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two spirits in one world

Chapter Nine

February 5th 2007

It was Sunday morning and neither Todd nor Nick had to work. That would indicate morning sex followed by a hearty breakfast, and then there would be more sex. Nick woke before Todd. Todd’s black eye reminded him of the altercation between Todd and Todd’s father Steve. Nick decided he would cook breakfast and let Todd sleep. He gently kissed Todd on the forehead and again became angry at what Steve had done to Todd.

“Do I look that bad,” Todd questioned as he opened his one good eye and partially opened his swollen eye?

Nick quickly replied, “Honey you would never look bad to me. But, seeing you like that makes me want to go kill that son of a bitch.”

“Thanks for the offer,” Todd replied. “But, he isn’t worth it. Besides I doubt that the prison would allow conjugal sex between gay couples.”

“Then I suppose we’ll just have to let him face the wrath of your grandma,” Nick joked as he carefully kissed Todd to avoid hurting his bruised face.

Todd kissed Nick with passion, apparently demonstrating that his bruises were not seriously enough to keep him for having sex with his lover. “Are you sure you’re up for this,” Nick questioned?

“I’m up for it,” Todd laughed as he pulled Nick’s hand to his hard cock as proof.

“I want this in me,” Nick said as he stroked Todd’s erection.

Todd lubed his cock and gave Nick what he wanted. He turned Nick onto his side and slowly inserted his hungry cock into Nick’s hole. He brought his arm over Nick’s body and stroked his cock as his own struck Nick’s prostate. Nick gasp with pleasure. They came to a climax in unison. Todd didn’t withdraw his cock until he had gone soft. Todd then kissed Nick on the back of his neck while saying, “Nick, I love you so much. I would never want to live without you.”

Nick turned to face Todd and passionately kissed him then said, “Never say that my love. I wouldn’t want you to ever stop living if anything every happened to me. Now let’s think about some breakfast.”

“I’d rather cuddle with you than eat,” Todd said as he pulled Nick closer to him.

Nick was contemplating the offer to cuddle when there was a knock on the door. “Who in the hell could that be,” Nick questioned?

“You could get your ass out of bed and go see,” Todd teased. He then added, “And it’s such a cute ass,” as Nick grabbed his robe.

“It’s your mom,” Nick returned to say. “I’ll put some coffee on while you get dressed.”

“Oh my, look at your face,” Karen gasped as she saw Todd’s bruised face. “But you don’t look as bad as your dad.”

“What are you doing here this early on a Sunday,” Todd questioned?

“I want to talk to you in private,” Karen said as she looked at Nick.

“What you have to say to me you can say in front of Nick,” Todd replied. “He’s my partner.”

“Yes, I know,” Karen smiled. “Your grandma and I had a long talk yesterday. Maybe I should say that your grandma talked and I listened.”

Todd smiled at that remark as he handed his mother a cup of coffee. “What did grandma have to say?”

“I haven’t been a very good mother to you, for one thing,” Karen said with a painful look on her face. “Todd, I was too concerned on trying to please Steve than I was your welfare. It was just easier to let mom raise you than for me do what was right. I’m so sorry for not doing right by you.”

“Mom I love you, but you haven’t been much of a mom to me,” Todd acknowledged. “But, your home is no longer my home. As far as I’m concerned your husband was just a sperm donor and not a father to me.”

“He will no longer be my husband,” Karen said. “I’m filing for a divorce. I realize that he has a drinking problem and isn’t going to change. I’m taking a job in Tulsa and moving there. The house will be yours; yours and Nick’s. When Mom gave us the land to build the house, she stipulated that in case of a divorce that Steve would have no claim on the property.”

“Mom this is our home for now,” Todd said. “I have no plans to ever go back to Colcord to live.”

“I can understand that,” Karen replied. “But, you can sell it to help pay for your optometry education.” She then smiled at Nick and added, “I want to help you and my son-in-law with your educational expenses. I’ll continue paying your rent. Also, I had dinner last evening with Marsha and Carla. Marsha and I agree that we’ll see that you both get your education.”

“Carla?” Todd and Nick both questioned.

“Carla is her partner,” Karen explained. “You’ll both like her. Now why don’t you two get dressed and I’ll buy your breakfast.”

“Thanks Mom,” Todd said.

“Yeah, thanks Mom,” Nick said with a smile.

“Get in there and get ready, and no hanky-panky,” Karen teased.

Karen made good on her word and continued helping Todd and Nick with their educational expenses. “She has finally become the mother to you that she should have been,” Alice had told Todd.

