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tutoring jerry

Chapter Twelve : POETRY IN MOTION

"You make me tingle all over," I whispered. There was no other person who could cause this powerful a reaction in me. And that reaction was building to a fever pitch; with his hands causing every surface they touched to become an erogenous zone.

Jerry squeezed my ass with one hand and held the back of my head firmly with the other, bringing his lips to mine, speaking softly just before he closed in for the kiss, "Every beautiful thing I've ever known, seen, heard or thought pales in shadow behind you." His lips closed on mine-- but I jerked my head back, mouth gaping,

"Oh my God, that's so beautiful, Jerry! You're so amazing!" I blushed a little and chuckled, "Here I said I was 'tingling', and you come out with this!" I paused in his eyes a moment, then I couldn't help myself.

I grinned and shyly asked, "You think that? You really mean that?"

He smiled shyly back, "Of course I mean it. You just make me think things like that." He cocked his head in recall, while I glowed, "I hadn't stopped and thought about it, but yeah, I think about you and I just get these thoughts-- but I don't think of them like poetry, and mostly I'll never say them to you, cuz they sound stupid and mushy." he laughed quietly.

"Poetry can't be stupid if it comes from your heart, Jerry," I said sincerely.

"I guess that's true." He conceded and pulled my face back to his to kiss, "C'mere baby." --God I loved it when he said and did things like that!

I stood between his legs and fondled his chest with both hands as he kissed me right back into a frenzy. When he began sucking on my earlobe though, my left arm mysteriously seemed to lose all strength and just fell down onto the straining erection in his Levi's-- though the hand still had strength, as it grabbed greedily at the protrusion.

"You don't think anyone'll come down here?" I glanced at the locked door.

He flipped up the hand on my neck to see his watch, "Nah, they never come down here in the afternoon-- not till 4:00 or so. Me an' some guys on the team come down here to smoke a doobie sometimes after lunch, or after my last class. Besides, I got the key, so they can't get in." He got a mischievous look on his face, "Why?"

"Be-caaause..." I angled my gaze seductively and blinked as coyly as I could, fondling his bulge. I looked down at it threatening to burst through his fly and my tongue got hard, "Poetry gets me soooo hot..."

He arched his eyebrows, leaned back and took a deep breath, "At this moment, nothing exists but your eyes. I peer into them and see all of creation, hovering on the distant edge of a dream, waiting for your word, to cross the threshhold into being. I have none of creation's longing to be. I want for nothing but your eyes. They are everything in creation to me, and I exist because of them. I am but a dream, dreaming of you."

I was stunned silent for a moment, my mouth working slightly with no sound. When I regained my voice, I sputtered, "Oh my G-- oh my..." Then my voice smoothed out and I just babbled weakly, "Jerry, that's so beautiful, that's so awesome. I can't believe how beautiful that was." I shook my head in wonder at him.

Then I leaned back and gave him an appraising look, "I never figured you for the poetic type. Man, you surprise me at every turn."

He reddened and waved his hand between us, "Whoa, Danny. I'm not. I didn't mean for you to think I wrote that." He shook his head, "I knew you liked poetry, so I asked this girl I know who writes poems all the time, for the most romantic poem and she gave me this one. I memorized it so I could say it to you some time. I was kinda saving it for a special-- but just then seemed like a good... I'm sorry." He wouldn't look me in the eye.

My jaw dropped. I looked at his forehead and eyebrows and the tip of his nose as he looked down. I overflowed with even more love. "Sorry?! Whatta you mean sorry? That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard, Jerry!" He looked back up at me and I ran my finger along his jaw. "And it makes me love you even more to know you thought of doing such a romantic thing for me-- and you recited it with so much feeling, like you meant it."

"Well I did, but..." he gazed at me with those deep brown eyes, like liquid milk chocolate, and just as deeply rich and sweet, "It just doesn't say enough-- or like... Well, I thought it would be enough, cuz it is beautiful, but I need to come up with my own words for how..." he trailed off as our eyes Tangoed the way two people in love lose cognizance of anything in existence but the other, living the poem for each other.

"God I love you." Was all I could say after the minute of beautifully charged silence.

My eyes got misty and my heart swelled. It came into my consciousness that I just wanted to have a long, long time to get to know all the surprising and wonderful things about this guy. I wanted to study him, watch his movements and expressions, on a lazy afternoon some time, maybe a rainy one, when we've already made love and are just hanging around. The kind of day when there's nothing in particular to do, nothing that needs to be said or heard or even thought, just being together, sharing our time, our love...

As soon as that thought went through my mind, I remembered where my left hand was and knew I could at least show him some of my love at this moment, with more than words.

I slowly sank to my knees in front of him, burying my face in his crotch, feeling the heat through the denim, feeling the wide top ridge of his shaft, coiled down like a serpent in his briefs. It needed to be released. (I swear I actually pictured the classic cobra rising from the wicker basket to flute music in those old cartoons--laugh all you want!)

I undid his belt and untucked his shirt, undoing the buttons from the bottom up, spreading the cloth back off his shoulders to reveal his spectacular chest and abdomen. He had the perfect amount of hair, in that sexy pattern of a `T' from his waist to just below his neck, spreading sparsely over his rounded pecs to his tasty brown nipples. I gazed lovingly at his masculine perfection, allowing myself a minute of unabashed idolatry. Then I blinked as I realized I needed to move, my hands, to touch him...

