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tales from another broken home

Chapter 3

Actions speak louder then words.

I dare you to move, I dare you to move,
I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor.
I dare you to move, I dare you to move,
Like today never happened before, Today never happened before.

From "I dare you to move" By Switchfoot.


I walked home with the last 5 minutes running through my mind over and over again. I pushed open the door to be greeted by my Mam.

"Where have you been? Do you always just run off for hours like that?"

I thought about it well yeah I did cuz she was always hung over, still drunk or with some guy. I decided that these wouldn't be the best replies so I went with

"No, sorry"

She was pretty happy with that and we sat down to dinner together for the first time in ages. We talked about random crap over dinner not really knowing if we should talk about Chris. We ate our dinner and slumped in front of a movie till about ten and then I headed off to bed.

In bed I couldn't help but think about Ryan and I found my hand running down my chest along my abs and under my boxer shorts. I began to slowly stroke my cock as I thought about making out with Ryan. I thought about tomorrow and meeting him again. I slowly drifted off to sleep stroking away over Ryan. The next morning I woke at 6am and couldn't stop thinking about Ryan. I managed to hold out till 7:30 by doing loads of sit-ups and nervously trying to choose the ideal t-shirt and pants. Considering I have like 3 pairs of denim skate jeans and like 5 red and 5 navy t-shirts the choice was surprisingly hard but eventually I went with a red tee and some really baggy jeans. I grabbed my board and took my usual route out my bedroom window and hit the streets.

I got to Ryan's and kickflipped onto his drive nearly crashing into his Mam.

"Wow, you must be one of Ryan's friends cuz most of the other kids don't try and kill me"

She laughed and gave me a wide smile just like Ryanís.

"He's upstairs sleeping but you can go up and wake him"

I didn't need to be told twice. I managed to blurt out an ok before making a run for the house. I was up the stairs before I realised that I didn't know which room was Ryanís but I needn't have worried as I saw him in bed through an open door. He was sleeping on his belly with his ass up in the air wearing nothing but a pair of blue boxers. I walked into his room and hopped onto his bed.

"Hey there" I beamed at him.

He rolled over and rubbed his eyes "Wow man what time is it?"

He turned to me

"I got to bed pretty late cuz I was barfing all night but my parents didnít realise what was goin on I just said I was feeling kinda crappy".

I was wondering if he remembered last night and what had happened when he looked into my eyes,

"Hey man you know I'm sober now"

My heart skipped a beat

"Really" I teased with a smile.

"Yeah, and ready for action" he shot back.

He grabbed my shoulders and turned me over onto the bed pinning me down before kicking the door closed.

"My mam's just gone to work so the house is empty till at least 6".

I knew I'd be able to fill the time. He sloped down again kissing me and gently slipping a little tongue in gradually. This time I couldn't keep my hands to myself so I slid my hands down his back and under his boxers onto his tight ass grabbing his cheeks and pushing him into my groin. He moaned gently and pulled my shirt off. He pushed me flat down again and began to lick my nipples with his tongue. I felt them become erect and my face became flushed. He slowly moved down and unbuttoned my jeans pulling them off and sliding himself down further. I knew what was coming next and as he pulled down my boxers my cut cock popped upwards as it became exposed. Ryan wrapped his hand around me and began to slowly jerk me off with smooth hand movements. I felt a tingle shoot up my spine. As he jerked more and more I felt a familiar sensation in my ball sack and my breath caught as I shot my load onto Ryan's unsuspecting hand. Ryan looked impressed

"My turn Dude" he smiled cheekily as he layback on the bed.

I had been dying to see his cock so I wasted no time in pulling his boxers off to reveal his uncut cock. He gave me a nervous glance as I eyed up his boyhood and I winked at him as I slid downwards.

"I'm gonna try something a bit different" I whispered as I took hold of his cock and began to lick its head.

He squirmed in the bed and I looked up to see if he was ok.

"No dude don't stop, please don't stop"

I got back to work and took all of him in my mouth I moved my tongue around his cock and after a few minutes I felt a jolt in his hips so I pulled back just in time to avoid a mouthful of boy juice.

We both collapsed back onto Ryan's bed and tried to catch our breath. Ryan was the first to speak

"Riley that was so good Dude."

"Yeah, it was good for me too man" I replied.

"You know I've wanted to do stuff with you for ages Ril. Ever since I saw you in the skate park for the first time."

I was stunned Ryan was the first person to ever tell me he had been attracted to me. We both lay there in silence for a few minutes before I turned to Ryan.

"Ry, does this make us boyfriends?"

I knew the answer I wanted but I wasn't sure how Ryan felt.

"Well I don't know Ril, Do you want us to be?" came his reply.

I plucked up my courage


Ryan looked at me with the cutest look

"I guess we're boyfriends then" he said planting a kiss on my cheek.

We spent the next hour sitting on Ryan's bed in each otherís arms talking about everything and anything.

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