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From Drew

August 15th 2004

Over the last three years there has been much heartbreak, pain, loss and terror. Much of the western world has been gripped by the religious conservative side of politics and this has manifested itself in hatred, bigotry and discrimination. I am not only talking about the draconian laws passed to “protect” society but am talking about all the energy that has been put into denying the recognition of same sex relationships in countries such as America and my home Australia.

George W Bush’s Defense of Marriage Act and John Howard’s (Australian Prime Minister) amendment to specify that marriage is only between a man and a women are examples of wedge politics. These acts and amendments are not aimed to strengthen or enrich society. Their purpose is to be divisive, to give credence to hate mongers who with one hand say they love humanity, but with the other actively crush and destroy all that is different to themselves. hspace=5Sadly on August 13 2004, the amendment to ban gay marriage was passed by the Australian Parliament. This does not mean we will not stand up and fight for equality, nor does it mean that recognition of our relationships will not come in the future. What it means, is that the nasty near sighted politicians in Australia are still concerned abou! t what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms!

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