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the kiss

Chapter Six

3 December 2006

Brent rode home not thinking about the bubba encounter. His thoughts were of Josh and the kiss Josh gave him. He was puzzled about Josh’s sudden departure, but then decided that Josh was embarrassed by the fact that they were almost caught by the Duckworths. “I’ll see him tomorrow and all will be well,” he thought out loud.

Brent woke later than usual the next morning. He did remember dreaming of very hot sex with Josh. One day these dreams will be the real thing, Brent assured himself. Brent had his breakfast quickly before placing a call to Josh. Josh’s mother answered that answered and informed Brent that Josh and gone to Tahlequah but she would have him call when he returned. “That’s strange,” Brent thought, “he didn’t mention going to Tahlequah to me.”

Brent delayed his visit to the Duckworths waiting for Josh to return home and call. By 2:00 p.m. Josh still hadn’t called so Brent decided he may as well go to the Duckworths. Brent was almost to the lake road that went to the Duckworths when he saw Josh’s truck coming toward him. Josh saw stopped and said, “Hi Brent, I have something to tell you.”

“I’m late getting to the Duckworths,” Brent stated, “but you can drive me there and we can talk on the way.” Brent put his bike in the back of Josh’s truck and climbed in the front with Josh. “So, what’s this that you want to tell me,” Brent question with a smile? “That you want to make passionate love to me and tell me how much you love me,” he thought to himself.

“Well…….,” Josh paused trying to find the words before he continued, “I’m going to be going to school in Tahlequah this fall.”

“Why,” Brent asked in surprise? Then he continued, “We’ve been in school together since first grade and I always thought we’d graduate together.”

“Well, um well, um it’s like this,” Josh stammered.” “Dad and I think it would be best if I went to a school larger than Locust Grove.”

“But what’s wrong with Locust Grove,” Brent questioned with pain? “You’ll be the starting quarterback this fall.”

Josh looked directly at Brent for the first time and said, “Brent you’re smart and will get a scholarship for college.” “I’ll have to earn a football scholarship to go to college.” “Tahlequah is 6A and Locust Grove is 4A and is double the size of Locust Grove.” “If I go to a 6A school I’ll have a better chance of a scholarship to a bigger university than Northeastern Sate.” “Remember we always said that we’d got to the University of Oklahoma and I’d play for the Sooners,” Josh questioned.

“That’s bullshit Josh,” Brent angrily said. “You could just as easily get a scholarship playing for Locust Grove as for Tahlequah.”

“You could go to Tahlequah too,” Josh offered “We’re moving over into Cherokee County to my grandparent’s house.” “We’ve already decided to move.”

“What was Josh saying that they would be together as partners or as brothers,” Brent asked himself. “I’ll talk to you about this later,” Brent said as they arrived at the Duckworths.

“What’s wrong honey,” Molly questioned Brent. In the short time that she had known Brent she was beginning to read him like a book. Today he wasn’t his normal bubbly self.

“Nothing really,” Brent tried to assure her.

“Sit down,” Molly ordered him. “We need to talk.” With that Brent sat down knowing that was Molly’s way of saying it was a serious talk.

“Brent what’s going on,” Molly questioned, “and don’t tell me nothing.” “I know you better than that.” Then in a very serious tone she continued, “Honey, I know you’re a very difficult time in your life.” “Jake went through this too.”

“Which Jake, Brent asked, “my dad or your son?”

For the first time Molly realized that Brent’s father and her son shared the same name. And now she and Jake Benson shared Brent.

“I’m sure both,” Molly smiled. “But, I was talking about my Jake.” “Remember how I told you about his death,” Molly asked?

“Of course,” Brent assured her.

“There’s more to the story than I told you,” Molly paused looking for the right words before continuing. “The friend that was in the car with him was more than his friend.” “They were lovers.”

“Oh my God,” Brent exclaimed think that Molly knew that he was gay.

“Yes he was gay,” Molly said without any hesitation. “Louis and I loved him regardless, and you must live your life in your own way.”

“What do you mean,” Brent questioned?

“Brent honey, Josh told us what happed the other day with those bubbas,” Molly said. “Please never let people like that determine how you live.” “Only you can say if you’re gay or not.” “Louis and I will love your regardless, just like we loved Jake.”

With that Brent cried uncontrollable. Molly and Lewis hugged him in comfort. Brent spilled his heart out to these two wonderful people that he loved dearly. He told them how he has known for a long time that he was different. He told them how much he loved Josh and how Josh was moving to go to school in Tahlequah.

“Brent, Josh loves you too.” “We saw him kissing your yesterday,” Lewis finally had a chance to add his two cents worth.

Brent smiled through tears and a smile asked, “You saw?”

“We saw,” Lewis said smiling. “Like you said about your grandmother, Molly too drives like a turtle out of hell, only she isn’t blind.”

Through tears and a smile, Brent asked, “What am I going to do about Josh?”

“Brent it’s time to start living the life you’ve dreamed with or without Josh.” Molly wisely said. “You can’t make a person love you and you can’t make them love you the way you want them to love you.” “Let Josh decide how he wants to love you.” “Give him some time, but don’t give him your whole life waiting for a decision.”

