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tutoring jerry

Chapter Five: Crazy On You

Looking up into the clear, chilly night sky, the stars seemed brighter than ever before, the moon low in the sky, almost full. The steam from the jacuzzi occasionally obscured the view, as we laid our heads back on the ledge, each lost in his own thoughts. I was far and away happier than I'd ever been in my entire life. My eyes closed with the song "Crazy On You" by Heart, going around in my head.

"My love is the evening breeze touching your skin, the gentle sweet singing of leaves in the wind, the whisper that calls after you in the night, and kisses your ear in the early light, and you don't need to wonder, you're doing fine, my love the pleasure's mine, let me go crazy on you..." "I was a willow last night in my dream, I bent down over a clear running stream, I sang you the song that I heard up above, and you kept me alive with your sweet flowing loooove, crazy on you, craaazy on you, let me go crazy, crazy on you....."

I was startled from my musical reverie by the feel of a hand working its way from beneath my nuts, down to my pucker. My eyes flew open to two smiling brown eyes, only a kiss away from mine. With the jets raging the water, I hadn't noticed Jerry moving in between my spread and floating legs. He laughed and brought his hand up to my dick.

"Does this thing ever get soft?"

"Not since I met you." I giggled.

"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?"

"As you can tell by what you're feeling, I'm thinkin' about the only thing I've thought about for weeks. You."

"Well, from the way this feels, I bet it's a good thought."

"Yeah it is," I confirmed.

"Why don't we go inside?"

We got out and skipped across the cold spanish tiles, steam coming off his body, bursting through the gym door and showering in the room that had initially held such terror for me only hours before. We showered together, soaping each other up and down slowly and sensually, without getting into sex. We were both semi, or hard almost the entire time, but knew without saying, this was only going to be foreplay. I know we were both thinking of what was going to happen upstairs. At least, I know that's all I could think about. It no doubt was on his mind too.

When he reached my ass with his soapy hands, he made an "MMmm" sound as he ran his slippery fingers up and down my cleft, lingering at my tightly clenched pucker. I reflexively spread my cheeks and legs, going up on my tip-toes and arching my ass up into his stroking hand, wordlessly offering myself to him, to do whatever he wanted. I leaned my chest in close to the wall, with my palms flat against the tiles, looking back over my shoulder with anxious hunger up into his eyes, breathing in short gasps. His thick shaft was sliding down my trembling thigh, while my cock stood at forty-five degrees. Drops of water were falling from his hair onto my shoulder and he was breathing hard into my ear, aroused and just as hungry. He leaned his head into me from behind and swiped at my trembling lips with his tongue, holding my eyes with his. My lips parted for him, but he only touched them softly with his, both of us unblinking... We never said a word. God, what he was making me feel was almost too much to handle. I nearly came all over the wall.

We reluctantly seperated, rinsed and dried, then stopped off in the kitchen. We decided we were hungry, so he nuked us a couple of frozen enchilada dinners. We scarfed those down and finished with Blue Bell ice cream, an 'Only In Texas' treat. I looked at the clock and realized I had to call home and let them know I was going to spend the night. I hoped it wouldn't create suspicion with my parents, as I hadn't spent the night with anyone since the fourth grade.

We cooked up a plan, where Jerry would lower his voice and pose as his dad, if my mom wanted to talk to his parents. He sounded very convincing, since he already had a deep, manly voice. He said he'd done this several times, and it always worked. My parents knew what I was 'supposed' to be here for, and had thought it was great that I was helping him out, so I figured it would be no big deal.

It wasn't. Mom was happy that I was making a new friend and didn't question a thing. I left her the phone number and told her I'd probably stay all the next day, swimming and such.

Within a minute of hanging up, the phone rang. Jerry answered and it was Brenda. I freaked out-- inwardly. My stomach knotted up. Listening to the conversation was agony for me. I was so afraid he would decide he'd rather be with her on a Friday night and tell me 'Sorry, I'll take you home. Maybe we'll get together some other time.' I don't know why I was so paranoid. He had shown me, in so many ways, that he was into what we were doing. He seemed to be willing to explore making love, not just sex. I guess it was just that I had a hard time allowing myself to believe that anyone as gorgeous and sexy as Jerry, could really get into a skinny little nerd like me.

