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boy in the armour

Boy in the Armour

This is a totally new story that I have recently started and is nothing like my previous stories, The Boy in the Armour is a pure fantasy with images of ancient English Mythology and young love and lust. Unlike my other stories, this one will not contain any graphic sex scenes, instead any sexual conduct will be alluded to or differently described.

The story is a fantasy based on some real places, including Tintagel in the South West of the UK in Cornwall. English Mythology does indeed suggest that Tintagel Castle is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur somewhere between the 4th and 8th century. Merlin's cave does exist and can still be found on the beach next to the imposing cliff face with the ruins of the castle and village at the top. I have spent time around this area when I lived in Devon the next county over from Cornwall and had always wanted to write a story about this beautiful area and the myths of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician,Tristan and Isolt, King Mark, Uther Pendragon and many more.

Don't expect too much reality from this story as it is meant to be a fantasy where the past and current events mix together and find a synergy. One more note is the use of the starting date of 29th July 1997, the events of this day will stay with me forever and the feelings and emotions I describe about this day are real and what I and so many others actually felt.


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