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a quick retreat

Chapter Seven

By Owen Hudson September26 2007

Mason and I were approaching the end of our junior year in high school. We had our first big argument. He wanted us to go to the prom, but I was reluctant for several reasons. This was Arkansas and I knew that it would never be accepted for us to go to the prom together.

"But Babe, we can take dates and do it like a double date," he reasoned when I mentioned that two guys wouldn't be accepted together at a prom here.

"Then we would just be using our dates," I pointed out another reason for not going. I wasn't just using that as an excuse. I really felt that we would be just using our dates. "I would also have to rent a tux, and you know that I'm on a very tight budget."

"I'll pay for your tux," Mason offered.

"Like hell you will," I protested. But, I think my real reason for not wanting to go was because I wasn't confident in my social skills. Social skills were something that my parents never taught me. After I escaped to Arkansas my goal was to just survive, go to school, and work.

Several girls, including Chelsea, had hinted around that they didn't have dates. I just said that I had to work and couldn't get off work for that night. I knew that I could get off work because the boss really liked me. He knew that I was one employee that he could always depend on being there. I worked hard and earned every penny that he paid me.

"You're the most stubborn asshole I've ever met," Mason yelled as he slammed the door to my trailer so hard that the windows rattled.

I was really pissed at Mason for not understanding my feelings. I thought he should have understood, but I guess I was wrong. I went into the tiny bedroom of my trailer and fell onto my bed in tears. Crying was something that I never allowed myself to do. Even in the bleak days in Illinois I wouldn't cry. For some reason I believed that if I cried I lost and my parents won. That's not to say that I didn't hurt and wasn't sad. My pretend family and friends kept me going. This hurt was different. I felt hurt by someone that I loved.

Mason was my boyfriend but, we never had sex. Refraining from having sex wasn't something that we ever discussed, but it just seemed to be something that we both wanted without discussing it. We had some pretty intense make out sessions, but one of us would usually end it before we went to the next level. We hadn't even jerked each other off.

I got up after my crying session and decided to take a shower and maybe go spend some time with George. With school, work, and the time I spent with Mason, I hadn't spent as much time with my adopted grandfather as I should.

I had just stepped out of the shower when suddenly there stood Mason who said, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry because we fought, or are you sorry because you walked in and saw me nude?" I asked.

"I'm sorry because we fought," he said. "I'm definitely not sorry about seeing your package. Damn, you're hot."

Mason took me into his arms and kissed me, and for the first time that I could remember another person touched my cock. I wanted to touch his cock; I soon had his jeans unbuttoned and my hand in his briefs. I assumed that he was hung because when we made out I could feel a huge lump inside his jeans. I wasn't disappointed in what I found.

Mason kissed his way down my chest to my nipples. He squeezed first the left and then the right one between his lips. Just as I thought I was going to explode, he moved his lips down my abdomen to my pubes. I suddenly felt him take my cock in his mouth. I felt his teeth on my engorged cock and then he must have realized that he needed to cover his teeth with his lips. Before I could warn him, I exploded in Mason's mouth. His smile told me that he didn't mind.

It was my turn to give to Mason what he had given to me. His cock was a little larger than mine and I thought it was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen. It was accented by a perfect patch of pubic hair. I wasn't sure if I was reciprocating him in the way he did me, but he seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. I heard him moan loudly and when I lifted my head he shot cum all the way up on his chest.

After cleaning ourselves up, we kissed and cuddled for a while. Then Mason said, "I'm sorry."

"I'm not," I said. "That was wonderful."

"I'm not sorry about the sex, you dumb ass," I'm sorry that I wasn't more sensitive about your feelings about going to the prom."

"If it means that much to you, I'll go."

"It really doesn't, if you want to just go out to dinner instead; I'd be just as happy."

"I could just cook dinner for you here. I know this isn't much, but it's my home."

"Babe, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I admire you. You got out of a bad situation and made it on your own. I'm not sure I could do what you've done. Hey, I just thought of something. My parents will be out of town prom night. We can spend the weekend at my place and cook there."

"I wouldn't want to do that unless your parents knew. They would have to be okay with it."

"I'll ask them."

"Let's both ask. I'm sure they will know that we'll be doing more than just cooking."

Mason laughed and then said, "All this talk about cooking is making me hungry. Let's go get something to eat."

"That sound great, but would you mind if I asked Grandpa to go with us?" I asked. "I need to spend more time with him."

"You really do love that old man like a real grandpa don't you?
"I couldn't love him more if he were my biological grandpa. Because of you and him, I've not only survived but I'm truly happy here."

Mason invited me to his house for dinner so we could ask his parents about staying there during the prom. After dinner Mason nervously said, "Mom, Dad, Jeff and I want to talk to you about something."

