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the kiss

Chapter Four

3 December 2006

Brent began to settle into a routine of bicycling, mowing at home, and of course mowing for the Duckworths. He was developing a fondness for the old couple as they had for him. He was the grandson they never had. They no longer attempted to pay Brent for mowing since he would never accept payment. They insisted that he call them Molly and Lewis as they viewed him as their friend. Friend or not he had been taught by his parents that it was disrespectful to address an older person by their first name. Out of habit he often called them Mr. or Mrs. Duckworth, but they always corrected him.

Lewis Duckworth’s recovery from his broken hip was progressing more slowly than he and the doctor wanted. He was 83 and had always been active. He and Molly looked forward to the days that Brent came to mow. They began to find other little chores for him only to get him there for a visit. Soon his visits became daily, but Brent didn’t mind since he enjoyed it as much as the Duckworths.

His relationship with Josh wasn’t as it used to be, but at least they were cordial toward each other. Josh had figured out that it was best to stay way from Brent when Rachel was around. For some reason Rachel and Brent detested each other.

Josh had talked Brent into going for a swim after his daily visit with the Duckworths. Brent had just finished repairs to the mail box that some driver had knocked down during the night when Josh turned into the driveway. “Who in the world is that,” Molly asked as she strained her eyes.

“That’s my friend Josh,” Brent enlightened her. “We’re going swimming this afternoon.”

“Well now isn’t he a handsome little devil,” Molly joked as Josh approached the porch. “I was born 50 years too early I guess.”

“Try 60,” Lewis added. With that, the three of them burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny,” Josh questioned?

“I’ll tell you later,” Brent promised as introductions were exchanged.

The boys weren’t allowed to leave until Molly had serve them a lunch of sandwiches and of course her scrumptious apple pie. Josh agreed with Brent that it was the best that he’d ever tasted. The Duckworths immediately liked Josh and he them. Finally the boys were allowed to leave after Molly was satisfied that they had eaten their fill, and Josh had promised that he’d come back often.

Josh laughed with embarrassment when Brent told him what he and the Duckworths were laughing about. Brent hadn’t noticed that Josh was driving in the direction of their old swimming hole in Spring Creek. Upon noticing the direction Bent insisted that they go to the lake instead. Brent loved that swimming hole, but didn’t think he could handle being alone there with Josh.

The next day Brent went for his routine bike ride and planned to get back home to shower before Josh arrived to drive him to Tulsa. He had decided he wanted to try mountain biking and his parents had agreed to help him purchase a new mountain bike. They limited the purchase to $1,000.

Brent’s mind was wandering as he was thinking about and his new bike and Josh. Mostly Josh. He hoped that Josh’s baseball practice ended on time and that he wouldn’t be late. Maybe Josh would join him in the shower for real today. He mind was more on Josh than his surroundings when a bubba truck passed him. He smiled to himself as he though about Josh’s name for a redneck tuck complete with a Confederate Flag sunshield in the rear window.

The bubba truck slowed down and allowed Brent to catch up when bubba number two stuck his head out the window and said, “Hey little fag want a ride?” Brent wasn’t sure if he was more frightened of pissed. He wasn’t going to let them see his fear as he looked around for something to defend himself with. He hadn’t noted another truck beside the bubba truck until he heard Josh’s voice, “What’s going on here?”

“We’re about to teach this little fag a thing or two,” bubba two boasted.

With that statement Josh was out of his truck in a flash grabbing his baseball bat as he went to stand beside his friend. With his very masculine voice he threatened, “You assholes and better get to hell out of here.”

Bubba two was driving away when bubba two stuck his head out the window saying, “Butt fucker.”

With that the very angry Josh slammed the bubba truck windshield with his bat. The bubba truck spewed out a cloud of black smoke as it tried to make a quick getaway. In spite of their anger Josh and Brent had to laugh.

“Are you okay?” Josh caringly asked of Brent.

“I’m fine,” Brent replied. “I’m fine, but pissed.”

“Forget those mother fuckers,” Josh said. “Let’s get your bike in the truck and get you to Tulsa and buy your bike.”

Brent invited Josh in while he showered and got dressed. “Make yourself comfortable and get a coke out of the refrigerator and I won’t take long.” “Not long at all unless you want to join me and wash my cock for me,” he wanted to add.

Brent’s shower didn’t take long as promised since he was anxious to join Josh and get on the road to Tulsa. He put on his new kaki shorts and navy blue Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt. As he looked at himself in the mirror he admitted to himself that he pretty good, pretty good for a nerd.

As Josh was driving west on Highway 412 toward Tulsa, Brent quietly asked, “Josh do me a favor will you?”

“Sure, Brent what is it,” he questioned?

“Don’t tell my parents about what happen today, promise,” Brent pleaded?

“I promise, Brent,” Then he added, “I don’t know why you want to keep it to yourself thought.”

“Well you know, it’s embarrassing them calling me a fag and all,” mumbled Brent.

“I wouldn’t worry about it Brent, I’ve been called worse things myself,” Josh assured him.

“Yeah I know that, he called you a butt fucker,” Brent said with slight smile. “I guess that makes you a top and me a bottom.” With that they both broke into laughter. Josh laughed so hard that he let the truck drift over onto the shoulder of the highway.

Brent had done an online search for mountain bikes and had found one that was within his price range and offered the features that he wanted. He and Josh found the bike shop with ease. Roger, the salesman, as a mountain bike racer was very knowledgeable and helpful to Brent in finding the right bike. He was impressed with the research Brent had done. With Roger’s suggestions Brent decided on the exact bike that he wanted, but soon discovered that it was more than $500 beyond his funds.

Roger must have seen the disappointment in Brent’s face when he suggested that Brent might want to look a good used bike. He showed Brent a bike that all the features that were on Brent’s list, plus a few extras. Roger pointed out, “The bike is on consignment at a great price.” “The owner wants to upgrade because he isn’t doing well at mountain bike racing.” “But, no matter how much he spends, he sucks at racing.”

Brent chuckled at Roger and agreed to consider a used bike. The bike was in perfect condition and just what Brent wanted. The price was $200 less than what Brent planed on spending.

“Hey Josh lets go to the Outback Steakhouse and I’ll buy dinner,” Brent offered. “It’s like a free meal since I save so much money.”

Josh eagerly agreed on the Outback. They were both hungry and were lucky that they only had a short wait. The waiter, Jeremy (according to his name tag) was a young good looking guy who appeared to be not much older than they. “What will you gentlemen have to drink,” Jeremy asked?

“I’ll have a bullfrog,” Brent said with authority.

“Okay, one coke,” Jeremy said laughing. “And, what will you have sir,” he asked Josh?

Brent and Josh enjoyed their steaks, but decided that they had better head back home. On the ride back home Brent was relaxed and had enjoyed spending the day with Josh. However, he wanted to slide over next to Josh and put his head on Josh’s shoulder. “Why did being gay have to be so complicated,” he thought.

The trip home ended much too soon for Brent, but he was anxious to show his dad his new used bike. He said his good bye to Josh. He saw Josh head for home, or so he thought.

Josh had promised to not tell Brent’s parents about the bubba truck, but he hadn’t promised that he wouldn’t tell the Duckworths.

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