"Hey. Oh, hey baby," he looked over at me and smiled, bringing his index finger to his lips to signal silence. "What's goin' on? Yeah? That sounds cool, but I don't feel like goin' out tonight. Huh? Oh, Danny left about an hour ago. Well yeah, I had to give him a ride. Naw, I just don't really feel like partyin' tonight, I did a really hard workout." He smiled at me again. "What? No baby, you go on out with Liz and John, I wouldn't be any good company tonight. No, you don't need to come by, I'm goin' t' bed in just a little while. I wanna get up early an' go motocross all day. Huh? You don't wanna come watch that! Well, if ya still wanna, call me in the mornin'. Huh? Ok. Huh? Oh yeah, I know. Huh? Ok. I love you too. Bye."

"Whew, that was close!" He grinned and laid his naked torso across the breakfast nook counter, looking up at me, "She wanted to come by and tuck me in!" He laughed loudly and I laughed nervously. "I wanted to tell her there wouldn't be enough room on the bed." He rolled his eyes. "Let's go upstairs." He stood up and decided to drop his heavy, flaccid meat on the counter. He looked down at it, then looked at me with a devious look, out the corner of his eye.

I looked at his beautiful endowment, stretching and filling out a twitch at a time as he ground his groin into the counter. I let my fingers do the walking across the black granite til they reached the semi hard shaft. My index finger reached over tentatively and touched the tip. It jerked and my fingers jumped and ran away. We both laughed and headed for the stairs. We were passing by the den, when he stopped and said, "Hey, let's get a drink!"

"Whatcha got?" I asked.

"Everything." He strode over to the well stocked, neon lit bar. "Whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, scotch, but I hate scotch. Jack Daniels and coke sound good?"

"My favorite!"

I adored him as he mixed us a couple of very stout drinks and we went up to his room. We sat on the couch and I sipped my drink while he rolled another joint. He lit it, took a big hit and passed it to me.

"Are you trying to get me wasted so you can take advantage of me?" I grinned and took a deep hit, coughing most of it out.

"It's always worked before!" He laughed. I handed it back and he took another hit. He let it out slowly. "Hey, let's do supercharges."

I had heard the term, but didn't know what it meant. He put the lit end into his mouth and blew softly out, sending a thick stream out the other end. I moved over close to him and sucked in the smoke; then I did the same for him, being careful not to burn my tongue. By the time it got too short to do that way, we were both pretty buzzed.

"They should call that a blowjob." I said as I let out the last hit. He considered that thought and replied as he let out his last hit.

"Y' know, you're right. It IS like a blowjob-- on a really really really skinny dick." We both had a laughing fit that wouldn't let up. Every time we thought we'd stopped, we'd look at each other and laugh some more. "Stohhhp it!" He said in a high, whiny voice, and of course we laughed more. Eventually we settled down, taking big gulps of our drinks to cure our cotton mouths. He went over and turned on the stereo, put in a cassette of Pink Floyd, "Dark Side Of The Moon" and turned it down to a medium level. I stared at his graceful, naked body as he moved.

Between the Bourbon and the pot, I was pretty fucked up and mellow. Jerry was feeling no pain either, as he staggered a bit when he walked back to the couch. He came to stand right in front of me, planting his feet apart and twisting his hips just enough to keep his blessed endowment swinging slowly from side to side.

"Do ya want it?" He asked with a sexy, slightly southern accent.

My tool went from soft to rigid in the three or four seconds between his question and my answer. "Yeah, I want it." I reached up to touch it, but he withdrew, teasing me.

"How bad do ya want it?"

"Really really really bad." I replied, keeping my eyes fixed on the rapidly growing pendulum as he kept it swaying.

"Does my big ol' dick turn you on?"

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen-- but then you're beautiful all over."

"Good answer. What would you do with it if you could have it right now?" He kept that deep, sexy, voice going.

"I'd kiss it," I paused, "and I'd lick it all the way down the underside, so I could get to your balls and lick them too." His tool jerked wildly and aimed straight out at me. My pulse was quickening by the second. I was surprised at how much this sexy talk was turning me on.

"Ooooh, I love it when you lick my balls," he growled. "Nobody's ever licked my balls before, or my ass. Did you like licking my ass?"