"We already know that you two are a couple," Steve Box said.

"That's not what we wanted to talk to you about," Mason said with a nervous giggle. "But, how did you know?"

"Honey, we saw how you two couldn't keep your eyes off of each other," Susan said.

"Now that you know, there's something that Jeff and I want to ask you," Mason said.

"No, you can not get married until you graduate from high school," Steve teased. "That is unless one of you is pregnant."

"Dad!" Jeff scolded.

"Steve, you're embarrassing them," Susan said.

"I'm sorry," Steve said as he tried to hide the smile on his face. "What did you guys want to talk about?"

"Could Jeff stay here with me when you guys go to Denver?" Jeff asked.

"I think that would be fine," Susan said. "I don't want a bunch of kids over here after the prom though."

"We decided not to go to the prom," Mason said. "And there won't be any other kids, just us."

"Really and why aren't you going?" Susan asked.

"It's me that didn't want to go," I confessed. "I'm on a pretty tight budget."

"Jeff, if it's money let us help you out," Steve offered.

"Thank you, but I couldn't let you do that," I said. "I could get the money from my grandpa, but I don't want to do that either."

"Dad, Jeff and I have already discussed this," Mason said. "He's as stubborn as you are and he's not going to change his mind."

Steve laughed and said, "I knew I liked him for some reason." "Jeff, I'm not trying to pry into your business, but Mason said that your parents don't help you much. He said that your grandpa is the one you depend on."

"Yeah, that's true," I said. I hoped that Mason hadn't given them much information.

"My guess is that you only make minimum wage," Steve said.

"That's true," I admitted.

"Why don't you come to work for me?" Steve asked. "Mason will be working for me too. The pay is $10.00 an hour."

"Wow, that's almost double what I make now," I said. "But, how many hours would I get?"

"You can work twenty hours a week while you're in school and forty hours during the summer," Steve said. "You would be doing the grunge work around the office. You would be working with Mason. His grades aren't as good as yours, so we only let him work during the summer. But, you've been a good influence on him and he's brought his grades up since he met you. If you both keep your grades up during school you can work twenty hours. I know it isn't going to be a problem for you, and I know Mason can do it too."

"Mr. Box, I wouldn't want you to give me the job because you felt sorry for me," I said.

"Jeff, you're smart, hard working, and you make Mason happy," Steve said. "Those are the reasons I'm offering you the job. This isn't charity, and you'll be earning your salary. When would you want to start?"

"My current boss had been good to me," I said. "I would like to give notice."

"I would expect you to do that," Steve said with a smile. "That's the right thing to do. Why don't you tell your boss that you'll stay until school is out? Then you can start when Mason starts."

"But Dad, aren't we going to Las Vegas the week after school is out?" Mason asked.

"That's right, but I thought Jeff might want to go with us," Steve said.

"Thank you," I said. "But, there's no way I could afford a trip like that."

"Look Jeff, we want to do this," Steve insisted. "Would you just once let someone do something for you? Besides, this isn't costing us much at all. A friend is flying us down in his airplane, you would be sharing a room with Mason, and Susan and I want to do this."

"Come on Jeff, it would be fun," Mason begged. I somehow felt that he was looking forward to sharing a bed with me.

"I'll go if my grandpa says that it's okay," I knew that I was on my own, and that George wouldn't say no. But, I wanted to talk it over with him anyway.

"I think you should go," George said as soon as I told him of the offer for a trip to Las Vegas. "You need to have some fun besides just school and work.

I had never in my life been on vacation before and I was packed and ready to go two hours before it was time for the Boxes to pick me up. I had time to say goodbye to George and have a cup of coffee. "I'm so happy for you," George said. "I know you'll have a good time. I have something for you, and I want no arguments from you about it."

George handed me two one hundred dollar bills. "I can't take this, Grandpa," I said.

"You can and you will," George said. "As far as I'm concerned, you are my grandson. I'm not a rich man, but I have more than enough to last my lifetime. I want to do this for you, Jeff."

"Grandpa, I love you as much as I would a biological grandpa," I said as I tried to keep back the tears that I knew would be coming. "You've already done more for me than I could every repay."

"You've repaid me already," George said. "You've given me a reason to live. I was just a lonely old man until you came along. My sons may have died before they could give me grandsons, but I have one now anyway. It looks like your boyfriend is here. Now you go and have a good time."

"I will, Grandpa. I love you."

"I love you too," he said as he kissed me on the forehead.

I had never been on an airplane before. I was nervous about the flight, but after the takeoff I began to relax and enjoy the flight. The plane could seat eight, but there were only six of us including the owner/pilot, Roy, and his friend, Barry. "Are they a couple?" I whispered to Mason.

