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the reunion show

Chapter Fourteen

“I probably could’ve gotten you then,” he continued. I laughed again at that. Then I faced him a bit more and reached down to take out the studs, opening his shirt up a bit. “What are you doing?” he asked, somewhat huskily.

“This.” I started rubbing the top of his chest. Thank God for v-necks. I loved feeling the hair on his pecks. I slowly rubbed them both and paid extra attention to his nipples. Both were hard and I had learned in the past few weeks that he loved when I focused on them.

“Oh, Logan,” he moaned as he reached up and pulled my face down to meet his. We kissed upside down and I slid my arms a bit further down his hairy chest and belly. I took one hand out of his shirt and started massaging his bulging cock with it. He was completely hard in seconds, as was I. Then I sat up, pulling my hands off of him and breaking our kiss. “I can’t do this anymore,” I said, exasperated.

“Do what anymore?” Scott looked concerned.

“This, this…camera shit. I can’t fuckin’ wait anymore.” I stood up from the couch and grabbed his hand. “Let’s go,” I said.

Scott was stunned. “Let’s go where?”

“Scotty, I don’t care what happens to us for doing this—“

“Doing what?” he interrupted.

I held him closely with his face in my hands. “I. Can’t. Wait. Anymore.”

Suddenly it dawned on him. His eyes lit up and he smiled his perfect fucking smile.

“Oh yeah?” he said seductively. “What’cha got in mind.”

“Not what,” I corrected, “where.” He had a questioning look on his face. Ever stay in a room at the Peachtree Plaza?” I asked.

“Ohhhh, shit,” he smiled. “Hold on. Be right back.” He left to go to the bedroom and was back in seconds. Scott still had a big smile on his face. “You’re crazy, you know?”

“Fuck it,” I said, opening up the door to the studio and gesturing for him to go through.

As he walked by me his fingertips traced my chin. “I fully intend to, Mr. Logan.”

I smiled and did a Magnum P.I. eyebrow twitch thing. If you’re from the 80’s you know what I’m talking about. “I was hoping you would, Mr. Dell.” I shut the door and we headed for the elevators.

* * * *

This oughtta be funny, I thought. Let’s see how the camera guys face this! Scott looked over at me and then the cameraman in the elevator. I smiled and winked at him. Turning to the cameraman I said, “Wanna Lucky Pierre?” He just smiled and I could tell he was clueless.

“What in the hell is that?” Scott asked.

“Well, that’s where I bang him while your banging me. I’m the Lucky Pierre because I’m getting nailed and nailing at the same time.”

It took a second to sink in and then they both started laughing out loud. I kept a straight face. “Logan, where do you get this shit?” Scott laughed.
The elevator doors opened and we headed out to my Jimmy. “Sorry camera guy, gotta find your own ride.” I didn’t even have to say anything because a guy pulled up in a truck and the cameraman jumped into it.

Scott and I got into my truck. I looked at him for a moment and said, “You ready?”

He rubbed his hands together like a little kid. “Oh yeah!”

I laughed at him. “Dork. Hold on.”

I took off out of the parking lot onto Ponce and headed west towards Peachtree Street. Traffic was relatively light at that time of night and it was pretty easy for the truck with the cameraman in it to follow us. I turned left at Peachtree and headed south towards the main business district. Atlanta sure is pretty at night, I thought. I could see the Plaza ahead of me. If you remember the horrible Burt Reynolds movie Sharky’s Machine from the early 80’s you’ll remember the Peachtree Plaza. It’s a round building with a pair of elevators that takes you from the lobby straight up through the roof and then up the outer side of the hotel to the Sundial Restaurant. I’d never stayed there before but then again, tonight would be the first for more than just where I was going to sleep.

I turned right onto International Boulevard and pulled into valet at the rear of the building. I took my ticket from the valet and we hurried into the building. We rode the escalators to the main lobby level that we had seen earlier that evening when we went to dinner. I strode up to the front desk and a really good looking cashier was standing there.

