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Web Candy and The Pope

Monday 4th April 2005

So I'm a sucker for totally original ideas on then net, especially when they involve pictures of cute guys!  But iPose ( really is cool.

Click for the Webpage
The idea was started by a group of frat boys and girls who wanted to raise money for the Tsunami victims in a totally original and cool way.  So they decided to get photographed in various poses with their iPods.  These boys are all natural real guys, none of these models posing for photos.

But one boy totally takes the basket - Wills a freshman is a total stud!  That body that face!  What more couold you want!  Go have a look at the boys "iposing" and vote for your fave!  Wills gets my vote!

On a more serious note, Pop John Paul II passed away this weekend, I am not a catholic, although I do believe in God.  The Pope was responsible for much good in the world, such as helping to undermine communisim in Eastern Europe, but at the same time he stregthened the anti gay sentiment and the continued emancipation of women.

The old saying do the ends justify the means comes to mind when considering his passing.  There are parts of me that would like to rejoice his life and good deeds he has done, but a larger part of me wants to remind the world of the pain and suffering he encouraged, by presiding so badly over the sex abuse crisis in the Catholoc Church and his clear anti gay rhetoric.

I am of two minds ovcer what I feel about his passing.