"What gave you that impression?" Mason asked with a big grin.

"I think it's the way that they look at each other. They are nice looking for a couple of older guys," I said.

"They do live together, and I've never seen either of them with a woman," Mason said.

Our rooms at Caesars Palace were really nice. I had never stayed in a hotel before, not even a Motel Six. Our room had a king size bed. I was surprised about that. I wasn't sure if Steve had already reserved it for Mason or if he was giving an approval to Mason and me.

After dinner Mason and I just went to our room because the adults were going gambling and we weren’t of legal age yet. Neither of us was disappointed since we had our own plans for fun. The next day after some sight seeing and dinner, we went to see Mamma Mia. I wouldn't have chosen that show to see, but I was a guest and said nothing. However, after seeing the show I loved it. Mason and I sang Mamma Mia on the way back to our hotel room. I guess we didn't bug the adults all that much since they joined in on the singing.

One night while we were there I wanted to take the group out to dinner. The adults protested of course, but I assured them that my grandpa had given me some money to spend. Steve pulled me aside and said, "Look Jeff, this trip is on us. You're Mason's boyfriend and that makes you a member of our family. You have to learn to accept, and let people do things for you. You don't always have to be so independent."

"Thank you, Steve," I said. "I don't want to be a bum."

"Son, don't even think that," Steve said. "Besides, having you here has been company for Mason."

Mason and I wanted to take the tour bus down to the Grand Canyon. Steve and Susan wanted to gamble, but Roy and Barry decided to go with us. We decided to take the rented SUV rather than ride the tour bus.

"So, are you two out as a couple at school?" Barry asked after we were on the road for about an hour.

"Babe, don't be so goddamn nosey," Roy scolded.

"That's okay," Mason answered for us. "No, we're not. You know how it is in Arkansas.

"How well we do know," Roy said.

"How did you get to know Mason's folks?" I asked.

"Steve and I met in law school," Roy said. "We're now in the same law practice."

"Then Mason and I will be working for you too?" I asked.

"Actually, you'll be working for the firm, but I'm glad you'll be coming aboard," Roy said.

"Thank you, I'm looking forward to it," I said. "What is your line of work, Barry?"

"I'm a political science professor at the University," Barry said.

I was in awe of the vastness and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Barry and Roy laughed at my excitement over seeing the canyon. Mason and I convinced Barry and Roy to ride the mules down into the floor of the canyon. I expected Barry to be reluctant one, but to my surprise he wanted to go and talked Roy into going. We were lucky to learn that there was a last minute cancellation of the reservation for the mule ride. We were all happy about that, except for Roy.

"Hey I grew up on a farm near Harrison," Barry said. "I know how to ride an ass." We all got a good laugh over his innuendo.

Roy, like me, grew up in the city and was obviously uneasy about riding a mule. For some reason, the mules didn't frighten me. I did enjoy the ride down, except for the sore ass. My ass was sore, not the mule that I rode.

After our return from the mule ride, we drove to Williams to find a hotel room. Unfortunately, we only found one room with two queen beds. We agreed that we were tired and there wouldn't be any under the cover activities that night anyway.

While both men were in the shower together, Mason and I agreed that we really liked Roy and Barry. They treated us like adults and not like a couple of kids. Mason said that he had known Roy for as long as he could remember, but that this was the first time he ever really got to know him.

When the two older men cam out of the shower wrapped in a towel, I was surprised and what nice bodies they had for men their age.

I totally enjoyed the Las Vegas vacation, but I was happy to get back home and see George. I had purchased a photo album and Mason and I used his digital camera to make some pictures of our trip for George. If he wasn't pleased with it, he certain put on a great act.

I was also looking forward to my new job, especially since I got to know Roy. I was also looking forward to working with Mason. We would have to be very discrete about our relationship.

The summer went by fast and I was able to save a nice little sum of money since my expenses were low. Of course, I had learned to be thrifty. I loved my new job and Mason and I received many compliments from the lawyers in the firm. Roy became our favorite to work with.

For our senior year of high school, Mason and I had managed to be in the same classes. We seemed to have a friendly competition for the highest grades. "I don't know how you managed to get him to finally apply himself in school," Susan Box said to me one day. "Steve and I both know that you've been a good influence on him. In the past a "B" grade was fine with him. But, now he strives for an A in all of his classes."

"He did it himself," I said.

"Yes he did, but you encouraged him," Susan said.

The Christmas break from school was just a few weeks away when Steve announced that the office would be staffed by the clerical personnel. Of course I was disappointed that I wouldn't be getting the hours, but Steve allowed me to work some during the break. Steve said that he had one client that he would be seeing during the break because of the urgency of the case.

