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the whispering prairie winds

Chapter Three

“Hey dude could you get lost for a couple of hours this evening,” Kyle asked me?

“Why in the fuck do you want me lost for a couple of hours,” I asked, although I had a pretty good idea?

“I have this date with Kendra,” Kyle grinned. “I think she’s ready to let me fuck her.”

“Yeah, I guess I do need to go to the library,” I replied. For the life of me I couldn’t see what Kyle saw in Kendra. Even if I were straight I wouldn’t be interested in someone like her. It wasn’t that she was ugly, although she was. She was at least twenty pounds overweight, and always dressed like she was going to feed the pigs or something. She could also be a bossy bitch. I guess I was also envious that she might be having sex with Kyle and I wasn’t. I think I’ve mentioned how hot Kyle was.

“You have exactly two hours to get off,” I told Kyle. “I’m back in the room regardless.”

“Fuck as horny as I am I’ll probably cum in ten seconds,” Kyle joked.

“I don’t know why you would be after all that monkey spanking I heard from your side of the room last night,” I teased.

“Get the fuck out of here,” Kyle said as his face turned red from embarrassment. “Besides, it’s not like you don’t do it too.”

“Yeah, but I don’t tell my hand how much I love it,” I teased as I grabbed my laptop and headed out the door.

I decided to make good use of my two hours and get a start on a paper that I had to do for one of my classes. I found a quiet corner of the library and began typing way on my laptop. I had a sudden feeling that someone was staring at me. I looked up and saw this really cute boy at the next table drop his head down. I wasn’t sure but, I thought he may have been eyeing me.

I continued with my work and the next time I looked up he was definitely gawking. I guess growing up on the farm in rural Nebraska I’d never developed my gaydar. But, I did sense that this boy was interested in me. I’ll admit that just thinking about Kyle back in the room having sex made me horny. This boy wasn’t nearly as hot as Kyle, but he was sexy in a different way.

I again looked up when Mr. Ogle Eyes, dropped his head. He then began to gather up books and papers and stuffed them into a book bag. He then picked up a pair of crutches from the floor and struggled with the book bag and balancing himself on the crutches. His leg was in a fresh looking cast so I figured that the injury must be a recent one. Just as he got even with me he lost his balance and came crashing down on me. “Well fuck,” he said. “Shit, man I’m sorry, but I just got these damn things and I’m still learning to use them.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “Here, let me help you with these things. How in the world did you manage to get here with that book bag while using those crutches?”

“My roommate helped me and then she left to meet her boyfriend,” he said. “I didn’t think about having this much trouble.”

“It’s obvious you’re not going to make it with that big book bag on those crutches. Let me help you to your car,” I offered.

“Shit, I forgot that I rode with my friend,” he said in despair.

“I’m finished here, could I give you a ride,” I offered?

“Are you sure you don’t mind,” he asked? “I live on the other side of town.”

“This isn’t a big town, and the other side could be just a few blocks,” I laughed.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he smiled. “Thanks.”

I picked up his book bag while saying, “I’m Tyler Lucas.”

“I’m Matt Carlton,” Matt said as he extended his hand and then lost his balance, and fell against me again. “Well, shit I’m going to break something else if I don’t learn to use these things. I guess I’m just a klutz anyway. I did this when I was carrying some thing to put in my car and missed a step.”

I managed to get my laptop, Matt’s book bag and Matt to my Jeep without him falling again. As I took his arm to help him into the Jeep I could tell that he had a nice firm body. It wasn’t muscular like Kyle’s, but still nice. Oh yeah, he had a cute ass too.

“Do you need to stop for anything,” I asked as I started the Jeep?

“I’m starving and if you don’t mind I’d like to stop and get something to eat,” Matt said. “I can get it to go if you’re in a hurry.”

“No hurry,” I said as I looked at my watch and realized that I still had an hour to kill. “Where do you want to go?”

“How about the Pizza Hut,” Matt asked? “You know we don’t have many choices in this town.”

