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a quick retreat

A Quick Retreat

Chapter Eleven

By Owen Hudson December 2007

Although I had already reached my eighteenth birthday, graduation made me feel more of an adult. My eighteenth birthday had meant that my parents would no longer have a say as to what I did. However, graduation felt different. Graduation meant the beginning of my adult life. It meant career choices and more. Mason’s dad, Steve, said that Mason and I could continue working for him while we were in school.

It was one of those gorgeous late spring days in the Ozarks. Mason and I were in the conference room assembling paperwork for an upcoming court case. “Let’s move in together,” Mason said.

I wasn’t expecting this, but I liked the idea of living with my lover and waking up with him every morning. “Sure, bring your things over,” I quickly said hoping that he wouldn’t change his mind. “I’d love to live with you.”

“Not at your place,” Mason said. “It’s too small even for you, much less for both of us. We could get our own place.”

“I can’t move now,” I said. “I need to take care of grandpa. This was partially true. I did feel a responsibility for the man who took me in when I needed him most. But, mostly I felt secure where I was. I feared change.

“We could get a place near him, if that’s what you want,” Mason said. “We could even get a place large enough for him to live with us.”

“I’m not sure I could afford much,” I said as a quick excuse. “I still have college to think about.”

“Stop looking for excuses,” Mason said. I could see the extreme anxiety in his voice. “You still have your graduation money plus that money you won at the casino. Also, your scholarships will pay for your college and we will still be working here. You will also have a lot of money after you win that lawsuit against your parents.”

“That lawsuit isn’t a sure thing,” I argued.

“I’d say it’s about 95% sure that you’ll win,” Roy said as he entered the conference room. “Mason, I need you to drive a client home. Her car wouldn’t start and has to be towed to the garage.”

“Sure, where is she?” Mason asked. He was always anxious for a change to get out of the office. “Come on Jeff.”

“I need to go over a few last minute items with Jeff on his case,” Roy said. “I think you can drive without his help this time.”

“Okay, what’s this about?” I asked Roy as soon as Mason left the room. “We’ve gone over everything about a dozen times.”

“Jeff, I’m not concerned about the evidence,” Roy said. “I’m concerned about you.”

“Me?” I asked with surprise. “Why would you be concerned about me?”

“I get the feeling that you’re feeling some guilt about suing your parents,” Roy said. “Listen to me Jeff, if they hadn’t abused you would you have run away? No, you wouldn’t have. No sixteen year old kid would have run away from Chicago to a place like Fayetteville, Arkansas. You would have graduated from your old high school back in Illinois.”

“I know that I have every right to sue, but for some reason my heart isn’t in this,” I said. “I know they don’t love me, but I guess I still think of them as the two people who gave me life.”

“You’re absolutely correct that they gave you life,” Roy said. “When they gave you life they had the responsibility to love and nurture your or give you to someone who would. You need to get it out of your head that you owe these people anything. Tell me all the people you love.”

“There’s Mason, of course,” I began. “I love George like he was a real grandpa to me. I love Mason’s parents because they treat me like a son. I even love you because I know you care.”

“I noticed that you never mentioned your parents,” Roy said as he smiled knowing that he had made his point. “Nobody should have to go through the abuse that you went through. They should pay.”

“Look Roy, I know you’re right and I do want to go through with this,” I said. “Maybe in my mind I guess I still want them to love me.”

“After eighteen years they’re not going to change,” Roy reasoned. “You have people here who love you. I know it isn’t the same as parents loving you, but it seems to be the cards that were dealt to you. There was no love there and you found it here in Arkansas. After what you’ve gone through I’m surprised your not screwed up, but you’ve done okay for yourself. Now go home and pack a bag for our trip to Chicago Monday. Try to enjoy this weekend.”

“I will,” I promised. “ And Roy, thanks for the chat. I think I needed that.”

Roy took me in his arms and gave me a big hug. It wasn’t the sexual kind of hug, but the kind that a friend or even a family member might give. “Now go and have a good weekend,” Roy said as he pushed me toward the door.

Roy’s talk made me feel better and I decided that I would treat Mason and George to dinner out. I got home and began packing for the trip. I knew that I had plenty of time, but packing was telling myself that I needed to go through with the lawsuit. I then went to inform George that we would be going out to dinner and help him pack.

“You and Mason go,” George said. “You don’t always need an old man tagging along.”

“I’m taking my two favorite men out to dinner,” I insisted. “No need for you to argue about it.”

I could tell by George’s smile that he was pleased. I helped him pack and then we went to my trailer to wait for Mason to arrive. It was just like Mason to lose track of time and he arrived later than I expected him. His grin told me that he was up to something, but I couldn’t guess what it might be. “We’re going out to dinner,” I told him. “Grandpa and I were having a cup of coffee if you want one.”

“I want to show you something before dinner,” Mason said with the excitement coming through. “We have time before dinner.”

“What is it that can’t wait until after dinner?” I asked.

“After dinner it will be dark and you can’t see it,” Mason said. “Come on Grandpa, I want you to see it too.”

We loaded into Steve’s SUV that lately seemed to be Mason’s personal vehicle and headed east of Fayetteville. I was perplexed as to why we were driving out into country. Mason then turned off the main highway onto a narrow country road. We drove up a steep hill then Mason turn into a drive with a vacant rundown farm house at the end. “This is it,” Mason said. It was obvious that he was ecstatic about something.

“We drove all the way out here to see an old farm house?” I asked.

“No we have to get out of the truck to see it,” Mason said with excitement.

George and I got out of the truck and followed Mason to toward the old house. “Isn’t that a beautiful view?” Mason asked us, but we knew he didn’t expect an answer.

