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Boys of the 2004 Olympics

August 13 2004

With the 2004 Olympics commencing on August 13th 2004, we thought it was ideal to take a good hard long look at some of the most amazing men of the Olympics.

The Olympics movement has always been synonymous with male beauty and this year is no exception, especially in the sports of swimming, wrestling and gymnastics! There has also been some controversy with the Hungarian Wrestler, Sergio Foster (his 'professional or porn star' name -- in real life he's Gergo Szabo) being removed and then reinstated from the Hungarian Team for appearing in Gay Porn!

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps American swimming superstar known as the Baltimore Bullet for his amazing achievements in the pool. At the very tender age of 19 he carries the hopes, dreams and aspirations of millions of people on his shoulders. Physically he is one hell of an example of American Prime Beef! Standing almost 6ft 3 and weighing an athletic 165 pounds of pure muscle.

The Hamm Twins

Morgan and Paul Hamm gymnasts, are the second ever twins on the American Olympic Team. Competing in their first Olympics at Sydney 2000 at the age of 17, Paul and Morgan are now competing in their second Olympics just shy of their 22nd Birthdays (24 September). These two very attractive young men are masters in their art of gymnastics and all those hours and hours of training have developed them into amazing physiques!

Blaine Wilson

30 Year old pocket rocket Blaine Wilson is the 5 foot four gymnast with attitude and a body to drool over. Blaine's career has spanned nearly ten years since he burst onto the scene in the 1995 American Gymnastic scene. But his gritty masculine looks and his perchance for tattoos (5) and his many piercing, he's had his tongue pierced three times, make him rough trade on a monumental scale!

Vlasios Maras

Vlasios Maras is the 21 year old Greek gymnast who has captured the medal hopes of Greece. At the 2004 Athens Olympics Vlasios will try to win his third-consecutive gold on high bar.

Alexei Nemov

28 year old Alexei Nemov is a Russian gymnast with a whopping 12 Olympic medals. At a little over 5 foot 8 and 70 kilograms he is a short powerful guy!

Alexander Popov

31 Year old Russian swimming sensation Alexander Popov will be competing in his fourth Olympics at Athens 2004. Competing for his country of birth Russia, Alexander has lived in Australia and now resides in Switzerland. At 6ft 4 and weighing in at 90 kgs his nickname of Big Dog is extremely apt for his physical stature! Alexander almost came to grief in 1996 when he was stabbed by watermelon sellers in a Moscow street almost dying and spending 30 days in hospital after surgery to save his life.

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