“Pizza Hut sounds fine for me,” I said. ‘Your bed would be better,’ I thought.

I helped Matt out of the Jeep and he again fell against me as he lost his balance. I was beginning to think this was on purpose. Maybe the little fucker really was gay.

Matt and I chatted for more than an hour when he finally said, “Hey, I guess I’d better get back to the apartment.”

“Damn, you’re lucky you don’t have to go back to a dorm,” I said.

“Living in an apartment doesn’t cost that much more than a dorm,” Matt offered. “Especially if you have a roommate.”

“It would be for me since room and board is part of my scholarship,” I explained.

“Oh, what type of scholarship,” Matt asked?

“Football,” I said.

Matt laughed and said, “I thought you looked like a football jock.”

I delivered Matt to his apartment and helped him in with his book bag and then went back to the dorm. Kyle was reclining on his bed and then said with big grin, “Thanks for giving me some time but you didn’t have to be gone that long.”

“I didn’t know how long it would take you to bang Kendra so I stopped for some pizza,” I teased.

Kyle and I were on our way to football practice when I observed Matt with his crutches. He was maneuvering with a lot more skill. “That’s Kendra’s roommate,” Kyle said as he saw me looking in Matt’s direction.

“Matt is Kendra’s roommate,” I questioned?

“How do you know Matt,” Kyle asked?

“Oh I don’t really know him,” I said. “I gave him a ride home from the library the night you were shagging Kendra.”

Kyle laughed and said, “I was beginning to wonder why you would know the little faggot.”

“Matt’s gay,” I asked? But, I really wasn’t surprised when I asked the question.
“According to Kendra he is,” Kyle said. “They’ve been friends since they were in high school in Scottsbluff.”

“He seemed nice enough when I gave him a ride,” I said. I wanted more information, but was afraid to ask.

“Yeah, he’s okay, I guess Kyle said. “But, he just isn’t my type if you know what I mean.”

“Why didn’t you and Kendra fuck in her apartment the other night since he was at the library anyway,” I asked.

“She didn’t know he was going to the library and she didn’t want to ask him to leave since he broke his leg,” Kyle explained.

“Hey Tyler,” Matt called as I was leaving the library one evening. He was now in a walking cast and ambulating well.

“Well hello Matt, I see that you’ve gotten rid of those crutches,” I said.

“Yeah, and this damn thing comes off in a couple of weeks,” Matt grinned.

“I was just going to see what garbage they had in the cafeteria, would you care to join me,” I asked.

“Oh hell no, I don’t eat that shit,” Matt laughed. “My roommate took her boyfriend home to meet her parents since there isn’t a game this weekend, and I hate eating along. Would you care come to the apartment for dinner?”

“I’d love to,” I said. “But, Kyle didn’t tell me that he was meeting Kendra’s parents. This may be getting serious.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that you knew Kyle and Kendra,” Matt said.

“Kyle is my roommate,” I said. “He was shagging Kendra in our room the evening I meet you at the library.”

“Kendra is such a slut,” Matt laughed. “But, she’s my best friend. You’re right about this thing with Kyle being serious. I’ve never seen Kendra like this before.”

Dinner with Matt was nice. He had made a pot roast that was almost as good as Mom’s. I soon discovered that he was articulate, had a great sense of humor and very intelligent. He was a sophomore and majoring in biology.

Matt and I cleared the table and he loaded the dishwasher. He brushed against me several times as we worked. When He bent over to load the dishwasher I again admired his cute ass. As he rose up he was looking directly into my eyes. I pulled him to me and kissed him. He responded to my kiss by opening his mouth to allow entry of my tongue. When I finally pulled my mouth off of his, he gasped, “Fuck I was hoping that you were gay. I wonder why Kyle didn’t mention that to Kendra.”

“Because I’m not out,” I explained. “In fact you’re the first guy that I’ve even kissed.”

“Was it that obvious that I’m gay,” Matt asked?

“No not at all,” I said. “Kyle told me that you were. However, you did keep brushing against me at the library, and then again tonight.”

