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DrewI am a thirty something married gay boy living in Sydney, almost on top of the gay scene but not in it! Why Sometimes blue?, because I love blue, but also I am sometimes blue :)
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is the one year anniversary since giving up smoking!

Yippeeee to me!

No smoking for a year, not even a puff!

And boy do I feel so much better for it!



At Thu Feb 15, 06:24:00 PM EST, Blogger firstimpre55ion said...

Congrats! That takes lots of willpower mate! So if you can do can get your sexy back (aka abs) in no time! hehe ;)


At Thu Feb 15, 07:36:00 PM EST, Blogger ozBoi said...

Congratulations! I had my one-year-since-quitting anniversary between Christmas and New Years ... I still feel like one every now and again, but haven't had one. Yet?

At Mon Mar 05, 04:05:00 PM EST, Anonymous Gus said...

Giving up smoking has been on my to do list for a few years now. It's hard to do... especially considering most of my friends smoke and it's become a social thing.

Tried to send you an email via your "feedback" button... doesn't work unfortunately! HTTP 404 message :-)


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