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tutoring jerry

Chapter Four: Eating Ding Dongs

Jerry blushed a little and looked back down at his tool. It was filled out about the way it had been in the shower area, earlier.

"Heh Heh, I guess we were pretty worked up, huh?" He blushed some more.

I was still in a state of euphoria, amazed that this had just happened.

"Yeah, I'm still tingling!" I put my hand on his stomach, moving it around in small circles. Beads of sweat were glistening in the fading daylight streaking through the window. I watched the soft golden brown hairs spring back into place as my hand passed slowly over them. I looked at his belly button, an innie, and wanted to lick out the sweat puddled inside the shallow hole.

He was sprawled out, knees spread wide, one arm on the back of the loveseat, the other still semi around me, laying on the cushion. He was so gorgeous. I was sitting upright, my body turned facing his side. He watched my hand as I rubbed around on his belly.

Just as I'd done a few minutes before, I made my circles swing lower and lower, til I was grazing the base of his shaft, which was filling and expanding pulse by pulse. On one of the swings, I let my fingers go up onto it, and was rewarded with it hefting itself on up to touch his belly button. It was getting pretty hard, but still flexible. I let my fingers encircle its thickness near the base and held it up, watching it sway around like a drunk cowboy.

I was in awe.

"God, it's so fucking big," I whispered reverently. "It's way bigger than anything I've ever seen before." I compared, and yes, it was as thick as my wrist. I tranced as I studied it. Looking at every vein and ridge, and the bumps and dimples, the terrain that compelled every part of my body to want contact with it, to it, of it. In me.

"Yeah, it's pretty big. I used to get teased about it, back in junior high."

"Teased? No way! Why would anyone tease you for having a big dick? Every guy wants a big dick! I do!" We both laughed. "I mean my own, bigger. But yeah, I want your big dick too." I couldn't believe I was hearing myself say things like this to him! To anyone! To be able to say it out loud, and not fear the reaction was such a momentous event for me.

"You'd think! But back in Ohio, in the locker room, some guys called me a freak. Not like, all the time. That was kinda like, one period in the time I was there. But, I was still skinny, about your size, in junior high; so it looked even bigger on my body then, you know."

"Was it this big then?"

"Oh, probably not this big, but still way bigger than anyone elses in class."

"Well, I can't imagine anyone teasing you about something so beautiful. I think they should've been worshipping you. You're the most perfect man I've ever seen!"

"Man, huh?" He chuckled. "Well, let all who want to worship this perfect man come thither!" He gestured grandly. "Is it 'tither'?"

"I think so. Or 'hither'. I dunno, but I'm here to your call, good sir! I will worship your body every day, and love you for all time." I proclaimed, and meant it.

He was chuckling, but when I added the love part, he looked down at his cock. I didn't read much into it at that moment, because I looked at it and saw a drop of cum on the tip. I lowered my head to it, saying on the way, "Oh look, gotta keep it clean to worship," and licked the pearly drop from his deep slit. He jerked in response, and a little 'oh' of pleasure escaped his throat.

I licked around on it for a moment, then engulfed the head with my mouth. He was moaning audibly now, and I was thrilling that I was sucking on it again; and that he was liking it and wanting more. Just as I slid down past the head, he touched my face, stopping me. I raised up off of it with a question and obvious displeasure at the same time.

"Hold on a minute Danny, I gotta pee really bad! Be right back." He did an apologetic grimace, gathered himself and went to the bathroom.

I used the time to clean my own cum off of my body with the robe, discarding it beside the loveseat. I heard him pissing for a very long time, and realized I had to as well. I couldn't go do it while he was in there, because I would stay too hard to pee, in his presence. When he came out, sans robe, dangler a swingin', I unconsciously held my breath as I watched him walk toward me. He swaggered. He swaggered for me. And that turned me on even more, like he knew it would. God, he was so virile!

Just as he got close, I stood up. "I gotta pee too." And I reached out and took hold of his meat and shook it. "You got a drop o' pee hangin' there."

He laughed. "I shook it!" he said as he looked down at it and glanced over at my woodie.

