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The swedish pop group Alcazar burst onto the International scene in 1999 and with their debut single Crying at the Discotheque.

Alcazar was founded in 1999. Andreas Lundstedt was already a successful solo artist, Tess was director of a music theater company and Annikafiore had just landed her first stage role, playing Frida in an Abba musical.

When Andreas was discussing with his producers, Alexandra Bard and Anders Hansson, on what to do for his next record, where he had already decided to switch from Swedish to performing in English, the idea popped up that he should ask his colleagues and best friends Tess and Annikafiore to join him and form a band. Said and done, Alcazar was born, and only weeks later the band signed a deal with BMG Sweden.

Alcazar has been described as a hybrid between disco and pop. This also becomes evident in their videos. To Alcazar, fun and originality are more important in their visual style than the usual manipulative tricks. Scandanavia has produced an impressive number of pop acts beginning with a capital A. Alcazar is the latest example in this great tradition. Possibly the most sophisticated of them all, and certainly the first to take its starting point in the current dance music revolution. Their upcoming album "Casino" is an hour-long journey through contemporary dance music styles.

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Crying at the Discotheque