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Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot is the touching and beautiful story of a young boy who pursues his dreams in face of almost overwhelming hurdles. Set in the depressed era of the coal miners strike of the 1980's in a small mining town in the United Kingdom.

Billy Elliot played touchingly by newcomer Jamie Bell, is the young precocious son of a striking miner (Gary Lewis), who has lost his wife Billy's mother and is struggling to keep the family together while on strike, with little money and a sense of loss. Billy discovers the local ballet class while at boxing class one afternoon, and finds that he has a raw and natural talent for dancing instead of boxing.

Billy must follow is own dreams, skirting around his father's growing anger and horror upon finding his youngest son wants to be a ballet dancer. Whilst his older brother played by Jamie Draven falls apart under the strain of the strike and quarrels with his father.

Billy is supported in his dancing by his ballet Teacher played by Julie Walters, who comes from the "posh" side of town striking a huge class divide between the working class Elliots and herself.

There is touching realism and acceptance of Billy's best friend's growing realisation that he is gay, and Billy proves to be a true friend who sees past his friends sexuality and unfulfilled crush on Billy.

The movie portrays the depressed coal mining town splendidly and at times scares and horrifies the watcher a s hundreds of riot police chase after the striking miners.

Billy must not only learn to dance and move with his soul, but also repair and build the relationship with his father and brother which has been strained ever since the death of his mother. The father son relationship is warm and delightful with just the right amount of angst and love.

This is not a coming out story in a macho small town, it is the story, of love, hope and dreams that can come true! I highly recommended that you have a look at this movie!

The soundtrack to the movie is a great blend of seventies and contemporary songs including the hit song by ex Boyzone member Stephen Gately - I Believe!


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