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tutoring jerry

Chapter Three: Shower Time

Shower time. Shower time. Shower, shower, shower. I CAN'T DO THIS! My dick gets hard at the drop of a hat! I don't have to be thinkng about sex at all! It just gets hard when and where it wants to. More certain than death and taxes, was that if I got naked in the same vicinity as Jerry Loring, I WOulD GET HARD!

I wanted to see him naked. One good look would yield an endless string of fantasies. That's all I hoped for, the most I expected. But I never dreamed I would have to get naked at the same time for that opportunity. This would blow it all! He would KNOW.

He playfully pushed me into the shower section of the large bathroom; while my mind went racing in a thousand different directions. The room was solid tile, about eight by ten, with a built in tile bench by the door in one corner, and four shower heads on two walls. What was up with that? Did they have shower parties? When could they ever need four shower heads at one time?

That thought was a split second diversion from the gut-wrenching panic that had overwhelmed my addled brain, rendering me catatonic.

He stepped around me to the bench, pulled off his shirt and started pulling his shorts and jockstrap down together. I turned away and started to speak, 'cause I had to. I didn't know what to say, but I had to say something to get out of doing this.

"I... I... " I couldn't get words to come out.

Jerry stood up behind me. I knew he was naked and, sure enough, my peter started filling out. I was cursing my lack of self control, ashamed that I was so in love with a guy who would never dream of loving me back in any way, shape or form. He was the classic 'All American Guy', for christ's sake. Guys like him don't do stuff like that. I was embarrassed for myself. I was petrified that in less than a minute he was going to know, without a doubt, that I was queer-- and in love with him.

Up to this point, I was sure that he had attributed most of my fumbling to shyness; assuming that, being straight, he had not read the looks I gave as anything more than admiration. If I couldn't get away, there would be no trace of a doubt as to where I was coming from. Getting a hardon in the shower was one thing, but my obvious distress, I knew, would tell the story even a moron couldn't misinterpret.

He was turning on one of the showers, while I faced the door and tried to get something to come out of my mouth. My dick was now rock hard. No panic could prevent it from getting that way, because it knew that I was almost certainly going to see his dick.

Even if I was able to extricate myself from this situation, I would have to look at him at some point; if only to excuse myself. I hated my dick and my libido for betraying my nature, rendering me vulnerable to humiliation and scorn.

"I... don't feel good. I gotta go. Rest. I gotta rest a minute." I threw out anything that would come out of my mouth, as fast as I could, hoping something would sound plausible. "I'll go after you. I..."

I grunted as he grabbed me by the shoulders from behind, and pulled me backward toward the spray, still clothed. "You got over exerted! A shower will make you feel better!" He enthused, giggling as he pulled me backwards. I resisted, trying to hold ground, protesting; but of course, he could overpower me without even trying.

I knew the moment was about to happen, and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I was suddenly gripped by a terrifying vision of him slamming my head into the wall, blood splattering all over the clean, creamy white tiles, standing over my body, curled into a foetal position, enraged, yelling at the top of his lungs, 'You fucking faggot! You come into MY house and try to get ME to turn queer for YOU! You fucking SICK little queer piece of shit!' as he kicks me in the ribs and back, over and over again, my blood and tears merging with the water as I watch it flow inexorably to the drain.

Time slowed to a surreal halt as all these thoughts and images flew through my mind. 'Why had I gotten myself into this? Why was I so weak, that I couldn't control myself and my desires? Why was I queer? Why couldn't I at least disguise my love and lust for Jerry? If he doesn't kill me, then everyone is going to know, and I couldn't live with the rejection of my family, and the few friends I had. How could I face my teachers? I could see Mr. Janke's face, nodding knowingly with disdain, realizing that I'd been wanting him too; and having to apologize to Jerry for pushing us together. I should just kill myself and get it over with now. Everyone hates people like me. I'll just be a target now. No one will ever want to be my friend. I know I'll never find love, cause I'm sure people like me don't deserve love.

Tears were streaming down my face as the stinging spray jolted me back to real time. Jerry stopped laughing behind me. He moved his hands tentatively from my shoulders, down my arms.

"Dude! You're shivering!" He stepped around in front of me and looked me in the face. His eyes grew wide as saucers, when he saw the pain and fear in my eyes.

"Danny! What's wrong?! Danny?" He was panicking too.