My left hand was suspended in mid air, waiting for permission to touch his cock. "Yeah, did that turn you on?"

"Oh yeah. That was fucking incredible! When you licked me all over, even my feet, it was so fuckin' incredible! Do you know how much you turn me on?"

"Well, I doubt 'I' turn you on; but what I do to you turns you on, I hope."

What the hell's the matter with me? We had this great 'sexy talkin' mood going here, and my pitiful insecurities had to interrupt it, obviously demanding he stroke my ego or something.

"Danny, YOU turn me on."

I looked up at him with a skeptical expression on my face. "How could a guy with such a gorgeous face and big, wet dream of a body like yours be turned on by an ugly, skinny little guy like me? No one likes me." I looked back down.

"Oh Danny," he reached down, took me by the hand and pulled me up into a warm embrace. "Oh Danny." He held me just as he had in the shower when I was crying. "You really don't know how hot you are, do you?" He lowered his voice, leaned his head down and spoke into my ear. "Let me tell you how sexy Danny is to me. When I met you that day, The first thing I noticed was your beautiful, sexy, hazel eyes, and your beautiful face."

His deep sexy voice in my ear sent shivers down my spine. My cock jerked hard in response. I didn't realize until then, how his very male, baritone voice in my ear could make me weak in the knees, put me in heat with a word, wanting him to fuck my face, ass, anywhere he could fuck me, just take me!

"I'd bet money no one's ever called you ugly-- because you're not," he continued, "you're beautiful and your skinny little body turns me on BECAUSE it's your skinny little body!" He stroked my back and ass as he talked.

"I probably wouldn't have turned on to you if you were like me. Your skinny little body makes me hard. Feel that?" He gripped my ass cheeks and pulled me forcefully up into him, grinding his cock into my stomach. "I'm a... a... what's the word... 'dominant' guy by nature, and you want that from me. I mean, everything that's happened, everything you've done tells me that. So we fit together like a hand and glove, as they say. That's why I told myself awhile ago, that if I was gonna do this with you, I was gonna go for it, get totally into it and not hold back nothin'."

He leaned his head back to get me to look in his eyes, "And I know one thing for sure-- no one, male or female, has ever made me cry. You did, Danny. I get tears in my eyes just remembering how much it hurt me to see you hurting and scared." His eyes did indeed water up slightly as he talked about it. I watched him study my face, from my forehead, to my cheeks, to my nose, to my lips, as he talked. "I've never felt anything like that before in my life. Girls have cried, friends have cried, even my mom has cried to me; but nothing they were crying about ever made me feel so bad, and made me..." he paused, "love them." He was flushed and his heart was beating fast.

Whoa! I was afraid to push the point, but I had to get confirmation.

"Did you just say... you love me?" I held my breath as I searched his eyes.

He fixed his deep pools of brown on mine for an eternity of a moment, several different subtle expressions playing across his face. "Yeah. I'm saying I love you. I realized it when we were sitting in the jacuzzi. I've only known you for two weeks, but I think I fell in love with you the moment Mr. Janke introduced us. When we shook hands, I felt a-- an energy, a surge, can't quite describe it..."

I nearly went into cardiac arrest. I couldn't believe my fanatsy had come true! I had been amazed over and over today, but THIS was the ultimate. He'd had a hard time admitting he was 'bi' just awhile ago. Now he's telling me HE LOVES ME!!!

I could see there were no second thoughts about it in his eyes. They stayed unwaveringly locked on mine. He meant it.

I was blinking tears back and bit my trembling lower lip. My legs were like jelly. I'm sure I would have collapsed if he hadn't been holding me tightly. I saw a warm, tender smile in his eyes, and a hint of amusement, as he watched my reaction. I couldn't speak. I couldn't do anything. But then, I didn't need to do anything. My world was now a good place to be.

After some time, I was finally able to squeak out, "I love you too."

"I know." He grinned. "Ya know, it's funny, I never got into just looking into anyone's eyes before, but I feel like I could just look into yours all day and night. Goddamn, that sounds so mushy, but it's true," he chuckled. "You'll have t' be patient with me, 'cause I'm freakin' out on how I'm feeling. Talking about it seems t' help. I guess I'm rambling, but it's just so... I'm blown away that the first time I feel like this, this powerful, is with a guy, with you! I don't know when that part's gonna really hit me, or how it'll hit me, but who cares? Wow." He had goose bumps and it felt like he was tingling.