"Well it's so long, it takes a couple extra shakes t' get it all," I giggled, reluctantly letting it go as I walked to the bathroom.

"Hey, I'm gonna go get us another coke."

"Ok." I called from the bathroom. I stood there, trying to get mine to go down so I could pee. Finally it did, as I started thinking how amazing all this was, and thinking 'I've got to make sure I make him feel really good. But I don't know what I'm doing, really. I just know I've GOT to give it everything I've got, to make him want to keep doing this. He get's sex, I'm sure, from Brenda. I've got to make it better, in some way, than what he gets from her. I've heard guys joking before, that guys give better head, since they know what feels good to them. So I'll give him the best head he's ever had! Before I saw how big his dick was, I wanted him to fuck my ass-- but now, I'm not so sure-- I'm scared of it. I don't think my little ass could take that huge flagpole! But, if he wants to fuck me-- I WILL take it. I don't care how much it hurts! What am I thinking? I DO want it! I NEED it! How could I have doubted that I wanted it, for even a second? I want him to fuck me more than anything in the world!'

I finished and washed my prick off. Jerry came back in, just as I sat down, with a couple of cokes and a box of Ding Dongs.

"Man, I got the munchies!" He plopped down and tore into the box, offering me some. I ate two, and he finished off the rest in silence. I just enjoyed watching him eat-- everything he did was sensual to me, and I loved watching his muscles flex with his movements. When he was through, he had chocolate all over his fingers on both hands. He was looking at his coated fingers like he wasn't sure what to do with them. I snickered and took his right hand in mine. He tilted his head and looked at me with a 'what?' look on his face, mouth still stuffed overfull of Ding Dong. I took his fingers into my mouth one by one, thoroughly licking, slobbering and sucking the chocolate off, keeping our eyes locked, in as seductive a stare as I could project.

By the time I finished cleaning his right hand, he had already finished his mouthful and licked his other hand clean. He watched my lips until I finished.

"You're pretty good at that, huh?" He smiled a chocolate smile. I laughed again, a chocolate laugh I'm sure.

"Well, I hope I am. I want to be. This is my first time to do anything with anyone. Hell, that was my first kiss." I admitted and blushed. He raised his eyebrows.

"No shit? You never even kissed before?"

"No. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not the perfect specimen of manhood that you are. I don't have chicks fallin' all over me," I said defensively, and added, "not that I want them to." We both laughed at that.

"Well, I never thought I'd 'kiss' a guy." He shook his head like he just remembered he'd done it, and couldn't believe it. "Even when I thought about trying somethin' with a guy, I never thought of kissing. I didn't really want to. That's so..." he left it unsaid.

"Then why did you?"

He thought for a moment, "It just... It just seemed like the right thing to do. You know, it felt right, with you, at that moment, I guess," he said, sounding philosophical.


"Yeah. You made me... You bring out the-- it's hard to describe." He became somewhat animated, trying to figure out how and why he was feeling the feelings he was getting, gesturing widely. "It's like... you bring out the, what, protective side of me? Or, it's more like... Well, you make me act kinda the same way I do with a girl. I mean, I wanna hold you and, and, wrap you up in my arms. Not that I think of you like a 'girl', it's just... how you make me feel..." I could see the wheels turning in his head.

"Is that a good thing?" I was trying to figure out where his head was. It seemed like mixed signals to me.

"Wuh, yeah. I guess I just didn't expect that. I didn't expect any 'feelings' with it. That's what's blowin' me away, is the feelings. I mean, I figured it would be, like... sex, ya know? Like, barenaked-raw-sex, if it was with a 'guy'. I wasn't ready for feelings." He fell silent, contemplating it all.

This was degenerating into a heavy mood. I didn't want him to reflect on this to the point of regret. I needed to bring the mood back to easy-going-- then back to sex.

