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evan's story

Chapter Three

I sat in awe, the music was still pounding, the song was now Madonna’s new single “4 Minutes.” Normally I would be on the dance floor busting out Madonna like moves, especially since I could get someone to be Justin. But I was sitting holding my 3rd drink of the night wondering if I heard what I knew could not possibly be a mistake. Kevin had just said that he loved me. I was so confused because I didn’t know what I felt; I had been confused ever since Matthew. Like I said before I hadn’t been able to keep a good relationship since that day. But it was so strong with Kevin that now I finally had to face my fears.

Tera could see the look of confusion and decided at that moment to come over. She knew me all to well. She could read my eyes, if you look hard enough you could as well.

“How you doing Evan.”


“You keep aimlessly staring into your drink like it’s the only thing that exists in this club. I heard what Kevin said to you, it was really sweet, and very honest. And I know something is wrong because Madonna is playin and you sittin here like a wall flower instead of shakin your ass. Now what is wrong?”

“I am just confused Tera. You know I haven’t been able to hold a good relationship. Every relationship I get into gets wrecked, and I care for Kevin too much to do that. I know that it sounds strange, I just feel so strongly towards him, and I think that I have fallen for him. I don’t wanna hurt him.

“Well I didn’t know I was speaking to God.” I looked up at Tera with this that look that you get when someone says something that feels like it just smacked you in the face so hard that you are pissed, angry, and hurt all at the same. “Don’t give me that look. You don’t know what is going to happen, and if you don’t take this chance you might not get another. Now he is waiting over there for you to go say something. You love him. I can see it, he sees it, hell even Lee sees it and he is straight!”

I stared back at my drink, then at Kevin who wasn’t looking our way, then to Tera. “Yeah I guess your right. I’m just scared.”

“Well we all are when we love someone. That is what love is, its scary as fuck. But you gotta take the chance.”


Just then the call for closing time came, followed by security blowing their damn whistles. I mean imagine having drank all night only to have a whistle go off right next to your ear. Talk about needing a heavy dose of Aspirin. Kevin walked over and helped me up thinking that I was perhaps just a little too drunk to walk myself out; I wasn’t. He carried me over to the car and we went back to Tera’s.

We left the apartment he started to drive me home…..

“Kevin I want to tell you something before you take me home. But I don’t know how to say it.”

“What’s that?” I could tell that he was uncomfortable, fearing the worst. He was someone that just oozed what he was feeling if you could read it. Everything from the expression in his eyes and on his face, to the way his hands shifted on the wheel. Right then I had the power to shatter his heart into a million pieces that may never mend, or I could lift him up higher than he had ever been before; higher than any drug could possibly take him. This was the moment he was waiting for, praying for, dreading, anticipating, emotions running through him as the adrenaline took his senses to a level that can only be described as a rush. There second long moment seemed like an eternity as he stared into my eyes waiting for the answer that could make his heart soar, or crush it.

“What you said to me at Fantasy was beautiful, it really was. I haven’t had anyone tell me something that beautiful in a long time, and that person cut me so deeply that I haven’t fully healed from it yet. I feel such a strong connection to you that it terrifies me. I don’t wanna wreck what we have, but I want to take this chance so badly that……….”

Kevin leaded in and kissed me. It was so full of passion, longing, and desire. There was fire in his eyes, a fire that burned through my soul. The passion that radiated from him wrapped me up in his embrace. I kissed back just as passionately, rocketing us to a level that I hadn’t experienced since Matthew. He was breaking down my walls, he was getting through, and I was letting him. The walls crumbled, exposing all of me, my emotions, my vulnerability, showing him exactly who I was. I wanted to show him who I was, something I hadn’t done for anyone before him. He broke of the kiss and stared into my eyes, holding my gaze while he spoke.

“Its like I said at the club; if I can have you even just for a day it would be worth it. You are such a beautiful person and you can’t see it. I want to be with you, to help you, show you how wonderful you are. You have no idea how happy you made me just by saying those things just now.”

“Kevin, I wanna take this chance with you.”

“Good. Because I want to be with you.”

He turned the car around and instead of turning towards Derby he went the opposite direction, towards his apartment. He led me up, opened the door, and then pressed me up against the wall and kissed me hard.

“You wanna go to the bedroom?”

I was breathing hard. “I don’t care at this point.”

