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the reunion show

Chapter Twelve

…then I felt something on my shoulder. I looked over and saw that Scott had brought a light blanket with him. I looked at it and then at him questioningly. “You’ll see,” he said. He started kissing me again and I enjoyed the feel of his tongue against mine. We held each other so tight I thought we would fuse together. With my legs against his I could feel that he had also changed into a pair of shorts, and those awesome hairy thighs were rubbing against mine. His hands were busy exploring my back and squeezing my ass. I spread my legs a bit and he pressed one thigh against my painfully swollen cock.

I moaned into his mouth as my hands felt around his well-muscled back. As I kneaded his ass he broke our kiss and moved his mouth to my neck again. God, where did this man come from! My back was against the railing as he slid his hands up under my shirt. Scott easily found my nipples which at this point were hard as rocks and he gently pinched and twisted them in his fingers. This sent me off the planet. He kept one hand on my chest and, still licking and chewing on my neck, started to slide his other hand down my stomach. He was going so fucking slow I was about to grab his hand and push it further down.

Finally his hand slid down over my shorts front, which was completely tented. “Aww, fuck!” I moaned. He moved his mouth up to my ear and started flicking his tongue in and around. I was really sensitive there and started giggling and squirming a bit. I could hear his low, sexy chuckle as he held me tighter to him, all the while rubbing up and down on my cock through my shorts. “Oh Christ,” I said.

“You can call me Scott, thanks.” I smiled and smacked his ass. He kept going on my ear and rubbing my cock. His hand left my chest and he massaged his way around to my back again. His lips traced the edge of my jaw line, all the while I could feel his strong hand work it’s way down to my ass. I brought my hands up to his head and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him so deep I thought I’d suck the wind out of the both of us. He took his hand off of my dick and grabbed my ass with both of his hands, while our tongues slipped and thrashed against each other. I probably could’ve cum at any second. Scott had me so goddamned heated up.

He stopped kissing me and pulled away. Looking into my eyes he said, “I am so fuckin’ crazy about you, Logan.” He held my face in my hands. “I don’t know where this will go between us but I just have to try,” and he leaned in and kissed me again, this time tenderly. After an eternity of soft kissing I gently turned his head and started sucking on his neck passionately. I flicked my tongue up towards his ear and he laughed seductively. “Oh, Logan,” he moaned. There was nothing I wanted to do more in life at that moment than, hell, just eat him. He introduced me to my own oral desires. I nibbled and licked on his neck, his head tilted up. Then I slid my hands under his shirt and up onto his pecs. I started rubbing his nipples with my palms and rested my forehead against his shoulder.

I sighed and said, “Let’s just see where nature takes us.” I kept rubbing his chest but the goddamned shirt was restricting me so I stepped back to take it off of him. He helped me remove it and I just stood back and looked at him.

“What?” he said.

“I’ve never just taken a look at your body, naked, while I was sober, that’s all.”

He grinned at that. It was somewhat dark on the deck so I couldn’t tell if he was blushing or not. Who cares, right? Here was this gorgeous man in front of me, half naked, who I had a crush on and who was also crushing on me. A million things could’ve gone through my mind, but I had one thing that was a priority. I leaned in and zeroed my mouth onto his pecs. With both of his hands massaging my head he pushed my face into his chest even more. I loved feeling Scott’s chest hairs against my face as I licked and lathered up one nipple, and then the next.

Still giving his chest my oral talents I felt down to his cock. Oh Christ, I thought. What they say about a man’s shoe size is true. At least in Scott’s case. His cock was straining against the fabric of his shorts and I used both hands on him. One to rub underneath his cock, while the other one scratched up and down the front of his rock hard length. I could feel his body shudder a bit at this and I smiled against his chest. I took my face off his pecs and stood back to look at him, still rubbing his cock through his shorts. We looked at each other for an eternity. I was completely hard and I’m sure dripping into my shorts.

“Hold on,” he said, turning away, “keep that thought.” He turned and grabbed the blanket and something else I never saw him with.

“What’s that? Is that my lube?” I asked, laughing.

He smiled in the darkness and said, “You’re not the only one who has to take care of themselves.”

“Maybe we can figure out a way to take care of each other, Mr. Dell.”

He kissed me and then said, “Sounds like a plan, Mr. Logan.” He started kissing on my neck and slowly turned me so that my back was to him and I was facing the balcony railing. I felt the blanket come around my side. “Hold onto this,” he said pulling it around the both of us. I held onto two corners. It must have looked funny, the two of us standing there with the blanket around us and our heads sticking out of the top.

Scott was standing sort of next to and behind me; his chest was against my arm and he started rubbing my stomach and chest beneath my shirt. When he started to slide his hand beneath the waistband of my shorts I about went out of my mind. My dickhead was poking against the waistband and his fingertips were the first to gently brush against the hard spongy head. “Oh fuck,” I mumbled. My knees buckled a little bit as he used his fingers and palm to slowly rub up and down the front of my cock. His touch sent shockwaves across my body. “God, Scott,” I hissed.