“Shit Tyler, I couldn’t help myself,” Matt said. “You’re so fucking hot.”

“You’re pretty damn hot yourself,” I said as I pulled him to me and deeply kissed him again.

“Stay the night with me,” Matt pleaded.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said as I picked him up and carried him to his bedroom.

I sat him gently on the edge of his bed and began to unbutton his shirt. He was more muscular than I expected, but the surprise was when I pulled his pants down. His cock was about the same size as mine, and it was hard as a rock.

Matt began undressing me, and when he had me undressed, he then said, “Fuck you have a hot muscular body.” Ordinarily I would have been embarrassed by that remark, but it only turned me on more. I took him into my arms and began kissing him again. I then sucked his nipples and he was soon moaning with pleasure. I kissed him down to his cock. I had to have that in my mouth. I’d never sucked a cock before, but it just seemed to come naturally. I must have been doing it right because he came in my mouth with a full load of cum.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before,” Matt asked?

“Positive,” I affirmed.

I kissed Matt and let him taste his own cum from my mouth. He then took my cock in his hand and then he began to open condom. He unrolled the over my hard as a rock cock and then he spread lube over my cock and his ass. He then said, “This may take some getting used to. My last boyfriend wasn’t as large as you.

I wasn’t exactly sure how gay men fucked, but I’d seen enough things on the internet that I wasn’t entirely lost. I positioned myself over him and pushed his legs, cast and all, up against my chest. I pointed my eager cock at his ass. As I inserted my cock Matt said, “Just go slow. It’s been a while since I was last fucked, and you have a big cock too.”

“Just tell me if I’m hurting you,” I said.

“Just go slow and it will be fine,” Matt gasped.

I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into his ass until every inch was in. His warm tight ass felt so good to me as I pumped harder and faster. Soon we were both moaning with pleasure. “Oh god I’m cumming,” I moaned as I felt the most intense ejaculation I’d ever felt. Suddenly Matt shot another huge load all over his chest.

“Shit, that was good, are you sure you’ve never had sex before,” Matt asked?

“Not really,” I said.

“What do you mean by ‘not really’,” Matt asked?

“Well when I was twelve and having my football physical, this doctor jacked me off,” I said.

“No fucking way,” Matt laughed. “Really, when you were only twelve?”

“A mature twelve,” I said. “I already had pubic hair, and he liked the size of my cock.”

“Me too,” Matt said as he took my limp cock in his hand and began to squeeze.

Soon my cock was hard again and ready to for some more action. I fucked Matt again and came with almost as much intensity. We then did some post sex cuddling and then both drifted off to sleep. I’d never slept with a man before or anybody as a matter of fact. It felt good to have his warm firm body next to me.

I woke to the fantastic smell off bacon and coffee and for a moment thought I was back on the farm and smelled my mom’s farm breakfast. I then realized that Matt was not in bed with me. I walked nude to the kitchen where my nose led me. Mat was busy turning eggs in the frying pan when I kissed him on the back of the neck. “Oh shit, you scared the fuck out of me,” he exclaimed as the yoke of one egg broke. “That was your egg that you made me screw up.

I pulled Matt into an embrace as my cock began to get hard again. My cock was pressing into the thin material of his briefs and in between his ass cheeks. Matt giggled and said, “Well, I can tell that you’re up this morning. But, you may as well let that big guy rest before breakfast gets cold.”

“I guess I should put some clothes on while we have breakfast,” I reasoned.

“Oh no, I enjoy a nice scenery while I have breakfast,” Matt said.

Matt and I made love several times before it was time for Kendra and Kyle to return from Scottsbluff. “Are you going to tell Kyle about us,” Matt questioned?

“I don’t think so,” I said. I’m not sure how the guys on the football team would accept a homo on the team. I may say something after football season.”

“Kendra is a gossip, but if I tell her to keep her trap shut about this she will,” Matt assured me.

“Kendra would do that for you,” I questioned? “You don’t think she would tell Kyle?”