“May I help you sir?” he asked.

“Yes. I’d like a room as high up as you can get, preferably facing north on Peachtree.”

Click-click-click as he typed into his computer. “Yes, sir.” He asked for the credit card schpiel and we got through that riggamarole. “Here’s your cardkey Mr. Logan. Room 6805.”

“What, nothing on 69?” Scott said chuckling.

I rolled my eyes. “Please excuse him, he’s forgotten that he’s here to get laid.” Scott burst out laughing when I said that. The cashier’s eyes glinted a bit and his mouth turned down to suppress a laugh. Spotting the cameraman he said, “I’m sorry sir, but the Plaza does not allow cameras into the hotel itself.”

I turned to look at the camera. “Don’t that suck! Well, just pretend we’re going to the potty for a long time and you can’t get us on tape.” I took the cardkey and Scott and I headed towards the elevator lobby, sans cameraman.

Once we got into the elevator he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. He pulled me to him and we immediately started making out. I held his face in my hands as he squeezed his arms around me. We were like friggin’ dogs in heat; tongues lapping at each other, grinding our cocks into each other, moaning into each others’ mouth. The elevator slowed and we stopped to compose ourselves. Ding! Elevator doors open. 68th floor, the sign said. We walked around and found 6805, the whole time Scott was grabbing my ass.

“Would you quit it!” I said. “You’re acting like a virgin getting his first taste of tail,” I laughed, slipping the cardkey into the lock.

“Well,” he whispered in my ear, “if the shoe fits…”

I stopped halfway into the door and looked at him. “No way!”

He smiled and pushed me into the room. “Way.” The door clicked shut behind him and he looked up at the same time I did. “Holy shit” we said at the same time. The view from the room was incredible. Out in the hallway you have no idea what it looks like outside, but in here, damn! Our room was actually facing northeast a little bit, the temple building was to our right and the rest of Peachtree Street flowed away straight ahead. One cool thing about the Atlanta skyline is that all of the tops of the newer buildings are really distinct and well lit. Scott stayed at the window and I walked over to turn off the lights in the room. The city lights lit up the room completely. It was breathtaking to say the least.

I looked at Scott’s silhouette and walked over to him, slipping my arms between his and his body, sliding my hands over his chest. “God, what a view” he said. I slowly started rocking back, moving his body with mine as we looked at the city. He turned his head a bit and asked, “You humming what I think you are?” To tell you the truth I wasn’t even paying attention and I said so. Turning to face me fully, “Can’t help lovin’ that man of mine,” he sang.

Our arms were around each other and I was breathing quickly. “You’ve never…” I said and my voice trailed off.

He laughed quietly and smiled. “Never.”

“But you dated girls in school.” I remembered a girl or three that he had gone out with.

“Never,” he repeated looking into my eyes.

“I…I’m stunned,” was all I could say, shaking my head.

“Gave ‘em all blue balls.” I laughed out loud at this.

I closed my eyes and could feel myself letting go. “Scott…God, can you just sing a little more to me.” I put my head against his strong chest. He wrapped his arms around me again.

“He can come home, as late as can be. Home without him, ain’t no home to me. Can’t help…lovin’ that man….of mine.” I was almost to tears. Sounds sappy I know but I was a mess of highs and, well, highs.

“Scott…you gotta know…” I paused.

“What,” he whispered.

“You gotta know…I’m dyin’ to…”

A big beautiful smile appeared on his face. He looked so damn good in the city lights that were shining into the room. “Dyin’ to what, Mike.”

I swallowed big and still looking into his eyes said, “dyin’ to…love you.”

His smile faded and he looked serious suddenly. “Oh God, Logan,” he said and holding my face in his hands kissed me—hard! Dammit, like a man means to kiss another man! Nothing else was said. We stood there holding each other, our mouths mashing each other’s, tongues thrashing around. Shit it feels awesome kissing a man with whiskers, I thought.

