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Summer StormSummer Storm

Directed by
Marco Kreuzpaintner

Writing credits
Thomas Bahmann (screenplay)
Marco Kreuzpaintner (screenplay)

This very special German movie, is somewhat of a rarity in gay and lesbian coming out stories. It is the story of Tobi and Achim who have been friends since they were kids. The friendship has survived for years, but now as Tobiís growing feelings for Achim, and Achimís interest in Sandra blossoms things must change.

Summer Storm

Coming to Cinemas in North America in March 2006, click here for play dates!

The story is set to the background of a weekís Rowing Regatta that culminates in a Summer Storm. A storm that exposes more than just the rain, and allows all the charcters to grow!

Summer Storm

Teams from all over Germany descend on a quiet camping ground in rural Germany for a week of training and then the main rowing competition. We follow the boys to the Regatta, who like most late teens are excited and turned on by the though of camping with the Berlin Female Rowing Team.

But by a stroke of fate or luck, the Berlin Girls Team have been replaced with the Queerstrokes, a gay youth rowing team. And these boys are out proud and act up to their full camp and gay potential.

This is not your typical coming out story full of huge amounts of angst. The best friends donít fall in love and fade out into the sunset wither, but hey before you turn off there are cute boys and sex scenes (straight sex as well).

Summer Storm

Summer Storm is a coming of age story that treats homosexuality as it should be treated, as just another facet of life. Itís a great film to take your straight friends too if you want to have ďthatĒ discussion about yourself!

My favorite part of the movie is Tobiís (played stunningly by Robert Stadlober), very first sexual experience with a boy. The emotion of the moment is captured in every minute detail, right down to the shaking of his hands as he touches a boy in that way for the very first time.

Summer Storm Naked

This movie is both awkward and natural, awkward because you cringe as you watch the innocence of the characters, but so natural because there is nothing forced or trite in the way they are portrayed.