I craned my neck up to kiss him. He held my gaze and slowly lowered his mouth to mine. It was the softest, most romantic kiss ever known to man. My eyes would open and close, while his remained open the whole time, devouring my soul and nourishing it at the same time. "The Great Gig In The Sky" was playing about then, the woman's soulful wailing filling the air around us with a surreal, enchanted atmosphere.

He kissed my cheek and the bridge of my nose. I spoke softly, "Jerry... how do I... I don't have the words to... I give myself to you-- I'm yours to do anything you want to... anything."

"Oh Danny." I felt his whole body flex and his heart pound. "Oh baby. I know what I want to do," he gritted his teeth, "but I'm not sure if you're ready for that." He took a deep breath.

We were both breathing hard. "I want it too. I want it more than anything in the world, but you're so big, it scares me. But I DO want it. I really NEED to feel you inside me, Jerry," I kissed his chin and looked into his eyes again. "I've never needed anything so much in my whole life. We GOTTA do it." I nodded my head.

"Ohhhh, god baby," he rolled his eyes back, looking up, "I can only imagine how awesome it would feel to be inside you," he looked back down at me, "but I don't want to hurt you."

"If we go real slow, I..." I trailed off, lost in his eyes. We kissed some more, then he took me by the hand and led me to the bed. I was weak kneed and trembling. I didn't know just how he wanted to go about this.

"Hold on," he left me standing beside the bed, while he went into the bathroom, returning with a jar of Vaseline and a couple of towels. I thought I should probably try to go to the bathroom. I excused myself and went.

I came back to find him laying on the bed, with his pole stretched up past his belly button. One hand was behind his head, and the other was casually playing with his balls. I stood and looked down on this vision of studliness and shuddered. I thought, 'God how lucky can I be! Do I really deserve someone as wonderful and gorgeous as him? Yeah, hell yeah, why Not me?' My dick sprang up hard as I looked over his magnificent body.

He watched it grow hard and looked up at me with a mellow smile on his face. "C'mere." He pulled his hand from behind his head, inviting me to lay beside him. I crawled into the niche he made for me and snuggled into his side, pressing my cock into his hip, laying my head on his shoulder. "We aint hurryin' nothin'," he assured me.

I relaxed and put my left arm across his broad chest, listening to his heartbeat. After a minute, I asked, "Whatcha thinkin'?"

He chuckled. "I'm thinkin' how lucky I am."

I raised my head, "Oh my god, that's exactly what I was just thinking!"

He chuckled and hugged me to him, "We're just a couple of lucky mother fuckers, ain't we?"

I laughed. "But I'm the luckiest one. Look what I get!" I reached down and grabbed hold of his meat, pointing the wide, semi hard shaft up. He rolled up in one swift maneuver, laying me on my back. Effortlessly pulling me down from the pillow to the middle of the bed, he stood on his knees between my legs.

He looked me up and down, "Oooh, look what I get!" Then he leaned down over me on his hands and knees, looking down into my eyes. I spread my legs wide and drew my knees up. The tip of his cock was poking just under my tightly drawn nuts. I was having a hot flash.

I'd never thought through the terms 'dominant' and 'submissive' before, but I realized they did apply to us. He was dominant, protective by nature, like he said, and I was ready to give myself to him, to feel him enter my body and possess me, to make me his. I was scared, but I HAD TO HAVE IT.

"Yeah, you get every bit of me, body and soul," I said as I writhed around under him, pulling my groin up so I could press his cock harder into me. It sprang up from behind my balls and bounced down beside my rigid shaft. I looked down between us and thrilled to the sight of his hairy muscular legs spreading mine, his pubic hair framing the base of his majestic tool. I looked at his chest and put my hands on the taut, rounded pecs, running my fingers through his soft hair, thinking how exciting it was to me to have his big strong body hovering over me, protecting and enveloping me.

He said, "I want your heart." and blew me away yet again. No one in the world would look at this young, All American jock and think he would be capable of being so deep, romantic, and tender- especially to ME, a guy.

