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a quick retreat

A Quick Retreat


Mom and I finally found the mother-son relationship I had always wanted. She even moved to Arkansas to be near me and my family. She did find a good man who loved her; he was a physician that she met at the hospital.

Mom brought Grandma to live with her and my step-dad when she was ninety-two after she fell and fractured her hip. Grandma lived to the age of ninety-five. She died peacefully in her sleep.

Grandpa George lived in his retirement condo until his death at age eighty-five. I was shocked to learn that his net worth was a little over one million dollars. He had received a good price for the sale of the trailer park and had made some wise investments. He willed one quarter of the money to me, one quarter to Mason, one quarter to Mark and one quarter to CASA.

Jake and Jason remained a happy couple and even adopted brother and sister twins. They made Roy and Barry very happy by giving them grandchildren.

My cousins Joseph and Jennifer were married and had families of their own. Joseph and his wife had a boy and a girl. Jennifer and her husband had three boys and one girl.

Bonnie graduated from nursing school at the top of her class. She continued her education and earned her masterís degree in nursing. She taught nursing at Paris Community College until her retirement. She and her husband were able to provide their children with a college education.

I could never end this without telling you readers about Mark. Mark went on to medical school and became a very successful pediatrician. He bought the farm a mile from ours and raises appaloosa horses. Bandit was always his favorite, who lived twenty years after we bought him for Mark.

I know many of you expect Mark to be gay. Mark did find love. He married his first friend he met when he began school in Elkins. Mark and Emma have given Mason and me three beautiful grandchildren, two girls and a boy. Mason and I enjoy spoiling them rotten.

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