I just lost it and started wailing, my body convulsing, as I slowly looked down at my six and a half inch erection, sticking up at a forty-five degree angle, the material stretched and plastered to it. The water streamed down my chest and stomach, puddling in the cloth between the waistband and the head. His eyes followed mine down.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" I wailed. I looked back up into his eyes as he looked back into mine. He wasn't entirely comprehending yet.

"I can't help it! I'm so sorry!"

I jerked around sobbing uncontrollably, bracing myself for any violent reaction from him, my wails echoing around the room.

"I DIDN'T ASK TO BE liKE THIS!" I yelled as I twisted away from him. "I can't help it. I'm sorry! I know I'm fucked up!" I cried, my body spasming as I covered my face with my hands and leaned into the wall, trying to be smaller.

"Oh, Danny," He sounded like he was about to cry too. "Oh, man." He put his hand on my shoulder. He was clearly at a loss, not knowing what to say. He definitely understood what was going on now. I was crying and slobbering into my hands.

"Oh, man." He moved in close beside me. He kept his left hand on my shoulder, and brought his right hand up to mine, gently prying it away from my face. "It's ok, Danny. It's ok..." He choked up.

He kept his hand over my right hand and moved his left hand from my shoulder to my chin. He gently grasped my jaw, turning my face to his. He had tears in his eyes.

"Hey, it's alright." He tried to soothe me.

I couldn't stop crying. All the tension of hiding my true nature for years, the fear of what would happen if I were found out; poured out like a river now that the worst possible thing had happened: I was exposed.

He stood there, not knowing what to do or say. I'd been so certain that he would be disgusted, that my brain just wouldn't accept that he was being kind; I processed it as pity for the poor little queer boy. I squirmed out of his hold and started to walk away.

"I know you hate me now, 'cause I'm just a faggot. I'll get out of your house. I'll stay away from you. I'll go away... for good." My voice wavering, "I'm tired of living like this, I can't do this anymore." I said resolutely.

I stopped crying as I walked toward the doorway. I couldn't handle this intense pain. It just wasn't worth it, being so alone and scared. Scared of people, scared of the world, scared of myself. It just wasn't worth it. Mybe I should just get it over with.

I can only assume now, that he somehow realized what I was thinking; because he lunged and more or less tackled me from behind.

"HEY! NO!" He yelled as we both bounced off the wall, sliding with our wet feet on the tiles through the doorway, into the lavatory, barely staying upright, as he clutched at my shoulders.

"No Danny!" He demanded, as he enveloped me in his arms, steadying us, turning me to face him and pulling me into a tight embrace as I struggled. "No, Danny! No... I don't hate you." He tried to convince me, in a thick voice that was trying to hold back a sob.

"No one hates you. You're a good person." He whispered in my ear. I started crying again, laying my head on his chest. I collapsed in his arms. It was slowly starting to sink in that he was being kind and compassionate, not showing his repulsion at my condition.

He held me tight, his arms around my back, stroking my wet hair with his right hand. My arms were wrapped around his lower back. My hardon had gone down when I started thinking of ending it all; and, even though I could feel his naked cock pressing against me, it stayed soft, though full.

"I'm sorry. I'm so scared, Jerry... I'm just so scared of how I feel about everything... about you..." I mumbled in a small, trembling voice, through my sobs into his chest. I could feel his heart pounding rapidly in his chest, the sound reverberating through my head and body.

"It's gonna be ok, Danny, it's gonna be ok." He soothed, squeezing me tighter. "Don't be scared, Danny... it's gonna be ok."

He just held me tightly where we stood. Neither of us spoke. The only sounds were the shower still running, and his heart beating. His heartrate gradually slowed to almost normal. I don't know how long he held me; but it was so comforting, I could have stayed like that forever.

At some point, I was vaguely aware that his cock was filling out. It didn't get hard, but it thickened and stretched down, touching the inside of my thigh. His heartbeat sped back up a little, and his breathing grew a little shallower.

Even though I could feel his arousal, it didn't set me off on sex or anything else at that moment. My cock did fill out some more, but I guess I couldn't read this as a sexual moment. I had way too much going on in my head to think of sex. I had just realized that suicide was an option. Even though he was letting me know that he wasn't disgusted with me, I was still paranoid that as soon as I left his house, he was going to tell others, like Brenda. It would get around. Teenagers always grab anything like this and run with it, exploiting any 'weakness' for all it's worth. My life would be over then anyway.