He rubbed his hand down and started fondling my balls, reaching beneath them to stroke my t’aint. I felt like I was going to explode at any second. The sexual tension that had been building up over the last two weeks had made me almost insane with lust. Scott massaged and gently squeezed my balls and then fisted me up my cock shaft. I felt his thumb on the tip and he took his hand out. In the faint glow from the streetlights five floors down you could see some pre-cum glistening on his thumb. “Never thought I’d do this here,” he murmured and put his thumb in his mouth. “Mmm,” he moaned. Then he said, “Hold on.”

I heard the cap on the lube tube opening and shut. It was sort of exciting to be out here on a deck fifty feet above Ponce De Leon, wrapped in a blanket doing shit you normally wouldn’t do. Scott hooked his thumbs into the top of my shorts and pulled them down to my thighs. I could feel the muscles in his arms flexing against my body, and his chest and belly hair against my arm. Abso-fucking-lutely heaven! He started licking on my neck and tonguing my earlobes again when I felt one well-lubed hand grip my cock. He used one of his feet to scoot my legs apart a bit and I felt his fingertips grazing against my hole.

“Hello, Cap’n Kirk,” I said.

He laughed a bit at that. “Captain Kirk?”

“Yeah. You’re about to go where no man has gone before,” I smiled. “My ass, your final frontier.” This sent him over the edge as he clamped down on my dick head and squeezed his hand down my shaft. My legs about buckled and I leaned my head on my hands onto the railing. “Oh Christ, Scott,” I whispered.

He started rubbing my virgin asshole with his fingertips and I could feel the coolness of the lube on them. “Logan, I’ve been wanting to do this for God only knows how long,” he mumbled into my ear. He slid his middle finger into my ass a bit. It felt strange at first but he let me get used to the invasion. All the while he was slowly jacking my shaft. I pushed down a little bit. I’m glad he’s smart because he got the message and slid his finger all the way in. I could feel the web of his hand between his fingers pressing against my ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned. He was still fisting my cock and driving me insane with how slow he was going. Then he started finger fucking my ass in rhythm to his jacking my cock. I had to start thinking about other things, like math or whatever, to keep my mind off of the sensations he was giving my body. After a few minutes he slipped another finger into my ass. He hunched his body over and now I could really feel his cock pressing into my side through his shorts. His chest hairs were rubbing up and down my arm as he jacked my cock and fingered my ass. Scott turned his hand a bit and then I hit the roof as he nailed my prostrate.

“Fuck! What was that.” I said.

He smiled against my cheek and said, “Your joy button,” and he hit it again.

“Shit!” I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer and I told him this. He picked up his pace, jacking and fingering me. He tightened his grip on my dick. All the tension between us, well, it broke like a dam bursting, at least I did. I started to feel the sensation of my cum from behind my thighs and it worked it’s way up into my balls. My asshole started twitching around Scott’s fingers and I started growling “Awww fuck!” Scott started pistonning on my dick and with his fingers still inside my ass, he started working his fingertips on my prostate. I had a hard time not screaming at the top of my lungs, let alone keeping the blanket around the two of us.

“Scott! Ohhh FUCKKKKK!!!” I growled again, even louder and then I shot a load like I’d never done before. His fist kept pistonning on my cock and his fingers pressed my prostrate. The sensations I felt as my dick erupted into his hand were unlike anything I could ever do myself, that’s for damn sure. Scott kept rhythmically fisting my dick, smearing my cum all over my dick and lower stomach. He kept jacking me, even after I’d cum. I about collapsed from the intense feelings in my dick and leaned onto the railing. He slowly removed his fingers from me and then took his hand off of my dick and out from beneath the blanket. My head was in my hands and my breathing was heavy. “Well, what are we going to do with all of this?” he asked.

I turned my head to face him, still breathing fast; my head still resting on my forearms on the railing. “Huh?” I asked.

He showed me his palm which was covered in my cum. “I don’t care,” I chuckled, exhausted. Then he did what I didn’t quite expect. He started licking his fingers, one by one, and moaning. “Oh shit,” I said and I stood up, leaned into him and kissed him. Our tongues thrashed around and I could taste myself in his mouth. We kissed like that until all of the taste was gone.

I stopped kissing him and, with my hands rubbing his hardon said, “You’re next, Mr. Dell.” He said nothing—just smiled.

I lowered my head to his chest and proceeded to lick every possible square inch that I could get to. I held onto his arms which were wrapped around my back; this time he was holding onto the blanket. Friggin’ cameras. At least they couldn’t get any of this. I nibbled and squeezed his pecs with my lips, alternately lathering up each one with my spit. As I licked down his abs I slid my hand down his stomach and into his shorts. I had to keep telling myself to calm down because I was shaking with anticipation. I felt what I’d been looking for and heard him gasp as I stroked his cock. I reached my other hand in and started gently pulling on his sac, using my index finger to tickle his t’aint. His cock was as hard as granite as I pulled his shorts down around his ankles, getting down onto my knees.

