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In Progress

Saving Zach January 2010 

A Honeysuckle Home Feb 2010

Love or Something Like it Feb 2008

Bruised Love July 2008 
Gone New May 2008
Tales of Another Broken Home
Reclaiming Austin August 2008
Meet me in the Band Room Jul 08
A Soft Place to Fall
Nov 08
Tutoring Jerry
Evan's Story
My Sexual Life New June 2008


Life at a Private School 2009

Cherokee Morning Song Completed 2010

Other Side April 2008

A Quick Retreat
The Kiss
The Reunion Show
Two Minute Warning
The Whispering Pairie Winds
By the Way
Two Spirits in One World

Never Completed

The Adventures of Andy
Give me a Reason Apr 06
Around My Way Jun 06
Best Friends 04
B oy in the Armour 03
Chance Encounters 02
A Double Life 04
Generation V 05
Mardi Gras Murders 05
Matthew Figures it out 04
More Than Friends 04
The Silver Fox 04
Symphony 04
Discovering the Truth 05
Wicked Ways 03
Love in Hell 05

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