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the kiss

Chapter Seven

3 December 2006

Brent was determined that the next move would be Josh’s. Several times he picked up the phone to call Josh, but he could hear Molly’s voice say, “Give him some time.” But, how much time, he wondered.

Brent’s summer routine continued with his established routine of strength training, cycling and of course seeing the Duckworths. He wasn’t sure he could have made it through that difficult time without their support. Sure, his parents were there to support him, but his dad was at work and his mom was completing her graduate degree.

Brent did see Josh’s truck pass by one day and a lump came in his throat, and he did allow himself to cry. He thought of Josh every day, or the better term would be hourly. He often wondered what Josh was doing and what he was thinking of him. Was Josh thinking of him?

The final days of summer vacation were coming to an end and the first day of school was approaching. Brent was looking toward it with both dread and anticipation. What would school be like without Josh? He had decided he would go out for track. After all it would give him something to do.

Josh turned 16 the week before school began and he now was a licensed driver. His dad had decided that his grandmother could no longer drive and the turtle car was his. However, this turtle car wasn’t a typical granny car. It was a red 1975 Ford Mustang that his grandmother had purchased new and had less than 10,000 miles. She loved that car but rarely drove, and always had an older used car to save the mileage. When his dad had talked to her about giving up driving she agreed on the condition that Brent got the Mustang.

One would think that a sixteen year old boy would have all he wanted with that car, but Brent didn’t have Josh to share his good fortune with. His first thought was to drive it over for Josh to see, the he realized that Josh was out of the picture. Besides they had move to Cherokee County. Of course the Duckworths were delighted that he now had his grandmother’s car. They insisted that he take them for a ride.

The first day of school had arrived and when Brent went to see Coach Parker as promised, Coach was cool toward him. When Brent told him he was there to go out for track, Coach said, “Brent, I don’t believe we need you on the track team.”

“Why not,” Brent questioned? “You asked me to come by this fall and see you, what’s changed?”

“Well,” Coach Parker stalled and then continued, “there’re rumors about you, and I just don’t think we need your kind on the team.”

Brent was stunned and speechless at first, and then his anger took over. “You homophobic worthless piece of shit,” Brent yelled. “You can take your whole God damn track team and shove it up your mother fucking ass.”

With that Coach Parker sat stunned. In his 22 years of coaching he’d never had a student talk to him in that matter. He stood and grabbed at Brent.

However, Brent was to fast for him and stepped back and said, “Put your hands on me you son of a bitch and I’ll kick your balls all the up your spineless back.” With that Brent turned and went to the counselor’s office.

Betty Whitehead was the mother of Brent’s friend, April. “Well hello Brent,” she smiled, “What can I do for you today?” April and Brent were among the brightest students in the school and Mrs. Whitehead had high regards for that. Before Brent could answer the phone rang. “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it,” she assured the person on the other end of the line.

“Fuck, it’s that asshole Coach Parker,” Brent thought.

Mrs. Whitehead hung up the phone and continued with Brent, “Okay, now what can I do for you?”

Well I had track on my schedule, but that’s no longer an option,” Brent said without an explanation. “Now I need to fill out my schedule.”

“Let me pull your file,” Mrs. Whitehead said and then continued. “Brent, you’re a bright student and will have more than enough credits to graduate next year.” “I’d like to make a suggestion to you.” “We can do concurrent enrollment for you and you can take classes for college credit with either Rogers State or Northeastern State.”

Brent decided on Northeastern since Josh was in Tahlequah and perhaps he might be able to see him. Mrs. Whitehead gave Brent a pass to go to Tahlequah and see a NSU advisor. Brent and the advisor decided what classes he would need and he was surprised to learn that he could complete one year of college by the time he graduated from high school.

When Brent told his parents what had occurred that day his dad threatened to go kick Coach Parker’s ass. Brent asked him to just let it drop because he had already taken care of it. They told him how proud of him they were and that he had made the right decision on concurrent enrollment.

Brent was in his room reflecting on the day’s events and daydreaming about Josh when he heard and a knock on the door and his mother say, “Brent, telephone.”

“Josh,” he thought and rushed to the phone. “Hi handsome,” he said.

To his surprise he heard his brother say, “Well thank you little brother, but that compliment could go to you to since everyone says you look like me,”

With an embarrassment laugh, Brent said, “Troy that’s what the Duckworths said, but I don’t see it.”

