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tales from another broken home

Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 4: Next stop...Who knows?

And she wonders where these dreams go
Cuz the world got in her way
What's the point in ever trying?
Nothing's changing anyway.
From "Acoustic No.3" By The Goo Goo Dolls.


I was home eating dinner with my Mam half listening half thinking about Ryan. She was talking and then the topic changed.

"Riley, I met a nice guy at work today"

I felt a surge of anger in my chest but kept quiet. She had worked at a food store for the last two years and had met every asshole possible there.

"Thatís nice Mam" I replied to keep her happy.

There was a ring at the door.

"I'll get it Mom" I yelled as I walked towards the door.

I opened the door to a grinning Ryan who nearly jumped on me in the hallway.

"Dude my Mams home"

My Mam had already appeared in the hall.

"Hey you must be a friend of Riley's"

Ryan winked at me "Yeah I'm a friend of his".

My Mam hadn't met any of my friends in ages. I was always to embarrassed to have them near her drunk ass. She smiled oddly at Ryan and then walked back into the kitchen.

I grabbed Ryan's hand and ran towards the bedroom. Ryan's hands rested on his hips and he had an angelic look on his face which he quickly ruined as he said in a deep voice "Hello Lover."

He nearly fell to the ground laughing and I couldn't help but join in. I was trying to get up but I overbalanced and found myself eye to eye with Ryan. He lent over and his lips gently connected with mine. I ran my hand down his neck and slowly opened my mouth as he slid his tongue in. We pulled ourselves up while we kissed and lay down on the bed. I pulled Ryan's shirt off and pushed him down onto the bed hopping on top of him before leaning down to kiss him passionately on the lips. I slid further down licking his right nipple and watching it harden on his chest. I ran my fingers down his smooth chest till I reached his underwear band. He was wearing black Quiksilver boxers and baggy denim jeans. I quickly ripped his belt off and unbuttoned his pants to reveal a large bulge in his boxers.

Ryan squirmed on the bed as I slowly drew the band down revealing his cock. I slowly slid down stroking his chest as I began to lick the head of his cock. His hardon went rigid as I licked slowly around the head before taking his whole cock in my mouth. As I slid my tongue up and down his cock I felt a surge in his hips and pulled away just as he shot his load right onto his stomach. He was red in the face and gasping for breath as he orgasmed. I froze for a moment just watching his expression of ecstasy. He recovered quickly and gently pulled me down pulling me into a hug.

"I want to try something new Ril" he smiled as he pulled my pants down.

I pulled my shirt off as he undid the buttons of my pants. He licked his finger and ran his finger along my asshole I shuddered with pleasure as he continued. He stopped for a second and I saw him spitting on his cock I knew what was coming and I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. I felt him enter me and there was a mixed sensation of pain and pleasure. My ass really hurt and as Ryan began to ride me I was in agony and began to cry. Ryan instantly stopped and had a look of shock on his face.

"Riley Man I'm sorry, did I hurt you?"

I could only nod a response as I collapsed into his arms. I knew he hadn't meant to hurt me but somewhere in my head I was asking myself "why do so many people want to hurt me?"

Ryan comforted me as I sobbed he rubbed my back and hugged me and actually made me feel better about myself then anyone had in years.

"Ryan you know when I came to the skate park with my lip busted up and I said I had fallen?"

He got a sad look on his face

"Yeah Riley".

"Well I didn't fall, my Mams ex-boyfriend beat me up pretty bad"

Ryan looked irate "Where is he? I'll kill the fucker!"

I was shocked Ryan was there to defend me against adults. I had to tell him how I felt, I knew it would probably make things awkward but he was special and I had to tell him.

"Ryan, I..I love you"

Ryan turned around and kissed me

"Riley I love you too Man."

I felt a warmth sweeping over me that reminded me off the drugs I had taken at the park. We were both tired out and I was still hurt so we just hugged for a couple of hours watching shitty movies. Ryan left around 7pm and I went to have dinner with Mam.

"You know while I was out at the market I ran into Mike again."

"Who's Mike?" I groaned already knowing the answer.

"Well Ri he's a really nice guy he actually owns the chain of stores I work in."

This actually sounded promising but I didn't get my hopes up My Mam was beautiful but only seemed to attract assholes.

"Yeah he's lovely Ri, He's Irish-American, tall, dark and handsome"

I had heard this description a number of times minus the Irish American but she dated Mexicans, Black guys, pretty much every type of guy so why not. Anyways all I knew was this was the classic description of asshole.

"Anyways Riley I told him about you and he wants us both to come to dinner with him"

This was a change a guy who liked kids all the others hadnít been told about me till it was absolutely necessary.

"I bet he's just trying to get into her pants" I thought to myself.

"So tomorrow night your gonna have to clean up and wear a shirt and tie baby cuz the place heís bringing us is kinda uptown."

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