Scott was pretty eager about the whole thing. Yeah, as if I wasn’t! He took my jacket off of me and then flung his own off. I finished pulling the studs out of the shirt and took a minute to feel his chest up and down. I’m really a pec man so I started rubbing and grabbing at them, not too rough but strong enough that he knew I wanted some good hard man-sex. He leaned over and started sucking, licking and chewing on my neck.

While he licked on my neck I tilted my head back and he unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off of my body. I was about hyperventilating from breathing so quick, he had me turned on so damn bad. We stopped disrobing long enough to back me up towards the bed. The back of my knees hit it and I sat down on the edge. Taking advantage of my vantage point I started rubbing his hardon through his pants. “Fuck,” was all he moaned. I knew how he liked it too. Stiffening my fingers I raked my nails up and down his shaft through his pants.

Scott took his t-shirt off and I immediately started licking his taught, hairy belly. My goatee tickled his stomach a bit and he giggled like a kid. I distracted him by squeezing his ass and his cock at the same time, then licked and tongued all around his belly. His hands were on my head, stroking my hair, as my hands rubbed and squeezed all around his chest.

I sat back and looked up at his eyes. The light from the city illuminated both of us. He looked so goddamned sexy, standing there with his shirt off, the hairs on his chest silhouetted in the dark. He dropped one hand to his side and caressed my face with the other. Keeping my eyes on his I reached to unbuckle his pants. I unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid the zipper down his raging hardon. Then I slid my hands over his ass and slipped them between his underwear and his skin, slowly pulling them down. Scott’s dick got caught on the waistband at first, but then popped up, slapping him in the belly. I slid his pants the rest of the way to the floor and he kicked them off. Reaching between his legs, which he opened slightly, I started tickling his t’aint and his asshole.

I kept that up and stroked from his hole to his nuts, back and forth. “Fuck, Logan,” he growled. I loved it when he said that. With my other hand I held his rock hard dick away from him and put the head right into my lips, tasting his pre-cum. He was really leaking steadily. “Ahh, bull’s eyeeeeeee” he said as I swooped down and buried my nose into his pubes, his nuts pressing against my chin. “Oh shit!” he hissed. I kept him buried to the hilt and flexed my throat around him. I knew this drove him crazy. I backed off and plunged right back down again, holding on as long as I could. Over and over I did this and it made him insane. His head rolled around on his neck and I moved my hands up onto his chest, pinching and rolling his nipples in my fingers. This went on for a heavenly eternity and he finally had to stop me.

“Christ, Mike,” and he kissed me, pushing me back onto the bed, laying down on top of me. I felt his granite cock pressing against mine, which was still trapped in my pants. We made out like that for a while, with his cock dry humping me I was about insane with lust. He rolled off of me and I scooted up onto the bed a bit. Then Scott started raising my shirt, all the while kissing and licking my stomach. “God, these are getting harder,” he complimented the workouts on my abs.

“So’s my dick! Now hush!” He laughed out loud. I pulled my t-shirt off and he suddenly snapped and went apeshit on my chest. Just licking and pinching and pulling with his lips. “Damn son,” I moaned.

“I’ve been wanting this for way too fuckin’ long,” he panted.

“Slow down” I chuckled. “We have all night.”

He looked up at me. “Yeah we do, don’t we.” I nodded. “Do you think you could really do it? Love me, I mean?” He sounded so innocent it tore my heartstrings.

“Oh man,” I moaned and pulled his face to mine. We kissed like mad men, beards scratching, hands groping. I felt his hand start to rub my cock and I moaned into his mouth. He undid my pants and unzipped them. With both knees on one side of my head he leaned over to pull my pants off of me. I lifted my ass to help him and kicked off my shoes. He pushed my pants over my knees and I kicked them off onto the floor.

