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How much I loved you

Oodam - August 2004

How much I loved you, you never knew.

I think I would've given up, my life for you.

When I saw you, it was love at first sight.

From then on, I dreamt of you every night.

Your skin so soft, and your hair so fine, I couldn't believe, you were actually mine.

Each moment with you, was a wonderful surprise.

I would melt in your arms, and get lost in your eyes.

You were the one, that could brighten my day.

You were the one, who could chase my problems away.

I thought our love, was so strong.

What did I do? What went wrong?

You broke my hear, and left me in tears.

And somehow I still love you, after all of these years.

What is it about you? Why don't I know?

Why can't I get over you, and just let you go?

You were my angel, sent from above.

Now you are gone, my only true love.