Just like back in Huntsville, in sixth grade. This big guy had called me a faggot in front of a whole group of people, 'cause I'd been deep in thought about something and was staring at his crotch, without realizing it. From that day on, I was teased unmercifully for being a faggot, and beaten up three times. And the worst thing about it was that I didn't even know if I was one then. That was probably when I became so painfully shy.

Fortunately, we moved away three or four months after that incident. It taught me to keep everything to myself and build a wall around me. But it had been getting harder to live with me for awhile. Now that my darkest secret was out, it was going to be too hard. I just didn't think I could face my isolation anymore, let alone the world.

As my sobs and sniffles ebbed, I scooted my foot so I could support myself again, as he had been holding me up all this time. When I made the adjustment, it pressed our groins together slightly more. He didn't loosen his hold even a little. I realized that he was not hard, but definitely stretched and filled out. I had been so lost in my conjecture and self pity, that I hadn't been able to appreciate being hugged to him so tightly, feeling his strength, his comfort, his heat.

How in the hell could I not have noticed?! His shaft felt so big, and so hot, scorching the tender inside of my thigh! Of course, the instant this awareness settled in, my pecker started filling out as well, pushing the wet fabric out to just graze his thigh.

I had a slight jolt, when I realized that, the waistband of my shorts met around the base of his shaft... and the head of his dick was all the way down under the hem of the shorts, pressing into my thigh! How long was it?

I opened one eye, to see his chest hairs plastered to his skin, a few pulling away from the beads of water; his left pectoral mounding down away from my eye, his collar bone creating an angular valley, his shoulder a rounded mountain peak in the distance of the microcosmic landscape I surveyed.

Then, like a camera lens zooming out, my focused changed, and I saw the vision of the two of us, in the mirror over the vanity. I had never seen a more beautiful sight in my life. His chin was resting lightly on my head, eyes closed, his fingers, now still, intertwined in my wet hair, his muscular arms wrapped around my torso, making me look even smaller than I was. I could see his pubic hair and just a glimpse of the base of his shaft against my shorts, in the small crevice between our hips...

There I go again! Thinking sexual thoughts about him! When he was being so tender and kind! I didn't know why his dick was filled out? Probably like mine and any other teenage boy: if it touches someone elses bare skin, it's gonna get aroused. That doesn't mean he's thinking of me in a sexual way at all! Can't my brain and libido give it a rest?

He removed his hand from the back of my head, and pulled his head back to get me to look up at him. "You ok?" He asked in a whisper. I raised my head and looked up into his eyes, locking onto the infinite warmth and depth of them. Once again, I totally lost control of my senses. My heart raced, I started trembling, and tears flooded my eyes again. And, of course, my peter went 'defcon four' hard again.

Why did this happen to me? What was wrong with me?

"D'you wanna sit down?"

I nodded yes, not wanting to break contact with his eyes. He released his embrace. I couldn't let him go. My arms simply wouldn't unwrap. He could see the awkward, confused look on my face. Maybe he could tell that I had no control over my limbs or body, as he showed no impatience, and made no move to disentangle himself from my embrace. At least my tears stopped flowing.

"I think we need to dry off." He smiled that same warm smile.

Then he amazed me, and made me love him even more. He brought his index finger to just under my eye, brushing the tears from my cheek with a feather soft touch, repeating the action with the other hand on my left cheek. I didn't blink, and our eyes stayed locked into each other. It was such a tender gesture. Such a loving and compassionate thing to do. It confused me so completely! I didn't know what to think.

Because a gesture like that, seemed more than just a simple kindness. It was such a... I don't know... intimate, loving... connecting act. No matter what happened, I would never forget that moment, ever.

He let his hands rest on my shoulders, and I was able to unwrap my arms, keeping our eyelock, trying to assimilate what he'd just done. Our bodies seperated and he let his hands move off my shoulders, hovering near them, as if he were afraid I would collapse. We were still very close to each other. I could feel his breath on my face, and I was vaguely aware that his dick was lightly brushing my shorts.

"Uh... you need..." He stepped back a little. "We need a towel." And he turned to a linen closet and pulled two towels out. When he turned back to face me, he stopped. "Um... you're gonna have to take off the wet clothes." He hesitated. I had kept my eyes on his, not looking down.

When he said that, I looked down at myself, erection still standing out. He knew how difficult this was for me, because he said,

"It's ok, Danny, I've seen hardons before. Look, mine's kinda close t' hard too." Trying his best to put me at ease.