For the first time he took my cock into his hand and started licking the head. “Man,” I hissed. All the times we’d fooled around he only jacked me off.

“Is that ok?” he asked, concerned.

“I didn’t tell ya to stop, did I?”

He started licking around the head again, then up and down the shaft like a lollipop. I wedged my head in between his legs. He got the message and moved his leg over to the other side of my head. I reached my arms around his legs and took his cock into my mouth, pulling him down onto my face. With my nose in his balls I clenched my throat around his shaft again. All I heard from him were moans and then he took half of my dick into his warm, hot mouth. He kept swirling his tongue around and around while I hummed on his big dick. We kept that up for what seemed like hours. I thought I felt his balls tightening up as he sped up and took more of my cock into his throat, but I wanted him to last a little longer.

I pulled my mouth off of his swollen, throbbing cock and with my arms pulled his knees down my body a little bit. I saw the prize I was looking for. That fine ass of his. I didn’t even wait, just plunged my tongue onto his hole. He went insane and buried my bone completely into his mouth. I thought I’d go nuts from the sensations he was giving me, so I distracted myself by swirling my tongue around his hole.

Taking his mouth off of me, Scott said, “Fuck, Logan! Shit! You’re killing me,” and he gobbled my cock right back up. I kept licking and sucking at his asshole, massaging his ass while he rocked his body on my mouth. He pulled my legs all the way back and backed off of my dick. Then he licked from the head, down the shaft and across the balls, down onto my asshole. He kept that up, driving me nuts, while I rimmed him for what seemed like an hour.

“Oh God, Mike. Please stop!” he panted. I ignored him. “Dammit” he moaned and he laid his face in my crotch, panting like he’d just ran a marathon. I really let into him, licking and swirling my tongue around hole. He really went berserk when I stuck my tongue into him and started tongue-fucking him. “Arrrrggggg! Please… fuck!” Finally the poor guy couldn’t take it any longer. “Oh, dammit, wait!” and he rolled off of me. I laughed a bit at that.

“Did you like that?” I asked

He turned around and started kissing me on the chest and neck. Scott evidently likes my neck. As our tongues wrestled in each others’ mouths we ground our cocks together. I stopped kissing him and held his face.

“Scott,” I breathed.

“Yeah?” He was pretty out of breath too.

“Please, please tell me you brought lube.”

“Now would I wanna upset my little Logan,” he said, smirking.

“Get it. Now,” I said. I was actually trembling at the thought of taking his big dick up my ass. But I lusted after Scott too much. I had to have it. I had to have him!

He rooted around his jacket and held up the tube, smiling. I took it from him.

“You lie back,” I said. He did and I leaned in to kiss him.

“You sure about this?” he said quietly.

“I’m more sure about this than anything in my life,” I said. He smiled really big.

I squirted some of the lube onto my hands and started slowly gripping the cool gel up and down his shaft. Man, it was big. I decided to play with him for a minute and I just started jacking him with both hands clenched around his girth, swirling my fisted hands up and down. “Oh, Christ,” he said.

“No, call me Mike,” I said smiling. I put a little more gel onto his dick and then straddled him with my ass. I parted my ass cheeks a little bit and felt the cool lube on my asshole. It felt slick and I started rubbing my ass back and forth over his dick, getting myself nice and slick. Scott reached forward to take my dick in his hand and he jacked it as I moved back and forth. I threw my head back and moaned in ecstasy. With his other hand he started playing with my chest and my nipples. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I leaned up a little bit and reached beneath me to hold onto his cock. I felt it pressing at my asshole and I was really nervous. I’m not into pain and I’d never done this before but had always heard how great it felt. His spongy head was mashed against my ass lips and I pushed down—hard! Finally the head popped in and I gasped. Gawd that hurt!

“You okay?” he asked. I could tell he was concerned.

“Yep,” I winced. “Gimme a sec.” After a moment or two I started so sit down a bit. Damn, but my ass wasn’t used to anything like this. I leaned up and felt his cock sliding out. Before I could think twice I sat back down a little more.

