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bruised love

Epilogue as prologue

I guess that cupid was in disguise
The day you walked in changed my life
I think it’s amazing
The way that love can set you free

“So we are all set then?”  Sara was on the phone with Jason.

“Yep, all set,” Jason replied, smiling to himself.

“And Kyle has no idea?”

“Nope.  It will be a total surprise.  He thinks we’re just having a quiet dinner.”

“I can’t wait to see his face,” Sara giggled thinking of the sight.

“It will definitely be a birthday he won’t soon forget.  Oh, damn, he’s getting out of the shower.  I better go before he comes out here.  See you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Jason hung up the phone and turned his attention back to the computer screen where he was working on his latest client’s ad.  Kyle came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist.  Whenever Jason saw him like that, it took his breath away.  He couldn’t believe that this beautiful man was his, that this beautiful man loved him.

“Who was on the phone?”  Kyle asked as he walked over to where Jason was trying to look busy.

“Oh, um, Sara.”  It wasn’t unusual for her to call.  They spoke on the phone almost every day.

“Oh yeah? What’s up with her now?”  Kyle liked Sara.  They had become friends when he first met Jason, and somehow after all they had been through, they remained friends.

“She is thinking of selling the apartment, just wanted my input.”  That wasn’t a complete lie.  Sara was thinking of selling the apartment, they had discussed it a few days ago.

“She’d give you half, right?”  After all Jason’s name was on the deed too.

Jason rolled his eyes.  “Kyle, Sara has always been fair with me, I’m sure this will be no different.

“I know, but I also know that you carry around an enormous amount of guilt since you moved out.  You would gladly let her stick it to you and feel you deserved it.”

Jason looked down sheepishly.  There was no point even trying to argue.  But Sara was not bitter about the way things had worked out; at least not now.  She had struggled with the idea at first, struggled with her husband leaving her for another man. Okay, she had been livid when it happened, but in the end, their strong bond had grown into an amazing friendship and she was truly happy for him, as she was for Kyle.  She had even recently begun to date again.

Kyle smiled at his lover.  Jason had come so far since they first met almost two years ago at the advertising agency where they both had worked.  He still struggled with regret and shame, but he was coming into his own day by day.  “I’m going to bed.  How much longer will you be?”

“Not long.  I just need to finish up a few details on the Anderson account.”

“Don’t be too long, lover.”  Kyle raised his eyebrow.

Jason smiled, feeling his groin tighten.  “I won’t.  I promise.”

As he watched Kyle turn and head up to their bedroom, he couldn’t help but marvel at just how his life had turned out; at how lucky he was to love and be loved.  He had made so many poor decisions, so many cowardly decisions, but somehow love still shone on him.

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