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riding on the range

Chapter One

By Kyle Rich

May 2006

I loved growing up in the Canadian prairies. A lot of people from other areas of the world complain that the landscape is flat and boring. Me on the other hand, I wouldn't live anywhere else. It's a great place to live. You can ride for hours across open landscape. By yourself or with someone special.

I'll never forget a special summer I shared with my best friend Tyler. Ty and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. Our mothers were friends, that's how we met. We lived just down the road from each other so we were always doing everything together.

We were best friends growing up. We walked to school together, hung out together after school; we were practically attached at the hip. In the summer we basically lived at each others houses. That's how it was growing up in rural Alberta.

Now I was in my junior year and he was just entering high school. Tyler was a year younger than me; he was fifteen and I was sixteen. I had always felt a close emotional attraction to Tyler, because we were such good friends, but recently I had begun to notice that Ty was changing from a boy to a young man.

His chest and shoulders had begun to broaden and thicken, and he had gone through a recent growth spurt, shooting up from five something to about six foot one. His dark hair was fairly long, hanging down just past his ears. It hung slightly over his eyes, giving him a kind of mysterious look. He had shining brown eyes hidden beneath his dark tresses.

His body had also started to become more toned and muscular. His arms, which used to be skinny and wiry, had suddenly sprouted muscles right out of nowhere, much like his calves. His chest had become much bulkier too, sprouting a slight six-pack and pecs.

Don't get the idea that he was some bulky, chunky monster. He was toned just right, mostly from life on a farm.

I'm built pretty similar to Tyler, though I'm a little taller and stockier. I have dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. My hair is cut pretty short; I guess the name for it is a Cesar cut. I'm a little more muscular than Ty is, though not barely.

I was beginning to find myself trying to spend more and more time with him, though we were already together most of the time. The difference was that usually we did things with our other friends, but I had been getting Ty to do things with me alone, like going riding in the back pastures.

I had recently been getting feelings that I could be bi or even gay, but those thoughts were always quickly dismissed. Until one night when I woke up in a sweat. I had been having a dream, but I couldn't really remember it, only that it had been very good and that it involved Tyler. Naked. This cemented how I felt about him.

Obviously I never told Tyler about my feelings, but now that I had accepted the fact I found myself doing things like checking out his butt when he bent over, and watching when he flexed his muscles for the girls.

I was quite about my feelings until summer. It was a hot July afternoon and Ty and I had just gotten back from a ride down to the river. Now we were in my barn unsaddling our horses and brushing them.

As usual we were chatting playfully.

"So man" I asked him "You got your eye on any ladies?"

"Well no not really, I mean there's this one girl in my English class that's pretty hot, but I haven't really talked to her at all."

"Well just keep trying and you'll get up the nerve" I told him.

Secretly I wanted to tell him that I was madly in love with him. But I had to keep silent.

I noticed Ty playing with his hair out of the corner of my eye. He made a comment about how he needed to get it cut, that he was starting to look mangy.

"Don't be silly, having your hair like that is hot" I told him.

I knew he wouldn't think it was weird for me to say, since we talked like that all the time. But I really did believe it. He just looked so damn good in that tight t-shirt that perfectly outlined his pecs and his washboard abs.

"Oh really? How hot?" he asked.

"Really hot man."

"Does it turn you on?" he asked.

"Oh totally. I'm having a hard time resisting your hotness" I half-joked. It was partly true. I was getting kind of hard.

"Does it make you want to come over here and kiss me?" he joked back.

"Oh totally."

"Then why don't you?"

I was stunned. Then I realized he was kidding.

"Well then maybe I will." I replied.

I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He didn't even flinch. I slowly slid my hand behind his head. He didn't move.

He just kept staring straight into my eyes, smiling his smart-ass smile that he wore regularly. He didn't think I had the balls to do it. At that point, if I didn't kiss him, I would get mocked by him forever.

I went for it. I kissed him long, and hard, and good. As soon as my lips touched his he tried to squirm away, so I put my other arm behind his back and held him there.

I knew this was probably going to be my only chance to ever kiss him, so I wanted it to last as long as possible. Holding him there also showed him that I definitely had balls.

I kissed him for almost a full minute before I released him. The whole time his eyes were wide open with astonishment. When I finally released him he took a few steps back and kept staring. I had thought that I had felt him kiss me back right at the end, but clearly I was wrong. He just kept staring at me in disbelief

Then he suddenly lunged at me and kissed me back, wrapping his arms around me. He came at me so fast that we fell to the floor and were rolling around in the dirt. I couldn't believe I was basically making out on the floor of my barn with my secret crush.

It didn't occur to me till after that someone could have just walked in on us. My parents were gone for a few days, but a neighbor or someone could have come to the house and found us.

So anyway it took me about ten seconds before I started to kiss Ty. Our hands were groping all over each others backs, and our tongues had found each other and were now wrestling.

My right hand had found his tight, bubble butt. I squeezed and basically groped it for all I was worth. I softly massaged his butt, feeling all the tight muscles in his ass. I held it tightly, loving the feel of all those muscles in my hands.

My hand massage led me to the waist band of Ty's jeans. I thought it was odd that he wasn't wearing a belt, but pushed that thought out of my mind.