I hadn't let myself look at his dick all this time. Now he was inviting me- telling me to. I looked at it. My own cock jerked violently when I saw it. Tingles coursed through my body. My god, it was so huge!

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was as thick as my wrist, and easily eight or nine inches, but it wasn't hard. It was arcing out, so it was semi-hard, but it wasn't all the way hard.

It was more beautiful than I had fantasized; ponderous, heavy, meaty, a wide, straight shaft, that flared wider at the base. It had a couple of ropy veins running in lazy curves down its length, dissipating before they reached the bell. It was a little darker version of the light olive skin of his body, with a rose colored, wide head, and deep slit hole. It was breathtaking! It was so powerful, so virile. Intimidating and inviting. It pulsed and rolled itself slightly to the left as I stared, stretching out a little more, perhaps in response to being admired.

None of the guys in the pictures I had found were even near this big! And it wasn't even all the way hard! My mouth was dry, and precum was leaking out into my already wet briefs. My lips were quivering, and I was aware that he was watching me stare at his manhood in awe.

I guess, at that moment, I figured this would be my last chance to see it, and I had permission, so I let the image burn itself into my cornea's.

Finally, I looked back up into his eyes. He had a slight smile on his face, maybe a pleased look.

"Now let's get these wet clothes off of you." He gestured, and shook the towels to unfurl them. I just stood there trembling slightly.

He saw that I wasn't responding. I don't know what his thoughts were, but he paused, then tossed the towels on the vanity, and stepped over to me. I would have expected impatience, but there was only tenderness in his voice and movements.

"Here, let me help."

He reached out and took hold of the hem and pulled the shirt up, making me raise my arms up over my head as he pulled it off. He tossed it on the floor and stood there, waiting to see if I was going to take over undressing myself. I didn't want him to do it for me- but I simply couldn't make my arms, or anything else, move. Nada.

After a few seconds, he could see that I was still immobile, and he pried the waistband away from my skin and peeled the shorts and briefs down to my ankles. My erection sprang up, slapping my belly, just barely missing his face. He lifted each leg to slip the wet wad off my feet, and tossed them in the general direction of the shirt.

He stood up and looked down at my drooling cock. It wasn't dripping off of it, just smeared around the head enough to be visible. I watched him look at it. I guess he was appraising it, I don't know. I was kind of numb. He stepped back over to the vanity and brought the towels back, handing me one.

"Go ahead and dry off, Danny. Then we'll go get something to drink." He cocked his finger at me, giving a sidelong look, "Not Gatorade. Something else, ok? I know you don't like that shit." He was trying so hard to put me at ease. I smiled back at him, with a grateful look in my eyes.

It worked. I was able to move again. We dried off, and my erection went down, even though I sneaked a couple more glances at his meat and beautiful round ass. He reached in another door and produced a couple of white terrycloth bathrobes, handing me one.

"Let's go get something to drink."

"I should go home." I said, looking at the floor.

"No, I don't think you should." He said without any inflection.

I looked up at him with a quizzical look. He considered his next words carefully.

"You should... you should... stay here awhile. I don't think you should be around anyone else right now." He threw the towels in the hamper as he spoke. "Why don't you stay here and relax for awhile. I'll take ya home later, that sound ok?" He cocked his head to the side, expecting acquiescence.

"Ok." I mumbled, my eyes trained on his big, angular feet. "Come on." He tied his robe and went to shut off the shower, then we headed out of the room.

We went back to the kitchen and got a couple of cokes and a big bag of Fritos; and he told me to follow him. He led me upstairs to his room. It was more like a suite, with a queensize bed on one side, a loveseat, a desk, an entertainment center, and a table littered with model airplanes and parts on the other side. A full bathroom and walkin closet led off the other side of the bed.

"Wow! This is half the size of my whole house!" I exclaimed as I took in the room.

"My little world." He said contentedly.

He sat on the loveseat, gesturing for me to sit down. I did, and he turned a little toward me, bringing his right knee up on the seat, spreading his robe. The sash had come undone. His tool was still covered, but some pubic hair was visible.

We shared the chips and drank our cokes in silence. He seemed to be engrossed in thought, his brow slightly furrowed. I was glad I was distracted from thinking about all that had just happened. I was still kind of numb. I contemplated the model airplanes.

After a bit, he reached under the loveseat, slid a green tin out, and pulled out a nicely rolled joint. He lit it, took a long drag and offered it to me.