"Jerry, I was so scared. I fell in love with you, and I was so scared you'd hate me when you found out. But you didn't! You made me feel so good, so... like it was ok to feel that way--about you! You made everything alright, like I can feel good about myself. I mean, I didn't hate myself, but I felt... hopeless, and afraid. And I felt stupid, for falling in love with-- a straight guy. But I just couldn't help it! Now I can't think of anything else but you. An' now that I know you don't hate me, I don't want to do anything but-- be with you, and make you happy. I'll do anything to be with you, even if it's only some of the time. I mean, I know you got Brenda and your whole life and all... so I'll take what I can get of you. Oh god, that sounds so fucking pathetic." And I fell silent.

I had certainly not succeeded in steering the conversation away from the heavy subject of emotions. I didn't know how to get back to lighter fare. Finally he broke the silence.

"No, it's not pathetic, Danny. I'm glad you... see it that way." He looked at me and saw my confusion. "I mean, I was worried that, you wanted me to be... Or like, thought I would turn totally gay." He looked back to his cock. "I mean... I mean... Like I said, I never had these kinda feelings before, and I really want to... uh... 'try', uh, things with you. But I'm really fuckin' confused about my feelings for you. I mean, I still love Brenda. We've been dating for like a year. I 'think' I love her. She always wants me to tell her I do." He reflected.

"I do love her, Danny, and I'm not 'gay'. I guess I'm bi." He shook his head like Stevie Wonder, as it dawned on him what he was saying. "Whoa, shit. Oh man." He settled his gaze back on his cock, as some sort of acceptance played across his face. "Anyway, I know I want to... 'explore' this with you." I could tell he was telling himself all this, as much as he was telling me. "Yeah, I admit it." He looked me in the eyes again. "I can't believe I'm saying this shit to a guy, but it's just the fuckin' way it is. I gotta deal with it. I don't know where I'm gonna go with it; but that's just the fuckin' way it is." He was flushed, breathing sharp and shallow.

Again, I knew this was difficult for him to admit and verbalize; to be so frank and open about something so hard to deal with. It made me love him more by the second. Would I have preferred to get a little more exclusivity, or a declaration of love? Of course. But I wouldn't have dared to dream this morning that anything like this could happen today. I was ecstatic to get what he was offering! I didn't want to sound like some lovesick schoolgirl; but I wanted him to know how much I loved him.

"Oh, Jerry!" I had tears in my eyes again. My voice lilted as I tried to hold my emotions in check. "Is it ok when I say I love you? I hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable. Because, I mean, I could just say it over and over again-- and I do all the time, when I'm by myself." My voice was trembling and my emotions were washing over me in waves. "You've made me so fucking happy!" I practically yelled.

I leaned in close and put my face a couple of inches from his. "Would you please, please, kiss me one more time?" I asked meekly. "I'll never ask you to again." We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and he brought his parted lips to mine.

We kissed passionately, chocolatey, for a long time, gradually twisting our bodies together. He was a wonderful kisser. What I lacked in experience, I made up for in enthusiasm.

Occasionally working into a lather, our pace generally played in tender, sensual rhythms. It was so incredibly erotic, it was like a dreamstate, as I tried to absorb all the tactile sensations and his body heat. But I was bursting inside, just ready to explode with joy, and lust, and love.

I'd heard guys, and girls too, for that matter; describe, in varying detail, their first times. And none had ever came even remotely close, to describing what I was experiencing. And we weren't even having 'sex', sucking and all that, yet. I thought of our orgasm a few minutes before as an explosion of pent up frustration and anticipation, rather than a real sexual first time-- fantastic and unforgettable a moment as it was.

I was almost completely laying on top of his hunky body now, straddling him, as he stretched out so his butt was right on the edge of the cushion. Our chests were heaving in time together. His arms were pulling me tightly into his body, my pecker jabbing at his behemoth.

I didn't want to cum before we got to DO anything, this time; so I mentally talked myself back from the brink, 'One, two, three, four...'

After I'd successfully slowed down, I reached between us and took hold of his shaft. It was hard, but still spongy, and I kneaded it lovingly with my fingers. He let out a couple of grunts of encouragement. I pulled away from his kiss, brushing the light, soft stubble on his chin with my lips, working my way down his neck to his chest. I didn't know that nipples were erogenous zones. I just knew I wanted to lick and suck on them, and rub my face in his chest. As far as I was concerned, every centimeter of his body was an erogenous zone that I, hopefully, would sooner or later explore thoroughly.