It was a peculiar moment.

I knew we had committed to each other again, and certainly knew he wanted me to touch him, and had been ready to dive into him-- but for some reason, I was kinda shy about touching him intimately, hesitant, and I didn't know why.

Maybe it was because all this time I had been so sure I could never touch him like this again, that it was forbidden... I don't know, but I had to tell myself that it was ok to touch him now.

It was an odd feeling. But at the same time, it made it seem like his body was now a new discovery for me somehow, every touch, every caress to be savored, experienced anew. Every muscle, every sinew needed to be explored again and re-committed to memory-- a `task' I would relish, and hoped to repeat many times.

I breathed in deeply and watched my hand tremble slightly as it ventured to just above his beltline. I ran my fingers lightly through his treasure trail, thrilling at his stunning maleness, watching the hairs curl around my fingers and slide off as I moved slowly up the contours of his iron six-pack toward his chest, which was heaving as adrenaline flooded his system. I felt his heart racing under my hand and looked up into his eyes. He looked down at me, words of love and lust playing silently across his lips.

I was trembling slightly all over as I whispered, "I thought I'd never get to do this again... to touch you like this... to feel you..." I rose a little off my knees and brought my lips to his stomach and kissed it, then lay my cheek against it and sighed heavily, wrapping my arms up around his waist. "It still seems like a dream," I mumbled, listening to his heart pounding; feeling it as much as hearing it.

"MMMMmmmm, then nobody better wake me up-- ever." He held my head gently against his stomach with both hands, running his fingers through my hair and caressing my face. "God I missed your touch, and I missed touching you, kissing you, making love to you."

As an afterthought, he said, "And I kinda freak when I stop an' think about how easy it is to say that to you, an' how I wanna tell you out loud how much I love you. It's funny, cuz I always hated talking about emotional things before." He caressed my cheek with the tenderest of touches, "But it's never been like this before... this-- you really are my dream."

The deep bass of his voice vibrating through his body and into my ear sent shivers down my spine. I spoke, barely above a whisper, "You're more than I ever even dared to dream of. You know that don't you? I still have a hard time accepting that you want me, love me." I turned my head to kiss the palm of his hand as it caressed the side of my face. He held it there and I kissed down his long, thick fingers to the tips. I released my hold around his waist and sank back to my knees.

"Oh, Danny..." He whispered and sucked in breath through his teeth, "You're everything I could possibly want. You gotta know that and believe it, baby."

I looked up into his eyes and used his index and middle fingers to pry my lips apart, swirling my tongue lovingly over them as I sucked them in to the second knuckle. As I looked into his eyes from between his muscular thighs, I knew he could fulfill me -- would fulfill me-- any need I had...

His eyes rolled back in his head and a long guttural moan sounded from somewhere inside him as he threw his head back, "Oh, Danny, you make me so..." He lowered his head back to watch me seduce his fingers. "Words just can't tell it."

He bent down and kissed the top of my head and hovered there, "I love you so much, it's like I'm gonna explode from so much... so much feeling." He raised his head back up with his eyes closed, his features etched in lust.

I let his fingers slide out of my mouth and leaned in to his jeans. I reached up and caressed his abs and chest as I grasped the cloth around the Levi's button with my teeth, popped it open, tongued the zipper toggle until I had it between my teeth and pulled it down.

I had gotten off so much to doing it this way with Ty that night; I knew it would turn Jerry on too. He let out a couple of gasps of lustful surprise as he watched me. The sound of the zipper coming down drove me wild, instantly replacing my languid worship with urgency. I frantically spread the jean flaps with my chin and attacked the bright white cotton with my face.

"Oh God, baby, I missed you so bad. I've wanted..." The rest of his words evaporated as I gnawed at his stomach until I secured the Jockey waistband with my teeth and pulled it back, breathing in the narcotic aroma of his arousal.

The heat emanating from his coiled manhood blasted my face like a furnace. I grabbed at his hips and he raised enough to let me pull his pants and briefs down to his knees. His erection sprang up from its contortion and danced around like the cobra above its basket. I fearlessly caught it with my left hand and it was my turn to gasp at the sight and feel of it, the power, virility, hypnotic...

He muttered softly under his breath, "Ohhhh, when I'd remember you holding me."

I took the time to look at it, my finger not quite reaching my thumb around the girth of the base. Fucking monster cock. I blurted out, "Goddamn, I didn't even remember it being this fucking big! Did it grow some? Man, it's so big... and so beautiful," I stared in awe, waving the heavy club around in front of my face. `I took this behemoth in my ass?' I asked myself rhetorically.

"I think he just gets bigger for you 'cause he knows you love him so much." He ran his fingers through my hair, "Like I told you before, I was amazed you could take it all in that tight little body of yours. I was so afraid of hurting you at first, and you were so tight. I didn't think I was even gonna be able to get it all the way in," he grinned with the obviously fond memory. "But then you just took every bit of it and begged for more-- and blew me away."

