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the kiss

Chapter Three

1 December 2006

Finally, it was the last day of the school year. Josh was now a licensed driver and they had convinced Brent’s parents that he was a safe driver. They had agreed to allow Brent to ride to school with Josh. Brent had decided that his fantasy romance with Josh wasn’t going away and he might as well stop avoiding him. After all, he had masturbated numerous times while visualizing Josh’s nude body.

Brent woke up with a hard-on and thinking about Josh while stroking his raging hard-on. As with most of his fantasy lovemaking encounters with Josh it began with the kiss. Josh was exploring his mouth with his tongue. Josh was on top of him with their cocks rubbing together. Josh’s firm body made him want to explore every inch of his body.

Brent began kissing Josh’s neck and worked his way down to his nipples. He was driving his lover wild. Josh’s cock was begging for his hungry mouth. His mouth had found its reward when he heard his mother knocking on his door. “Brent you’re going to be late for school of you don’t get up.” “You should have been up already,” his mom declared.

“I’m up already,” he affirmed with a smile. After giving his mother time to be back in the kitchen he ran quickly to the bathroom. After all it wouldn’t be a good idea to let his mother see her son with big hard-on.

Brent’s excitement about riding to school with Josh faded instantly when he saw Josh pull into the driveway with Rachel sitting next to him. “Why did that bitch have to fuck this up,” he thought.

Josh greeted Brent with excitement in his voice, “Morning Brent, isn’t this a great last day of school?” “Rachel and I have been ready for this day weeks ago.”

“Good for you and Rachel,” Brent solemnly replied.

“Shit man, who ruffled your feathers this morning,” Josh teased.

“Fuck you Josh,” Brent snapped back.

Josh then turned his attention to Rachel, which made Brent even more infuriated. Josh didn’t appear to notice that Brent was upset and sat silently during the drive to school. Brent was thankful when they arrived, and quickly exited the truck. The day he had been looking forward to turned out to be a shitty one. All he wanted to do was to get to his first class and get this fucked up day over with.

Before he could get to his algebra class he saw Coach Parker approach him with an extended hand. “Hi Brent, Troy told me that you were interested in joining our track team,” he cordially greeted Brent. “After your lunch break come and see me, he continued.
Brent nodded yes without speaking. He wasn’t surprised that Coach was friendly toward him because Troy had been an All-State running back. Brent wasn’t sure if he would meet Coach Parker or not. Then he heard Josh say, “Coach, Brent has a lot of leg strength.” “He would be great in track.”

Brent gave Josh a piercing look before entering the classroom. Brent then decided that he would meet with Coach Parker just to avoid having lunch with Josh.

The morning seemed to be never-ending and when the bell rang for lunch and the pissed-off Brent rushed to grab a snack from the vending machines before going to meet Coach Parker. Coach was on the phone when he saw Brent at the door and motioned him in and toward a chair. Coach Parker talked for what seemed like an hour but was actually only about five minutes. Brent opened his candy bar and started eating it while waiting for the call to end.

Just as Brent had a bite in his mouth he heard, “Well Brent what event do you want to try in track?”

“Oh I don’t know, but Troy and Josh think I might be ok in sprint or jumping events because of my leg strength,” Brent embarrassing said. “But Troy said that you’d be able to tell me what I might be okay doing,” he continued.

“Okay, come and see me this fall and we’ll have you try different events and we’ll decide then,” Coach Parker offered. “The thing about track is that there’s usually something an individual can participate in.”

“Yeah right, he thinks I’m a nerd, and is just doing this for Troy,” thought. But, he thanked Coach Parker and told him that he would see him in the fall. He had not intention of trying out for track.

Brent rushed to his biology class and then saw that the classroom was empty. In his anger at Josh he had forgotten that it was the last day of school and only a half day. He then rushed to catch his bus home but the busses had already departed. Shit he’d have to walk the 10 miles home or call his grandmother to pick him up. He didn’t want to do this since as he told his friends, “She drives like a turtle out of hell, a blind turtle at that.”

“Hey Brent, where are you going,” he heard Josh yell.

The last thing he wanted to do was ride home with Josh and Rachel. He saw that Josh was by himself and asked, “Where’s your bitch?”

“Her mom picked her up for a dental appointment and what’s wrong with you asshole,” Josh snapped back. “You’re just jealous that I’m seeing Rachel.”

“No”, he thought “I’m jealous that Rachel is seeing you.” Then he countered “Don’t fuck with me today Josh.”
The two boys were silent until they were almost to Spring Creek when Josh broke the silence with, “Well what did Coach say?”

“To see him this fall,” Brent answered. With that their conversation ended until they arrived at Brent’s house.