I was shocked. I never would have thought Jerry Loring, jock of jocks, would smoke pot!

"Won't your parents be home soon?" I glanced expectantly toward the door as I accepted the joint. I had only smoked pot twice, with my best friend Barry. I took a small hit as he exhaled and answered my question.

"Nah, my dad's in Florida for, oh, three or four more weeks. My mom is up at Stanford, tryin' to get my sister to go back to college." He laughed. "She met some guitar player, and wants to tour with his band."

"So you're all alone here?" My pulse quickened.


He seemed to think it was no big deal. We smoked the rest of the joint in silence. I started feeling it, big time, and it brought back all the thoughts and images of what transpired earlier. I became sullen. He noticed the expression on my face.

"You ok?"

I considered my response, debating whether to bring any of that up. I needed to, but was afraid to. He'd made me feel so comfortable and at ease, I didn't want to disrupt that. But I had to.

"I... I'm..." I searched for words, not at all sure of what I wanted to say.


"I'm so sorry about awhile ago. I'm so sorry." Damn. Tears again.

"Danny, stop apologizing. You didn't do anything wrong." He said calmly.

"It's wrong to... to want you... like that." I turned my head away, unable to face him.

There was a long, palpable silence. I could still smell the pot in the air. I turned the coke can around in my hands. Finally he spoke.

"I don't..." He measured his words, "think it's... wrong."

I snapped my head around to look in his eyes, my vision distorted with tears. I swiped at my eyes with the backs of my hands. A hint of a smile slowly replaced the somber look on his face.

"I knew you wanted me from that first day." He looked like he was picturing it.

I looked away in embarrassment. He, of course, didn't know I'd had since the first of the school year to drool over him.

"See, I... well I... " He was having great difficulty putting the words together. "The truth is... I've had... thoughts..."

My head whipped back around to face him. Now he looked down at his knee, avoiding my eyes.

"... like yours. Not like, all the time." He genuflected to illustrate repetition. "Just wondering... curious, I guess." He was very nervous and fidgeting, but seemed determined to get it all out. "When I met you, I saw it in your eyes, that you... you know. I saw you get hardons when you were with me, and you stared at me like you really wanted to... ya know? An' I never done anything, with a guy before. So I thought about, that maybe I would try... something with you." The last few words were mumbled so, if it weren't so silent in the room, I wouldn't have understood them.

I couldn't believe I had heard them. I couldn't believe what he was saying to me! Jerry Loring was saying he wanted to do something sexual with me!!!!! This can't be happening! This just has to be a dream! All the blood rushed to my head, making me dizzy.

I watched his face as he struggled with his confession. I knew how hard this was, I had just gone through it in a most explosive and painful way. Obviously, that I was now out in the open with him, made it easier for him to say what he was saying-- not having to worry that I would reject him. But it still wasn't easy. It wasn't easy for someone like him to say the words, to verbalize it. It wasn't easy for anybody, I was sure.

"I mean like, I'm not qu- uh, gay, ya know... it's just... you." He finally was able to look me in the eye. "You're so... sweet, so... god, you make my ego swell up so big! You make me feel like I'm the most wonderful guy in the world! I don't deserve..."

"Yes you do, Jerry! You are the most wonderful guy in the world." I interjected. It was the truth, and I was glad I finally had a chance to say it. We both had tears running down our faces now. Every hair on my body was standing up, tingles coursing through me. My heart was racing, my cock was raging, and I was nearly hyper-ventilating. I still couldn't believe this was happening!

"No I'm not!" He blurted, as a pained expression came over his face. I wondered where he was going. "I... I was just gonna use you, to see what it's like. That is, up until awhile ago." He shook his head, trying to fight it, but cried softly, looking down at his hands. "Man, you broke my fuckin' heart, Danny. What happened in there really tore me up. I couldn't handle it! Seeing you... hurting." He swiped at his eyes and sniffed. "Oh, man. I don't know what's happening to me." He paused. "I'm... kinda scared of what I feel, now."

I was stunned.

Everything freeze-framed. It seemed neither of us even breathed. The tears streaming down my face, dripping from my chin, were the only evidence that time wasn't actually frozen. I know my mouth was gaping, and I couldn't even blink the tears away. I would have thought I'd be all out of tears by now. I could see the anguish on his face, as he tried to deal with his emotions, staring at his hands. He was afraid.

