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riding on the range

Chapter Three

May 16 2006

We were all sitting in the hot tub after dinner having a beer (or a glass of wine in the girls’ case). Personally I had never much liked hot tubs but everyone else was going in so I did too.

Suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain. Not really hard, but it looked like it could, so we went inside. Luckily all of our clothes were inside so we still had dry clothes to change into.

The girls went into the bathroom together to shower (it’s just good hygiene to shower after being in water with several other people) and change, followed by all of us guys (one at a time of course).

Everyone headed upstairs to the game room when Keifer went into the bathroom, because we all knew he would take a good fifteen or twenty minutes and we didn’t want to wait. Keifer always takes really long to get ready for anything.

It had been almost twenty five minutes since Keifer had gone in and I was sure he must have been out by then. He hadn’t come upstairs yet, but I figured he was just in the kitchen getting a drink or something. However I turned out to be wrong.

The shower wasn’t running as I approached the door of the bathroom and the door wasn’t locked so I figured he was out. Turns out he wasn’t. I opened the door to find Keifer toweling off, facing the doorway, one leg up on the toilet, his ‘package’ hanging out in all it’s glory. It looked like the centerfold of some gay porn magazine.

I just stood there and stared. It wasn’t that I really wanted to look at his cock (though I did) but it was just one of those moments where everyone is stunned and we both just stood there staring. It seemed like about ten minutes but I think it was more like ten seconds. Finally I came to.

“Oh God sorry man!” I said “I didn’t think you were in here.” I quickly backed out and closed the door. I was breathing heavily over what I had just seen. Now that my mind was working I finally processed the image of Keifer. His cock had looked to be about seven and a half or eight inches long, and his nuts looked nice and hefty. I also realized that he hadn’t taken any action whatsoever to cover himself up once he realized I was there, which I found really strange.

I had never really seen Keifer from a sexual viewpoint. Sure I had definitely noticed his chest and stuff when we went swimming or whatever but I had never felt an attraction to him. However the current bulge in my pants said otherwise. And now I couldn’t get that image of him posing on with his leg up on the toilet out of my head.

I quickly hurried back upstairs before Keifer could come out. I was playing pool with Steve when he came upstairs and neither of us gave any indication about what had just happened. I figured he was just going to pretend it never happened, like I wanted to. But it turned out he didn’t.

Later on, I was in the kitchen getting a drink of water when Keifer walked in. He too got a glass of water and we stood there looking at each other as we drank. I was sure he had followed me so he could talk to me about the bathroom incident. Sure enough he did.

“So uh, about what happened in the bathroom earlier.” Keifer said.

“Oh yeah man, I’m really sorry for just walking in on you. The door wasn’t locked so I thought you were out of there.” I quickly apologized.

“Hey man don’t worry about it. I know you didn’t want to come in and see me naked.” He told me. I almost laughed at how incorrect his last sentence had been.

“So we’re good?” I asked. “I know you don’t like other guys seeing you naked.”

“Yeah we’re good. Don’t worry about it. It’s not like we’ve never seen each other naked before right?” He laughed it off and left the kitchen. I knew he was referring to the summer camp he, I, and Max had all gone to together when we were twelve. We had had to use communal showers at the camp, which was kind of a scarring experience for all of us. We were all too busy trying to cover ourselves up too notice anyone else’s nakedness.

Talking to Keifer had caused that image of him to come into my mind again, so I waited a minute for the swelling in my crotch to go down before I went back upstairs. When I did I came upon a rather funny looking scene.

Keifer had wedged himself in between Steve and Jill on the couch, which really didn’t have room for three people, but Keifer was being very protective of his sister. Eventually Steve just gave up and moved to the other couch in annoyance. I had to suppress a laugh.

I sat down beside him and watched the T.V. I was surprised too see a hockey game, then I remembered that the world cup of hockey was on right now. I wasn’t really paying attention, since Canada wasn’t playing (I think it was like Russia and Finland or something) so instead I struck up a conversation with Steve. I was still only putting half of my mind into that; the other half was still preoccupied with visions of Keifer. It was really bothering me, since I already had an extremely sexy boy that was all mine. I almost felt like I was cheating on Tyler or something, but it wasn’t like we actually had any sort of commitment made.

We ended up staying at Max’s until almost four in the morning, so I wasn’t entirely sure I was good to drive. But I dragged myself and Tyler out o my truck and I drove home. I don’t really even remember anything else that happened the rest of that night.