I licked, sucked and nibbled on his hard nipples for a couple of minutes, while plying his erection with my hand. I moved myself off of his body so I could get at it. Then I pushed his arm up, and moved my face into his armpit. They had turned me on so, when I saw them in the gym downstairs, I just had to taste them. He flinched at first, then relaxed with it. I breathed in the pheromones and musk, getting a rush from his scent. Neither of us had soaped ourselves in the shower, only getting a rinse; and he apparently hadn't used any deodorant that morning, so his smell was strong and robust, sending me into a frenzy.

I licked and sucked his armpit as he moaned with pleasure, crushing my face into the hairy niche as he got more and more into it. I took my time, continually stroking and squeezing his now raging cock. I worked my way back across his chest, stopping again at each nipple, to the other armpit, licking it as fervently as the first.

To get my face up into it, I had to crawl partly back onto him, draping my right leg over his, and pressing my dripping cock into his thigh. He had his right arm around my back, and began hunching my cock with his leg while he pushed down on my ass, squeezing my cheeks in time with his hunching. I whimpered at his manipulations, arching my ass back at his hand, offering it up to him.

After a few minutes, I reluctantly left his armpit, working my way down the side of his firm pectoral and under it's sharply defined ledge, to his hard abs. I slid off his leg, trying to keep his hand in contact with my asscheek. He kept it there, as I pushed my butt back onto the cushion to ensure he could easily reach it.

I licked around on the solidly packed muscles, gathering the sweat as I went; then followed the treasure trail to that belly button I had eyed minutes before. I raised my face up off his skin and blew on the slippery wet area, then gingerly dipped my tongue into the hole, lapping up the sweet and salty nectar. I was actually thinking I could live on a steady diet of his sweat; wondering if that made me a weirdo or something. But his flavor just drove me wild! I didn't understand why, nor did I care to understand. It just did.

I went around the long way, bypassing his expectant member, save for my hand. Licking in wide swaths over his hips, I worked my way onto his thigh. I scooted off the seat, onto my knees, and worked myself in between his legs. I hated to be the one to cause him to let go of my ass; but I had a mission. I was going to give him a tongue bath he wouldn't forget.

I still held his throbbing tube with my right hand, and licked my way down his tender, hairless inner thigh, grasping his knee with my left hand. His muscles were spasming and flexing as I lathed the pale, smooth skin. I vaguely remembered hearing somewhere that the back of the knee was some kind of turn on, so I worked my way under, til I could lick at it. He raised his leg to give me access, and I sucked it like I was trying to give him a hickey. I gradually worked my way down to his ankle and pulled his foot up, sitting back on my haunches. I had to let go of his shaft to hold his foot in both hands.

He had big, graceful, angular feet. He had a surprized look on his face, that quickly turned to pleasure as I started working on it as if I knew what I was doing. I alternated licking and studying it. The only hair on his foot, was a smattering on the top ridge. His big toe was thick and long. Each toe was fairly thick and long, even the little toe. The shiny nails were in need of a trim, but it seemed to add to the gracefulness of the whole foot.

I was surprized that, being an athlete, there was no dry, cracked skin or other signs of athlete's foot. His foot smelled good to me! It smelled sweaty, a little funky. I licked between each toe, being sure to lick up under the knuckle of each one; then sucked them in, one at a time, swirling saliva around with my tongue and sucking it back off. It seemed to drive him crazy, whipping his head around and moaning loudly.

I worked around to lick the arch, massaging the toes while I licked the bottom of his foot. I thoroughly licked and slobbered the bottom and sides of his foot, going back up to the ankle, and down the ridge again to the toes, tonguing each one again just because they were so beautiful. I intertwined my fingers with the wet toes to let his foot back down, after I'd covered every bit of surface. I lifted the other foot to repeat the loving attention. I had to use both hands to hold it too, adoring it as thoroughly as the first one.