“You will Brent,” Troy said and then continued. “I just called to see how track went for you today and see what events you were going to participate in.”

“Troy I’m not in track. Coach Parker said that he didn’t want a fag like me in track,” Brent told him.

“That sorry son of a bitch, I should kick his ass,” Troy said with anger.

“That’s what I told him,” Brent said.

“You did what,” Troy asked laughing?

“Troy, did you hear what I said about being a fag,” Brent questioned.

“Yeah, I did,” Troy said without giving Brent a clue what he was thinking.

“Troy, I’m gay,” Brent spurted out.

“Brent I already knew that and you’re my brother,” Troy said. “You’ll always be my brother and I love you.”

“Did mom and dad tell you,” he questioned?

“No Brent I’ve known for a long time,” he said. “I saw how you looked at Josh.” “What did Josh say about Coach Parker,” Troy wanted to know?

“I haven’t talked to Josh,” Brent said with a sad tone. “He’s going to school in Tahlequah so he can play 6A football.”

“Is everything okay there,” Troy asked?

“Not really, but I’ll be ok,” Brent said.

“If he loves you the way you love him it will all work out,” Troy said. “Just give him some time.”

“I know, that’s what Mrs. Duckworth said,” Brent replied.

The last two years of high school dragged on but Brent finally saw graduation day. Troy and Sarah drove up from Dallas. Troy gave him a big hug and then stepped back and said, “Shit Brent, you’re getting buff.”

Then Sarah gave him a hug feeling his muscles, then said, “You are a little stud muffin. You’re just a shorter version of Troy.” For the first time Brent realized how much he did look like Troy.

The family made plans to come back to the house after graduate. Troy and Sarah would pick up the Duckworths and drive them to the graduation. Brent wondered if Josh would be there.

Brent looked for Josh in the audience, but he never saw him. He did see his family and the Duckworths beam with pride when he was named the class valedictorian. After graduation and back home Brent was the center of attention. He received gifts and cards with cash inserted inside. The Duckworths handed him a card with a check inside. Brent read the card and the kind words that Molly had written. He then saw the amount written on the check, $50,000.

“Oh my God no, I can’t accept this amount,” Brent exclaimed.

“Oh yes you can and will,” Molly sternly said. “Lewis and I will never live to spend the money we were fortunate enough too accumulated during our years together. We want to help you. This is only a small portion of what we owe you for all that you’ve done for us.”

Brent’s mother started crying and like a chain reaction the whole family was crying. He only wished that Josh was there with him.

Brent wanted to get his college education over as soon as possible. He and April Whitehead were both entering the University of Oklahoma as sophomores. They decided to begin during the summer term. They were also sharing an apartment. “Don’t worry,” he told the Duckworths, “I’ll come home on the weekends and keep your lawn mowed.”

“Brent, don’t you worry about our lawn, I think we can afford to pay someone to mow for us,” Lewis informed him.

“You already did,” Brent said with a smile.

The Monday following graduation Brent and April drove down to Norman to find an apartment. They found the almost perfect duplex within walking distance of the campus. It was had two large bedrooms, a nice kitchen and living room. There was also a nice little patio out the back. It was almost the perfect apartment with one bathroom. They decided that they could make do with the one bathroom.

The week before April and Brent were to move into the new apartment April informed Brent that she was pregnant. She was going to marry Jason Whitekiller, the baby’s father. Jason was a nice looking Cherokee boy who had always been friendly to Brent and was a friend of Josh. April would be attending NSU.

April offered to get a job to pay her half of the rent. Brent wouldn’t hear of it and said that he had his money from the Duckworths. He would find a roommate once he was in Norman. April said that she had a few friends in Norman and would have them help find a roommate.

Brent’s parents helped him move into his new apartment. His mother put away all the linen and dishes. She went shopping and stocked the kitchen with food. When they departed to return home Brent suddenly felt lonely. He wished that Josh was there to share this with him. Josh didn’t get his scholarship to the University of Oklahoma, but he did get one to Georgia Southern.

Classes started the next day and Brent looked forward to getting back into a routine. After all he was a routine person. His classes went well and he thought he was going to like all of his professors.