Nick and Todd earned their bachelors degrees and were accepted into the College of Optometry. Their graduation was a big event for the family. Jim and Alice Bushyhead arrived at Todd and Nick’s apartment before they were awake. Todd would have been angry had it not been his grandparents. Nick’s parents arrived to join them for lunch. Marsha and Karen would be joining them at the restaurant. Todd knew that his father wouldn’t be joining them for lunch, and he doubted that he would even attend the graduation ceremony.

Marsha and Karen arrived at the restaurant along with a nice looking woman that Nick didn’t recognize. “This is my partner, Carla,” Marsha said as she introduced Carla to everyone.

“It is good to finally get to meet you,” Nick said.

“It is good to meet you and Todd too,” Carla said. “Marsha tells me that you two have been accepted into the College of Optometry. She’s very proud of you.”

“How long have you been Marsha’s law firm,” Nick’s father asked of Carla?

“She’s a pediatrician,” Marsha explained with a laugh. “Yeah, big brother, she is my domestic partner and not my business partner.”

There was an awkward silence when Nick’s dad said, “I hope God can forgive you and you don’t burn in hell.”

“Dad, who are you to judge her,” Nick asked? “You may as well know that Todd and I are partners. Marsha is the kindest and most generous person I know.

I’m proud of my son,” Karen added. “I don’t care what he is. I do know that he and Nick are wonderful young men. I hope you can love your son as much as I love them. Now let’s go watch our sons graduate.”

The relationship between Nick and his dad was strained following the graduation, but they remain civil toward each other. On the other hand, Todd and his mother became very close. She visited him and Nick often.

Todd and Nick were entering their fourth year of optometry and were looking forward to graduating. “We’ll open a gay practice in Tulsa,” Todd joked.

“You two are roommates?” Mitch Wilson, a fellow classmate, asked Todd and Nick.

“We’re more than roommates, we’re lovers,” Nick replied.

Mitch laughed and then suddenly realized that Nick was serious. “No shit?”

“No shit,” Todd said as he kissed Nick on the cheek.

“Wow, a gay couple in our class, how cool,” Mitch exclaimed.

Todd and Nick laughed and decided that they liked Mitch.

Optometry was much more challenging than Todd and Nick expected. However, with the financial help from Karen and Marsha they were able to work fewer hours at the casino. This allowed for more study time.

Nick and Todd both had the weekend off and were looking forward to a quiet weekend off from work. “We’ll catch up on our studies and lovemaking,” Nick joked. “Nothing better than a rainy weekend for lovemaking.” They had just gotten to bed and Nick wrapped his arms around Todd when the phone rang. “Okay I’ll be right there,” Nick said to the phone. “No, I don’t mind and don’t apologize.”

“Fuck, are they wanting one of us to work tonight,” Todd questioned?

“No, Mitch’s car won’t start and he needs a ride to work,” Nick explained.

“I’ll get dressed and go with you,” Todd offered.

“No need in both of us getting soaked in this rain,” Nick said. “Just hang onto that hard-on until I get back.”

“Just be careful, but hurry back,” Todd said. “It might explode before you get back.”

Todd closed his eyes thinking of how much he loved Nick when he drifted off to sleep. The phone woke him, and it was then that he realized that Nick had been gone for more than an hour.

“Todd, I thought one of you was going to take me to work,” Mitch said.
“Mitch, Nick left over an hour ago,” Todd said in panic. “He should have been there and back home by now. Shit, his cell phone is here on the night stand. I’m getting dressed and going to look for him.”

“Come by here,” Mitch ordered. “I’m going with you.”

Todd was thankful that Marsha had given Nick a car otherwise he would have to find someone to drive him. When he arrived at Mitch’s apartment he was relieved to see Nick’s car.

“No he never arrived,” Mitch said when Todd explained that Nick’s car was parked outside. “He must be close.”

“Maybe he just fell asleep,” Mitch suggested as he went with Todd to check search for Nick. “Shit, look at this,” he said as he pointed out the words “fag” spray painted on the side of Nick’s car.

“Call the police,” Todd shrieked. He then took his key to Nick’s car and unlocked it to search for any clues. The police arrived in less than 3 minutes, but to Todd it seemed like hours.

“What relationship is he to you?” The elder of the two police officers smirked.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Todd said with authority. “Now why in the fuck don’t you get busy and find him Officer Kelly,” Todd said as he read the officer’s name tag.

“We’ll find him,” the younger officer said with kindness. “Could you tell me what he was wearing?”

“Thank you Officer Wagner,” Todd said. “He was wearing Levis and a black pullover shirt.”