“Owwwww,” we both moaned. I kept rocking back and forth, taking a little bit more at a time. Fuck, I didn’t think I’d ever bottom out! Scott started sliding his dick in and out while I rode him a bit. I finally took a deep breath and sat all the way down. I couldn’t breathe! So I just clung to his hairy pecs. I lay down on his chest. “Scott—“

“You did it,” he said. I could see in the light from the window that he was smiling. I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah, I did, didn’t I.” I leaned up and kissed him slow and easy. As we were kissing he started fucking me, nice and slow. In and out I could feel that granite hard cock sliding. I started riding him to meet his slow thrusts. His arms went around me and we started kissing. Honest to God at that moment I felt complete. I had his mouth on mine and his hardness inside me. I broke our kiss and figured I’d really let go, so I leaned back onto my hands and started lifting and lowering my pelvis onto is cock.

“Fuck,” I moaned. At this angle he was banging my prostate over and over. My dick was hard and spilling pre-cum, and it needed attention— badly. Scott read my mind and grabbed the lube, then reached down and wrapped both of his big strong hands around my cock. My rhythm riding him was also jacking me off in his hands.

Back and forth I rode. Up and down. I’d rotate and squirm my formerly-virgin ass on his impaling member. Each time I slid down, with him inside me fully, I let out a low grunt as his head mashed into my prostate. “C’mere” I said to Scott, and he sat up. I held his head in my hands and we kissed like maniacs, all the while speeding up on the ride. I couldn’t hold back any more. Hell, I couldn’t hold back at all! His tight fist on my cock and the feel of his belly hair on my dick head every time it poked above his hand was more than I could take. “Man! I’m about to cum,” I whispered. Scott picked up speed and started thrusting into me even harder, letting my dick go to clutch my body to his. My dick was fully rubbing on his stomach and I could feel that familiar tingling behind my knees, shooting up to my nuts as I slammed my ass down onto him.

The first couple of pulses of my orgasm nearly sent me into orbit, then I just hollered “Arrrgggg. Mmmmmm! Fuckkkkk” as he fucked the cum right out of me. I had never, and I mean never, cum like that before. It was so fuckin’ intense. He kept thrusting in and out of my ass as I blew my load between our chests. I could feel the thick warm fluid mixing between us and I threw my arms around his neck and started deep kissing him, our mouths chewing on each other. My body involuntarily shuddered as my cock head was stroked by our stomach hair. “Shit!” I moaned. “Can’t breathe!” I panted. Scott laughed softly at that.

As he slowly laid me onto my back I kept my legs wrapped around his ass. He gently kept pumping his hard cock into and out of my ass. “I swear I thought you gonna grip my dick off,” he said softly, laughing. I had to laugh at that.

“Man, I wish I’d done that sooner,” I said, referring to getting fucked.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” he said, still pumping slowly into me.

“Me too,” and I held him close to kiss him. Scott and I made out like that for a while until he started picking up a little bit of speed. I released him and said, “How ‘bout some more lube.”

He stopped thrusting and smiled at me. “Alrighty.” Then he slowly pulled out. The cool air hit my asshole and I shivered a bit. I felt completely empty and wanted him inside me again. He got back on the bed and rolled me over onto my stomach. Pulling my ass up into the air a bit I felt his mouth and tongue on my surely now-swollen ass lips. After taking his cock and the hard grinding we did his soft lips and tongue drove me insane. I was moaning and bucking my ass against his mouth. Finally, he took his face from my ass and I felt him line up his dick. I braced myself as he popped his head in, then slowly sank it in to the hilt.

I sighed and said, “Now we’re talking.”