While I worked on his right foot, he ground his wet left foot into my rigid cock and balls. I moaned with pleasure and he started rubbing it up and down, rubbing his toes on the head, getting precum all over them. I hunched back, while trying to keep my attention on his left foot. He seemed to like rubbing me like that, because it took some effort to keep it up. Before starting my way up his left leg, I picked his right foot back up and licked my precum off each toe, tasting myself and him in a potent cocktail. He watched me, mouth open, seeming to delight in the thought that that's what I was doing. I could see him licking his tongue around in his mouth, subtly mimicking my actions.

By the time I worked my way back up the left leg, to his inner thigh, he was moaning steadily, eyes now closed, head back into the cushion, reveling in the sensations.

I took his meat back in my hand and pointed it up, spreading his legs wide with my elbows. The time I'd spent on his feet, without holding it, hadn't diminished its urgent throbbing in the least. So I knew he was enjoying everything I was doing. Now I was at the area that I had been working my way to.

A shudder went through my body as I looked at his rigid pole, pointing skyward, his big hairy nuts drawn up slightly to the heel of my hand, His hamstrings and perineum exposed to my hungry eyes. Again, I was torn between diving on his awesome cock, and slurping those deliciously tempting nuts.

I decided to save the meat and go for the potatoes. I brought my nose just to where the soft curly hairs tickled it. I cupped the supple orbs with my right hand and breathed in deeply. "Oh god." I moaned aloud. I couldn't believe how incredibly his malescent turned me on! It took over my senses, blocking out all other awareness, focusing every corner of my mind on him, on devouring him. I never imagined a male's body and musk could be this overwhelmingly powerful to me; that it could reduce me to a drooling idiot, with no self-control whatsoever!

He moaned as I pulled them into my face, massaging my nose, lips and chin with them; breathing in the pungent aroma again and again. It was like a drug to me. I was getting strung out on his essence-- my drug of choice.

I sucked in the left orb, stretching the skin and swirling it around with my tongue, deliberately slow. He moaned loudly with pleasure and put his hand lightly on my head, gently urging me on. I tried, but couldn't get both of them into my mouth at the same time. They were just too big-- but it was fun trying, one slipping out, while I tried to get the other one in.

After I made love to his balls for some time, I followed the thick ridge behind them down. I hungrily mouthed the root of his cock, darting my tongue off each side, to tease the sensitive, hairless skin. He was moaning and mumbling encouragements to me.

I was startled when he pulled his knees up to his chest, giving me easy access to all of his nether region, perched at the edge of the cushion. I hadn't expected him to get into my tongue bath this much.

It otherwise wouldn't have occurred to me to lick his asshole. It just wasn't something I'd ever thought of; and I probably would have grossed out on the idea--if I'd thought of it in a non-sexual moment-- but he 'seemed' to be 'wanting' me to lick it. My tongue was less than in inch from it... Should I? Does he want me to? Or would that gross him out? I don't think it would gross me out-- like I said, every centimeter of his body is a turn on to me! What should I do?

"Yeah, lick it, Danny," he whispered urgently, as though he'd read my mind, making it up for me.

I tentatively stretched the tip of my tongue to the tight pucker, feeling the wrinkly muscle spasm as I made contact. I pushed my tongue harder and fuller against it and he moaned. If this turned him on, I was gonna go for it. I attacked.

I put my face full onto his rose and started licking and slurping. He moaned louder than ever, turning me on even more. I began pushing my tongue into the hole. It was so tight, I couldn't get in. Then he suddenly pushed his ass muscle out and my tongue slid in the hole.

"OH Fuck Yeah!" he said loudly, as he squirmed and moaned. He reached down and ground my face into his ass. I lost myself in eating his ass out, loving it, licking, tonguing and sucking furiously. He would let my tongue in, then clamp down hard on it, release, and clamp down again. Spit was dripping off my chin as I moaned into his ass. He moaned loudly in response to the vibrations of my voice in his ass. I went at it like I was possessed.

Suddenly, he grabbed me by the hair and gently, but urgently pulled my head up from his ass, guiding me to his shaft as he lowered his legs.

"Oh, Danny, suck it! SUCK IT NOW!"