Brent returned home after class and saw that his caller ID showed a number that he didn’t recognize. He assumed it was a wrong number and didn’t bother to call. He then checked his E-mail and he had an E-mail from “chrisnorman”,

“Hi,” the message stated, “I’m Chris and some friends of April said that you were looking for a roommate. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and I’m looking for a place. I won’t be where you can call me by phone, but I’d like to stop by around six this evening. Send me an E-mail if that is okay with you.”


Brent replied with a simple, “Six is fine. Brent.”

He would have time to go for a bike ride and come back for a shower before Chris arrived. He wondered what she would be like and only hoped that she was half as nice as April. Should he tell her that he was gay? What arrangements would they make if he met someone and wanted to bring them home, or if she brought a boyfriend home.

At six the doorbell rang and when Brent opened the door there stood a very handsome cowboy. “Hi,” he said, “I’m Chris.”

Brent had assumed that Chris was a girl because of the statement about the boyfriend. But, yes Chris could be a man’s name.

They agreed that Chris would pay one half of the rent, the same as April would have. He would move in that very night since he was sleeping on a friend’s couch. Brent helped Chris with his move in and then left him to get settled in.

Brent suggested to Chris that they go out for dinner since they were both tired. Brent enjoyed his dinner with and thought he was going to like Chris.

The next morning Brent was up and had started his first cup of coffee when Chris woke up and went into the bathroom wearing only his briefs. “Wow he has a nice body,” Brent thought.

After his morning piss and brushing his teeth Chris came into the kitchen and pored himself a cup of coffee still wearing just his briefs. “Look I hope it don’t bother you that I’m not fully dressed, but if it bothers you’ll put on more clothes,” Chris apologized.

“Why should I give a fuck,” Brent said.

“Well I just thought it might bother you, especially since I’m gay,” Chris explained.

“Don’t worry about that I don’t give a rats ass what you are as long as you’re not a slob and pay your rent on time,” Brent teased.

“Deal,” Chris promised. “I’ll try to control myself and not molest you. You’re a very hot stud.”

They both laughed and continued their conversation from last night. “Shit I’d better get a move on or I’ll be late for my first class,” Chris said. “I work at a law office after classes, I’m pre-law,” he added. “If you’re home I’ll see about 5:00.

Chris came out of his room having exchanged the cowboy look for the preppy look.
“Fuck, he’s good looking,” Brent thought.

Chris and Brent settled into their routine. They went to movies, dinner and the OU football games together. And, Chris kept his promise and didn’t try to molest Brent. They were becoming close friends. Chris told Brent about his ex boyfriend and how he was very controlling. Chris wasn’t allowed to go to lunch or dinner with his friend, not even his female friends. Jeff controlled the TV, decided what movies they would see and he even opened Chris’s mail. Chris had reached a point that he couldn’t take it any more and moved out with even having a place to stay.

Brent went to his afternoon class only to find a note on the door that the professor was ill and the class and lab were cancelled for the day. “Good,” he thought, “I can get home and go for my bike ride and then get home and cook dinner before Chris gets home.”

It was great ride for Brent. He rode out to Lake Thunderbird and back to the apartment. He had more than hour before Chris would be home, and plenty of time to take a shower and start dinner.

Brent stripped down and went straight for the shower and was about to turn on the shower when he heard the bathroom door open. There stood Chris also nude. “Brent, I’m sorry but I didn’t think you were home,” he apologized.

“That’s okay don’t worry about it,” Brent said and then added, “Well you’d may as well come on in and join me and save water. After all you’ve seen my cock now.”

That was all the invitation Chris needed and he was in the shower with Brent in a flash. He soaped down Brent’s body admiring ever inch of it. He especially admired Brent’s big thick cock. He took Brent’s cock into his hands and began to skillfully wash it. Immediately Brent’s cock popped up hard as if it had a spring in it. Chris took that big fellow into his mouth and began to suck it.

“Fuck it’s been so long,” Brent thought, “Not since Josh.” “Oh my God, am I cheating on Josh?” Then he heard, “Don’t wait forever,” as Molly had advised him. It was then that he let himself go and filled Chris’ mouth with a warm load of cum.

Brent then went down on Chris. Chris’s cock wasn’t as large as his or Josh’s, but it was nothing to be ashamed of. He got a taste of Chris’ sweet cum when he brought him to climax. They kissed for several more minutes before drying each other off.