Kevin chuckled and took me by the hand and led me to the back of the apartment toward his room. He had a queen sized bed up against the far wall. The closet was on the wall to the left of that, the dresser was on the same wall as the door. He took me and half lifted me and half fell onto the bed. He laid down on top of me and began kissing me again, tenderly, lovingly, passionately, his hands softly touching my torso, finding their way downward, finding the edge of my shirt. I felt his hands on my bare skin, underneath my shirt, rubbing my abs, playing with my belly button, setting my skin on fire with the slightest touch. He broke off the kiss and began pulling my shirt up, following with his wet tongue. My shirt came off, and he began playing with my nipple, nipping it, caressing it with his tongue, while massaging the other one, pinching it, using his fingers to show me just how he could turn me on. My toes began to curl, fingers already clutching to the pillow, already moaning moans of ecstasy.

He pulled his own shirt off. It revealed his perfect, tanned body, 6 pack abs, gorgeous chest, and his beautiful arms. My arms went around his neck as I kissed him again, feeling his silky, icy blonde hair, the way his full lips were on mine.



“I love you.”

I guided his hand down to my jeans. He knew instantly what I wanted. I hadn’t worn underwear to the club so when his hand went into my jeans he had easy access. He slowly ran his fingers up and down my cock, all the while kissing me, knowing what he was doing to me. He pulled his hand out and unbuttoned my jeans, unzipping them to reveal what he wanted most of all. I pulled of my jeans and unzipped his, pulling them off along with his underwear and I saw his dick for the first time.

It was a masterpiece. At 9 inches it had curving veins transverse it, a flaring bell, with only sparse pubic hair. It was semi soft. I decided that it was time to show him the pleasure that I wanted him to feel. I pulled him so that he was lying on his back and I was on top of him.

I am going to show him more pleasure than he has ever experienced. I thought to myself. I licked my way down his neck, leaving small hickies as I went down his broad shoulders and arms, and chest. I stopped to nip his nipples all the while kneading his abs, coaxing moans of pleasure. I licked I long lines on his hips and down his left leg. That’s right, I was gonna give him a tongue bath. I went down his thigh and calf to his foot sucking each individual toe while massaging his foot. I looked back up to his face. His eyes were closed and his dick was hard. I took his other foot and massaged it and licked my way back up his right leg.

This time I didn’t bypass his expectant member, taking it into my mouth, surrounding it with my lips, tongue swirling around it inside my mouth. Kevin’s beautiful blue eyes went wide with shock at what was happening to him. His back arched from the pleasure that his body was experiencing, his mouth muttering “oh my god” hands clenched into fists, grabbing the sheets into bunches, every sense heightened, every pleasure washing over him like a tidal wave. After a few minutes I could sense he was getting close so I pulled off and licked my way back up to his mouth and kissed him.

“OH MY GOD EVAN! That was almost too much.”

He shifted so that he was on top. He looked into my eyes as he reached across to the night stand beside the bed and pulled out lubricant and a condom. I looked at him as he looked at me for affirmation, wanting me to tell him yes, go ahead.

“Yes, I want this. I want to share all of me with you.”

He smiled a big beautiful smile, the kind that radiates warmth and kindness, love and tenderness, with his big beautiful, white teeth. He put on the condom and smeared some lube on his cock and some onto my hole. He bent down and kissed me while aiming his cock at the entrance to my ass. He slowly pushed in and I felt the pressure and pain of his intrusion, inhaling sharply. He pushed in slowly, being sure to minimize the pain all the while kissing me and massaging my shoulders and chest. I felt such a connection in that moment, I knew I wanted this to last for as long as I could make it last. He was so loving even when he was making love, even when he took control.

The ecstasy was on a level I had never been to before. He was taking me to places I had never been. The pleasure was almost too much. It felt like the entire room was on fire heating up to a point of a flash point. It felt like we were setting the entire room on fire, heating up like spontaneous combustion. Sweat poured from us as he pounded into me, throwing off heat like a wild animal, me clutching onto his bare skin, leaving scratch marks where my nails bit into his smooth skin. Loud screams of pleasure filled the apartment. Kisses were passionate, biting was erotic. I could feel him get close to his climax as I neared my own. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot my load, hitting his chest and mine, spraying so much cum that I didn’t think that I would be able to make anymore for a week.

The clenching of my ass muscles from my orgasm sent him over the top as he climaxed, supporting his weight with his outstretched arms over my body. He gently pulled out and laid on top of me, wrapping his arms around me, our sweaty bodies lying next to each other. We stared into each others eyes and kissed until we fell asleep into each others arms. I dreamed sweet dreams never wanting to leave Kevin’s arms.

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