My vision was filled with his meat as he lifted my head so my mouth could meet the head. He was holding it up with his other hand, and I saw a string of precum stretching from above his belly button to the dialated slit, just before he jammed my face down on the monolith. If I had been touching myself, I would have shot my load the instant it hit the back of my throat.

He held my head in both hands, pistoning in and out rapidly, feeding my face with his powerful tool. It was all I could do to keep my lips around it, as he slammed the back of my throat again and again. I was writhing around on my knees, body out of control. I was so turned on by him fucking my face, making me eat his cock like a madman, I was losing it. I couldn't coordinate myself, I couldn't think at all; I could only suck his dick-- the two of us were all that existed, and that was all I wanted.

He slowed down momentarily, and released his grip on my head, letting me take over ministering his cock.

"I don't wanna cum yet-- slow down, baby," he said, looking down at me, face red. He breathed in deeply several times, trying to regulate. "Goddamn, Danny! Fuck, you're doin' things no one's ever done before, and fuckin' drivin' me crazy!" He cocked his head, with an expression of disbelief on his face. "Goddamn, Danny! This can't be your first time!"

I nodded my head around his dick, with maybe a third of it in my mouth, solidly against the back of my throat. I raised up slowly, squeegeing the flesh with my lips as I went. It made a pop and I beamed from ear to ear at his praise.

"Goddamn! Mmm Mm." He was smiling as well.

I extended my tongue to the tip of his column and held it there, looking up at him. He leaned forward, taking my head in his hands as he moved to kiss me.

"You won't 'ever' have to 'ask' to kiss me again," he said, as our lips met for a tender kiss. I radiated love for him. "Man, oh man," he said as he pulled away from the kiss. He still held my head in his hands, and pulled up slowly, signalling me to stand. He let go as I stood up, knees wobbling, still out of breath. Standing, put my dick directly in front of his face.

He studied it for a minute. I remained silent, wondering what he was about to do. I was still thinking of him as 'straight'-- wanting to play around. I didn't know the term 'trade', but that's what I thought he was going to be, confusing feelings or not. I assumed he'd want me to suck him, and he'd fuck me, and maybe let me kiss him some. I, truly, didn't expect any kind of reciprocation.

He wiped away the long string of precum hanging off the tip, wiping his hand on his calf. He took hold of it with his other hand and stroked it slowly and gently, studying it all the while. More precum came out as he stroked. This time, he stuck his tongue to the tip and tasted it. I was about to have a meltdown. He savored the flavor for a moment, apparently deciding he liked it ok, and put his tongue back on the tip for a second, then slowly and steadily, pushed his face onto my cock.

I couldn't breathe, or speak. I could hardly remain standing. He sucked it in almost all the way to the base, just holding it there, working his tongue on the underside. He let his hand slide down to my nearly hairless nuts and started massaging them, sending his fingers searchingly under, toward my ass.

I instinctively spread my thighs for him to have easy access. My legs were trembling as I freaked out that he was doing this-- and that is definitely the only thing that kept me from cumming instantly. His finger found my hole, and started massaging around on it with his spit lubed finger, making me shudder.

He put real suction to it, and began working it back and forth, slowly and steadily. He was doing it really well, working his tongue and lips like a pro. As my mind reeled down to believing what I was seeing, the sensations began to register, and I knew I would cum in seconds if I let him keep this up.

"I-- I'm gonna cum!" I warned him. He responded by taking his own cock in his free hand and stroking it fast and hard. He lost coordination between the two paces and tried to find a rhythym that he could do on both. He slowed down on his and sped up on mine, getting into a groove. I pulled away. "Jerry, I'm about to shoot!" I warned him again.

"Go ahead! Do it!" He said as he pulled me by the nuts to get my cock back in his mouth.

He wanted to drink my cum! I couldn't believe it! But I had no time to ponder, as I felt my orgasm about to erupt. I looked down at his fist pumping that huge cock of his, as I felt his finger slide into my hole. That sent me over the edge.