“Jake come over here,” Officer Kelly said to Officer Jake Wagner.

Todd ran toward the dumpster were he saw Officer Kelly and Officer Wagner looking into the dumpster.

“Don’t look,” Jake Wagner said as he put his arms around Todd.

“He’s in there isn’t he,” Todd cried.

“Yes, but he’s in bad shape but he’s still breathing,” Jake said with kindness. “Officer Kelly has called for an ambulance.”

“Give me your keys, you’re in no condition to drive,” Mitch said as the ambulance drove away.

“You can’t go back there yet,” an ER nurse said to Todd as they rushed into the ER. “Are you family?”

“He’s my boyfriend,” Todd sobbed.

“I’m sorry then you can’t go back at all since you’re not family,” the nurse snapped.

“Just try to fucking stop me,” Todd replied angrily.

The nurse tried to defuse the situation and softly said, “The doctor is with him now. Can you give us some information?”

Todd gave the clerk Nick’s parent’s phone number and other information about insurance. Mitch handed Todd a cup of coffee and guided him to the waiting room. Shortly the clerk came and asked if there was another phone number they could call since there was no answer for the number Todd gave them.

Todd wrote down Marsha’s phone number and said, “This is his aunt’s number and she may have their cell phone number.”

“Hi, I’m Doctor Chavez,” the doctor said as he extended his hand. “Your boyfriend is in very critical condition right now. He has a skull fracture and some bleeding in the abdominal cavity. They’re taking him to surgery soon. Look, I know he’s your boyfriend; but I’m really not supposed to be telling you any of this.”

“Thank you Doctor Chavez,” Todd said. “I appreciate your kindness.”

“He’s in surgery,” Todd said as Marsha, Carla and Karen entered the ER waiting room. “It doesn’t look good. Did you locate his mom and dad?”

“They’re on their way,” Marsha explained as she took Todd into her arms. “They had gone to a move and had their phone turned off.” Marsha took Todd into her arms and tears flowed down both of their cheeks.

Nick’s parents arrived just as the surgeon came to give them the news. “I’m so sorry he didn’t make it,” he said. “The injuries were just too severe,” he told them.”

Todd didn’t recall much of what occurred the next few days. He vaguely remembered his mother and Marsha taking him home and getting him into bed. He was surprised when Nick’s parents asked him if he had any preference for the funeral arrangements. The professors and most of the students from the optometry colleges attended the funeral.

“I can’t go back to school,” Todd told his grandparents and Marsha after the funeral. “He won’t be there and it would be too painful.”

Marsha put her arm around Todd and asked, “If the situation were reversed would you want him to continue?”

“Of course I would,” Todd said. “But now that it’s happened, it’s different.”

“You’ve come this far and he would be so proud of you,” Alice said.

“I just don’t know how I can continue alone,” Todd said. “We’ve always been together.”

“One day you’ll meet someone,” Alice said. “But, Nick will always be in your heart.”

“Nick will always be in my heart, Grandma,” Todd whispered. “But, there will never be room for another.”

“Todd, there’s always room for love in your heart,” Alice said.

Todd did receive his doctorate in optometry, and was now Todd Hawkins, O.D. As he packed in preparation for his move to Tulsa start his practice in optometry, he shed a few tears thinking of his happiness with Nick there. He missed Nick dearly; but knew his family was correct; Nick would want him to get on with his life. ‘Easy for them to say,’ he thought.

Todd was thankful that he had his practice to fill his days. However, the nights and weekends were very lonely for him. He thought of Nick often. Yes, the pain was still there. It just wasn’t as sharp as it had been. Karen, Marsha and Carla were encouraging him to start dating.

“I’m not ready to date,” he argued. “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.”

“Todd, remember when I told asked you what you would want Nick to do if the situation were reversed,” Marsha questioned?

“I remember, but this is different,” Todd countered.

“You wouldn’t want him to love again,” Marsha inquired.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Todd said.

Todd began to have strange dreams. These dreams disturbed him immensely. Each night it was the same; there was a war. He saw a gentle handsome young man who witnessed the cruelty of war. Each night he saw the same handsome face with a smile that faded into anguish.

“The spirits are telling you something,” Alice explained when Todd questioned his grandmother about his dreams.

But, what are they telling me,” Todd wanted to know?

“When the time comes you will know,” Alice said.

Each night the same dream came. Todd was beginning to think he was losing his mind. He asked Carla if she could recommend a psychiatrist. Then suddenly the dreams disappeared. Todd woke and realized that he hadn’t dreamed during the night.

It was a busy day in the office and Todd was looking forward to having the weekend off. This was the first time in weeks that he looked forward to the weekend. He decided to go out to a movie and dinner after work.