My ass muscles twitched and spasmed at the memory. Up to that second, I had thought I would just suck on it-- I HAD to do that no matter what-- but I had thought I didn't want to fuck in this hot and dirty room; save that for when we could do it in a clean and comfortable, or romantic atmosphere somewhere.

But as I stared at its magnificent beauty and he reminded me of how fantastic it felt being inside me, my entire body tensed and strained like something between a long stretch and a slow motion body ripple, an exquisite full body straining with desire, anticipation-- I really, really needed it.

He put his hand over mine and pushed his erection to my face. I slid my hand out to cup his balls and he took hold of it himself, pressing the burning flesh between his hand and my face, rolling it from cheek to cheek, filling my vision with hand and cock.

I just kept putting my thoughts and feelings out there for him, for some reason compelled to tell him everything I was thinking as he rolled his shaft around on my face, sometimes pulling back to club me teasingly with it.

"It did hurt-- but it's a kind of hurt I can't imagine living without now, `cause it turns into such an exquisite pleasure, having you so deep inside me. The emotions and feelings I get are like nothing else I've ever felt. It's like, I know I'm totally yours, and I love that feeling... giving myself completely to you-- I want to, need to."

I looked up into his eyes and felt the thickness of the column pulsing in my hand. Talking about it was getting me hotter every second-- and from the look in his eyes, it was setting him on fire-- which spurred me on even more.

"When you're inside me, I feel where it is, like when you're all the way in there and just holding mostly still, just slightly moving around..." I went into my body-memory and wallowed, "I feel the shape and texture of it with my muscles squeezing it, and it's just this ultimate feeling of being totally possessed by you. It's amazingly intense, and I feel like I was born to be yours, to be your lover-- for you to be my man. You just send me into... I dunno... another reality or something." I was amazed I was able to say things like that out loud, and blushed even so.

"Oh God, Danny! D'you know what you're doin' to me when you say those things?" He was flushed and breathing hard. He looked down at me with wild passion in his eyes, his hardness twitching in my grip. He was having a hard time getting a complete sentence out,

"You're drivin' me insane with-- oh baby, you make me feel so, so-- man, you better watch out..." He warned me in a leering tone, managing a lascivious grin, "You're gonna make me cum all over your face right now, if you keep talkin' like that."

He stared at me and the heat in his eyes momentarily gave way to a serious and determined look, "But you're right, Danny. We were meant to be together, meant to be lovers." Then the serious look merged with his passion and he exuded virility in his baritone voice, "And yes, Danny, I am your man, and you're my baby, my love." He studied my face, contemplating me, and I could see the passion building, escalating my own in the process.

And there was no man, anywhere, who could make my heart race and turn my legs into jelly like Jerry did when his eyes were blazing with passion and lust for me. Hell, any look, any time, from him was enough to make me swoon; but when he was hot on my scent, it was automatic, biological, built in-- I was instantly in heat.

He glanced around the room and came back to my eyes, "Baby... I wasn't thinkin' of doin' much in this dirty little room, but..."

He had a pleading look, "Can I-- you wanna... like, after a bit... It's just, I've been dreamin' of this-- and you've got me sooo fuckin' turned on. I need..." He was nervous and awkward asking, hoping I didn't take it like he just wanted to get off a quick one, that I would see it meant a lot more than that to him.

I nodded enthusiastically, "I woulda jumped up here and planted myself on it if you didn't go for it." I grinned, not even trying to conceal my own lust, inhaling his crotch deeply while he slapped my face with his big ol' dick.

He beamed like the kid who's just been told he can have the whole fucking candy store, and aimed his drooling erection at my lips-- an invitation I knew I'd never, ever pass up.

I sank as far as I could go in one lunge and just reveled in having his manhood in my mouth again, tasting that uniquely textured flesh, that spongy, thick column, so rigid at the core, the flesh hotter than the heat of the room around us, filling my mouth to overflowing.

He moved my head back and forth on it with both hands, moaning loudly, and I just kept thinking, 'He's mine again, he's mine again, oh yes, he's really mine again! It's true-- it's not a dream...'

After a minute, he leaned way down over me, groping down into the back of my pants and grabbing my ass, squeezing both my cheeks in one big hand, his middle finger pressing at my hole, "Ohhhhhhh..." He moaned as he kneaded my flesh.

I whimpered around his cock and arched my butt up for him. 'Take me please, just take me right here and now, please!' I begged in my mind.

"Oh baby, I gotta have it. NOW!" His voice filled the room. Then he groaned feverishly, "It's been so long-- I need to be inside you so bad, Danny. I can't control it, can't help-- I gotta do it now." He attested as he fondled and squeezed my ass cheeks.

I moaned and nodded affirmatives around his cock, not willing to let it out of my mouth just yet. He straightened up and leaned forward, letting his shirt fall from his arms where I'd draped it back. I heard him rifling around in the upper cabinet as I sucked furiously on his shaft, trying desperately to get it all the way down my throat at least once before I had to let it go.

"I thought I remembered seeing some..." He mumbled as several things fell to the floor, a box of Band-Aids, a bottle of Visine, a light switch, an empty bottle of aspirin that bounced several times on the bare concrete floor. "Ah, here it is," he voiced relief.