I woke up the next morning in a daze. I was immediately blinded, because I was facing the window that the sun was shining right into. Once I had recovered I sat up and tried to figure out where I was. I realized I had somehow managed to make my way to my room and collapse on the bed. There was no sign of Tyler, but after another minute I realized the shower was running.

I fell back onto the bed and turned my head to glance at the clock. It was D: IT apparently. I blinked and saw that it was actually 10:17. I closed my eyes and was woken by Tyler.

“Hey you, about time to get up don’t you think?” He asked.

I groaned and looked at the clock. It was now 10:36. God, how I hated mornings. I have long held the belief that mornings would be better if they were in the afternoon. I opened my eyes and saw Tyler standing in the doorway, wearing nothing but a thin towel.

I grinned at him and said “Mmmm…morning hot stuff. How did you sleep?”

“I don’t have a clue. I woke up in a daze as I’m sure you did. I decided to have a shower because I felt really grubby and gross.”

I noticed that I was pitching a major tent from looking at Tyler. He had also noticed and was rubbing his own crotch. He held the towel up with one hand and rubbed the other along his stomach, then slipped it into his towel clearly playing with himself.

“Oh God I can’t take your hotness anymore. I want to see you naked. And I want sex. No. I need sex!” I growled “I’m going to explode soon if I don’t get a chance to make love to you.”

“Oh man I’m ready too” he purred “I need you so bad.”

He told me to strip. I quickly jumped to my feet and did as I was told, being sure to keep my crotch hidden from his view. I lay back down on the bed, keeping my cock and balls covered with my hands.

Tyler grinned seductively and said “You’ve been a good boy and did as you were told. Now do you want to see your prize?”

“Ohhh God yes” I moaned, sitting upright.

He let the towel drop and I let out a huge moan. I was finally getting my first view of my perfect cowboy Adonis. And it was worth the wait. I almost came right there just from watching him. I had never imagined he would look this good. His cock was almost 9 inches long which frankly surprised me. His package had never looked bigger than average through his pants, but I guess looks can be deceiving. It was like he had a third leg hanging from his groin.

The image of Keifer from the night before flashed into my mind again as Tyler dropped his towel. I quickly pushed it out of my mind and gave all my attention to the sexy cowboy standing right in front of me.

“Oh fuck Tyler, come here. I want to touch it. I want to feel you.” I begged him.

“Just a second” he replied. “I want to see your toys before I let you play with mine.”

I complied and moved my hands away from my raging hard pole. Tyler let out a little moan similar to mine, but I still felt so inferior.

He walked across the room and climbed onto the bed, crawling right up so that he was straddling me on his hands and knees, his cock brushing against my thigh. He kissed me on the lips and slipped his arms around me as I fell back onto the bed.

Both of us had our arms wrapped around the other one. I rubbed my hands up and down Tyler’s smooth back, feeling the muscles under my fingers. Our rock-hard crotches ground into each other, making us hotter than we already were.

I rolled us over so that Tyler was on his back and then leaned up. I stared down at my perfect, sexy, boy, laying there in all his naked glory. His body was completely hairless except of course for some hair in his pits. He had shaved his crotch which I found extremely sexy, since the only naked guys I had seen before were in the shower in gym class and none of them shaved, I had checked. I also remembered that Keifer had been sporting some hair. I didn’t know why he kept flashing into my mind but it was really bothering me. I pushed him out of my mind.

“Geez, you’re making me feel really sexy, staring like that.” Tyler said.

“Well that’s cause you are. I’m just trying to get over how lucky I am.” I told him.

“Well actually I’m pretty sure I’m the lucky one.” He replied “I must be to be able to have my way with a sexy cowboy like you.”

I laughed and pecked him on the lips again. I stared at him for a second then turned my attention to his southern area.

His cock was standing at attention, straight up and down. I brushed the side of it with my hand and Tyler let out a tiny moan. I grinned and grabbed on tightly. I began to slightly wank Tyler and he moaned, quietly at first then getting louder.

“Ohhh…fuck…yeah…Josh…oh…please…don’t…don’t stop” he groaned.

I had no intentions of stopping and pumped his alert member even faster. I could tell he was going to cum any second so I plunged my mouth down onto his pole.

Almost as soon as my lips touched the head he began to shoot jets of hot, sticky, tasty cum into my mouth. I readily drank in his sweet boy juice, savoring the sweet taste. I had tasted my own cum before but Tyler’s had a taste that was distinctly ‘Tyler’ that made it much tastier.

He shot what must have been a couple liters into my mouth, so much in fact that it began to spill from my mouth to Tyler’s stomach and groin. He fell back in ecstasy, recovering from an intense episode of sex. I licked and sucked up the remaining cum from Tyler’s stomach and crotch.