I looked in the direction that Mason pointed and realized that it was indeed a grand view. The hill sloped down from the house to a large pond. Beyond the pond was a decent size stream of water with another hill beyond to form a small valley. There were several large oak trees that gave the place a tranquil feel. “How in the world did you find this place?” I asked Mason.

“Mrs. Crafton, the client that I drove home today lives just down the road from here,” Mason explained. “When I said that it was gorgeous up here, she said that this place was for sale.”

“What are you saying?” I asked Mason. “Are you going to try and talk Steve and Susan into buying this?”

“No, you and I should buy it,” Mason said.

“Yeah, right,” I said with a laugh. I then saw that he was serious. “You’re serious, aren’t you?” I asked knowing that the was. “What would we use for money?”

“I have my college money and since I got the scholarship I won’t have to spend it on college tuition,” Mason explained. “You’ll have your money from your lawsuit.”

“I haven’t won that yet,” I said somewhat annoyed that everybody assumed that I would win. “Besides we don’t even know how much this land is.”

“Mrs. Crafton said that were thirty acres and it was listed for $40,000,” Mason said. He then turned to George and asked, “That’s a good buy isn’t it?”

“Sound like it to me,” George said. He then added, “Providing it has a clear title.”

“There’s no need discussing it until after we get back from Chicago,” I said. “I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

Dinner was excellent. George had a smoked pork chop, Mason and I both had steaks. However, Mason liked his steaks almost burnt while I liked mine rare. I had tried to convince him that over cooking a steak made it tough, but he said that he had a good steak knife and strong teeth. I couldn’t even get him to taste mine to see the difference.
We did both enjoy our blueberry cheese cake for dessert.

“Grandpa, are you ready for the our trip to Chicago?” Mason asked as we drove home after dinner.

“I suppose I am,” George said. “Jeff helped me pack. I’m not sure about getting into that airplane though.”

“It will be safe,” I assured George. “I was nervous too when we went to Las Vegas. But it was fun after I got used to it.”

“Was he ever, he was holding onto my arm during takeoff, I thought he was going to break it,” Mason teased.
“You know you like it rough,” I come back with.

“Too much information,” George laughed.

Mason and I both joined George in a good laugh. Neither of us expected that from him.

“Wasn’t it beautiful?” Mason asked as he took me into his arms in my bed.

“Wasn’t what beautiful?”

“The land, wasn’t it beautiful?”

“It was, but not as beautiful as you.”

“Quit trying to change the subject. I think we should check into buying the land.”

“I’m not so sure about living out in the country. I’m a city boy from Chicago. Besides we have to get through college. We might not even live here when we graduate.”

“It could always be a retreat regardless if we live here or not. I have most of the money from my college fund already. Besides, you’ll have money after the lawsuit is settled.”

“Let’s drop if for now. I have too enough just dealing with the lawsuit. We’ll discuss it when we get back from Chicago.”

“Fair enough. I won’t mention it again until we get back.”

“Thanks Babe, that’s why I love you.”

Mason kissed me and I had an instant erection. He had his tongue in my mouth and his hand on my cock. He worked his way down from my mouth and worked over each of my nipples before working on down to my cock. I didn’t last long with his talented mouth working over my cock. I did the same for Mason and he came almost as fast as I did.

I woke the next morning to the sound of my alarm. I reached to turn the alarm off when I realized it was my cell phone ringing. “Hello,” I sleepy answered.

“Jeff, this is Roy. Bruce called from Chicago and your parents want to settle out of court. We’re supposed to meet them Tuesday. Bruce wants us there so we can go over a few things Monday. That means we’ll be leaving tomorrow.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. What time will we leave tomorrow?”

“Barry and I will be by to pick you guys up around 8:00 am.”

“We’ll be ready. Goodbye, Roy. Thank you for everything, Roy.”

“Don’t mention it, Jeff. Goodbye.”

“What was that all about?” Mason asked as he stretched and yawned.

“We’re going to Chicago a day early because my parents want to settle out of court.”

“Hell no, your not settling out of court. Take them for everything they have.”

“We’ll decide later, and now get your lazy ass out of bed.”

“My cute ass you mean?”

“Okay, get your cute lazy ass out of bed.”

“Let’s go tell Grandpa and take him out for breakfast.”

As usual, George reluctantly agreed to go to breakfast with us. But, he insisted on paying. He agreed with Mason that I should not settle out of court with my parents unless they offered a generous settlement.

Mason decided to go home for the night since he hadn’t packed for the trip. It was just as well that he did because I tossed and turned all night and would have kept him awake. I maybe got three hours sleep the entire night, and was up two hours before Roy was to was scheduled to pick us up for the ride to the airport.

After I showered I called George and Mason and invited them over for breakfast. We enjoyed a good breakfast and I washed the breakfast dishes a few minutes before Roy and Barry arrived.

Roy, Barry, and Mason were in a talkative mood on the way to the airport. I was just too tired to talk, but I knew something was bothering George. “Grandpa, Is something wrong?” I asked.

“I’m not so sure about this airplane thing,” he said. “Maybe I should just take a bus.”

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Roy assured him. “The airplane is probably safer than a bus.”

“Grandpa, I’ll sit next to you and take care of you on the plane,” Mason promised. “You couldn’t be any more scared than Jeff was.”

“As old as I am I guess I’ve lived most of my life anyway,” George said with a nervous laugh. “I’d may as well get with the times, huh?”
I was proud of Mason for the way he took care of George in getting him settled on the plane and keeping him calm. After Roy completed the safety check and we taxied to the runway, I noticed that Mason had his arm around George. He was assuring him that everything would be fine.

After liftoff the plane began to gain altitude. Suddenly the plane began to sputter. George became pale and said, “Oh my God!”

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