"You already got it." I reached up and grasped his back with my arms, his tailbone with my heels, and pulled my body up under, into him. I held my head up to his and kissed him passionately. He returned the passion as he slowly laid us on the bed, easing much of his weight down on me, grinding our mouths and bodies together. I was electrified, urgently grinding my ass up into the base of his cock, trying to let him know I had to have it NOW, I'm ready for it NOW! No more hesitating, give it to me NOW!

After a couple of minutes, he raised up, kissing and licking his way down my neck, chest and stomach. I kept my knees pulled back, as he paused to tease my belly button with his tongue. He left it and went straight to my cock, eliciting a moan from me as he engulfed it, tonguing the underside. He held the base with one hand and massaged my balls with the other.

When he could tell by my moans that I was getting too close, he moved his mouth down to my balls, and his hand down to my hole, feeling around it, massaging it lovingly with his fingers, without penetrating. I was squirming and pushing into his hand.

"Oh, Jerry! Please, let me suck on you?" I pleaded as he swirled my balls in his mouth and massaged my rose. He started moving himself around into a sixty-nine position, without ever letting them slip from his mouth or his hand leave my ass. He positioned his left knee by my left shoulder, with his right knee up, foot behind my head, letting his manhood dangle over the side of my face.

I eagerly wrapped my fingers around it, raising up to kiss the fleshy head lovingly, then eased it into my mouth slowly. It was so electrifying to feel his hard, meaty shaft stretching my lips and jaw as it stuffed my mouth so completely. I kept easing it back to my throat, determined to relax and let it go all the way again. He was so focused on what he was doing to me, that his cock was spongy hard, not rigid.

I didn't expect it to be so easy, but it just slid down my throat, filling it impossibly full. Maybe the position helped. When I hit bottom with my chin, I almost climaxed. I ground my face up into him, holding it there. Jerry raised his head up and moaned loudly.

"Oh Danny! Oh baby!" He turned his head to watch me hanging from his groin. I suppose he could see my throat stretched by his pole.

I was elated that I could take his massive cock all the way down my throat, knowing I could do what he'd said no one else could do. I could give him more pleasure than any female! I backed off to get some air, glanced at his face to see a look of awe and went up on it again. The look on his face, the fire in his eyes, spurred me to work it in and out. He was motionless, just watching me, mesmerized.

I started going up and down at a steady rate, all the way, every time. He became rigid as I devoured him, but my throat was so stretched it was able to accomodate it even then. I gagged a few times, but didn't let it throw off my rhythm--breathing every third or fourth time on the outstroke. I was in heaven. I could eat his delicious cock all day, every day, and never get enough.

"Oh god baby, you're driving me insane! How do you DO that?" He rasped.

I was so thrilled that I could take it all the way, that I could please him so much, I couldn't stop to answer--and didn't care the answer. I just had to have it. All I could think was, 'Fuck my face, fuck my face, give me what I need so bad! Feed me, feed me, you are my world, my everything, I love you so much, I need all of you, in me, on me, FUCK ME PLEEEEEASE!!!!' I ravished him with all my being, flying up and down on his enormous shaft as fast as I could go, feeling it stretching and filling my raw, hungry throat beyond reason again and again.

After staring slackjawed at me for a couple of minutes, he turned his attention back to my ass and nuts. He put his elbows between my thighs and pulled my knees back toward my chest, doubling me up. He knew this made it so I couldn't raise my face up to his cock, so he started feeding it down to me. Now that he knew I could take it all the way, he was thrusting all the way down with a barely controlled intensity, making me thrash and heave with uncontrolled passion.

I grabbed his ass frantically with both hands and yanked him down into my aching throat on every stroke, wordlessly begging for more, More, MORE! He threw caution to the wind and plowed into me. I was delirious, feeling the force of the impact deep in my gullet everytime he slammed into my face, his balls banging my cheek and nose like an aftershock, sending me to a realm I didn't know existed. I was consumed with consuming HIM.

At some point in my delerium, I was able to feel something besides my throat being plundered, and realized Jerry was tonguing and sucking my asshole as furiously as I was sucking his cock. When I focused on that for an instant, with his hardness still driving into my face, and his tongue prodding into my hole, I erupted in the most intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life. It felt like it was tearing my guts out. It was so powerful it hurt. I don't think I passed out, but I left this plane for a moment...