I still hadn't managed to get his cock all the way down my throat, dammit. But that was ok-- knowing what was about to happen-- I'd have it all the way inside me one way or the other.

He closed the cabinet door and lifted me to my feet by my armpits, his pole slipping out of my mouth with a pop. I saw a small squeeze bottle of hand lotion in his left hand as he grabbed my shoulders and physically turned me around to face the black Formica covered cabinet door.

He could barely control the urgency in his voice; "You talking like that's got me so fucking hot, Danny. I'm sorry; but I just can't hold off a second longer!"

"Yes, now, now, yes Jerry, yesss..." I hissed over my shoulder, my eyes half closed with lust as I arched my ass back in offering to him.

"Tell me again how you're mine," he growled in my ear as he reached around and undid my jeans from behind, then yanked my pants and briefs down around my ankles. He squirted some lotion on his cock and pressed me forcefully up against the cabinet doors with his body, hunching his slickened meat into the crack of my ass.

Jerry taking control of me like that, and feeling his massive endowment sliding up and down my crevice again just made me almost spew my load right then.

"Say those things again -- what you just said," he demanded as he took my hands, spreading my arms up and out, palms against the doors, some lotion squishing onto my knuckles from his left hand.

"I..." I could hardly breathe in anticipation, with him crushing my whole body into the cabinet door, smashing my drooling cock up against my belly, my heart beating like a racehorse. "When I feel you so far up inside me, I feel totally possessed by you and it's the most wonderful feeling I've ever known," I managed to verbalize between gasps, with the side of my face crammed against the door.

He pressed my hands hard to make me keep them there, then brought his left hand down and spread lube on my hole while he leaned his bare chest into my back.

"Yeah, keep on," he encouraged me, then bent his knees to meet my height and aimed his cock at my entrance, pressing his bulk into me, his knees on either side of mine.

"When it's all the way up in there and you just-- AHHH!! Ohhhh, God! Oh God, oh, slow, please, it's so big..." I gasped as he worked his cannon into my little hole. It always felt huge, but I didn't remember it feeling this fucking huge.

"Oh Jerry! Oh man, it feels so much bigger than it did before. Oh man, oh man," I was panting in fast ragged breaths, as he kissed my jaw and sought out my lips. He stopped his inward thrust and held still for a moment, less than halfway in.

"Ahhhhhh, this is my heaven, Danny." His words rolled out softly as he ran his hands up and down my sides up under my shirt and kissed my neck. "This is mine. I don't want anyone else in here ever again, ok? And I don't wanna know about him. Don't ever tell me what you an' him did. No one else can ever be in here again, ok? This is mine," he repeated, his deep voice vibrating through my entire body as he breathed heavily into my ear. Then he bit my neck, just hard enough to make me twitch, and kinda growled, sending shivers down my spine.

"Yes! It's yours. You own it. I don't ever want anyone else inside me. Only you, Jerry, only you, only you..." I mumbled away and felt my muscles yielding as he resumed driving his manhood into my tender chute.

He pulled back to the head and started a slow in and out, going a little deeper every few strokes. Ohhhhhh, that feeling of Jerry inside me, spreading my tissues and penetrating my depths, feeling the thickness of him sluicing into me and thinking, `He's inside me! Part of his body is inside my body! And it's amazing how it can be this instinctive, animalistic urge for him to mount me and insert himself and possess me, and at the same time be so loving and emotional.' Soon I was begging him to give me more.

"Oh Jerry," I moaned, "Oh God it feels so good..." I wanted to push hard back at him, but he held me immobile. "Please, please give it all to me, Jerry. Oh please give me... Oh, pleeease," I begged as I squeezed his cock tightly.

He responded by stopping his pumping and steadily driving his thick nine and a half inches all the way up inside me, breaching that deepest channel.

I almost came unglued, "AHH! Ahhhh! Oh my God! Oh Jerry!" Sweat was dripping into my eyes and I couldn't keep my breath as I felt his hardness force its way past that last ring into where only he had been before, giving me that feeling of being possessed by him that I'd remembered and dreamed of so many times since that weekend.

When he bottomed out, he asked, "Is this what you were talking about, baby? When I hold it all the way in, almost still?" His voice was so incredibly sexy and sensual-- and he knew he was sending me into that other reality.

"OH GOD YES!!" I yelled almost at the top of my lungs in the hot little room. The pleasure/pain was just incredible, almost unbearable. It seemed like it caused my body to need to move, squirm around, to flex every single muscle-- but I had no control over that while I was completely consumed in the sensation of him so far up in there.

He ground it around slightly as he talked, "I feel the difference in the inner channel up in there, like you were saying, squeezing me. Man, it's like nothing else on earth, Danny." His voice had awe in it, like he just couldn't believe how powerful the feeling was, "Feeling you so far up in there, it's like I know you inside."

"YES! Yes. Yes... Hold it just like that. Yes! Oh God it's so intense, so deep," I groaned in ecstasy, sweating buckets and panting around my words. As intense as the feeling was up inside, I was also able to notice and feel the hair on his bull balls tickling a little below my stretched hole as he gyrated slowly, and that turned me on even more.

"Keep doing that, just that little bit of movement. Ohhhhh, God it's so intense, so intense-- my heaven too," I moaned.