I held his dick in my hands and just looked at it. God, eight inches never looked bigger. Having never been in this position myself I was really nervous about what to do. I could feel it pulsing along with his heartbeat. I almost grabbed the lube but decided against it. Spreading his legs a bit I held his cock against his body and leaned in to start tonguing his hefty ball sack. By the way he moaned I could tell I was doing ok. With my other hand I started stroking the skin between his asshole and his balls, taking one ball into my mouth and rolling it around with my tongue before switching to the next. I gripped his hard cock and started to jack him slowly.

“Fuck…..Logan,” he moaned. I guess I was doing ok after all. I started licking up his shaft. This being my first time I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to bury him to the hilt in my mouth, so I just started kissing and licking up and down his shaft until it was all slick. I kissed the head of his cock and opening my lips went down as far as I could. I only was able to take a couple of inches at first, but I just kept swirling my tongue around his head. Every once in a while I’d feel his body shudder. I made real sure to watch my teeth but it was a little hard, pardon the pun.

As I relaxed a bit more I was able to take more down back into my throat. I gagged a little bit and Scott froze where he was. With one hand I reached up to play with his hairy chest, the other hand I used to start jacking his shaft. It was all slick from my spit so I rotated my hand around his girth as I took in as much as I could. Then I had an idea, so I took his dick out of my mouth and felt around on the deck for the lube.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Shhh.” I said, finding the lube. I coated a few of my fingers with the slippery stuff and grabbed his dick, shoving it back into my mouth. “Grrrrr,” he growled. His cock head was hard but spongy and I chewed on it lightly with my lips. I reached beneath him and started playing with his asshole using my lubed fingers. “Now we’re talkin’” he whispered. I teased his hole with my fingers for a few minutes while I took about half of him into my mouth. It was getting easier to take more and more of him. Finally I started dipping a finger into his ass. I felt it clenching so I stopped for a minute, but kept on licking and slobbering on his granite dick.

I slowly slipped it into him as he held onto my head with one hand. His other was still holding the blanket around us. His ass felt hot and velvety around my finger and I started to get hard again. Knowing that I was giving him such pleasure was turning me on to no end. I started withdrawing my finger and got into a good finger fuck rhythm while I sucked his cock. He seemed to like it when I twisted my mouth back and forth around the shaft as I went up and down on him.

I slipped a second finger in, my middle one, and found his prostate. His knees buckled and he ended up shoving more of his cock down my throat. I almost gagged a bit but got over it. Now that I had his magic button his ass was mine…literally! Every time I pressed against it I mashed my mouth down onto his cock, tasting the now steadily-flowing pre-cum. It was sweeter than I expected, but it was from Scott, so I wasn’t gonna complain anyway.

Over and over I pressed and sucked, increasing my speed constantly. My mouth became a fuck hole for him. He dropped his other hand to my head and started pounding me good, feeding me that meat. I kept fingering his button and his moans and grunts really became guttural. “Fuckkkk, Logan,” he kept repeating over and over. I felt his nut sack tighten up against his body and started furiously mashing his prostrate. His cock swelled even bigger in my throat and I knew what was next, so I backed up a bit, keeping pressure in his ass.

“Arrrrgggggg,” he growled as volley after volley of his hot cum sprayed into my mouth. I couldn’t keep up and some of it dribbled out the sides of my mouth as he slammed in and out of my face. I swallowed what I could and felt the rest sliding down my chin. God he tasted good. Suddenly he dropped the sheet and hooked his hands under my armpits, pulling me up to stand. He kissed me while he ground his still hard cock into my body.

“Oh my God….oh my God” he kept moaning as he kissed my face and licked his own cum from my neck. “Logan,” he said huskily, “where the fuck have you been all my life.”

I let out a short laugh. I was completely exhausted and needed to catch my breath. I reached down and milked what was left of him. He’d violently shudder as I rubbed the cock head. “God, please….can’t take it,” he said. I put my arms around him and felt the heat from his chest on mine. Now here was a man I could take home, I thought. After a few minutes I leaned down to pull up his shorts. On the way down I took his flaccid cock into my mouth and was able to take it all the way in—but only because it was soft. I’ll have to work on that, I thought. Releasing him, I pulled his shorts up, stood up and kissed him.

Scott held me and looked into my eyes. “Logan…there’s so much I want to share with you. I’ve never felt this way for someone before. I just…” and he held me tightly. I felt so warm….and safe. I didn’t want to leave this spot. My mind was racing ninety to nothing.

“Scotty, how the fuck are we going to last six more weeks?”

“Oh shit,” he moaned, “I don’t even want to think about it.” He ran his fingertips up and down my back and it felt great. Our breathing slowed down a bit and I started to get sleepy….that is until he suggested a dip in the hot tub.

“Clothes on or off?” I asked.

He grinned at me, and with his fingertip tilted my head up to meet his. His kisses were dynamite. “Let’s get to that tub,” he sighed.

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