“Are you going to tell your family,” Lewis asked?

It had never occurred to Brent that was something he should consider. “I don’t know,” he honestly said. “What if they hate,” he sincerely questioned?

“Honey, a real parent could never hate their child for whom or what they are,” “Your parents will love you just like Lewis and I loved our Jake,” Molly assured him. “I wouldn’t be surprised that they don’t already know just like we knew a long time before Jake told us.”

Brent felt as huge weight had been lifted from his heart. Now he had to figure out when and how to talk to his parents. Most of all he need to finish his talk with Josh.

Brent’s mother immediately noticed Brent’s red and swollen eyes and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?” That’s all Brent needed and spilled his heart out for the second time that day. Molly and Lewis were right, they already knew.

That was easy, and now the hard part would be talking to Josh.

The next day Brent called Josh and asked him to come over so they could finish their talk.

“I’m busy today,” Josh said.

“Oh no Josh, you’re not getting off that easy,” Brent asserted. “Either you come over here or I’m coming over there.”
“Okay I’ll be there in an hour,” Josh reluctantly agreed.

Josh arrived within the hour as promised. He and Brent had been like brothers so long that he was treated as a family member and never bothered to knock. He found Brent in his bedroom on his bed staring into space. He saw that Brent had been crying and took him into his arms. That opened the tear flood gates again.

This time Brent initiated the kiss, and Josh responded by exploring Brent’s mouth with his tongue. Brent could feel Josh’s muscular body under his shirt, but he wanted to explore him fully and removed Josh’s shirt. Josh’s body responded to every touch of Brent’s hands and mouth.

Brent had to touch Josh’s cock. Putting his hands on Josh’s crotch he discovered a very hard man cock. This was driving Josh crazy as he unbuttoned his shorts and took Brent’s hand and put it on his already leaking cock. Brent had to see this beautiful cock. He removed Josh’s short and began to direct his attention on that cock. But, Josh had other ideas and began undressing Brent. He then exposed Brent’s equally hard cock. To his surprise, Brent was actually larger than he was. He hadn’t notice that when they went skinny dipping. But, Brent had undressed and was in the water in a flash.

Neither boy was experienced in sex, but it all seemed to come naturally for them. Josh wanted to taste the dripping pre-cum on Brent’s cock. He took the tip of his tongue and licked the pre-cum. This caused Brent to moan loudly. Josh took more and more of the shaft into his mouth. This caused an even louder moan.

Brent turned so he could experience Josh’s cock in his mouth. The cock was all he expected and then some. He soon had Josh moaning as loudly as he was. Brent soon figured out how to get Josh’s cock down into his mouth deep and soon had his lips all the way down to the curly blond pubic hair.

Josh pulled himself away from Brent and said, “Baby, make love to me.”

Brent not quite sure what Josh was asking of him replied, “Baby that’s what I’m doing.”

“No,” Josh requested, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Oh, baby are you sure,” Brent asked?

“Fuck me Brent, fuck me,” Josh pleaded.

Brent found some lotion that he could use for lube. After putting some on Josh’s hairy hole, he inserted a finger. This drove Josh crazy. He then lubed his swollen cock and eased it in to Josh’s eager hole. He saw that his fat cock was causing Josh some pain and started to pull out.

“No keep going,” Josh pleaded.
“Baby I don’t want to hurt you,” Brent tenderly said.

“Oh honey it’s a good hurt,” Josh moaned.

Brent gradually pushed his cock into Josh’s tight ass. Soon he was pumping Josh’s ass with vigor. They were both moaning when suddenly they both exploded Josh shot all the way up to Brent’s neck. Brent found a towel and wipe the mixture of lube, sweat and cum from both of them.

They lay exhausted with Brent in Josh’s muscular arms. After both had recovered enough to talk, Brent kissed Josh and said, “I love you so very much.”

To Brent’s surprise, Josh replied, “Brent I love you too. You’ll never know how much. But we can’t do this anymore.”

“What are you saying,” Brent questioned with puzzlement? “Didn’t we just make love?”

“Brent I’m sorry, but I should never had done this,” Josh apologized. But, I have to transfer to Tahlequah. If I don’t I’ll likely never play major college ball.”

“Josh it doesn’t matter to me if we go to a major college,” Brent assured him. I can go to NSU if that’s where you go.”

“No baby,” Josh insisted, “I can’t let you do that. You’ve always wanted to go to OU and study meteorology.”

“But, I could do something else besides meteorology.” Brent pleaded. I could go to NSU and become an optometrist.”

“Brent, damn it stop” Josh said sternly. “It has to be this way.”

“Damn you Josh, Brent screamed, “I just fucked you and now you just fucked me, and not with your cock. A very wise lady told me that I couldn’t make you love me, and I couldn’t make you love you me the way I wanted you to love me. She said to give you some time, but not to wait forever. The clock is ticking now. Now get out of here.”

As Josh got dressed Brent was determined that he wasn’t going to cry. He’d cried enough for one day.

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