"Oh man, I could stay like this all day, baby. Man, if I could, I'd just climb up inside you all the way. Ohhhhh..." His ecstasy was right there with mine as he pulsed his shaft as far as I thought it could go.

"Tell me again how it makes you feel like you're mine, possessed," he rasped in my ear, as he tilted his pelvis up angle and thrust hard, lifting me to my toes, driving in a few more centimeters and crushing me a little more into the door. I groaned loudly in ecstasy and felt more precum pulse out of my prick, almost climaxing with the sensation of the even deeper penetration, relentless, without yield, he held still, throbbing in the innermost depths of my body.

"Oh Jerry, I love you so much! I feel it now, possessed by you, and it's indescribable-- but I don't wanna cum yet, and I'm about to." I was working my muscles, wallowing in the incredible sensations, feeling his big strong body crushing me against the door and just about to lose it, when I was suddenly struck strangely by my feelings, worried that my needs and desires were maybe wrong, or were warped or something.

How, at that very intense moment, this thought process invaded, I don't know, but I went into a mode of questioning my nature. I nervously asked him, "Is it, like, healthy? Am I ok, that I need you to take me like this?" I sucked in my breath and felt him tense up, "Is it fucked up for a guy to need to be taken, like... like a woman does, by a man? I mean, to need to be, like, dominated, the way I want you to do with me? I mean, I can't tell you how much the way your controlling my whole body while you've got your big dick all the way up inside me is turning me on! Is that fucked up? Is there something wrong with me?" I mentally slapped myself and apologized, "Oh man, I'm sorry I blew the moment with that..."

Jerry had ceased all movement when I started that. When I said I was sorry, he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "Don't be sorry, Danny. And yes, you're ok-- more than ok. You're beautiful, and that need is one of the things that turns me on soooo much about you. I need for you to need that from me," he tried to articulate for me.

He licked behind my ear, making me shiver from head to toe and continued, "I don't know how to describe what it does to me when you give yourself to me the way you do. My pulse speeds up and I break out in a sweat anytime I even think about it. What you need from me is exactly what I need to give you, Danny, and you give me more than I ever thought possible."

"All I want is to be yours," I pretty much whined. "I just need to have you, like, protecting me, holding me, asserting yourself like this over me-- but when I put it in those terms, it seems... like it's..." My emotions were rampaging through my brain in conflict with the incredible pleasure he was inducing. I tried to make myself accept his assurances, ending up trying to assure him, "I just want it to be so good for you, to please you."

"Feel that?" he held his cheek against mine as he spoke, "Feel how it got even harder in there, even though we're talking? It's because of what you're talking about, baby. Knowing what me doing this does for you is what gets me off so much. I mean, I get way more out of that than what I feel in my dick. It's so much more of an emotional thing than just physical, Danny. I told you before I'm just naturally dominant, so your need for that is the most perfect way to be. I hope to God that never changes. You see what I'm saying?"

I felt him pulse his cock inside me and basked in the feeling, "Oh yes, yes, that's what it is for me too, emotional far more than just physical." I could see his eye out of the corner of my eye, and almost teared up again at the relief that how I felt was ok-- even good-- and what he wanted. "Thank you. Sorry I went off into..." I swallowed hard and sighed, "Make love to me, Jerry."

He held it in and resumed gyrating his pelvis slowly around in a small rotation for several minutes, kissing me passionately as my entire being shimmered in my abandon. With no more words or doubts, only overwhelming sensations pulsing back and forth between and through us, the only sound was our ragged breathing and beating hearts in the hot little room.

Then he started pulling back and pushing in slowly, sending wave upon wave of pleasure flooding over me. He would moan as he drove back in, and I would moan when he reached the hilt, my fingers curling against the cabinet door, my toes curling and uncurling in my shoes.

He brought his hands back up and intertwined his fingers in mine, pulsing the backs of my hands in rhythm with his slow pumping hips as he bit my neck again and I moaned loudly, rushing and shivering in ecstasy from head to toe. He began sucking, licking and biting up and down my neck and shoulder, moaning and growling, claiming me, muttering, "Mine-- my love," over and over again between kisses and bites. I kept whimpering, "Yes," with my eyes rolled back in my head in total surrender to my man.

After several minutes of longdicking me into a babbling, quivering mass of electrified nerve endings, he backed us away from the cabinet and swallowed me in his arms, wrapping his muscular body around me, bending us over somewhat, and began pistoning in and out of me furiously as I arched my ass up for him. He reached around and fondled my genitals, but knew not to stroke me.

"Oh God yeah! Oh fuck me hard, Jerry! Please!" I begged. "Ohhhh, Jerry, yes..." My consciousness was centered in my ass, around his cock, but I was also aware of his shoulders wrapping mine, his chest and stomach working with his hips as he slammed me, his breath in my ear as his saying "Mine-- my love," would fade away in breathless panting and come wandering back the same way.

Then words would no longer form for me to express how amazingly wonderful it felt and how much I needed him and loved him and wanted him to fuck me forever and ever. I reached back up and pulled his head to mine and kissed his lips, while my other hand dug into his flexing ass cheek, pulling as he thrust, to make it slam harder into me.