I was afraid to let myself believe that I'd just heard him say what he'd said. I was torn between the urge to shout with joy, and the impulse to throw myself on him and comfort him as he'd done for me. I couldn't bear to see him in pain either. But I didn't know if that was the right thing to do or not. I didn't know where his dilemma was centered.

Was he thinking he was, all of a sudden, gay? Totally? Or bi-sexual? Was he not thinking he was gay, but that he had feelings just for me? Was he blaming me for causing these feelings? Was there anything I could do to assuage his fears? I really had no idea what I could or should do. I'd never been in a situation like this before, had never been in love before, and had never been present to see someone else struggle with these issues. But I had to do something.

"Jerry?" He jerked out of his reflections and looked me in the eyes. "Are you ok?"

He chuckled and sniffed, "I guess it's your turn to ask me that, huh?" He wiped his eyes.

He looked so forlorn. My heart melted. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to do something. I scooted a little closer to him and cautiously put my left hand on his shoulder. He looked at it and smiled a weak smile, so I decided to go for it.

I moved as softly and cautiously as I could, stretching my right arm across his chest and around his side, letting the side of my face rest on his right pectoral, pushing my left arm down under his arm, behind his back. His robe was spread open at the top, so my face and right arm were resting against his flesh. In gradual stages, I let the weight of my shoulder, face and arm, sink into his body. I listened to his heart beating fast, his breathing was shallow and uneven.

I realized that he had probably thought I was going to make a sexual move. Far from it, I only wanted to take away his pain.

Oh, I definitely wanted sex of some kind to happen, but I would let him instigate it in his own time, if he was so inclined. For me, this was enough. Seriously. This was enough.

Momentarilly, when he realized that was all I was doing, he brought his right hand up to my shoulder and hugged me to him. His heartbeat and breathing gradually returned to normal.

I was in heaven. Better than heaven. It was The Rapture. I felt all the anguish flow out of my body. I tried to mentally pull all of his anguish out of his body and replace it with tranquility. His heartbeat was nourishment to my soul, flowing beat by beat in, to fill up the empty spaces with serenity. The world couldn't touch me while I was in his arms.

The first movement made by either of us, was Jerry bringing his hand up to gently stroke my still damp hair.



"I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for now?"

"I'm sorry that... me falling in love with you, is causing you pain." He didn't reply for a minute.

"You're in love with me?" He asked, for clarification, no inflection, positive or negative. This time, I took a long moment to answer.

"Hopelessly." I declared with finality. He said nothing, but his heartbeat increased again. I burrowed my face into his chest, and tears, of happiness this time, leaked out, falling through the hairs, all but evaporating as they reached his skin. He was having a hotflash. I mean he was radiating! His heart was racing.

He brought his left hand to my chin, lifting my face to look in my eyes. Now my heart raced and caught up with his. We were both panting in short, sharp breaths. He studied my eyes for a long moment. Then, eyes open, he pulled my chin to his, and our lips met. Softly. They just met. He closed his eyes.

"I don't know what I want, Danny..."

I pushed my lips into his to prevent him from saying anymore. I parted my lips, and he let me burrow my tongue into his mouth. It took a few seconds, then he began kissing back. I couldn't believe this was happening! Jerry was kissing me! We traded tongues slowly and tenderly for several minutes.

I opened my eyes to see him already looking into mine. I was overwhelmed with emotion, short-circuiting on the intensity of his kiss and the look in his eyes. I still couldn't believe this was actually happening! We began to ratchet each other up, from gentle to fierce.

I was going for it. I practically climbed onto him, clutching at his back. He brought his right hand to the back of my head and ground my face into his. We were both radiating heat, sweating and panting. I brought my hand to his neck, letting it slide slowly down his collar bone to his chest, where I caressed his pecs and nipples, running my fingers through the hairs. I was overheating, whimpering, needing all I could get of him; But afraid to push too much too fast.

I wanted to grab his cock, but wouldn't cross that threshold until I got some kind of signal from him.

Our heads were motioning in semi-circles as our mouths grabbed desperately for each other. When we swayed too far and our lips broke contact, I just kept kissing and licking his jaw, and worked my way down his neck. He crushed my face into the niche between his neck and shoulder with one hand, while the other slid into my robe, sliding it off my shoulder to caress my back.

