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Gays used as Scapegoats

The recent human tragedy caused by the massive Tsunami was caused by a natural disaster, yet religious leaders from around the world are once again using this as an example of God's wrath for homosexuality. Sheik Fawzan Al-Fawzan said in a recent interview that the disaster was God's wrath for fornication, homosexuality and corruption. Whilst the Australian Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, said that the Disaster was Gods reminder that Judgment Day is coming.

After 9/11 both Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell publicly blamed "Homosexuals" for the attack. Just another example of the band wagoning by the religious right to further their cause with ridiculous statements that are designed to inflame discrimination and hatred towards gays and lesbians.

Personally it sickens me to hear these sorts of ridiculous comments that have no basis in logic or reality. But what sickens me more is the implicit justification of hatred and ensuing violence that these statements encourage.

Neither the 9/11 attack or the recent Tsunami have anything to do with homosexuality, yet gays and lesbians are blamed again with the tacit approval of our Government, for these disasters.

The anti-vilification & discrimination laws are powerless to stop this hatred filled filth sprouted by religious leaders because religious organisations are generally exempt from upholding the laws. I always though that there was a separation between Church and State in western cultures but these days I can't see the difference between the Church and State.

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Tuesday 4 January 2005

I had made a mistake on adding one of the new short stories to the site. Under Heaven a new short story should have been listed as a sequel to Are You OK by JD Davis and not a sequel to Taking off Masks. My apologies for this! There are also two extra chapters to the story Taking off Masks!

I have published a small amount of new content on the site including:

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years and that 2005 brings joy and happiness to all!