“Yes she would for me,” Matt assured me. “And, no she wouldn’t tell anybody if I asked. She did say that she told Kyle that I had the hots for a football player. She just didn’t tell him who it was.”

“How are the in-laws,” I teased Kyle when he entered our dorm room?

“Shut the fuck up,” he said as he threw the pillow from his bed at me while laughing. “Kendra’s parents are nice though. So, how was your weekend? Did you do anyone interesting?”

I laughed and tried to cover my embarrassment by saying, “You know that I have no social life. But, I had a good weekend. I did run into Matt and had dinner with him.”

“Kendra said that Matt has the hots for some football jock,” Matt teased. “It wouldn’t be you would it?”

I laughed and hoped Kyle couldn’t see how red my face was from embarrassment. “Now why would you think anyone would be interested in a farm boy like me?”

“Hey, I’ve seen how some of the girls here ogle over you,” Kyle said. He then added, “And some of the guys, including Matt.”

“Shut up,” I said as I threw his pillow back at him.

Matt and I seldom had much time alone with my football and then there was always Kendra. We would sometimes meet for a quick fuck when we knew that Kyle and Kendra would be on a date. We once drove out on some isolated farm road and made love in my Jeep. Needless to say, with my size it wasn’t the most comfortable fuck we ever had. But at least it was a fuck.

Once football season was over Kyle and Kendra began to go off on their little love trips to Scottsbluff. Matt and I had a little more time for love making. I was beginning to feel guilty for not going back home to see my parents. “I haven’t been home in several weeks and I really do need to get home this weekend,” I told Matt.

“I know babe I understand, but I’ll sure the fuck miss you,” Matt said. “To bad you’re not out and I could go home with you.”

“I know, sweetie,” I said. “One day I will tell them.”

“I would never pressure you,” Matt said. “But the best thing I ever did was to come out to my parents. How do you think they would react?”

“Fuck, I have no earthly idea,” I said. “Since I’m and only child I guess it would be tough for them. I know that they will want grandchildren.”

“Baby, if I had the equipment I’d help you give them grandchildren,” Matt said.

“Honey, I know you would,” I smiled. “But if you had that type of equipment I wouldn’t be interested in you.”

“We could get Kendra to be a surrogate for us,” Matt said with some seriousness.

“Poor little guys would have to go around with a bag over their head if she were the mother,” I laughed. “Oops, sorry but I shouldn’t have said that about your best friend.”

“Hey I can’t help it if my best friend is as ugly as a mud pie,” Matt laughed. “Let’s hope that if she and Kyle have kids they look like Kyle. He’s pretty damn hot.”

“I know,” I agreed. “I had the hots for him until I met you.”

“You would actually choose me over Kyle,” Matt asked?

“Now I didn’t say that,” I teased as I pulled Matt into an embrace and kissed him. I then added, “He might want to top.”

I called home to tell my parents that I would be home for the weekend. I was surprised when my dad answered the phone. “Hi dad, I’m surprised that you were home to answer the phone this time of the day.”

“I just got home,” Dad said. “I took off work early to get some work done around here. It’s good to hear from you, Tyler. When are you coming home?”

“I was just calling to tell you that I’d be there this weekend,” I said.

“We’ve missed you son, and well be happy to have you back home,” Dad said.

I knew I would miss being with Matt over the weekend, but I also was looking forward to seeing my parents. On Friday morning I packed up my Jeep and planned on leaving as soon as my last class was over. “How many of you have your research project completed,” the professor asked? I and three other classmates indicated that we had ours completed. “You four may go, and the rest of you are going to stay and give me a complete report of what you have done,” she said.

In a flash I was out of the classroom and in my Jeep driving east. My trusty old Jeep seem to want to get home, or maybe if was my lead foot. I know I was driving at least ten miles per hour over the speed limit, and probably more. I guess my mind was drifting between Matt and getting home. There weren’t many places for him to hide, but suddenly he was behind me with flashing lights. The Nebraska State Patrolman exited his patrol car and said, “You were going a little fast there, any particular reason? I need to see your driver’s license and proof of insurance.”

