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bruised love

Chapter Five

I was not open to your suggestions
I had so many questions
That you just kissed away
    Amazing, George Michael

And now I found some solid ground
I thought I’d drowned, but now I’m found
Upon the lips of life I kiss
I found it here, this place of bliss
    Bliss, Syntax


The next morning Jason woke early in order to catch his flight.  As he slid out of bed, he wondered how the day would play out for him.  He had lain awake most of the night staring at the ceiling and listening to Sara’s soft breathing, thinking of their life together; thinking of what his life could have been; thinking of what his life might become.

After he had showered and dressed, he silently made his way out of their bedroom.  Leaving her a note on the kitchen table promising to call later that day, he left their apartment and hailed a cab to take him to the airport.

Jason was sitting at the departure gate when Kyle arrived looking like he was ready to take on the world.  Damn this guy was good looking.

“You look like shit,” Kyle stated as he sat down next to him. “What happen?  Did you stay out partying all night?”

“Thanks, and no, I was home all night.” It was all the reply Jason gave as he sat there lost in his own thoughts.  There were so many questions he wanted to ask Kyle, but he was afraid of the answers. He wanted to confess the realization he had the night before, but to say the words out loud would make it all too real.  Besides, the airport was not the most private place to have a conversation.

Kyle nudged him. “Jason?” 


“They’re calling our seats.  Are you ready to board?”

“Oh.”  He stood up. “Yeah.”


Sara awoke to an empty bed. “Jason?”  She looked at the clock on her nightstand.  Shit. He would already be on his flight by now.  She had hoped to get up with him this morning.  As she lay back down on her pillow, she replayed the events of the last few days.  Something was going on and somehow she didn’t think it had much to do with his job.

She had tried approaching Kyle about it but he either didn’t know anything or else he wouldn’t discuss it with her.  Probably the latter. 

Jason really didn’t have any other close friends.  She had always been the one to make friends easily when they moved to a new city.  Jason was quieter, more reserved. 

She lay there with her thoughts for a few more minutes then decided to get out of bed and get on with her day.  Whatever was bothering Jason, there wasn’t much she could do to help until he decided to talk to her.  All she could do was let him know that she was there for him.  He had always been a bit on the moody side; maybe it was simply stress over his job.  Whatever it was, they would get through it.  She had always been good at not seeing anything she didn’t want to, no matter how obvious; maybe even better at it than Jason.


Kyle and Jason arrived in Rochester and hit the ground running.  As soon as they got their bags and picked up their rental car, they drove straight to the offices of Sun Fresh to begin their meetings.  They were given a full tour and met with the head of the public relations department.  They had lunch with the CEO and president of the company, and then spent the afternoon listening to what the marketing people wanted to do with the new campaign.

They left the offices that afternoon to check into their hotel and try to come up with something brilliant to present to the client the next day.

“Your place or mine?”  Kyle asked as they got off the elevator.

Jason looked up, “What?”

Kyle smiled, “Where do you want to work?  Your room or mine?”

“Oh, um, mine would be fine.”

“Okay, I’m going to go shower and change.  I’ll be over in a half hour or so.  You hungry?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Want to just order up something from room service then?”

“Yeah, that would be fine.”

“ ‘K, just order whatever for me.  You know what I eat.”  Kyle slipped his keycard into the slot in his door and pushed it open.  “See you in a bit.”


Jason opened the door to his room and walked over to the phone.  After he placed the order with room service, he decided to take a hot shower.  Maybe it would clear his head.

He heard a rap on the door just as he turned off the water.  Hoping it was room service he grabbed a towel and pulled it around his hips.  “Coming.” 

Kyle was standing in the hallway wearing an old pair of jeans and a skintight wife beater.  Jason opened the door, dripping wet, wearing only a towel.  Kyle could feel his groin tighten at the sight of Jason’s naked, wet body.  Jason felt his body flush as Kyle’s eyes moved over his torso, almost as if they were hands.  “Um, sorry.  I thought you were room service,” Jason mumbled as he stepped back from the door.  “I’ll just go put on some clothes.”

