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Jason Mraz Ė MR, A-Z

Jason Mraz - Mr, A-Z a review

Artist Name: Jason Mraz
Year of Release: 2005
Title: Mr, A-Z
Genre: Hip Hop
Record label: Warner Music
Score: 10 out of 10!

By Superdrewby April 2006

Superdrewby recently caught up with the very talented and very hot Jason Mraz during his whirlwind tour of Australia promoting his third album Mr, A-Z.

For those of you from another planet, Jason is the very talented hip hop musician with a string of hits under his belt who rose to fame with the hit ďYou and I bothĒ from the television show The O.C.

You and I

Jasonís unique style is a very cool blend of Hip Hop, Jazz and folk music all wrapped into a musical extravaganza. The music he makes with an acoustic guitar and voice are just nothing short of amazing!

His latest Album Mr, A-Z is a true mix of hip hop beats, ballads, pop and even a bit of rap and operatic mashed in just for good measure! Songs like ďGeek in the PinkĒ are rap infused hip hop if that makes sense.

Wordplay is kind of the main single, I think only because there are so many cool songs on the album its kind of hard to tell! But anyway Wordplay is a just that itís a word play on airplay. Definitely part of Jasonís sense of Humor in that one!


His latest album is a continuation of his unique fusion of many musical themes. He just loves to pull in riffs and themes from all sorts of songs to create a song that you know but then it warps into something else even better and you have to hear to believe.

Experiencing Jason live is nothing short of full on, you end up feeling exhausted at the end of the show as if you have been up there performing. The current Australian tour has only been playing in a few select venues. Mind you all venues were fully sold out weeks in advance.

And after experiencing him live and seeing how he totally engages with the audience itís no wonder that his shows are a sell out. He thrives on audience participation, feeding off the energy and the more the we gave the more he gave in return!

At one point he asked the audience to suggest words for a song, then weaved the words and phrases into a very cool and very funny. This was on of the funniest things I have e seen in a while.

Jason Mraz I think I'm in love!

Meeting Jason before the show was an experience in patience, not mine but his. Every minute someone would come up to our table and wanting to shake his hand and say hi, or in the case of some of the people say hi from a few metres away and then run off giggling. I have no idea why they did that but it was damn funny! Itís a reminder just how big he is and just how much his fans love him!

In person he is even cuter than his pictures, and he just oozes the amazing attitude that his music does. He has just such a geeky funny personality which is even more fun up close and personal like Ďsicí. Heís like that friend who everyone loves and comes out with the best one liners and quick quips!

There are so many standout songs in the album, but I have to comment on one of the songs, Mr Curiority which mixes in Jason singing like a female operate singer. I was blown away by the unexpectedness of this song when I first heard it live, and it really above a lot of others showcases Jasonís weird and wonderful range.

You need to go out and buy this album now! And if you buy it on iTunes you even get two extra tracks including the acoustic version of Elton Johnís hit Rocket man!

Track Listing

1. Life is Wonderful
2. Wordplay
3. Geek in the Pink
4. Did You Get My Message?
5. Mr. Curiosity
6. Clockwatching
7. Bella Luna
8. Plane
9. O. Lover
10. Please Don't Tell Her
11. Forecast
12. Song For a Friend

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