I was whimpering into the kiss, making that 'oh' sound, that sounds like it's hurting me with every jolt of his hips pummeling me, hitting that button inside me with every powerful thrust. Our bucking flesh made slapping retorts that echoed around the room, but barely registered in my consciousness.

I was in that place I only went with Jerry, beyond our surroundings, that place of our own creation, feeling his body impacting mine, his cock jamming in and out of me, our love swirling in and around us, charging us, inciting us to higher and higher levels of ecstasy-- holding on, riding the wave to wherever it went.

He must have felt me tightening up inside as my orgasm worked its way up from my depths, because he suddenly thrust our hips forward and pulled our shoulders back as I convulsed and exploded all over the cabinet in front of us, literally seeing stars.

Jerry broke our feverish kiss to watch the whitewashing as I shot the biggest load I think I've ever made, virtually covering the lower half of the cabinet door. I couldn't believe how much I shot and kept on shooting. Jerry kept on drilling me, while aiming my cock with one hand and grasping my chest with the other to hold me in place as he slammed me. Some little squeaks and high-pitched grunts were all that could make it past my gaping mouth.

"Yeah, oh yeah! God, look at that! Oh yeah," he rasped as he watched me unload, seeing my spurts fly out in tandem with his plunges. "Goddamn, Danny-- oh look at that!" The visual, along with my spasming muscles on his cock, sent him over the edge.

"OH! OH! OH FUCK! OH DANNY!!" He shouted in my ear as his cock expanded and jammed his seed deep in my bowels, the pulsing expansion of his shaft in my spasming channel coaxing yet another rope of jism out of my still pulsing shaft to dribble down the underside.

His body jerked violently several times and we almost lost our balance, having our jeans around our ankles; but he couldn't stop pumping in and out long after he'd spent his load-- just for the pleasure of it, to make up a little for all the lovemaking we'd missed.

And the way it feels, after I've climaxed and he keeps on fucking me-- it's totally different-- it causes entirely different sensations. My groin has told me that I've cum and it's over-- but it's not. He keeps pumping, and it feels kinda raw and sensitive inside. The pleasure then comes from knowing how good it's feeling to him, and that in turn gets me right back into it, making it feel incredible in a whole new way. I squeeze it and feel the shape and thrust differently, and I just wallow in giving my ass to him, wanting him to fuck me for as long as he can go.

I can cum again easily, just thinking about his big dick inside me, how it's feeling, that he's inside me still. And I just get giddy and tingly at knowing I'm giving him so much pleasure.

His breath finally just gave out, and he eventually wound to a stop, a shudder at a time. He kept his hand on my groin and pulled me hard against him, keeping himself balls deep inside me as we both gradually came back to this plane.

We finally slumped against the table, leaning back, Jerry holding me in place up on him with his right arm around my chest from under my arms. My toes weren't quite touching the floor, and I was still impaled on his cock as he perched on the edge. He kept kissing my sweat soaked face and neck, rubbing around my pubic hair and stomach with his left hand, saying over and over between labored breaths, "Danny, my love. Danny, my love. Danny..."

We were both panting and wheezing, sweating and trembling. I lay my head back on his shoulder in a daze of emotional and physical satiation, saturation and stupefaction, clamping my muscles on his cock in steady rhythm.

"Oh my god," he mumbled, still breathing hard after three or four minutes. "Man, that was breathtaking. I know you blew my mind every time we did it before, but know what? I could die a happy man this very moment," he sighed contentedly.

"Can we, just keep it in there awhile?" I asked, rolling my head on his hot, sweaty collarbone. I twisted my head and licked the delicious, salty sweat off his shoulder and moaned, "Promise to fuck me every day at least once? Please?"

"Oh baby, at least once!" He nudged my head with his chin to get me to look up and back at him. He grinned, "So you ain't gonna be like those girls and just want it sometimes, and I hafta try and figure out when that is?" he chuckled as he rubbed around on my belly.

"Oh HELL NO! Like I said a bit ago, you own this!" I squeezed his cock really hard with my ass muscles. "I'm tellin' you right here and now: You come `n get it any time you want it! I'll never say no-- and don't listen to me if I do! It's open for you 24/7. If I never say this again-- this time stands for the record. Copy that?" I grinned and pulsed my muscles rapidly several times on his suddenly re-filling dick.

"10-4! Copy that, Sergeant Dresden!" he laughed and smiled his killer smile, making me warm-and-fuzzier than I already was. God, he was so gorgeous and sexy! His eyes then looked past me and back. He pointed with his sexy chin at the cabinet, "Look how you painted that door."

There were a couple of high splatters, but from waist high on down, the door was nearly covered. Except right in the middle of it all was a large smeared area in the exaggerated-by-rubbing shape of my cock and balls-- penis-painted instead of finger-painted-- in precum. Above all the cum, the grime was smeared with the sweaty imprint of my stomach, chest and the side of my face and ear, my arms and hands raised up and out-- it was like modern art on the black cabinet door.

We both started laughing, and it built. We laughed harder and louder until he let me down to stand and I reluctantly let his cock slip out. When I turned around to face him, he swiped his tongue across my lips and breathed deeply, then nudged me back and went down on his knees.