Jerry never missed a beat, continuing to bore into me with his piledriver, and eating my ass with a vengeance. He gathered some of my cum and smeared it around my belly and then my nuts. When I returned, I didn't care at all that I couldn't breathe. I only knew he was still feeding me what I so desperately needed and still eating my ass like it would save his life, propelling me right back up to-- well I never really descended--the intensity of it all.

He deftly replaced his tongue with a finger in my tunnel, and gradually slipped in two more, provoking me to thrust up into his hand what little I could, being doubled up and plowed in the face.

I don't know how he kept two completely different paced onslaughts going, but he did; slamming my face forcefully in and out, while intently and rhythmically drilling three fingers in and out of my ass. He was watching his fingers glide in and out of my ass while licking and kissing around on my silky perineum and balls.

Once, his pole slipped out and missed my mouth on the downstroke, smearing down my cheek to my ear. I used that moment to gasp for air and beg him to fuck my ass.

"PLEASE Jerry, please fuck me!! PLEASE FUCK ME NOW JERRY, OH PLEASE!!!" I begged breathlessly. He didn't need to be asked again.

He moved around, letting my legs down, and rolled me over in a smooth, fluid motion, laying down full weight on my back, hunching his spit lubed shaft up and down my crack, crushing the base against my hungry, dialated hole, making me babble pleadings to him to DO IT NOW DO IT NOW! He was sliding his whole body up and down my backside, using our sweat to glide back and forth. His chest hair abrasing my back, his breath straining into my neck, he was rasping in my ear,

"Danny, are you sure you're ready for me baby?"

"Yes Jerry, YES! NOW, Please!" I pleaded.

He hunched against my hole, sliding his huge member up and back down. When he started back up, the tip caught at the pucker and he pivoted it up so it slid up my furrow again.

"Oh baby, you know what it does to me when I hear you say how bad you want me inside you? When you beg me to come inside you?" his gravelly vioce making me shiver, as he kept burrowing into my trench, barely restraining himself, catching at the hole and pushing past it, over and over again, reducing me to little more than a begging child.

"Oh GOD Jerry, I need it so bad! Please, PLEASE come inside me!" I pleaded in agony, bucking my ass frantically up into him. He kept hunching me in slow, muscle straining motion.

"I want you to open up for me, Danny. I want you to give yourself to me completely." He hissed in my ear, kissing from my jaw to the corner of my eye.

"OH JERRY!! I GOTTA--I GOTTA HAVE--TAKE ME PLEASE!" I babbled as I bucked violently up into him.

He reached over to the nightstand, dipped his finger into the Vaseline and smeared some on his cock and some on my hole. He laid back down on me, his weight splendidly crushing me into the bed, arching his ass back and aiming his pulsing member at my channel.

Wrapping his long, strong fingers around both my wrists, Jerry stretched my arms out above my head, holding my wrists together with one hand, commanding his all consuming alpha dominance over me. His other hand aimed his shaft at my needy hole. I lay prone under him, submitting the whole of my being to him, trusting myself to him absolutely.

He craned his neck down to reach my face and I twisted up so our lips could meet and he kissed me greedily as he pressed his body down into mine. He brought both his arms into my sides and held me as if he couldn't risk me slipping away. I felt the unyielding pressure of the thick, blunt head demanding entry and became scared again. It felt like he was trying to shove a fencepost into my ass. But I was more desperate for it than I was scared.

"Now relax, Danny," he whispered breathlessly in my ear as most of our movements ceased, "Relax and concentrate on how much you want me inside you. It's gonna hurt at first, but I won't go any faster than you want me to. Just remember I love you Danny."

Suddenly, my sphinctre yielded and the head wedged in.

"AGHHHH!!" I shrieked. The pain was so intense! Three fingers and all my lust hadn't prepared me for this. "Oh! Aghh! Oh!" I gasped. Tears leaked from my clenched eyes.

"I'll hold it right there and let you get used to it, baby," he soothed. He held still, the only movement the throbbing of his adamant member, letting my muscles get used to being stretched so wide.

"Oh, Danny, you're so HOT inside!" he gasped. "I've been waiting for this moment all my life, baby. I've only been waiting for you to be right here, underneath me, giving yourself to me," he said softly, kissing the damp nape of my neck, then licking in and behind my ear.