Kyle stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.  Had this been anyone else, anyone but his boss, he would have jumped the guy right then and there.  The fact that he could see the lust and desire in Jason’s eyes did nothing to make the situation any easier.

Jason came back in the room wearing a baggy t-shirt and a loose fitting pair of jeans.  Kyle sat at the table with his laptop open.  Jason pulled the file out of his briefcase with all the notes they had from their meetings that day, along with what they had brought with them.  He sat down next to Kyle and began sorting the documents out on the table, both of them making a point to keep things on a professional level, though they both caught the other sneaking glances.  A knock at the door a few minutes later signaled that room service had finally arrived.  They took a short break to eat, carefully sticking to small talk and then went back to work on the campaign.

After a few hours, their ideas had come together and Kyle was putting some finishing touches on the mock-up.  Jason leaned over his shoulder to get a better look.  Kyle could feel the heat from Jason’s breath on his neck.   “You like it?”  Kyle turned to look at him.  Jason turned to answer, but all he could think of were Kyle’s lips.  Without thinking, without even realizing what he was doing, he suddenly found himself kissing those lips, those lips kissing him back, passionately.

Suddenly he pulled away. “Fuck. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. Fuck.”  He stood up knocking over the chair he had been sitting on.

“Jason. It’s okay.”  Kyle smiled at him, trying to remove the fear he saw in Jason’s eyes.

“No.”  Jason turned, bolting out the door into the hall. 

Kyle started to follow him, then thought better of it.  What Jason probably needed was a moment or two alone.  He turned back to his laptop, saved his work, and began cleaning up the room a little, placing the dirty dishes out in the hall.  They were pretty much done with what they needed for the presentation tomorrow. He could finish it up in his room; let Jason have some space to decompress.


A few hours later, when Kyle had still not heard from Jason he went across the hall and knocked on the door to his room.  No answer, either Jason was still gone, or he was not ready to face Kyle. 

Just as Kyle turned to head back to his own room he heard the elevator doors open down the hall.  Out stepped a very inebriated Jason. 

The blond looked up to see Kyle standing in the hallway.  He froze. “Fuck.”

“Jason. Come on.  It’s okay.”

Jason only stood there, looking like he wanted to crawl under the carpet.  He began to sway as things began to grow dark.  He was faintly aware of Kyle at his side, saying something to him as he helped him down the hall to his room, taking the keycard from his front pocket and seeing the smile on Kyle’s face at the inadvertent grope. 

Kyle managed to get Jason into the bed and remove his shoes.  He rolled the blond over onto his stomach and found an extra blanket to lay over him.  He debated staying in the room with him to make sure he was okay, but guessed that Jason would only be more freaked out in the morning to find Kyle sleeping in the next bed.  Besides he needed to make sure he was on top of his game tomorrow as it looked as if he might be carrying the final meeting on his own.


The next morning Kyle was surprised to hear the phone by his bed ring just as he was getting dressed. 


“Kyle?  Are you up and ready?”  Jason didn’t sound as bad as he had expected.

“Um, yes. Yes, I am.  Are you?”

“Yeah, let’s do this.”

Once in the elevator, Kyle could see the lines of stress around Jason’s eyes.  He also noticed that Jason was avoiding eye contact, although that didn’t surprise him.


“Kyle, don’t.  Don’t say anything, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” 

The meeting with the client was a success, in large part due to Kyle.  Jason was feeling more than a little under the weather.  That was the beauty of their partnership, one was strong when the other was weak.  Kyle usually acted as their closer so he was in his element.  Today he had the client eating from the palm of his hand, none the wiser about the tension between the two men.


They left the Sun Fresh offices that afternoon with all but the fine details of the campaign settled.  Jason would be meeting with the company’s marketing group again the next day to finalize the changes.  Kyle would be going back to New York to meet with a client Jane had not been able to reschedule.

“I think this calls for a celebration,” Kyle suggested as they got into their rental car.

Jason smiled. “Okay, dinner somewhere?”

“Yeah, and then maybe a club?”

“Sounds like a plan.”  If Jason was uncomfortable after the kiss the night before, he was determined to put it behind them.