“Catch you latter,” Josh said as if nothing had happened.

“Yeah,” was the extent of Brent’s response as he waved over his shoulder without looking back in Josh's direction.

Brent went directly to his room and fell across his bed in tears. Was this the end of his friendship with Josh, he wondered. Why did Josh have to kiss him? Why couldn’t the guy he loved be gay like he was? There he admitted to himself that he was a fag, queer, homo, or whatever guys like he were called.

Rather than spend the rest of the afternoon in his room crying and feeling sorry for himself, Brent decided to go for a bike ride. His rides seemed to allow him to do his best thinking.

Not wanting to take a chance on seeing Josh that afternoon, Brent took the lake road. As he passed the Duckworth’s place he saw Mrs. Duckworth trying to mow with Mr. Duckworth with a walker looking helpless. The Duckworths were an elderly couple that he only knew casually.

Brent turned his bike back around to offer to mow for them. “What happened to you, Mr. Duckworth,” he asked with concern.

“I tried to prove my Olympic skills and high jump over the dog that was lounging his lazy butt on the walk,” Mr. Duckworth joked with a smile. “I just missed clearing him by inches.”

In spite of his anger, Brent found himself laughing.

Aren’t you Jake Barton’s boy,” Mr. Duckworth inquired?

“Yes, he’s my dad,” Brent replied. He saw Mrs. Duckworth sit on the front porch step to rest from her mowing. Without asking he walked over and started the mower and continued the mowing where Mrs. Duckworth had left off. He continued mowing while pretending he didn’t see Mr. Duckworth waving at him to get him to stop. Then Mr. Duckworth pushed his walker in front of the mower to get his attention.

Brent stopped the mower and apologized, “I was just trying to mow so Mrs. Duckworth wouldn’t have to do it.”

“Boy, you’re just like Jake,” Mr. Duckworth said with an approving smile.
“Brent,” Brent replied to let Mr. Duckworth know his name.

“Really,” Mr. Duckworth said with puzzlement. “I thought your dad was Jake.”

“It is,” Brent laughed, “I was just telling you that my name is Brent.”

“Well Mr. Brent,” Mr. Duckworth teased, “I couldn’t remember if you were Troy or Brent.” “But, I guess you would be a little young to be Troy.” “But, you do look a lot like Troy when he was your age,” he said.

“No, Tory is bigger and more athletic than I am,” Brent explained.

“Maybe a little taller, but about your build though,” Mr. Duckworth informed.

“I’m going to finish mowing and then my bike ride,” Brent said with a smile. He was thinking of how nice of Mr. Duckworth to try and make him feel better about himself.

With that Mr. Duckworth laughed and said, “Yeah, your Jake’s boy alright.” “But I have a riding mower in the shed you can use.” “Molly tried to use it but ran over everything, but that dog.” “The damn thing got out of her way,” he said laughing while looking at his wife.

“I tried to run over you, but you were pretty fast with that walker you have there,” Mrs. Duckworth joked back.

Brent laughed at the old couple until his side hurt. He had never thought about old people having a sense of humor.

Although the lawn was large, with the riding mower Bret had the lawn mowed in a short time. While putting the mower back in the shed he found a weed eater and did the trimming. After this was done Brent tried to sneak away because the Duckworths would try to pay him.

“Brent,” he heard Mrs. Duckworth say, “come and have some apple pie and lemon aid.” Mrs. Duckworth stood on the porch hold a big glass of lemon aid and a very large piece of pie.

Apple pie was Brent’s favorite and he was thirsty. Besides he’d had only the candy bar and was too upset to eat when he arrived home.

He sat on their porch enjoying the best apple pie he’d ever had, even better than his mother’s. He chatted with the Duckworths and laughed at their needling each other, and what seemed like minutes was over an hour. He really liked them and offered to come back and mow for them next week.

“Louis, aren’t you forgetting something,” Mrs. Duckworth asked of her husband. With that Mr. Duckworth pulled a $100 bill out of his pocket and tried to give it to Brent.
“My dad would kill me if I took that,” Brent declared. “You don’t want me to get killed do you?”

“You’re Jake’s boy,” the Duckworths confirmed in chorus.

As Brent was riding his bike back home he had what his mother called a warm fuzzy.

As Brent entered the house he heard his mother called from the kitchen, “Brent come here right now.”

“Shit, what did I do now,” Brent thought.

“I’m so proud of you,” she said smiling with open arms for a “mom” hug. “Molly called and told me what you did for them.”

“It was nothing,” Brent said.

“To Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth it was something,” his mother said still smiling.

“Maybe I’ll get through this summer without Josh,” Brent said to himself. However he wasn’t sure of that yet.

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