My right hand slid down from his chest to his tense, rippling abs, kneading them like a kitten does. He let out a moan here and there, jutting his groin up into the air, his robe falling completely open. I worked back up his neck slowly, kissing and sucking my way, his scent escalating my arousal.

My hand wandered down to his belly, making lazy circles. It touched the tip of his hard member. Precum smeared the heel of my hand. He gasped. But I kept rubbing his belly and sixpack, only grazing the head with the heel of my hand, making it dance everytime my hand went that far down. He grabbed my hair, pulling me off his neck and crushed my face to his again. He grabbed my hand with his left and jammed it down onto his scorching hot meat.

"Touch it Danny!" He croaked urgently between our lips.

As my fingers wrapped around the girth of his searing hot shaft, a jolt of electricity went through my body like I'd been struck by lightning.

"AH, AH!!" Came out of my mouth, as I blacked out for a second.

My senses where overwhelmed. I erupted violently all over my chest and robe. My eyes rolled back in my head, I couldn't breathe. My hand clutched so hard at his cock it must have hurt. He let go of my head as it jerked around with my body convulsions. I wasn't capable of purposefully stroking his cock, but my hand was working it with my spasms, and I was just conscious enough to feel him straighten his body, as he threw his head into the back of the couch and yelled at the ceiling.

"AH OH, OH GOD!" He tensed and spasmed.

My eyes were just coming back into focus, looking down into his solar plexus as the first jet hit my cheek like a hot wet bullet. I was reeling, and turned my face to watch the next jet fly from the tip of his cock into my jaw. I was still shooting and spasming with my own orgasm, and not in control of my movements, but I managed to dive down on him as the next spurt hit my tongue. I crammed my mouth onto the mammoth, pulsing head and drank all I could get, sucking and gasping, swallowing and choking on his voluminous jism.

"OHHH, AGHHH!" He jerked violently, causing his cock to slip out of my mouth. I panicked, frantically trying to get it back in as his body jerked and shook. It jammed into my cheek, and under my chin as his convulsions rocked his body. I finallly got it back in and nursed it til the last twitches petered out. I still couldn't catch my breath, but I wouldn't let it out of my mouth.

I was able, now, to realize how big it was in my hand and mouth. I could just get my finger and thumb to meet around it a little above the base, and at this angle, I could only get an inch or so past the head into my mouth. I sqeezed out another few drops of cum and savored the taste like you would fine wine, working my tongue around the head slowly, thrilling at the texture of the skin, so different than any other skin on the body.

I laid my head on his belly, keeping his meat in my mouth. It was starting to recede now, and my mouth followed its retreat. This was my first time to touch and suck another dick, and it was on the man I loved. I wasn't about to let it go.

As it slowly deflated, I suctioned it into my mouth, and let my hand slide down onto his big hairy balls. They were hanging down between his sweaty thighs now, and I debated whether to let his tool out of my mouth and suck on them, but the cock won out. I just couldn't let it go. I rolled his balls around in my hands lovingly, caressing and cupping them. God, they felt so wonderful!

Jerry was still panting. He'd sprawled and gone limp. Moans still escaped his mouth intermittently.

Neither of us moved until we had regained our breath. My head was resting in his damp pubic hair, his soft dick in my mouth. It had shrunk to about five very thick inches, and I was loving that I could take it all the way down, and work it around with my tongue. I caressed, squeezed, and rolled his balls around, endlessly fascinated with them.

He stirred first, putting his hand on my head, stroking my hair.

"Whew, man, that was intense! Fuck!"

He moved his hand from my hair onto my face, caressing my cheek. He halted when his finger brushed a glob of cum. He chuckled and lifted his hand. I snapped my head up, turning to face him and grabbed his hand. He had a surprized look on his face at my sudden movement, wondering what I was doing.

I looked at his fingers and found the cum he'd gathered on the index finger. I looked him in the eye and said, "This is mine." And took his finger in my mouth and sucked the cum off, licking around as I held his gaze. His look graduated from curious to smoldering as I sucked his finger.

"Goddamn, Danny, look what you're doing to me!" He whisper shouted as he looked past my mouth, down to his cock.

I twisted my head, keeping his finger in my mouth, and saw his monster waking back up, rolling itself to the side as it filled out, still wet and shiny. I turned my head back to him and smiled around his finger.

I slurped the spit off his finger as I let it out of my mouth, still holding his hand with mine. I glanced down to his beautiful cock, and back to his eyes and purred,

"Maybe we can make it last longer this time."