Scott immediately started sliding his cock in and out, getting my engines revved up again. He pulled my ass more into the air and I lay with my face on the bed. Scott stood up and started to squat-fuck me. “Ohhh, dammmm,” I moaned as he picked up speed and started fucking my ass really good. The angle that he was pile driving my ass had him again hitting my prostate. I was exhausted and just lay there while Scott banged some life back into my spent dick. He really started picking up speed and was trying to nail me from every angle.

With every insertion I felt like a depth charge was going off in my ass. After a few minutes of this sweet torture he got back down on his knees and, leaning back, started long-dicking me. “Awww fuck,” I kept saying, and grunting. His staying power was almost exhausting. After banging me that way for a while he pushed me down fully onto the bed and slid his legs on top of mine. He reached his hands up beneath mine and grabbed onto my shoulders, then he slowly hunched his dick up into me. “Unh…unh…unh” was all the sound I was making as he leaned in and kissed my neck and the top of my back. I could feel his strong chest writhing around on my back as he fucked me senseless. I just lay on the side of my face and he kept whispering my name over and over, telling me he was crazy about me.

Scott leaned back and raised one of my legs a bit, then slid his legs up towards my body. Now that was interesting! We were sort of like two letters “Y” hooked together at the “V”. Then he really started pounding it to me, the whole time rubbing my cock and my balls, then up to my chest and down again. He had me hard in seconds as he power drove his dick into me. This guy was just awesome. He hit places I didn’t even know existed. Each of us were grunting and groaning. Scott turned me a bit more and now both of my legs were in the air. He started deep dicking me again, then he’d drive himself all the way in, stop, and wriggle his cock around in my ass. Then he’d start that all over again, making me insane. He placed his hands on my chest and leaned onto me, just driving me nuts with his cock. I gripped onto my cock, which was hard as stone again, and started jacking myself off. He had fucked me so hard for so long that I was ready to blow my load any second. I could tell he was close as he picked up speed and kept throwing his head back. He kept grunting, “Logan,” over and over.

After a minute of jaking myself I could feel my load beginning to blow again. It wasn’t as big as before but I made another mess between us. Fuck, I was addicted to prostate orgasms! My ass really gripped around his big, hard dick and he started growling. As Scott power drove my ass he lay fully on my body and reaching beneath my back, grabbed onto my shoulders. Suddenly he hollered out “Fuck!”, then he pulled back and slammed back home “Oh, fuck!” He pulled back and drove his cock into me as he flooded my guts with his cum. I didn’t think he’d ever stop cumming. Finally I felt his back muscles relax and he was breathing like he’d swum ten miles. He went to pull off of me but I squeezed him tighter with my legs. “You’re not going anywhere,” I said. He laughed and dropped down onto my chest, still breathing heavily.

“How was that?” he panted.

I laughed a bit. “That was the most fuckin’ incredible experience.” I held him close to me. Gawd, there’s nothing like feeling a man laying on your body, chest against chest, with his cock in your ass. I started to slowly stroke and massage his back. He sighed. “I’m at a loss for words,” I said.

Scott looked up and said, “You don’t need to say anything,” and he kissed me. Still breathing hard he said, “I don’t wanna crush you,” and he moved to get off of me.

“Please. Stay where you’re at. I love this…feeling.” He smiled and laid back down on my chest. Slowly I could feel his cock deflating in my ass. After a few minutes of laying like that he rolled off of my body and I shivered at the sudden cool air. Scott rolled me over onto my side and spooned in behind me. I could feel his package at my ass but he wasn’t hard. I decided then and there that I had to have him in my life, and I’d do whatever I could to keep him there.

He slowly rubbed my chest. Both of us were completely spent. “I think I could love you, too,” he sighed.

“You think?” I said, busting his balls.

“Ok, you got me. I know I could love you. You absolutely have my heart, Logan,” he murmured.

“And you’ve got mine.” A tear rolled down over my nose. I was so happy…a little scared…but really, really happy. His arm still draped over my side. 'I feel so safe' was my last thought before I drifted off to sleep.

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