He took my still mostly hard cock into his mouth and licked 'n sucked the cum off, squeegeeing it several times with his lips, moaning with pleasure while kneading my ass cheeks lovingly with his strong hands.

He stood back up and stuck his tongue out, grinning around it, then pulled my face to his with both hands. I parted my lips and he fed it to me. I reverently sucked my essence off his tongue like a sacrament and sank against his body for a long, sweaty, tongue-sucking kiss.

When we stopped for air, we stared into each other's eyes for a long, very long, time.

It was so powerful for me-- for us-- to know we were saying so many things, cementing our relationship, promising each other love, commitment, trust, loyalty, all those things-- without saying a word.

I recalled my vision of us a while ago-- my little epiphany-- and realized I would forever have that in some way whenever we kissed, whenever we made love, even just when I think of him.

"I love you Jerry Loring," I declared in the silence of the little room.

"I love you too, Danny Dresden, you beautiful sweaty boy... mine," he grinned and lovingly wiped the sweat from my brow with his hand.

I was lost in his eyes again-- and I couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.




We debated leaving our `artwork' on the cabinet door for posterity, but decided it would alert the staff that this room was being used for `other things' and went ahead and cleaned it up with some rags from a pile in the corner. We ended up wiping down the entire row of cabinets so they'd match, and put the lotion and other items back where they came from.

I was proud to have contributed something to my school, by rubbing my sweat, sperm and body oils into the Formica, giving it an almost `showroom' luster. The whole room seemed to glow.

"Oh shit, look how dirty my shirt is in front from that dust! And with all the sweat..." I look down at it, giggling.

"I bet we stink like hell of sweat and sex." He looked back and forth between our bodies, "We're both soaked from head to toe. I don't think..." He looked at his watch, "Oh well, I'm way too late for my last class anyway. Might as well go on home, since I got no practice today."

He inspected his shirt as he picked it up off the floor, kinda hesitated, then asked, "Ya wanna come over, later, like after you talk to Tyson? My folks are both in Florida til the weekend." He gave me a reassuring look. "And there's no way they'll come home early," and smiled.

I considered it, but then thought of Ty. "I don't know, I really need to find Ty and talk to him, and I don't know how it'll go." The thought bummed me out.

Jerry stopped tucking his shirt back in and put his hand on my shoulder, "You sure there's nothing I can do to help? I'm serious; I wanna help if I can. Maybe if I talked to him and... I dunno... just try to explain... you know."

"Thanks, babe, but I know it'd be better if I talked to him alone." I smiled to myself despite my bummer, realizing that was the first time I had called Jerry `babe'.

We had one long kiss before we unlocked the door and left the building.

"When can I see you again?" He asked as we approached his car.

"Hmm, I don't know. Umm, it depends on how Ty takes it and what he does when I tell him." My shoulders sagged, "Man... I don't know how to tell him. How do you tell someone something like that and not hurt them?" I whined.

"I honestly don't know, Danny. I wish I did. I wish I could do it for you so you didn't have to go through that. I mean, it'd be hard for me too, but I'd rather take that on than know how bad it hurt you to do it." He showed sympathy in his eyes and voice, "I'm so sorry things worked out this way for him. I mean, I'm not sorry that..." He shook his head, "You know I feel alive again since you took me back, baby, but it's not like I feel like some `victor' over him or nothin', you know what I'm tryin' to say?"

"Yeah, I do. I know you're making a real effort to understand him and me, and I appreciate that, babe." It just felt good to call him that. "I'll call you later tonight, say, between nine and ten?"

"Ok. I'll be waiting by the phone. Don't forget? Please call me, no matter what happens?" I saw worry in his eyes as he settled into the driver seat and buckled up.

I took an involuntary step back as I realized that he was also a little worried that Tyson might possibly be able to talk me into going back to him. That had two distinct effects on me: One, it made me want to reassure him in some incontrovertible way that I was his forever, with no doubt whatsoever in my mind-- and I vowed I would somehow make him know that and never doubt or question it again.

The engine roared to life and I said, "I love you, Jerry. More than anyone ever and forever."

And Two: It made me pissed at myself for getting into this situation, where I was being perceived as someone who couldn't be counted on-- by both of them! Even after all we just did and said, the way we connected so spectacularly; he wasn't 100 percent certain of me, and that kinda made me panic. I'm not an asshole or game player! I'm not cold and calculating and heartless. I'm not trying, and never did try, to `work' either of them. I didn't do this on purpose and I feel like a total shit because of it! But I can't deny or disguise my love of Jerry for Ty's benefit. That would be cowardly and deceptive. I have to be honest, no matter how hard it is to do.

"I love you too, Danny," he blinked and got a little misty eyed. "I'll make you happy, just give me a chance..." he trailed off with that pleading in his eyes. I could see the fear there and my stomach knotted up and my throat constricted.

"Jerry, I'm trying to think of what I can do or say to make you know that I'm yours, and yours alone. I have to deal with this-- with breaking someone's heart-- and it's gonna be so hard to do; but please don't doubt for even a second that my heart belongs to you, 100 percent." I smiled my love to him, leaning into his car with the urge to kiss him, and cursing the world that wouldn't let me. I tried to give the one word I could think of that would bring home all the emphasis I could and said, "Complete."

