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the whispering prairie winds

Chapter Two

It was calving time and the young heifers had to be watch for difficult births. My dad taught me to drive the old pickup truck so that after school I could drive around the pasture checking the herd. I had just arrived home from school and decided to skip my usual after school snack and check the herd. There were nine new calves. Two of the heifers had delivered, and apparently without difficulty. It appeared that the herd was doing okay, but then I saw a young heifer trying to give birth. She apparently was in distress. She was a rather small heifer and only the head and forefeet of the calf were out. I knew that without help the calf and possibly she wouldn’t survive.

I’d never delivered a calf before, but I’d seen Dad do it many times. I grasped the calf’s exposed legs and began to pull. It wasn’t budging. I was big for a twelve year old, but still wasn’t strong enough to pull the calf out. I sensed that the calf wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t delivered soon. It would still be a couple of hours before dad got home. I found a rope and tied it around the exposed portion of the calf, and then I tied the other end to the truck. I knew that I was taking a chance on the calf not surviving, but at least the heifer could be saved. I put the truck in low gear and slowly pressed the accelerator. Finally the entire calf was out.

To my surprise the calf was still alive. After several minutes the mother had cleaned her new son. I managed to get the calf up and he was suckling for his first meal. “You’re a lucky son of a bitch,” I told him. “Hey, that’s a good name, Lucky.” We didn’t make a habit of naming our cattle since many would eventually go to market for slaughter. Yeah, I know that sound harsh, but growing up on a farm one doesn’t think about such things.

I made sure that Lucky and his mom were okay, and then I got the tractor and brought hay to the herd. When I got back to the house my dad had arrived home from work. “Were the heifers okay,” he asked?

“One of them was down but the other two were fine,” I quickly answered while thinking about mom’s pot roast.

“Tyler, what in the hell is wrong with you? You know we can’t afford to lose a calf, much less a heifer too,” Dad said. “Now let’s go check on her.”

“It’s taken care of,” I answered as I headed toward the sink to wash up for dinner. I was starving, or at least I thought I was.

“Taken care of,” Dad asked? “Did you let that heifer die?”

“No Dad, I delivered it her calf. I knew that there wasn’t time to get you. The calf was so big I couldn’t pull it by hand and I had to use the truck.”

“Well at least you saved the heifer,” Dad said. “That’s better than losing both.”

“The calf is fine and was sucking when I left,” I explained.

“I’ll be a son of a bitch. I’m not sure I could have done that when I was your age,” Dad said with pride. He then put his arm around my shoulder. That was the most affection Dad had shown since I was just a little kid.

“Larry,” such language,” Mom said with a smile.

Lucky was the first of many calves I delivered before I left the farm. He was the only one that I really felt sad about when he was sent to slaughter.

At the age of twelve I was entering puberty. I knew thing were happening to me, that I didn’t quiet understand. My dad and I never had the “father and son” talk. To him sex education was letting me watch the farm animals fuck. I then noticed that I was developing pubic hair. I knew that men had pubic hair, but it kind of surprised me when I started developing it. I think J.R. and Justin were envious when they saw me nude in the shower after football practice.

“Dude, you’re getting pubes,” Justin had said with envy. I can’t wait until I get some.

“Shut up,” I said with embarrassment.

“I want some too,” J.R. chimed in.

By the end of the school year I was shaving, had developed some arm pit hair, and had an expanded patch of blond bush. I even teased Justin and J.R. about being little baldies.

That summer seemed to zip by. I was usually busy with farm work and Dad even said that I had the farm looking as good as any in the area. That was the summer that I learned to masturbate. That’s right I learned to masturbate. I wasn’t sure how other guys learned. Just by playing with their cocks I suppose. But I was “taught.” Yeah I was taught. It was close to the start of football practice. I had an appointment with Dr. Anders for my physical. Mom dropped me off at the doctor’s office and went for her hair appointment. She told me that she would be longer than I would, but just to wait in the doctor’s office and she would pick me up later.

The nurse called me back to the examination room and then closed it. I’ve often wondered why there are magazines and a TV in the waiting room, but nothing in the exam room. Anyway, the nurse left me alone in the room. After what seemed like an hour Dr. Anders finally came into the room. “Wow, Tyler, you’ve grown,” he said.

Now, Dr. Anders is a few years younger than my dad. He wasn’t as muscular as my dad, but not fat either. “Yeah, I guess I have,” I said with embarrassment. I wasn’t sure why I was embarrassed, but I was. I guess maybe it was the way Dr. Anders looked at me.

“Tyler, you need to undress,” Dr. Anders said as a matter of fact.

“Huh,” I questioned? I was really embarrassed now. But, I did as I was told. I slowly undress and stood before Dr. Anders as naked as the day I was born.

“I see that you’ve reached puberty,” Dr. Anders smiled. “You’re a big boy and some boys start earlier than others.”