After dinner they settled in to watch TV. Brent had his head on Chris’ lap while Chris ran his fingers through his hair. This must have relaxed him because he fell asleep. When he woke up Chris was watching some TV program that he had absolutely no interest in. He kissed Chris good night and went to his room and to bed. He heard the TV click off and Chris was in bed with him.

Brent took Chris into his arms and kissed him passionately. His tongue found Chris’ and he could feel Chris sucking his tongue. He’s cock was hard and throbbing as if he hadn’t exploded in Chris’s mouth earlier that evening. He was on top of Chris rubbing his cock on Chris’. He then began to suck Chris’ nipples and Chris begged him to stop. When he stopped Chris took his hand and pushed Brent back to his hard nipples.

Then Chris was begging him, “Fuck me Brent, please fuck me,” Chris then went to his room and came back with condoms and lube. As he unrolled the condom on Brent’s cock, he said, “We may need to buy some extra large ones for that big fellow.” He then lubed Brent’s eager cock before lowering himself down on it. They both gasped with pleasure as Chris worked Brent’s big cock into his ass. He worked his ass up and down on Brent’s cock with his own hard cock dripping pre-cum.

Brent could tell that Chris was experienced at riding a cock. Brent was enjoying the way Chris was working his cock over with his ass. Then Chris then lay on his back pulling Brent on top of him. Brent was fucking him with passion when Chris shot cum all over both of them. With that Brent exploded and filled the condom to its maximum. “Oh baby,” Chris exclaimed, “I’ve never had a man before that could make me cum just by fucking me,”

After that night Chris never slept in his room again. They were a couple now and Chris began to introduce Brent to his group of gay friends. Chris was open about his gayness except with his rodeo buddies and family. Brent accepted this and enjoyed their gay friends and the fabulous sex.

Brent eventually took Chris home to meet his parent’s and the Duckworths. He had wanted them to meet, but for some reason Chris was reluctant to meet them. He finally agreed after he answered the phone one day when Brent’s mother called and asked, “Chris when are ever going to meet you?”

“How about next weekend,” Chris answered.

The Benson’s liked Chris and made him feel welcomed. Brent felt a bit uncomfortable about taking Chris into his room and to bed with his parent’s just down the hall. But, when he took Chris into his arms even if his grandmother had been in the room he would have made love to him. As he made love to Chris in the same bed he’d made love to Josh, he only hoped that his parent’s didn’t hear.

When Brent took Chris to meet Molly and Lewis the next day, Molly greeted him at the door and hugged him like a long lost son. When Brent introduced Chris to Molly she pulled him down to her and whispered something in his ear. Chris looked at Brent and smiled.

Molly appeared to be well, but tired from the strain of taking care of Louis. Brent was astonished to see how Lewis’ health had demised since he last saw him. Brent bent over Louis’ bed and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Louis gave Brent a weak hug and faintly said, “I’ve missed you Brent, and I love you.”

“I love you too,” Brent told him with a tear in his eye.

Brent knew Molly was exhausted when she didn’t offer them some of here apple pie. Brent told her that she needed to get someone to come in and help her take care of Louis. She agreed without hesitation.

As they were driving back to Brent’s Parents’, Brent asked, “What did Molly say to you?”

Chris smiled and said, “She told me that she would cut my balls off and feed them to you if you if I ever mistreated you.”

They both cracked up at that, but agreed that they’d like for Chris to keep his balls.

That would be the last time Brent would see Louis alive. He died on the last day of classes before the Christmas break. Brent wished that Chris could be there with him, but he had gone home to be with his family.

Brent saw Josh at Louis’ funeral, and Josh asked him if he had anyone in his life. Bent told him about Chris and explained that Chris had gone home visit his family. Josh complimented Brent on how great he looked from his weight training. Brent returned the compliment.

Brent inquired if Josh had anyone in his life. Josh gave a nervous laugh and said, “Are you kidding”, Josh asked? The he added, “For a football jock to find a gay jock at a southern college would be like finding a virgin at Oklahoma State.” Brent had to laugh at this in spite of being just outside the church at Louis’ Funeral.

Brent was happy to see Josh and still had feeling for his first love. But, when it was time to go back to Norman and classes he was anxious to see Chris. He had missed him very much.

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