I slipped my fingers inside the waist and pulled on his shirt, untucking it from his pants. I slipped my hands inside his shirt, feeling the muscles in his back, moving and contracting under my hands. I rubbed my hands all over his back, trying to pull him more to me, but he was already lying on me, so he couldn't get any closer.

I was really getting into our hot make out session, when I got slammed back into reality by the sound of a truck honking its horn as it pulled into the driveway.

Apparently Ty didn't hear it, since he was still ravaging me like an animal. I had to literally throw him off me. We stood up, Ty tucking his shirt back in. We grabbed our hats and walked out of the barn.

The truck was that of my friend, Nick. He climbed out of the truck and asked if we wanted to come with him to the Coyote Pit, a local hangout for the teenagers in our area. I said that I couldn't go because I was re-shoeing Dusty, my mother's horse.

Nick asked Ty if he was gonna come. Ty looked like he was about to say yes, but then suddenly changed his answer. He told Nick that he was helping me, and then he had to go into town and pick up a set of spark plugs for his quad.

Nick shook his head and told us we needed to learn to have some fun more often. Then he whipped a u-turn in the yard and tore off down the road. Tyler and I stood watching him for a second, and then headed into the house.

We both headed for the bathroom to wash up, then, since it was about suppertime, we raided the fridge. We each made ourselves a couple sandwiches and headed into the living room. I grabbed us a couple of beers on the way.

We settled down on the couch and flicked on the TV. We sat there for almost twenty minutes before either of us talked. We didn't have a real conversation even then. Neither of us even mentioned what had just happened in the barn. I decided I should press the issue.

"So Tyler…uh…I…I think we should talk about…um…about what just happened."

He didn't respond for a minute. Then he turned to face me.

"I'm sorry for what I did." He said. I was taken aback. I hadn't expected this at all. He continued "I shouldn't have kissed you like that. I just have had these feelings for so long that I couldn't help myself. I'm sure you probably don't want to hang out with a fruit like me."

I grinned and replied "Well that would be a little hypocritical don't you think?" I pecked him on the lips before he could respond.

He looked astonished, then extremely happy. He told me he had no idea that I felt the same way. I told him that I didn't know he swung that way either.

We just sat there staring into each others eyes for a few minutes. I held his right hand in mine and squeezed it every few seconds. I was lost in his enchanting eyes. It was kind of weird actually; I think I actually heard some music playing in the background.

As if on cue we both leaned forward at the same time, closing our eyes as our lips met. My lips opened slightly as we kissed a second time, then a third, then a fourth. My tongue slid out of my mouth into Tyler's and met his tongue. They wrapped around each other and dueled.

My right hand found the back of Tyler's head. I held him closely to me as my other arm wrapped around his back. His arms were wrapped tightly around my back as well.

Tyler fell back and I followed him, straddling his waist. I continued the assault on his mouth and rubbed his back. Tyler slid his fingers inside the waistband of my pants and my underwear so that he was holding my ass in his strong, calloused hands. I was loving it.

I wanted very much too see him naked, but I also wanted to let him take things at his own speed so I didn't force it. For now I was content just to be holding and kissing the hottest boy on the planet.

We stopped kissing for a minute and stared into each others eyes again. I just couldn't get over how damn sexy this boy was, and he wasn't even trying to be. It just came naturally to him.

"What are you staring at?" he asked me.

"Well I can't get over you. You're just so damn hot!" I replied.

He grinned and pushed me up and off of him. He stood up and headed towards the bathroom. I watched his ass that was so nicely pressed into those jeans.

I was watching the TV again when he came back. I thought he wanted to resume making out but he just snuggled up beside me, placing my arm around his shoulders.

We sat there for most of the night, just holding each other. By eleven o'clock we had somehow managed to be lying down on the couch, me kind of on my side, Tyler pressed up against my stomach, with my hand on his chest. I was sort of playing with his nipples as well as rubbing his stomach, absentmindedly.

At around eleven thirty I told Ty that I was ready to hit the sack. He said he was too. We got up and headed to my bedroom. This wasn't unusual. We had always slept in each others rooms when we stayed at each others houses. Of course the guest usually slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I wasn't really sure what Tyler thought the sleeping arrangements should be. I wanted him sleep with me in my bed, but I didn't know if he would be up for that. So I did the logical thing. I asked him.

"So you bunkin' with me tonight?" I asked.

"Well I was thinkin' I would. If you think you've got room for me." he replied.

"Well duh! I've always got room for a cute cowpoke."

So we both stripped down to our boxers. I climbed into bed while Tyler went out to the kitchen for a glass of water. When he came back through the door I couldn't help but stare at him. I had seen Tyler in his underwear before (in fact just the previous night) but now it was different. Part of it was that now I was allowed to stare. I also think he was showing off just a bit.

He climbed into bed with me and snuggled his back up against my stomach. I pulled the covers over us and wrapped my arms around him. Tyler reached up to turn out the light.

We lay there talking about pretty much everything, as we always did when we slept over at each others houses. I told him how glad I was that everything was finally out in the open. He said he was too. He told me he was only sorry we hadn't found each other out sooner.

We both fell silent and just lay there in the dark. I was thinking that I was about the luckiest guy in the world. I had the guy of my dreams in my arms and now I could finally show him how special I thought he was. I was thinking of how great tomorrow was going to be as I drifted off to sleep.

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