‘Finally one the last patient,’ Todd thought as he entered the exam room. “Hello, I’m Dr. Hawkins,” Todd introduced himself to his patient.

“I guess from my chart you know that I’m Wade Wilson,” the patient said.

Todd nearly lost his composure when he saw Wade’s face. It was the face in his dreams.

“I’m sorry to stare, but I thought you look like someone I know,” Todd apologized.

“You have just a little astigmatism,” Todd explained to Wade. “I’ll write you a prescription for some glasses. You may want them for reading. Maybe we should check your eyes again in six months.” Todd didn’t know why he suggested six months when normally he would have suggested one year.

“Thank you Doctor Hawkins, I read a lot and may do that,” Wade replied.

“Forget the Doctor, just call me Todd,” Todd said. He then wondered why he said that. Although he wasn’t hung up on being called Doctor, he had never given a patient permission to address him by his first name.

“Have a good weekend, Beth,” Todd said to his receptionist as he left his office.

Before Todd could start his truck he noticed that a car with the hood up.

“Having car trouble,” Todd asked? He then saw that the man under the hood was Wade. “Do you need any help?”

“Thanks Todd, I think it’s a bad battery,” Wade said. “Maybe if you don’t mind you could drive me to buy another one. I already have this one removed. Just my day too, even my cell phone battery is dead.”

“Do you need to use my cell phone to call your wife and let her know you’ll be late,” Todd asked?

“No, I’m single,” Wade said. “I hope I’m not making you late to get home to your wife.”

“No, I’m also single,” Todd said with a bit of sadness as he thought of Nick. I was just going to dinner and then maybe a movie. You’re welcome to join me.” Todd was surprised at himself for offering the invitation.

“Thanks for the invitation, Todd,” Wade said. “But I’m dirty from changing this battery.”

“We would have time for you to go home to change,” Todd offered.

“You know what, I’ll take you up on that offer,” Wade said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been out.”

“Why don’t I follow you home and we can make sure your car is running okay,” Todd recommended.

“That sounds good. I live in the Brookside area, so it isn’t far,” Wade said.

“Would you like something to drink,” Wade asked as they entered his apartment?

“Water is fine,” Todd stated.

“Make yourself comfortable while I shower,” Wade said as he handed Todd a bottle of water.

Todd found a Sports Illustrated and was thumbing through it as Wade came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. As he glance up he was amazed at how handsome Wade was. He had a well defined body with perfect proportions.

“Maybe we should go to dinner before the movie since we’ve missed the early movie,” Todd said. “Why don’t we go to one of the restaurants down on Brookside?”

“Sounds great to me,” Wade smiled. “It’s a lovely evening, why don’t we just walk. It’s just a short distance.”

“That sounds like a great idea to me,” Todd agreed. “Why don’t we go to one with outdoor seating? I just need to stop by my truck and put on my walking shoes. I always keep have a pair and try to walk after work.”

“Great idea,” Wade said, “But, I’m buying. I owe you for rescuing me and my car.”

“You haven’t seen my bill for your eye examination have you,” Todd joked.

“Oh your receptionist wasn’t about to let me out of there without paying,” Wade laughed.

“Good then, I can afford to buy,” Todd smiled.

Todd was enjoying himself for the first time since Nick’s death. ‘I wish he was gay,’ he said to himself. ‘But at least he’s great company.’ He was beginning to wish they hadn’t planned on a movie. Just having male companionship was plenty.

The dinner was delicious and the company was even better. Todd learned that Wade had only recently moved to Tulsa from Oklahoma City. He was a realtor and was planning on buying a house. He wanted to take his time to find the right place.

“Hey why don’t we skip the movie,” Wade asked? “It’s too nice of an evening to be inside.

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Todd smiled.

“So, how long have you been single,” Wade inquired as they were walking?

“Just over six months,” Todd replied with sadness.

“Oh, I’m sorry to get that personal,” Wade said. “I hope it wasn’t a bitter separation.

“He was murdered,” Todd explained.

Wade suddenly had a surprise look on his face and asked, “He?”

“Yes, he was killed in a gay bashing.” Todd said. “If you’re uncomfortable hanging out with a gay man I’ll say good bye.”

“Hell no, I’ve enjoyed your company,” Wade replied. “I too am gay. My partner was in the Army Reserve and was killed in Iraq. He was scheduled to return in just five days when he was killed.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss. But, I had no idea you were gay too,” Todd said.

“Hey do you want to go to one of the bars for a drink,” Wade asked?