His deep, comforting voice in my ear transmuted much of my pain and fear, allowing me to relax some, reminding me how desperately I wanted him inside me. He felt my muscles relaxing and let it sink a little deeper. I was panting and grunting, biting at the sheets, my hands clenching the pillows beyond my head.

"Oh, agnh," I whimpered, "It hurts, Jerry, it's so fucking BIG!" I sobbed, muffled into the bed.

"Relax baby, relax, I'll go reeeal slow." He pushed very slowly a little further in. It felt like he was splitting me in two. I couldn't believe how massive it felt-- in just that far. Then he pulled back slowly to the head and pushed back in just a little deeper than before. He held there for a minute as I panted and whimpered, feeling stretched wider than I could imagine.

"Baby, you're so hot inside, I can't believe how amazing it feels! I won't go any deeper until you're ready. I'm just gonna go in and out this far." He started working it in and out very slowly and gently, never going any deeper.

My muscles were starting to relax to the feel of the massive intrusion, and I was starting to revel in the sensation of being penetrated and stretched so widely. 'I know I can take it, I know I want it, I know I love him.'

"Oh yeah, baby, oh god yeah. I feel you relaxing and letting me in. God it's indescribable, Danny! Is it starting to feel good to you?"

"Yeah," I squeaked, "It's so fucking big I can't believe it, ooohh, oh, oh, oh," I panted as he sank a little deeper. He kept the slow stroke going, sinking a little deeper on about every fourth or fifth stroke. It wasn't hurting anything like it did at first, but it still felt like I was being split in two.

He was maybe halfway in, and pulled it all the way out slowly, keeping only the head lightly pressed against my sphinctre. It took a moment for me to realize he'd stopped. More accurately, what I realized was that I felt empty, void. I realized I needed him back inside me. I was incomplete without him inside me.

"Don't stop! Please put it back in! PLEEEASE!" I begged.

"Oh Danny, that's what I needed to hear. I have to know you NEED me in you baby."

"Yes! I need you inside me! Please, Jerry, Please put it back in!" And he sank it back in and then some. "AAOhhhhh god yeah! Jerry I love you!" I cried out of my eyes. "Go more! I don't care how much it hurts, I want you inside me! Oh! Oh God!"

"God, Danny, I don't know if I can take it! It might be painful some to you," he could barely get it out, "but it's-- it's overwhelming--to me! I LOVE YOU DANNY!" He pushed and entered another channel deep within me, spiraling me to the next level.

I was overwhelmed by the immense fullness inside me. My all encompassing need for him was more profound than I could ever have imagined. There was pain, but it was transformed into pleasure with the feeling of opening myself up for Jerry, filling me with his love. I pushed back up onto him, needing more Now. There were maybe three more inches to go, and I needed them all, to feel complete.

I hunched back at him in a steady ride up onto his manhood. I was gasping and crying and yelling and moaning in pleasure/pain, desperately trying to get it all inside me I had to have it all inside me gotta have Jerry in me I love you needing to be complete FUCK ME JERRY NOW! NOW! NOW!

He began driving slowly in and out, shouting "OH GOD!", "OH DANNY!" in my ear--longdicking me so that I felt every ridge, every vein, every pore as it filled me then took it away, filled me then took it away, then filled me and staying, churning it in to the depths of my soul-- filling me completely as I cried out again and again and again I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!

He arched his head up and began dancing in and out of me, steadily increasing his tempo with frenetic thrusts, flooding my senses as I begged and pleaded for it to not ever end-- just keep filling up my world, please Jerry please Jerry, keep giving me all of you, I yelled "YES! OH GOD YES!!" as his sweat rained down on me from above and his voice exploded in my brain, firing every nerve and synapse into hyperdrive,

He howled "OH DANNY! OH MY GOD MY BABY, OH-GOD!" As he pummeled my convulsing body relentlessly with a passion that only love can ignite, inducing screams and wails and grunts and moans of pleasure and pain and clenched fists and writhing and thrashing heaving hard bucking and begging and begging for more to not stop don't stop never stop loving me exploding fire within and without us wreaking eruptions without end into the universe I was slinging incoherent words and Iloveyous out of my mouth as I violently threw my head from side to side unable to breathe trying desperately to shout