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Monday, March 17, 2008

Will the Governmen Act?

I am no fan of faith based ministries especially when they focus on 'all your problems stemming from not being a good enough Christian".

There is a huge expose on the Sydney Morning Herald today which exposes the truth about the Hillsong Funded Mercy Ministry in Australia.

In addition to destroying the lives of young women at crossroads in their life they also run a thinly veiled Ex-Gay program.

When will the Government act on the Hillsong 'Church' and undertake a proper investigation of their finances and operating principles?

This is not a religious organisation this is a big business which pays no Tax because of it's religious status.

Oh and the company Gloria Jeans provides funds to Hillsong and Mercy Ministry and the Franchiser owners are members of both the Hillsong Church and The Mercy Ministry.

Come on let's have a real investigation huh?



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