Kyle drove them downtown to a restaurant that the CEO of Sun Fresh had suggested.  “Will this be okay?” he asked as he parked the car.

“Is this the one Marv was telling us about?”


“Great, I’m starving, let’s go eat.” 


“Tell me about when you came out.”  Jason was feeling a little fortification from the Crown and Coke he had before their dinner arrived.

Kyle looked up from his steak.  “Huh?”

“When did you know you were gay?”  Jason had wanted to ask Kyle about this almost since they had met.

“Oh, well.”  Kyle sat down his fork.  “See, I don’t really have a coming out story.  I just always preferred dick to pussy.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?”


“Really?  Wow.  What about your parents?  When did you tell them?”

“It was just me and my mom.  My dad left us when I was young.  I don’t ever remember Mom and I talking about it.  It just …. was.  I mean, she knew.  But it was never an issue.”

“I know what my folks would have said.” Jason picked up his fork and started eating again.

“So where do you want to go from here?” Kyle decided to change the subject, he wasn’t too sure he was ready for Jason to come out to him.

“I don’t know.  Do you know of any clubs?”

“You mean in Rochester? No, but surely we can find one.”

“Maybe a gay club?”

Kyle almost choked on his food.  “Really.  A gay club?”

“Yeah, what the hell.”

“Hmm, well I’m not sure if Rochester even has a gay scene.”

“Oh.  Well, no big deal.”  Jason shrugged.

Kyle eyed him for a while, trying to decide what was going on.

Jason looked up, “Is your steak good?” 

“Um. Yeah, it’s good.  How about your salmon?”

Jason smiled at him.  “Yeah, it’s great.  Let’s skip the club okay? We can have another drink or two here.”

“Yeah, that sounds fine.”

The rest of the evening went smoothly; they sipped on a couple of drinks over light and easy conversation.  The topic had switched back to matters of work and what needed to be done to finish up the Sun Fresh campaign.   Finally, they decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.  Kyle had a flight out early the next morning and Jason had a ten o’clock meeting.

They rode the elevator up to their rooms in a comfortable silence.  Jason was all too aware of the proximity of Kyle’s body.  He made a conscious decision that tonight he would quit being a coward; tonight he would go after what he wanted. Damn the consequences.

Jason followed Kyle as he stepped off the elevator and made his way down the hall to his room.  The brunet stopped at his door and turned to tell Jason good night.  Suddenly Kyle found himself pressed up against his hotel door as Jason leaned his body in and captured Kyle’s mouth with his own.  Kyle had already slipped his keycard into the lock, Jason reached behind Kyle turning the knob and opening the door.  They stumbled into the hotel room and Jason began pulling at Kyle’s shirt as he pushed the door closed with his foot.

Kyle gripped the blond’s shoulders, pulling him back to look him in the eyes.  “Jason? Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Don’t you?”

“Yes, but are you sure?”

“Yes,” it came out as a breathy whisper.

This time it was Kyle that captured Jason’s lips with his own.  They began undressing each other with the urgency that can only be felt after months of watching and wanting from afar.

They fell back onto the bed, their bodies pressed together. Kyle began kissing down Jason’s neck and then on to his chest. He moved on until he was finally at Jason’s swollen cock.  He bent down taking the entire member in his mouth at once.  Jason could not help but cry out as he felt the head of his dick touch the back of Kyle’s throat as Kyle swallowed around him.

Kyle’s fingers moved down and began rolling Jason’s balls in his palm. Then he moved his hand further down and began running his finger lightly over Jason’s hole.  This earned him a lustful loud moan.  Kyle brought his finger back up to his mouth where he was still sucking on Jason’s cock.  He slipped his finger in his mouth and then slid it back down to Jason’s hole.  He felt the other man’s balls tighten as he slipped his finger up into the tight ass.  Jason cried out as he came.  Kyle took it all in and then began kissing his way back up to Jason’s mouth.  The blond moaned again as he tasted himself on Kyle’s tongue. 

Kyle looked into Jason’s eyes.  “Liked that, did you?”

Jason smiled, sweating and satisfied.  “Yeah. That was…,” he chuckled. “Wow.”