The worried look faded away and a big smile overtook him. "Complete." He echoed, as much to himself as to me. He mouthed a subtle kiss to me and backed out, keeping his eyes on me until he turned the car. My heart pounded hard in my chest as I watched him drive away, lobbing mental kisses and Iloveyou's at him til he turned the corner.

There were about twenty-five minutes to go til the end of class, and Ty and I had agreed that morning to meet at my car after my last class. I sat in my white vinyl bucket seat and waited, getting very depressed.

The scene with Celia in the foyer kept playing in my head, and I kept hearing Tyson on the commons at lunch, `Are you just gonna walk away from me now?' with that angry, betrayed look in his eyes. I felt so horrible, like such a bad person. How could I have done this to him? All he ever gave me was love, and friendship, and... peace of mind.

What more did he need to go through? He's known nothing but pain and suffering, both physically and emotionally, with life dealing him one bad hand after another. Had he ever had any happiness? I guess he got a little happiness from Celia and Jet. I guess he got a little happiness for a few days from me-- and now, I was about to snatch it back and prove once again how cruel life is.

I felt so guilty, like I had just used him for my rebound or something. Was that all he was for me? NO. He was much more than that to me. I loved him. I couldn't deny that-- didn't want to deny that. I wanted him in my life still, his friendship, his trust, somehow.

I had no idea how I could keep him in my life though. I had just had the most powerful and heart wrenching realization that Jerry was my one true love. Everything I thought or did reflected that now, and I wanted to be able to wallow in that `guilt free'. But I had sworn to Tyson that I would never hurt him! And now I had no choice but to do just that.

Because Ty and I had been intimate, I didn't know if Jerry could ever be comfortable with me having a close friendship with him-- and besides, I didn't really expect Ty to want to be my friend after this. He'd probably hate me. It was so damn depressing to anticipate that loss, and to anticipate what that loss might do to him.

`Why did you let me fall in love with two guys at the same time?' I asked the heavens, `Two wonderful guys, either one of which fulfills all my fantasies-- but yes, Jerry more so, totally, that's for sure.' I absently played with the stick shift. `You made it real clear to me today that Jerry is my true love-- and I thank you for that-- but... why did you let me fall in love with Tyson too? I mean, that's not fair to any of us! What am I supposed to do now, huh? Why do I have to be the one to hurt him now? You KNOW how badly I don't want to hurt him!' I looked to the sunroof like a portal to the universe, `Please, please let me find a way to not hurt him! Please!'

I sat there through the end of my last period bell, watching and waiting as the parking lot mostly emptied. I sat there through a quarter of the next period, waiting for him. I got out and wandered the commons, anxiously looking around every corner, getting more flustered every minute.

At some point I accepted that he wasn't coming to meet me and my heart sank. I managed to get back to my car before the tears welled up in my eyes. "Goddammit, quit fucking crying, Danny!" I yelled at myself when I closed the door. I tried to level myself out,

`Ok, maybe he hitchhiked home. Maybe he's sitting there on the front porch waiting for me. Please let that be the case.'

I drove home, keeping an eye out for him hitching on the way. At least there was only one sensible route to take if you hitched, and it was a really long walk if he couldn't get a ride, so I knew I wouldn't miss him for that reason.

I pulled up in front of the house and sat there, staring at the empty front porch, my stomach in knots. I didn't think he'd go back to his folk's trailer, but figured I should drive over there to make sure. I dashed in and took a quick shower and changed clothes before I left for League City.


Rolling at six miles per hour, I craned my neck, looking for any signs of life. Only the tips of the tall weeds swayed in the breeze between the hulls of the '65 Chevy pickup and the black `69 Chevy Impala with a yellow front fender, perched at an oddly terrified angle on blocks, with its missing headlights and partially opened hood, looking like it was screaming while being chomped from the rear by the flowing weeping willow tree whose fronds dragged the ground and covered the back end. Everything about this place conveyed pain and anguish.

I went about a block and turned around, cruising back by just as slowly-- four more times. I didn't know what to do, where to look. I knew I didn't dare knock on the door. I debated for several minutes, and went ahead and gave three light taps to my horn. I was at an angle where I could see down the length of the trailer and saw the curtains pulled back in two different windows at the same time, but I couldn't see the faces through the rusty screens.

Both curtains fell back in place almost simultaneously. After a moment, his dad opened the door and stepped halfway out, scowling at me with a `What the hell do you want?' look. I was equally full of hatred and fear at the sight of him. There was no way I could speak. I didn't even roll the window down. I knew he wouldn't tell me even if Ty were there. I drove on. Sadness, frustration and anger simmered in my head as I drove Highway 3, coming to a head when I turned left onto NASA Road One,

`I can't even let myself be overjoyed at my reunion with Jerry like I know I'd be feeling right now, because of my guilt over having to hurt Tyson. GODDAMMIT!!!' This isn't fair!' I thought to myself. Then it just exploded outward in a childish fit of rage,

"IT JUST ISN'T FAIR!!! NOT FAIR!!! GODDAMMIT, IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and pounded the steering wheel with my fists and weaved dangerously in and out of my lane, neighboring drivers hastily changing lanes or speeding up to get away from me.