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Message from Drew

I have been very busy of late writing new content for Superdrewby and addressing many of the small glitches on the site. I have also updated the look of Superdrewby with a brand new homepage and the ten most recent forum messages are now displayed on the homepage.

Most of the problems such as email addresses not being recognized and the inability for people to update their profiles have now been fixed. So please make sure you update your profiles and include a couple of pictures of yourself and complete all the details. There are still a few more issues I am yet to resolve including the profile picture problem on the forums, but I am getting to them as time permits!

Elections 2004

This year is election year for both my home country Australia and the United States, where we have extremely conservative anti-gay administrations in power. The divisive policies that have been enacted in both countries serve no other purpose than pure evil. Policies such as the amendment to ban gay marriage in Australia and the Defense of Marriage Act in the United States are only a taste of what can only be described as a push to demonize our community and ensure that equality is a long way off.

The elections are a chance to tell our politicians what we really want and to show them that inequality, bigotry and hatred in any forms are unacceptable. Democracy is a right that not all citizens of the world have, and we should ensure that if we have the gift of democracy, we should exercise this right!

The Site

Superdrewby will provide coverage of the elections and analyse the Australian Political Party's policies for the Gay and Lesbian community.

Thank you to the many members who have helped promote Superdrewby to their friends and associates and congratulations on reaching 3000 members in August!

Links Section

As thousands and thousands of people have discovered, the Superdrewby Links section is back! There are several hundred good quality links to all sorts of sites, from free hot picture sites to personal web pages! if you are looking to while away the hours surfing then check the links out!

Stories - short & long...

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A Double Life
A new story by a new author about a teen grappling with his sexuality while being blackmailed by his ex girlfriend. Read the Story

Haunting Past
Another short story from the very talent Mrs. Jack Sparrow, filled with intrigue Angst and resolution Read the story now


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The Ice Sculpture Review
A first for Superdrewby is the review of new gay novel, the Ice Sculptures by the author Michael D Craig. The book is pure gay schmaltz and provides an insiders view of the machinations of Hollywood and the lengths some actors will go to hide their sexuality! Read the review and download a free first chapter as a PDF

CLX Gay Artist Review
CLX is a French artist who creates amazing cartoons of simply quite astounding young men with a raging sexual energy! Superdrewby first came across his work when he became a Superdrewby member and absolutely had to profile CLX and his work. Read the review

Apple iPod Review
The hottest gadget on the planet at the moment is the Apple iPod music player. There is a virtual sub culture of those who own an iPod and it's growing by the day. It's a culture that you can't escape from, as you walk down the street, go to the gym, sit on the bus you are surrounded by people sprouting the distinctive white and silver earbuds. Read the Review

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