you’ve been kissed.”

Brent wasn’t sure who was more surprised with the kiss, himself or Josh.

Although Josh hadn’t kissed him with passion, Brent could feel his cock getting hard again. With that he quickly put on his bike shorts.

“Fuck Bent, you don’t have to get mad.” “I just did that to shut your fucking whiney ass up,” Josh insisted.

“Good,” Brent thought, “he doesn’t know that I have it bad for him.”

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