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the whispering prairie winds

Chapter Six

My Jeep was loaded and there wouldn’t be room for a single item more. I was ready to be on my way to my new job and home in Tulsa. I knew that I would miss my parents, but we promised that we would visit each other often. Mom cried of course, but Dad was too manly to do the same. I could tell that he was sad to see me go. I planned on stopping in Wichita to spend the night with Pete and Norm. They would have let me have it had I passed through Wichita without a visit.

When I did arrive in Tulsa to my apartment building I went to the manager’s office to pick up the key. I inserted the key in the lock and attempted to unlock the door. It refused to turn. After several tries I went back to the apartment manager’s office to see if Mrs. Harris had given me the correct key. “Yes, that’s the right one,” Mrs. Harris assured me.

“I tried several times, and either the lock is broken or that’s the wrong key,” I said.

With a huff Mrs. Harris took my key and said, “Give me the key and I’ll unlock it for you.”

“I’m in 201,” I said as Mrs. Harris started to unlock apartment 220.

“No, 201 is the one bedroom,” she insisted.

“Yes, I took the one bedroom,” I said.

“Number 201 is occupied,” she maintained. “You said you wanted the two bedrooms.”

“Yes, I said that I wanted it,” I argued. “But, I declined because it was $250 more per month.”

“Look at your contract,” Mrs. Harris smirked.

“See, right here,” I pointed to the contract. “Apartment 201, a one bedroom apartment.”

“Oh my, you’re correct,” she admitted. “I only have this two bedroom one left.”

“My furniture is being delivered today,” I said as I was thinking I may be able to swing a good deal here. “We have to do something soon.”

“You could live in the two bedroom until I get a vacant one bedroom,” Mrs. Harris offered.

“Once I move in I’m not moving out,” I asserted.

“I could take fifty per month off the rent,” she offered.

“One fifty and we have a deal,” I countered.

“Oh, I couldn’t do that,” Mrs. Harris argued.

“Then move the other people out of my apartment and move them in this one,” I declared. I could see that she was beginning to see things my way.

I called the furniture store to confirm that my furniture was being delivered and to give them my new apartment number. They confirmed that it was being delivered around one pm. I set about unloading my Jeep and then went out on the balcony to enjoy the river view.

I had three weeks to get settled in and get to know Tulsa. I enjoyed the shopping choices but the city felt lonely. I realized that the only person I knew was Tom and that was only from the day of the interview. I decided that I may as well acquaint myself with the gay community of Tulsa. An internet search gave me a listing of gay bars.

I was nervous as I entered the darken bar. It was a little early, but a few people were at the bar and a couple or two were seated at tables. I could feel their eyes checking me out. ‘New meat,’ they were likely thinking. I selected one of the tables and the waiter took my order for a drink. A lesbian couple was making out at one of the tables, and the guys were still checking me out. There were none that interested me. There was a cowboy type that wore jeans that were way to and too many buttons unbuttoned on his shirt. There was also a leather dude who obviously had either lost teeth to decay or a few bar fights. My guess was that he didn’t understand what a toothbrush was for.

By the time I finished nursing my second beer the place was almost packed. I saw a nice looking couple at the bar that kept looking in my direction. This made me somewhat nervous because I wasn’t interested in getting involved in a three-way. I looked up and they were walking toward my table. Both were extremely good looking though. “Are you expecting anyone,” the taller of the two asked?

“No, I’m alone,” I admitted.

“Would you mind if we joined you,” he asked? “I’ve had a busy day and my feet are killing me.”

“Not at all,” I said with relief as I welcomed the company. “Have a seat.”

“I’m Jeff and this is my boyfriend, Tim,” he said as they both extended their hands.

“Hi, I’m Tyler,” I said as we shook hands.

“We come here often to dance but, I don’t think we’ve ever seen you in here before,” Tim said.

“No you haven’t,” I agreed. “I just moved here from Nebraska.

“I take it that you’re single,” Jeff said.

“Yeah, I’m single,” I admitted.

“Well, we’ll just have to fix you up,” Jeff smiled as he began to look around the bar for potential boyfriends for me.

I laughed and said, “So far I haven’t seen a lot to chose from in here except for a couple of guys and you’re already taken.”

They both laughed and Tim said, “You’re a good looking guy and the guys will be all over you.”

Tim and Jeff began to point out different guys and then asked what I thought of each. “How about that one there,” Jeff asked as he pointed out a handsome guy that was chatting with a couple of other guys?

“He looks pretty hot,” I admitted.

Jeff left the table and a few minutes later escorted the hot guy to our table. “Brad, this is Tyler,” he said. “And, this is Tim, my boyfriend. He’s off limits to you.”

Brad was a little shy at first, but I soon learned that he was a hospital orderly, but he planned on going to nursing school. His relationship with a boyfriend had ended a few weeks earlier. He grew up in Florida but he assured me that I would love Tulsa the same as he had.