"OH-AGH AGH- OH!" I exploded into his mouth, blast after blast. He swallowed the first couple of shots, regrouping to swallow more. As my cock pulsed out jizm rapid fire, it started leaking out the corners of his lips. About then, my knees gave out and I went down, one last jet hitting him in the stomach on the way. I went down on my knees, gasping for breath and saw his fist flying up and down his shaft, inches away from my face.

I didn't have any air, but I wasn't about to let his load go to waste, so I managed to position my mouth just above the action, mouth gaping as I tried to catch my breath. I was rewarded shortly with the first jet hitting the back of my throat. He yelled and stopped stroking, holding his fist at the base, gripping and releasing; so I dove on it and feasted on the rest of his gift to me.

I sucked him dry, milking him, sucking every last drop of semen from his shaft. I caressed his balls as I nursed his meat. It was deflating slowly, and at one point was still firm, but spongy and flexible; so I pushed down hard and it slid into my throat. Way in. I gagged and retched, but wouldn't let it out. I was so thrilled to feel it in my throat, I wasn't about to relinquish it over mere gagging.

I pushed down even deeper, til I was to the base of his shaft. It may not have been rigid hard, but it was hard enough to choke me. I wouldn't let it go. I was too thrilled that I could get it all the way down, to let it out. It felt so massive in there! I was proud that I could do it. I was probably about to start turning blue when I finally backed off, sucking in air, and went back down on it.

"You took it all the way!" He said with amazement. "Wow! I mean, it's still pretty fuckin' hard, and you took it all the way down! No one's ever done that!"

I moaned around the base.

"Ohhh, that feels so good, Danny. I feel your voice, the vibrations. They go all through me. Ohhh man."

I moaned some more for him, but eventually had to back off to catch my breath. I came up off of him, gasping and smiling. "Yeah! I did it! All the way!" I said breathlessly. I was so proud of myself.

"I did it too."


"Sucked my first dick," he said. He had a strange look on his face. It wasn't distasteful, or negative, but it wasn't exactly positive, either.

"So... how was it?" I asked tentatively.

"Not bad, really... not bad. Strange and different, but not bad. I kinda... got into it," he said, unsure of his own reaction.

"I know it freaked me out when you did it-- in a good way. I was just really surprised. I didn't expect it," I said, as I sat back on my haunches, hands on his knees. I noticed a little drop of my cum at the corner of his mouth, but didn't want to say anything; afraid it might embarrass him if he was somewhat reticent about the whole thing.

I reached around the side of the loveseat, bringing back one of the cokes. I offered him a drink; which he gladly accepted. He kept looking me in the eye, then darting away. I tried to think of something to distract him with.

"I can't believe I took it all the way down. It felt so good!" I reached out and touched his slick, flaccid meat.

He looked down, watching me jiggle it. "Yeah, no shit. You got my vote." We both chuckled.

I saw the stray glob of my cum on his chest, reached up and gathered it onto my finger; trying to decide what to do with it. I was just about to lick it off, when he grabbed my hand.

"This is mine," he said, just as I'd said it earlier. He licked it off, getting the drop on his lip as well, adding a little slurping flourish for good measure. He made a little face, "Don't taste very good when it's cooled down," he grinned.

"Wanna go for a swim? The pool's heated," he said, moving to get up.

"Yeah, that sounds good," I agreed.

We went downstairs and out to the pool. There was a six foot white brick wall around the back yard, so we didn't need to put on bathing suits. It was dark out, but the pool and gazebo were already both lit, as well as several garden lights around the yard. It was a chilly walk to the pool. Jerry went over and turned on the jacuzzi, and we both dove into the pool. It felt so wonderful. I was feeling like the king of the world!

Here I was, in the lap of luxury, swimming naked with the guy I love, in water that felt like the Galveston surf in August, only clean. We had just sucked each other's dicks and more. What more could I want? I was delirious!

After swimming, him tossing me around awhile, me grabbing his dick and threatening him with torture, him tossing me around making me squeal like a girl, we got into the jacuzzi and let our bodies melt.

"You wanna stay the night?" He startled me. "It's Saturday tomorrow, and I got no plans." His voice was casual, but his eyes were mischievous, hinting at untold adventures, promising manifest fantasy.

"Yeah. I would definitely like to stay the night."