“No sir,” I admitted. “I guess I was just in a hurry to get back home from school.” Damn, he was hot. He had huge biceps that looked like they had his uniform stretched to the limit. I wanted to touch them when he extended his arm to take my license and insurance card.

“What school,” he asked?

“Chadron,” I said. “I’m there on a football scholarship.” What I added that last statement I’ll never know, but it worked to my advantage.

“I played football at Chadron too,” he smiled. “Okay, Tyler have a safe trip and try to keep your speed down.”

‘Fuck that was luck,’ I thought as I watched the officer’s butt in my rearview mirror as he walked back to his patrol car.

I was surprised about how the farm looked when I arrived home. I hadn’t noticed during my last visit, but there appeared to be a lot of work that needed to be done. It wasn’t big things, but just the little things. I guess out of habit more than anything else, I started on chores just as I would have when I lived there. My horse, Bo, greeted me at the gate as if to beg me to ride him. “I’ll ride you when I’m done with the other chores,” I told him as if he could understand.

I had just finished my ride on Bo and headed back to the house when Mom and Dad arrived home. They both tried to hug me at the same time and we ended up in a group hug. “Son, you’ll be graduating soon,” Dad said. “What are your plans for after graduating?”

“I have sent my resume to a few places,” I said. “A school in Omaha wants me to come for an interview.”

“I ran into Coach Baumann and he wants you to consider an assistant coaching position,” Dad said proudly. “The school also need a chemistry teacher.”

I’d never thought about coaching, but it might be worth thinking about. I wasn’t sure about being gay and coaching, especially here in my home town. There was also Matt to think about. I wasn’t sure that I loved him or that he loved me. I was very fond of him, and we had never said the “L” word. I saw the concern look on the faces of both Mom and Dad. Dad then asked, “What’s wrong son, you don’t want to come back to live here?”

“It isn’t so much that, Dad,” I tried to explain without going into details. “I’ve never thought about coaching football, but I suppose I could do it.”

“Tell him what Coach Baumann said about him,” Mom insisted.

Dad smiled with pride and said, “Tyler, he said that he’d never had a smarter football player than you. He said that he’d had plenty that had been more athletic, but not smarter ones. He said that he would take a smart coach over an athletic one any day. You could live here and not pay rent.”

I must have had an odd look on my face as I was thinking that it might be difficult bringing a guy home for sex. I then decided this might bright that moment to tell my parents that I was gay. “Mom, Dad there’s something that I really need to tell you. I hope you will understand. I’m …”

Before I could finish Dad said, “Gay? Tyler we’ve suspected that for a long time. Who gives a rat’s ass what you are. You’re mom and I have discussed this and we don’t care.”

I had tears streaming down my cheeks when I said, “How did you know? Was I that obvious?”

Dad gave a nervous laugh, but before he could speak, Mom said, “Tyler, you never dated, you never showed any interest in girls, and we saw how you looked at hot looking guys.”

I hugged both of my parents and said, “I just don’t know how it would be with my being gay in this town. But, I know I should be here to help you with the farm.”

“Fuck the farm,” Dad said. “Excuse me Susan,” he added when he saw the look Mom gave him. “Tyler, we would only want you here because we love you. We don’t want you here as a farmhand. I know you have no desire to be a farmer, but we just want you to know that you have choices. Those choices are yours. If you want to consider the job in Omaha, by all means consider it.”

“Do you have a boyfriend,” Mom asked as if it was as common as having a girlfriend?

I laughed nervously, and said, “Yeah, Mom, I’ve been seeing someone.”

“Is it your roommate, Kyle,” She asked? I saw how you looked him.”

“No Mom, it isn’t Kyle,” I said. “Kyle has a girlfriend. His name is Matt.”

“Tyler, he would always be welcome here,” Dad said. “It may seem strange to me, but I’d make him feel welcome.”

“I know you would, Dad,” I said as I put my arm around him. “That means a lot to me.”

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