I told Brad about Cody and how we had gone our separate ways when we graduated from the University of Wyoming. He seemed surprised when I told him that I’d be teaching chemistry at Tulsa Community College. He said that he’d never had a handsome professor in any of his classes.

Brad and I danced some and even made out a little. He seemed like a very nice guy and I definitely wanted to see him again. He must have wanted to see me again because he asked for my phone number.

Brad kissed me lightly on the lips before he got into his truck. He then said, “I’d really like to call you.”

“I’d like that,” I admitted. I had warm fuzzies about Brad.

I began my first week at the college and I still hadn’t heard from Brad. I went back to the bar a few time thinking I might see him there. Jeff and Tim hadn’t seen him either. I was becoming friends with Jeff and Tim and they invited me to their house for dinner. I gladly accepted as I really enjoyed their company. They both had a great sense of humor and they appeared to be so in love.

I had just returned from an evening jog in the park and I could hear the phone ringing as I was unlocking my apartment. “Tyler, this is Brad,” he said. Of course it was Brad. I’d recognize that sexy voice anywhere.

“Hi Brad,” I said. “It’s good to hear from you. I hadn’t heard from you and I though maybe you weren’t going to call.”

“I lost your phone number,” he said. “I didn’t know your last name so I couldn’t get your number from information.”

“How did you get it then,” I asked?

“I saw Tim and Jeff at the bar and got it from them,” he explained. “I called to see if maybe you would want to go out to dinner.”

“I’d love to,” I said with some excitement in my voice. I gave Brad my address and we decided that he would pick me up around 7:00 pm. I changed at least five times before I was somewhat satisfied with how I looked.

“Damn you look hot,” Brad said as I opened the door.

I kissed him on the lips, but not with the passion I wanted. I didn’t want to appear too aggressive. Brad looked as hot as he did the night I met him. I could really fall for this guy. We had a nice dinner and decided on a movie afterwards. I don’t recall what the movie was because I was too busy feeling up Brad.

As we got into his truck Brad said, “You know you got me hard in there.”

“I know, I could tell,” I laughed.

Brad dropped me off at my apartment and I really wanted to invite him up for more than a goodnight kiss, but I didn’t want to appear too aggressive on the first date. “Would you like to come over for dinner Friday?” I asked.

“I’d love to,” he smiled.

I prepared a pot roast that I do believe was as good as Mom’s. Brad said that it was the best that he’d ever had. But, I think he was just being nice. I had even learned to bake a pretty decent apple pie. Brad and I decided to have our pie with coffee out on the balcony. The park was alive with families, bicyclist, and joggers, some pretty hot joggers and bikers at that. We chatted until late into the night. Brad was intelligent and had a great sense of humor.

“Oh shit, just look at the time,” Brad said as he stretched and yawned. “I had better get home so you can get to bed.”

“You don’t have to go home for me to get to bed,” I said as I took him into my arms and kissed him.

Brad looked and me and said, “I was hoping that you’d say that.”

We kissed and undressed each other as we walked to the bedroom. Brad had about the most fantastic body I’d ever seen. He was built like an Olympic gymnast, only he was taller than most. I kissed his body from his lips down to his cock. He had this perfect cock that was accented by a gorgeous patch of blond bush. He looked like a Greek god before me.

I brought Brad to climax by sucking his cock. He was moaning loudly and was obviously enjoying what I was doing to him. After he came in my mouth I kissed him and let him taste his cum on my lips.

Brad then took my cock in his mouth, and I almost shot my load when I looked down and saw this god with his lips wrapped around my cock. I came almost as quickly as he had. I pulled him into my arms for some hot passionate kissing.

I awoke with this god next to me. I became hard just looking at his incredible body. I cuddled as up next to his hot body. He began to stretch and yawn and I realized that he was awake. “Did you have a good sleep,” I asked as I kissed the back of his neck?

“I sure did,” he replied. “Now is that a piss hard-on you have there, or you hot for me?”

“Must be that I’m hot for you since I’ve already pissed,” I chuckled. I kissed his neck and then he turned toward me with his hard cock poking back at mine. We began kissing with our tongues deep into each other’s mouth.

“We’ve never discussed this, but are you a top or a bottom,” he asked?

“I’ve never bottomed,” I confessed.

“Then I supposed I’ll just have to bottom for you,” Brad giggled. “But, one day I’m going to nail that hot butt of yours.”

“I took the lube from the night stand and lubed Brad’s ass and my cock. I heard him exhale noisily as I inserted my cock in his tight ass. I felt his hands grip the back of my legs as he pushed against my cock. When I came in his ass he shot cum on our chest at the same time. I then lay on top of him as my now soft cock slipped out of his ass.

Brad and I soon became a couple and he began to introduce me to his friends. The only friends I had to introduce him to happen to be Jeff and Tim, but he already knew them. “Hey, we’re supposed to meet Jack and Mick for dinner,” Brad said when he called me.