“Those bars are so loud that it’s impossible to carry on a conversation, and this is nice just chatting,” Todd said.

“Then how about we go to my place for a drink out on my patio,” Wade suggested.

They chatted for hours. Todd told about Nick and how he had been his first and only lover. He told about his parents, and how they were divorced. They both laughed when Todd told about his grandmother.

Wade told about his partner, and that he was also his first and only lover. His parents were still together and lived in Vinita. His father is a pharmacist and his mother is an elementary school teacher. Like Todd he too wasn’t close with his father who wasn’t accepting of his homosexuality.

“Wow look at the time,” Todd said. “It’s after one and I should be getting home.”

“Maybe you should just stay here tonight,” Wade said. “I wouldn’t want you to get a ticket for drunk driving.”

Todd wasn’t sure if Wade was hitting on him or not. His only experience had been with Nick and this was all new to him. He was very attracted to Wade and had even wondered what it would be like to sleep with him. ‘If I accept his invitation would he think I was a slut,’ Todd thought? He then blushed when thinking about having sex with Wade.

Wade saw that Todd was embarrassed at his suggestion and said, “Look Todd I’m not hitting on you. You can have my bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“I wouldn’t think of taking your bed,” Todd said. “The couch would be just fine.”

Wade retrieved a pillow and some blankets for the couch and asked, “Why don’t you reconsider and take the bed? But, my bed is a big bed and we could share it. I promise to stay on my side of the bed, unless you invited me to your side.”

Todd laughed nervously and then kissed Wade gently on the lips. Wade responded to the kiss and pulled Todd into his arms. He then kissed Todd with passion. The kiss nearly took his breath. Wade took Todd’s hand and led him to the bedroom. He kissed Todd with even more passion and then began to undress him. When he had Todd undressed he stood back and said, “You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Todd undressed Wade and saw that he was already hard. Todd though that Wade had a perfect cock. It was about seven inches, a nice round head and very veiny. It was accented by a nice patch of bush. “You’re so very handsome,” Todd whispered in Wade’s ear.

Todd took Wade in his arms and again kissed Wade with even more passion. He then kissed Wade’s muscular chest, sucking one nipple and then the other. Wade’s moaning told him that he was enjoying this. His mouth soon found its way to Wade’s gorgeous cock. The head was glistening with pre-cum, which Todd tasted. Todd felt Wade pull away from him. Then he felt Wade’s mouth on his cock. They brought each other to climax almost simultaneously.

“Now I guess you think I’m a slut,” Wade said to Todd as he took him into his arms.

“I think you’re a handsome and wonderful man,” Todd answered. “Alice Bushyhead was right again.”

“Huh?” Wade questioned?

“Something my grandma said,” Todd explained. He then explained to Wade that after Nick’s death his grandma had said he would meet someone. “When I walked in the exam room and saw you it wasn’t the first time that I’d seen you.”

“No, I don’t think we’ve ever met before,” Wade said. “I would remember a handsome man like you.”

Todd then told Wade about his dreams and that it was his face he saw. A handsome face from an earlier time, and that he saw a violent death.

“Oh my God,” Wade exclaimed. “For years I’ve been having flashbacks about a death of my lover during the Civil War.”

“That’s it,” Todd said. “The face I saw was during the Civil War. I’m not sure what this means, but it feels good to me.”

“To me also,” Wade added. “Apparently there is something here that I’ll never understand. But, it feels good to me.”

Todd climbed on top of Wade and began kissing him. He soon began to feel Wade’s erection rubbing against his. “I want you to make love to me,” Wade begged.

Todd spat on his hard cock and then mixed it with his pre-cum. He pushed Wade’s muscular legs up to allow him entry to his hole. “You’re just too tight, do you have any lube,” Todd asked?

“I’ll find something,” Wade said as he exited the bedroom. He soon returned with a can of cooking spray.

Todd cracked up at the sight of the can of Pam. He thought of his first anal sex with Nick.

“What,” Wade asked? “It will work.”

“I know it will,” Todd said. “My first time with Nick we used cooking spray.”

Todd lubed his hard cock with the cooking spray and then remounted Wade. He slowly pushed his cock into Wade’s tight hole. He knew that he was pleasing Wade as he moaned. Wade’s rectum squeezed Todd’s cock. Todd’s climax was even more intense than the first. He lowered him self down to Wade’s chest and then kissed him.

“Is it too early to say the ‘L’ word,” Wade whispered in Todd’s ear.

“No it isn’t my Love,” Todd said. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Wade concurred.

“When the time comes you will know,” Todd repeated what his grandmother had said.

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