I was manning the front office when Steve said that he was expecting Mr. and Mrs. Phillips for a two o'clock appointment. He asked that I let him know when they arrived. The Phillips' arrived with the cutest little boy I think I'd ever seen. He was about seven or eight and had unruly blond hair that only added to his cuteness. Steve asked if I would mind keeping an eye on the boy who I learned was David. He needed to talk to Larry and Marsha Phillips for a few minutes.

"We're not expecting any other clients," Steve said. "Why don't you lock up and take David back to the break room for a snack and something to drink."

I found some apple juice and cookies for David. "Hi, I'm David," he said. "What's your name?"

"Hi David, I'm Jeff," I sad as I placed the drink and cookies in front of him.

I found a toy for David to play with, but it seemed that he would rather talk. We talked about TV shows, favorite foods, and just a little of everything.

"I'm going to be adopted," David said.

"Do you want to be adopted?" I asked.

"Oh yes, they're nice to me," he said between bites of cookie. "They don't hit me or anything.

"Did your other mommy or daddy hit you?" I asked.

"Yeah they did, but only when I needed it."

"What would you do that would cause them to hit you?"

"Well one time I spilled some Kool-Aid on the floor, but it was an accident."

"Did you get a spanking for that?"

"Yeah, but I needed it."

"Why do you think you needed it?"

"I was bad when I spilled it."

"David, did either of your parents ever spill anything?"

"Yes, my mommy spilled ice tea on herself once and she said 'shit'."

"Did she get a spanking for that?"

"No, but I did."

"Why did you get a spanking when she spilled her drink?"

"I laughed when she did."

"Then why do you think you deserved a spanking and she didn't."

"Because that's what she told me."

"If you spill something now do you get a spanking?"

"No, I just have to clean it up."

"David, my parents used to hit me all the time. That's why I came to live with my grandpa."

"Your parents hit you too?"

"Yes, and they did it a lot. David, there will be people who want to ask you questions before Larry and Marsha can adopt you. You have to tell them what your other parents did you. Probably the judge will talk to you and then decided who you should live with."

"That's easy; I should live with my new mommy and daddy."

"Then you have to tell everybody what your other parents did to you. Do you think you can do that?"

"No I can't."

"Can you tell me why?"

"Because my mommy and daddy said that someone would come and take me away and I wouldn't have any place to live."

"But, now you can tell because you'll get to live with your new mommy and daddy."

"Oh yeah," he said with a huge grin. "Then would you be my friend and come and see me?"

"Of course I will," I said. "I'll bet your new parents would even have a party for you."

"Just remember when the judge talks to you, always tell the truth just like you did to me."

"I will," he said.

I then looked up to the doorway and saw Steve standing and he gave me an approving smile. "David, your mommy and daddy are ready to go," Steve said.

After seeing the Phillips' out, Steve came to the break room where I was cleaning up cookie crumbs from David's snack. "Sit down and visit with me for a minute," Steve said. "I heard what you told David and you got more out of him than any of us have been able to do."

"All I did was talk to him."

"I know, but it's what you had to say and how you said it that did the trick. He couldn't understand that it was okay to tell that his parents were abusive. He was afraid of what they might do to him. You seemed to know just what to say and you were able to get him to talk."

"I really didn't do anything."

"Oh, but you did. We've tried for weeks to get him to understand that it wasn't alright for his parents to abuse him. You said just the right words."

"I'm glad I did."

"Jeff, you were abused weren't' you?"

"Yes," I admitted as tears began to flow. Steve put his arm around me and I felt safe and secure. His act of compassion was something that I never got from my own father.

"Do you want to talk to me about it? Remember, I'm an attorney and what you tell me will be in confidence."

I felt safe to tell Steve everything. I spent the next hour just talking to Steve. When I finished my story he said, "You know that you could take legal action against your parents for what they did to you?"

"I probably could, but because I'm still a minor I might be assigned a guardian and may have to go back to Illinois to live. This is my home now. Mason, you, Susan and George are my family."

"When will you be eighteen?"

"February eighteenth."

"When you turn eighteen we can discuss it again. Were there any witnesses to the abuse?"

"No, they were smart enough to not abuse me in front of witnesses."

"There were never any reports made?"

"When I was about ten my teacher asked about the bruises on my body. I said that I fell, because that's what I was told to say. It was reported to Child Protective Services, but the caseworker said that there was no evidence of abuse. She never event talked to me."

"When you're eighteen, you can decide what to do. Meanwhile, if you ever need to talk about it let me know."

"I will, and thanks Steve. Now I can understand where Mason got his kindness."

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