Of all of Brad’s friends, Jack was the least favorite. Mick was okay, but Jack was very in love with himself. He was a physician and tried to give the impression that he had wealth. I had my doubts that he had any real money. Brad had made reservations at a rather nice restaurant, but not one of those over priced ones.

“I hated parking my Jaguar with all those old clunkers out there,” Jack said before even saying hello.

“If you parked it by that old Jeep out there it’s safe,” I said. “That one is mine.”

Jack must have mentioned his Jaguar twenty times from the time we were seated until our drinks arrived. The server, Jake, was one of my students, and a very cute one at that. When he addressed me as Dr. Lucas I think he caught Jack a little off guard. Brad had told him that I taught chemistry, but I don’t think he was aware that I had my Ph.D.

Jack made a royal ass of himself. He was rude to the wait staff and continued to mention his Jaguar. “I order blue cheese dressing and not this crap,” Jack said to Jake when the salads the delivered.

“I’m sorry, but I thought you said house dressing when I took your order,” Jake apologized. “I’ll take it back and get you blue cheese.”

“Are you sure that you can even get that right. These people expect a tip when they can’t even get an order right,” Jack said with arrogance.

Before Jake could answer I said, “Never mind him, Jake, he has a Jaguar stuck up his pompous ass. I doubt you’ll miss much with his dollar tip.” Everyone laughed, including Jake and Mick, Jack’s date. I could tell that Jack was pissed, but he said nothing. But, I saw those daggers. At least Jack never mentioned the Jaguar again.

“I doubt they will be dinning out with us again,” I said to Brad as we undressed for bed after arriving at my apartment after dinner.

“I doubt that too, but shit man that was funny when you mentioned the Jaguar up his ass,” Brad giggled.

Jeff and Tim became our regular double dates. I really liked both of those guys, and Brad seemed to feel the same way. Brad and I also enjoyed our quite dinners alone. I’d never been in love, but fuck this sure felt like love to me. I was very fond of both Matt and Cody, but this was different. I thought of Brad often when we were apart. I was afraid to tell him that I loved him, but I sure hoped that he loved me.

As Thanksgiving neared I asked Brad what plans he had. He said that he hadn’t made any yet since his family all lived in Florida. I told him that my Uncle Pete and his partner Norm wanted us to come up to Wichita for a visit. Brad seemed to agree until I told him that my parents would be meeting us there. No amount of talking could convince him to go.

I ended up going to Wichita alone. The visit with my parents and Pete and Norm was nice, but I thought of Brad often. When I arrived back in Tulsa I tried to call Brad, but he didn’t answer. I tried his cell phone with the same results. I then called Jeff and Tim, but they hadn’t seen him either. I thought perhaps he had decided to fly to Florida to see his family. I tried to call him again all the next week with the same results. I my emotions teetered between anger and worry.

After two weeks I finally got an E-mail from Brad saying that he thought it might be best that we not see each other again. I was devastated. Here was this hot man that I was falling in love with and it was ending almost as soon as it started. I called Jeff and Tim bawling, and both were at my apartment is a flash. They both hugged me and assured me that I’d done nothing wrong. Jeff offered to track Brad down and kick his ass, but I declined his offer.

A few months after the breakup, Jeff asked me if I loved Brad. This caught me off guard, and I wanted to know what brought that on. “I saw Brad with someone else,’ Jeff said. “You’ll never guess who he was with.”

“I have no clue,” I said. “I don’t know that many people here.”

“He was with Jack,” Jeff said.

“They’re friends,” I said.

“Well those friends were all over each other at the bar,” Jeff said. “I pulled his ass outside and we had a little chat.”

“What did that chat involve,” I asked?

“I asked him why he just stopped seeing you without a word,” Jeff said. “He said that he thought you were getting too serious. He also thought his future with Jack would be better.”

“That dumb ass, he should know that Jack owes up the kazoos on that Jaguar,” I said. “He’s all show with no pony.”

Jeff laughed and said, “I told him that he had better contact you and apologize for what he did or I was going to kick his as. I know that you wouldn’t take him back, but you need closure to this.”

“I just don’t understand it,” I said. “He’s the first guy I’ve ever cared for, and then he takes up with an asshole like Jack. Did he say why he was with Jack?”

“They’re both assholes,” Jeff said. “But, from what I gathered, it started out as a three-way. Did Brad ever ask you to do a three-way?”

“He didn’t actually ask,” I said. “But, he hinted around that he’d like to do that. Jeff, I just couldn’t do that. What other guys do is their business. But, to me when I care about someone I don’t need another person to complicate things. I don’t think I could take seeing a guy I love having sex with another guy. It wouldn’t matter if I were there or not.”

“I know what you mean,” Jeff said. “Tim and I agreed that all we needed was each other. But, Brad also thinks that Jack has money. He’s the type that is also a user. You’re better off without him.”

“Jeff, I guess I knew what he was,” I said. “Brad hid his gayness from his family because he was afraid that he would be disinherited. I did and I still do love him, but I have no future with him. I’m not even sure if I could be friends with him.”

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