The next thing I knew Dr. Anders had his hand on my cock. Some how I knew this was more than the normal football examination. I guess it was because he couldn’t keep his eyes off my cock and his hand was still there. I could tell that he liked what he was doing. He then said, “Your penis is larger than a lot of eighteen year olds.” Now I was really embarrassed, but I kind of liked what he was doing to my cock. He was now actually stroking it. I had already started to get hard, but now I was hard as a rock. Sure I had played with myself some before, but this was different.

I was starting to moan a little bit as he was now stroking my cock even faster. Suddenly I shot cum all over his lab coat. Of course I had leaked pre-cum before but, I had never shot cum before. It felt really good, but I knew we shouldn’t be doing this. Suddenly someone was knocking on the door and saying, “Dr. your next patient is ready in exam two.”

“I’ll be right there, Linda,” he said all business like; with my cock still in his hand. “Tyler, I guess you’ve never cum before. Young guys like you need relief. Now, you can do this yourself or come here and I’ll do it for you,” he said with a smile. It was just like he was giving me actual medical advice. He removed the cum stained lab coat and tossed it in the laundry hamper as he left.

I never told my parents that Dr. Anders had jacked me off. I knew it was something that he shouldn’t be doing. As I look back I realized that he could have been arrested for what he had done. If I had told my dad I’m sure he would have beat the shit out of him.

After that doctor’s visit I did begin to jack off almost every day. That however, was my last visit to Dr. Anders. It seems he got arrested. He was doing a physical on another football player, and the kid’s mom thought it was taking too long. She went searching for her son and when she opened the exam room Dr. Anders was sucking this kid’s cock.

I picked up the local paper and was reading the headline, “Local Physician Arrested for Pedophilia. My mom saw me reading the article and asked, “Tyler has Dr. Anders done anything like that to you?”

“No Mom, he hasn’t,” I lied. I was too embarrassed to say what he had done to me.

When I turned fourteen I got my learners permit that would allow me to learn to drive to and from school. Then after two months I took my test for a school driver’s license. That meant that I’d get my Nebraska school driver’s license. I could then legally drive to and from school. My Dad thought this was a good idea so I could get home soon after school to do my farm chores. The car dealer ship where Dad worked gave him a good deal on used Jeep Liberty. “It’s yours,” Dad said. “You have earned it.”

This was a difficult age for me. The other guys were interested in girls, but I wasn’t interested. I had convinced myself that I was to busy with football and my chores to date girls. It never occurred to me that I might be gay. I wasn’t even sure what that meant. I did know that I liked it when Dr. Anders played with my cock. I also noticed that I enjoyed looking at hot guys.

I somehow managed to avoid the Junior Prom. Justin and J.R. were looking forward to going. Both had dates and they were trying to fix me up with different girls. I rejected each one they picked for various reasons. “Dude, you’re not going to find any beauty queens now,” J.R. said. “You’ve waited until all the cute girls already have dates. Just go stag and see what happens.”

“I’d rather not,” I said. “Most everyone else will have dates.”

My senior year in high school was miserable for me. I have to admit that I was getting pretty damn buff, and all the girls were really hitting on me. Now what high school senior wouldn’t enjoy that? Us gay ones wouldn’t. Yeah, I finally admitted to myself that I was gay. I still wasn’t out and I think that’s what made me miserable. Remember, this is small town Nebraska.

J.R., Justin and I rarely hung out like we did in the past. We were still friends, but my right hand was now my best friend. I found a web site that had plenty of pictures of hot nude men. These were now my dream dates that I jacked off to.

I was a pretty good football player and had really good grades during high school. However, I wasn’t good enough to get a scholarship offer to the University of Nebraska. On the other hand, I did get an offer from Chadron State College. That was good enough for me. Chadron was also a small town in Northwest Nebraska.

Dad wanted me get an agriculture degree, but I wasn’t interested in that at all. I decided to follow Mom’s path and become a teacher. Dad and I never argued about this, but I knew that he was disappointed.

I decided that I would start college during the summer term and get a head start with my studies. I was assigned a dorm room and because it was the summer term I had no roommate. I liked that because it gave me privacy to jack off. I wasn’t sure how I would manage that when I did get a roommate.

When the fall semester started I got a roommate. His name was Kyle Jordan, and God was he ever hot. He was also on the football team and totally straight. Kyle seemed to tease me with his body. He would often walk around nude. Yeah, he had a big dick too. Shit I was really hot for him. When he would walk around nude with his big cock swinging between his legs it was all I could do to keep from getting hard.

Kyle and I became pretty good friends during our time in college. However, he wasn’t the cerebral type. I ended up tutoring him. He would often say that I was getting two college degrees. At times I felt as though I was. I didn’t mind though because he was so damn good looking. I’m sure you think this was leading up to our having sex. Shame on you, you are just a sex fanatic. Now it wasn’t because I didn’t want to have sex with him. Remember, I told you that he was straight. “Yeah, right,” you say. But, he really was.

I went through my complete bachelor degree and was still a virgin. I even graduated in three years and still had another year left on my football scholarship. (And, I was still a virgin.) I decided I should start my master’s degree. It wasn’t like I had a social life or anything. And, Kyle and I still haven’t fucked. Didn’t I tell you that he was straight?

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