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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2005

Friday 31 December 2004

This year has been a year of many changes and the status quo being maintained. The recent American re-election of George Bush and the re-election of Australia's John Howard has seen rise to one of the fiercest anti-gay rhetoric in many years.

The move to ban same sex marriage in America and Australia is a symptom of a growing religious intolerance that has a far greater impact than simply denying basic human rights to same sex couples.

Whether you support the George Bush and John Howard is irrelevant to the growing conservative backlash against gays and lesbians in countries such as Australia and the United States.

The growth in very public opposition to same sex relationships presents the tacit encouragement of bigotry, violence and intolerance towards gays and lesbians. Every time a public leader makes an anti gay statement it gives approval to discrimination and tacit approval to homophobia.

The argument used to deny the basic of rights (the legal recognition of a partner) is that by recognizing same sex relationships it will destabilize the sanctity of marriage. Personally I think that heterosexuals have already done this all by themselves, with the growing divorce rate and the ease with which so many people get married and then divorced.

We as a queer community are caught in a political battle that really has very little to do with us or our rights. The right wing political parties have used Gay Marriage as a way to stay in power and a way for people to justify their own prejudices.

Whilst many countries introduce new policies giving equality to same sex couples, many are regressing. Let us all work together to achieve a combined voice pushing for equality for all discrimination

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