I moved my head beside his and asked him if he wanted to taste my juice. He told me that he wanted to more than anything.

I moved so I was straddling Tyler’s head and stroked my throbbing cock, aiming it at his waiting mouth. Tyler gripped my butt with his strong hands, squeezing and massaging it, and rubbing my thighs with his hands as well. It didn’t take me very long to shoot my load and Tyler hungrily drank it down.

I fell back, resting my head between Tyler’s smooth thighs, on his still semi-hard cock and his hefty nuts. I rubbed my hands up and down his smooth thighs. I loved how smooth and creamy he was. I could also feel my still semi-hard member rubbing against Tyler’s cheek. He turned his head slightly and sucked it into his mouth, just licking along the head.

“Holy shit that was awesome” he said around my cock “You are an expert”

“Well anyone would be an expert when they’re making love to a god.” I replied.

I rolled off of him, turned around, and slid up behind him. I wrapped my arms and legs tightly around his.
My cock was starting to get hard again, rubbing against Tyler’s crack.

“Well I guess you’re ready for another round, are you?” he said “Do you want to play some more?”

“Mmmm yes please” I moaned softly into his ear. My hand found his cock, which was also quite firm again, and I stroked him to full hardness.

I won’t tell you everything that happened over the next hour and a half, but I will tell you that at the end of that experience we had tried just about everything, short of anal sex. We had even briefly played in each others asses for a minute or two. I knew I definitely wanted to feel Tyler’s huge endowment between my cheeks.

Once we had finally decided we were worn out we reluctantly dressed and then headed out to the kitchen. I fixed us a huge lunch, because suddenly I was starving and I was sure Tyler was too. All that sex really takes it out of you. I think we ate about every piece of food in the fridge.

After lunch I went outside to do chores. I knew the horses and Cannibal were probably starving to death by now. I filled Cannibals bowl, and waited a minute for him to come running as he usually did when he heard food clattering into his bowl. When he didn’t come after a few minutes I gave up and went to feed the horses.

I quickly fed them and was taking the pitchfork (yes I use a pitchfork to carry hay) back to the storage shed beside the barn when I noticed a trail of some red liquid leading back behind the barn. My first thought was that it was blood, but I dismissed that as silly and went back there to find out.

I let out a huge yell when I saw what the source of the liquid was. It was indeed blood and the sight of its source almost made me barf.

Cannibal was laying half out from under the barn but he was in bad shape. His front left leg had been gnawed right down to the bone in one spot and the back of his neck was torn up as well. I guessed he had been attacked by coyotes, but Cannibal was usually smart enough to stay away from them.

For those who don’t know I’ll explain how coyotes catch their prey. A group of them will sit in the woods or in the middle of a field and howl. They sound very similar to smaller dogs like huskies, so most dogs will assume that they are indeed dogs. The fooled dog will venture out into the middle of the field, while being surrounded by the coyotes. By the time they realize that it is indeed coyote and not other dogs, the poor tricked dog will be dead. Fortunately most farm dogs are smart enough to know the difference between a coyote and a dog.

That’s why it seemed odd that Cannibals wounds would have been inflicted by coyotes. I was sure it must have happened some other way.

Tyler came tearing around the corner of the barn, brought by my yell. He had wanted to help me do chores (since he doesn’t have any animals he needs to take care of at his farm) so I got him to feed the chickens. He found me kneeling over Cannibal, almost in tears.

Cannibal was still alive, but barely. He was panting really heavily and his eyes were barely open. I told Tyler to go and grab a horse blanket from the barn. He was back really quickly and handed me the blanket. He then helped me pull Cannibal out from under the barn and wrap him in the blanket. I carried him across the yard and put him in the back seat. Tyler climbed back there with him and petted him reassuringly while I gunned it down the driveway and headed towards Picka, the town with the nearest veterinarian. It was about a forty minute drive going the speed limit but I managed to make it in thirty.

I carried Cannibal into the vet’s office and told the secretary that he had been attacked and was barely hanging on. She came and looked at his wounds and immediately called the vet from his office. The doctor had me carry Cannibal back to the operating room and place him on the table. Then I went back out to the lobby where I found Tyler pacing the waiting room.

About ten minutes later the doctor came out and told me I would have to take Cannibal to Calgary, to the pet hospital. I was devastated. Calgary was almost a two hour drive from here and I didn’t know if Cannibal would last that long. The doctor assured me he would be fine for the trip so we loaded up and headed out.

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