Kyle began kissing him again; this time was slower and more leisurely.  He worked his way back down Jason’s neck and stopped off at his left nipple.  Lightly licking and then blowing on it, Jason flinching each time. 

Jason reached down and pulled Kyle back up and began kissing him.  “I want you inside me,” he whispered.

Kyle’s dick jumped as the words hit him. “You sure?” 

“Yeah. But, go slow.  It’s been awhile.”

Kyle arched his eyebrow.

Jason sighed.  “I had a boyfriend in college.”

The brunet grinned.  “I’ll take it easy on you.”  He got up from the bed and walked over to his luggage where he retrieved a condom and some lube.  Walking back to the bed, he watched Jason laying there, watching him.  “You are so beautiful,” he whispered. 

Jason felt himself blush.  “Come here.  I want you.”

Kyle crawled back into bed and began stroking Jason’s cock again, then he squirted some lube onto his fingers and began massaging it into Jason’s hole, working to open him up.  He watched as Jason’s eyes rolled up in ecstasy.

Jason reached down and grabbed hold of Kyle’s neglected cock.  He listened to Kyle moan as he began stroking it.  “I knew you’d have a big dick.”

“You did huh?” Kyle whispered.


“You want it?”


“Here,” he handed Jason the condom. “Put it on me.”

Kyle put Jason’s legs up over his shoulders and lined himself up to the quivering hole. He began to push in slowly, but Jason grabbed his hips and pulled him in flush.  “Ahhh,” Jason called out in pain mixed with pleasure. Kyle bent down to kiss him, distracting him from the pain.  As he felt Jason relax, he began thrusting in, slowly at first then picking up the pace as their passion grew. Kyle could feel his balls begin to tighten; he reached down and began stroking Jason.  He stared down into Jason’s clear blue eyes as he felt himself falling into oblivion.  Jason felt Kyle’s dick grow impossibly bigger, harder inside him.  He felt it massaging his prostate again and again with each stroke. He felt his orgasm rising in him.  He heard the cries escape his throat as he shot out over his own chest. 

Kyle felt Jason’s ass clamp down on his dick and felt the hot fluid flow over his hand that was pumping Jason’s cock.  His own orgasm took him and he fell onto Jason completely spent.

They lay together, trying to catch their breath.  Finally, Kyle pulled out and rolled off to the side, still touching one another.  He took the condom off and disposed of it in the trashcan beside the bed.  He gazed into Jason’s eyes, waiting to see the regret there.  Instead, he only saw a calm peace.  Jason rolled toward him, snuggling up to his chest and giving a contented moan then leaned over so they could kiss gently for a few long peaceful minutes.  “If I were a cat I would purr,” Jason said looking up at him, “Let’s go take a shower.  I’m all sticky.”

They made their way into the bathroom and Kyle reached in to the shower turning on the water and adjusting the temperature.  Jason’s voice came from behind. “It’s okay Kyle.  I’m not going to freak like I did last night.”  Kyle turned; looking at him, he only nodded, afraid to trust his voice to speak.

Jason moved to get in the shower, pulling Kyle along with him.  He picked up the soap and began to lather Kyle’s torso.  “You are so smooth and defined.”  Kyle smiled in acknowledgement then leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes as Jason’s fingers worked over his body.  Jason slipped down to his knees and engulfed Kyle’s semi hard cock with his mouth, feeling it grow in size with his manipulations. He reached his hand around and began fingering Kyle’s hole just as Kyle had done to him earlier.  In no time he felt Kyle’s balls tighten and the hot fluid shooting down his throat.

Kyle pulled Jason back to his feet and they finished washing off.  As they got out and dried off Jason asked, “Is it okay if I sleep here tonight?” 

Kyle realized he was still expecting Jason to bolt.  “Yeah.”  He cleared his throat. “I’d like that.”

Jason smiled as he wrapped the towel around his waist, walked out of the bathroom, and crawled into bed. Kyle followed him, lying down beside him.  Jason curled up at Kyle’s side and in no time sleep claimed him.  Kyle lay there listening to Jason’s breathing, wondering what would happen tomorrow.

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