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Come UndoneCome Undone

Come Undone is touching tale of self discovery and sexual awakening by a young 18 year old French boy Mathieu, portrayed by Jeremie Elkaim.

When 18 year old Mathieu is on summer holidays in the south of France he meets local boy Cedric ( Stephane Rideau) who is the summer holiday town's resident bad boy.

The two lead actors are stunningly beautiful and their antics on the beach and in the sand dunes are at times both erotic and very arousing. This is Mathieu's story of his sexual awakening, first love and the very deep emotions that are ignited by Cedric.

The film contains full frontal nudity and sex scenes which only serve to increase the pulses of those watching especially as the two actors are stunningly beautiful.

But what makes this film different is that it shows the trials and tribulations of young love warts and all. Cedric and Mathieu are from different social classes with different expectations of the world and vastly different expectations and ambitions for the future. This fuels both their physical and emotional attachment as they Come Undone.

The movie is a bit slow if you are used to blockbuster films that hand you everything on a plate, but if you enjoy French films and want to watch something that will make you think, this is definitley the movie for you!

The soundtrack of the movie is classically haunting and only adds to the emotion of the movie. This is not a movie for the faint of heart or those easily confused or depressed, it is a true to life love and self discovery story with a very healthy dose of reality!

You will either love or hate this movie there is no in between!

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