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Monday Morning Anecdote

Monday 23 August

I came accross this short anecdote over the weekend and thought it far too good to pass up for Superdrewby!

The story is about a foreigner who arrived to work as a ranch hand in Texas and quickly became the object of derision of the other cowboys, who laughed at him because he couldn't speak their language and was easily spooked by things like the sound of tractors starting or of trucks roaring through the dirt roads. The newcomer was in danger of being hounded out of the ranch until one day a child wandered into the enclosure of a notoriously ill-tempered bull. An alarm was raised but none of the swaggering cowboys would dare enter the bull's pen deftly stepped away and let the bull brush past him, while the child, seeing the bull distracted, fled the enclosure to safety.

The "coward" whom the others had laughed at and derided was a bull fighter in his native Spain, the epitome of courage and manliness in the land where machismo was invented.

Often we judge people by the way they look, talk or just because we perceive them as different. As members of a minority group we are often subjected to the mis-perceptions of the masses. But we often jusdge within our ow community too! Courage and daring have nothing to do with masculinity or femininity, just as sexual orientation has nothing to do with perceived differences, we should all take a step back sometimes and remember that our perception is not always accurate and we should not jump to conclusions based on face value!